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The Never Paradox By T. Ellery Hodges,

  • Title: The Never Paradox
  • Author: T. Ellery Hodges
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you lost a piece of your memory Would you trust yourself to have made the right choices In the moments you can t remember.The Ferox assault has been escalating, drawing Jonathan into combat and frequently With each passing day, he s grown stronger He can t be certain, but his attackers seem to be getting dangerous and, of course, Heyer is gone, again.If you lost a piece of your memory Would you trust yourself to have made the right choices In the moments you can t remember.The Ferox assault has been escalating, drawing Jonathan into combat and frequently With each passing day, he s grown stronger He can t be certain, but his attackers seem to be getting dangerous and, of course, Heyer is gone, again.Then came the glitch Unexpectedly pulled from battle, Jonathan finds he cannot recall the final moments of his last confrontation Convinced that his memory loss was no accident, he must uncover the truth.His only leads are a less than helpful artificial alien intelligence, and Rylee, a mysterious and possibly crazy woman, who seems to think they share a history he doesn t remember.With no means to contact the only being who can give him answers, and knowing he has gaps in his memory, Jonathan must make every move uncertain of the consequences The blond man better show up soon, because events hidden in Jonathan s lost memories may trigger a war humanity isn t ready to fight.The Never Paradox is book two in The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs, readers who have not yet completed book one, The Never Hero, will have difficulty following.Parental Warning This series attempts to keep swearing to a minimum However, the sequel has one unavoidable usage of the F word This is due to its presence in a direct quote taken from another piece of fiction.
    The Never Paradox If you lost a piece of your memory Would you trust yourself to have made the right choices In the moments you can t remember The Ferox assault has been escalating drawing Jonathan into combat and fre

    One thought on “The Never Paradox”

    1. A great sequel to the compelling origins story in The Never Hero The debut focussed a lot on character development, as Jonathan Tibbs transitioned from introverted college student into unsung hero against ferocious inter galactic creatures known as the Ferox With all that taken care of, The Never Paradox hit the ground running and is much faster paced with a lot action and plot progression Halfway through the story, however, the amount of exposition about the Borealis and Ferox felt info dumpy [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsDefinitely one of the best series by an independent author I ve read Can get a bit cerebral and sci fiey at times I feel but the action is awesome Can t wait for the third book

    3. An incredible sequel to The Never Hero The Never Hero was an absolutely amazing book and the sequel lived up to the first book in many ways I was given an early copy of The Never Paradox in exchange for an honest review of the book.I loved The Never Hero Not only is it a great story, but it is also an interesting commentary on what it takes to be a hero and what it means to be a man It is a must read especially for men looking for a redemptive story about sacrifice, courage, and determination Th [...]

    4. Very exciting series by an independent author I only got introduced to by getting a free copy in exchange for a review of the first book.Loads of sci fi, packed with aliens, and hints of fantasy in an urban setting Quite unique, and hard not to like with all the action.Quite a few unexpected twists in the story Which keeps it exciting.The writing is quite well structured And the characters are fleshed out enough to each be unique and contributing to the story in some way or form.I didn t care mu [...]

    5. I simultaneously love and hate mr Hodges for that ending The Never Paradox greets us with a experienced Tibbs than the previous book and whilst some of my favourite moments had been the training and emotional traumas in The Never Hero This battle hardened Tibbs brings an interesting twist especially when Rylee gets involved Honestly there s a lot I d like to comment on but I d worry about spoiling things for readers, if you enjoyed the first book your guaranteed to like Paradox and if you have [...]

    6. Great sequelLike the first book this is very well written , strong characters mixed with good pacing If you liked the first one you ll love the sequel It s quite long but after I finished it I still wanted .You might like this if you like any of Sara Kings books particularly her zero series , his books also remind me of Daniel Abraham s works Only negative is that the series isn t finished yet and has quite a cliff hanger at the end.

    7. I was given a free copy of the kindle beta edition in order to write an honest review When I first read the first book I was instantly hooked It was a super hero story that was made for adults in mind The first one took me about 2 days to read from front to back Boy did I regret getting through the book so fast, it left me wanting and yearning to see what the universe will throw at Jonathon Tibbs next So when the author posted on that he needs beta readers to look through a pre release copy for [...]

    8. Resounding YESBrilliant follow up The second book takes off and only gets faster Gave me chills, nail biting suspense, feelsoh the feels Worth your time.

    9. Not as fun as the first book, and a lot longer Tibbs has had to toughen up in the month since the first book POVs to better understand the situation BIG cliffhanger ending

    10. After enjoying the first book of this series, I could hardly contain my impatience waiting for the second book When given the option of being beta reader, of course I agreed.The Never Paradox was everything I hoped for and then some Every free minute and each night my Kindle reader was burning through pages like a forest fire I was enjoying the story so much I couldn t wait for the final chapter which became a dilemma because I didn t want the story to end.Mr Hodges has written a first class thr [...]

    11. I was given a free copy of the kindle beta edition in order to write an honest review Wow That is the only way I can describe this book WOW in the best possible way I loved the first book in the series but this one was even better As before, I was immediately drawn into this unique story With the passing of each chapter I became anxious and excited to read I am in awe of the way this book weaves its tale I was not only captivated by the experiences of Jonathan but have come to truly adore Coll [...]

    12. FIRST OFF READ THIS SERIES I had the opportunity to read the book for an honest review and I really enjoyed it I plan on purchasing the book for my collection I read the previous book so I was already hooked and I was not let down He continues his journey as a defender of earth and learns about his role in destiny If you get stuck in the science of it all don t worry it picks right back up One of the best written book series I have found in months You won t be disappointed

    13. I was given a free copy of the kindle beta edition in order to write an honest review Started reading the second book Sunday night, then I notice the suns coming up Its been a while since I ve been pulled into a book enough to read through the entire night I was a huge fan of the first book and gave it 5 stars If you liked the first book, you will probably like the second one even The second book has a little humor in it than the first, some awesome twists and exceptional character development [...]

    14. After reading the first installment of The Chronicles of Jonathan Tibbs I was ecstatic to find an invite to beta read forthcoming novels from T Ellery Hodges I eagerly enlisted and here we are with my honest review in exchange for scratching an itch my inner geek didn t know it had.We arrive in the story after having completed the ever essential training montage We get to find out why Mr Miagi has had us sanding the floor, painting the fence, and waxing cars We get to see Johnathan accept his fa [...]

    15. All,I am one of the beta readers for T Ellery Hodges and I was given the privilege of reading the Never Paradox I first want to say I enjoyed the initial book the Never Hero because it was not the standard super hero story It is a super hero story that is VERY complex and challenges the reader to follow multiple tracks I call it a super hero story for adults I am also NOT going to give the story away as that would ruin the read.That said I would agree with most fans of the Never Hero that the se [...]

    16. Aaarrrgggh It s so frustrating There is such a good story in this book, but it s hidden under so much tedious exposition This book has the same problem as the last book they are both essentially descriptions of people standing around talking interspersed with some action scenes The trouble is, that s not a very engaging way to write a book While it is efficient if someone could just give us the relevant information of a story in list format, there is a very good reason why authors instead weave [...]

    17. The first volume The Never Hero deals with Jonathan Tibbs, who transforms himself from a timid university student into a brave, fearless hero who fights Ferox, alien, intergalactic monsters who seek to dominate and enslave the Earth.If you have not read the first volume, you will not understand the sequence The story unfolds with plenty of action and twists, the story evolves fast.But in the middle of the way, you have explanations about the Borealis and Ferox that are too long, and lose the rh [...]

    18. The plot thickens If you read far enough into book 1 of this series, you might think, Aha This is the premise on a frequent basis, guy gets superhero powers for a limited time in order to kill monsters, only to be sent back to the point in time when the superpowers appeared, so nobody ever knows he s a superhero but him Read further on, however, and it turns out to be much complicated.In book 2, we learn that the web in which our hero, Jonathan Tibbs, is tangled is exponentially complex than w [...]

    19. Just wow so utterly amazing I cannot wait for the next book it was so good This book really kept me at the edge I couldn t put it down even when I kinda had too P It was painful not to get to continue listening to it I was so damned impressed by the cheer imagination this author has put in to crafting this series However it is still very believable and it easy to relate to the characters I have to say that the characters in this story are just so greatly fleshed out and well written even those t [...]

    20. I read listened via Audible The Never Hero shortly before this book came out and enjoyed the experience I was very happy that I didn t have to wait long for this book In my opinion this is better than the first, the characters and back story are already setup and the story is great If I could nit pick and I say this because I will anxiously await the next book in this series with wallet audible credits in hand i would say that the female characters are a little bit formulaic I don t mean to say [...]

    21. Overall this was a very good book The one big problem that I have found with it was the ending was foreshadowed than halfway through the book As the book proceeded it became and inevitable how this book was going to end It got to a point where I was only reading it just to see if it was possible for the author to come up with some other twist that could ve ended this book differently But no it ended just as projected in fact the story was so predictable it was hard reading it to the end Plus [...]

    22. Wow This is such a great book If you enjoy Urban Fantasy Sci fi this is the book for you It s hard to place this book into just one category, thriller, fantasy, sci fi, all apply The nuances that the author has thought to include help conjure a world that has great depth and feeling to it The only character I might complain about are Jonathan s female roommate, she feels like a bit of an after thought after all is said and done That said amazing book Kudos to the author, now for my other complai [...]

    23. The Never Paradox, second volume in the Jonathan Tibbs Chronicles, as as fast paced as the first entry Although I would admit a large portion in the second act had me just begging for the chapter to end, there was enough action and suspense in this volume as compared to The Never Hero, which primarily focuses on Jonathan s development into a hero for the people of earth Riley was a wonderful addition and a well developed character to have along side Jonathan in his fight against the Ferox I didn [...]

    24. This book picked up where the last book left off and the ride got even fun I really enjoyed this book The plot and character progression was really interesting, the love interest increase satisfied my romantic enough without detracting from the sci fi fantasy core I can t wait for the next book It s kind of killing me to wait As I said in my review for the Never Hero, Steven Barnett does an amazing job with the narration as well He really puts emotion and tone and volume to great use in his nar [...]

    25. I of course had to reread The Never Hero, and was glad I did not just to remember who everyone was but to understand the dynamics of what Jonathan has to keep hidden I love everything about this book the action, the origin stories, the twists on all of the relationships, and of course how Hodges gives you just enough information to keep you wanting Unfortunately, this book is the Empire Strikes Back of I hope a trilogy, so the ending leaves you hanging waiting for the next chronicle.

    26. finally finished this book, not for lack of trying that s for sure, free time is an elusive thing This was a great book that I waited for forever to come out The first part was a little history intensive, but I think overall it added to the book Regardless I really liked it and the story, it had some good twists and unexpected events which made it unpredictable, which is always a good thing I can t wait for the final book to come out, I sure hope it doesn t take another 2 years like this one did [...]

    27. Completely mind blowigThe sci fi was amazing but the thought put into the science and all the fictional aspects is just fantastic You are one your toes quite a bit and as soon as you start thinking you ha e it all figured out BOOM everything changes By far the most thought provoking sci fi book I have ever read and I expect the next book will be the only one to ever top it.I was transported to another world that was both beautiful and terrifying at the same time and many life lessons can be lear [...]

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