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P.S. Ainda Te Amo By Jenny Han Leonilda Santana,

  • Title: P.S. Ainda Te Amo
  • Author: Jenny Han Leonilda Santana
  • ISBN: 9789898800770
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lara Jean sempre teve uma vida amorosa muito atribulada, pelo menos na sua imagina o Ela jamais imaginou que as cartas que escreveu a despedir se dos rapazes por quem se apaixonou, mas a quem nunca teve coragem de confessar o seu amor, chegassem s m os dos seus destinat rios E por causa disso meteu se numa grande confus o Para escapar vergonha, come ou um namoro a fLara Jean sempre teve uma vida amorosa muito atribulada, pelo menos na sua imagina o Ela jamais imaginou que as cartas que escreveu a despedir se dos rapazes por quem se apaixonou, mas a quem nunca teve coragem de confessar o seu amor, chegassem s m os dos seus destinat rios E por causa disso meteu se numa grande confus o Para escapar vergonha, come ou um namoro a fingir com o Peter Kavinsky.Lara nunca esperou apaixonar se a s rio pelo Peter E por isso est mais confusa do que nunca.Agora, ela ter de aprender a estar num relacionamento que, pela primeira vez, n o a fingir Por m, quando um outro rapaz do seu passado reaparece na sua vida, Lara percebe que tamb m nutre por ele sentimentos mais profundos Ser poss vel uma rapariga estar apaixonada por dois rapazes ao mesmo tempo Uma hist ria dedicada e encantadora, que nos mostra que o amor n o f cil, mas que por isso mesmo que t o fascinante apaixonarmo nos.
    P S Ainda Te Amo Lara Jean sempre teve uma vida amorosa muito atribulada pelo menos na sua imagina o Ela jamais imaginou que as cartas que escreveu a despedir se dos rapazes por quem se apaixonou mas a quem nunca te

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    1. So I am done reading and I don t know what to feelSpoiler under the cut view spoiler Seeing my Lara Jean and Peter K together after all this timeLara Jean being the 16 year old that she iscaring way too much about her being labeled Slut by everyoneLara Jean coming to a conclusion on her thoughts on loveKitty being all sorts of amazingPeter and Gen constantly being seen togetherLara Jean and JOHN what s his name the thirdThe stupid arguments the love square the unnecessary drama And when your shi [...]

    2. Urg I don t know what to feel I m happy and I liked it but at the same time I m not happy And damn you John Ambrose McClaren for getting under my skin view spoiler I was so mad the way Peter kept putting Gene first Lara Jean had every right to break up with him Staying friends with Gene is one thing but hanging out with her like 24 7 is ridic Then darn John comes in all charming and wonderful and then I start to want her with him Then Peter finally at the very end decides to fight for her and sh [...]

    3. 4.5 SO CUTE OMG OMG I felt the resolution came a little too quickly hence the 4.5 but I loved every second.

    4. ANTES DE LEER Leo la sinopsis y lloro A nadie le interesa otro hombre, queremos a Peter Quiero ahorcar a Lara JeanSPU S DE LEER 29 05 2015 Son realmente 4.5 estrellitas.Dado que mi review inicial fue en espa ol, continuar en espa ol Igual no tengo mucho que decir, solamente que am el libro Extra aba mucho a estos personajes y volver a leerlos fue hermoso Todo el tiempo estuve sonriendo como boba enamorada ES CULPA DE PETER KAVINSKY y tambi n me re a carcajadas en otras escenas Creo que mis perso [...]

    5. There s a Korean word my grandma taught me It s called jung It s the connection between two people that can t be severed, even when love turns to hate You still have those old feelings for them you can t ever completely shake them loose of you you will always have tenderness in your heart for them This book does many explosive things to my heart.Every time I read a new novel by Han, I am always assaulted by these strong emotions In a way it reminds me of our quintessential home where I grew up I [...]

    6. Okay Admittedly it wasn t as good as the first, but I ve said it before but I ll say it again Jenny Han knows how to make us fall in love with the characters in her books first in Shug, then The Summer I Turned Pretty one of my FAVORITE books of all time and now To All the Boys I ve Loved Before She knows how to expose their flaws along with their positive sides Peter K isn t perfect, but his charm just won me over Gen, I ll admit, I m not the biggest fan of, but in P.S I Still Love You, I got a [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars Unfortunately, I struggle a bit with this sequel this is typical of me but overall, I enjoyed my time re entering this story.For a large part of this book, I was afraid I had fallen out of touch with this story I read book one when I was 18 and finally decided to continue 3 years later Many of the tropes I no longer enjoy and critiques I used to skip over due to lack of reading experience unfortunately dragged down the story and I essentially felt as if I had gotten too old to enjoy th [...]

    8. This review will contain spoilers and profanities First off, giving this book 2 stars is a very generous act on my part.Okay, one star then.My initial reaction upon finishing this book was to roll my eyes To the moon and back.I am so pissed This book is just awful.Behold, the summary in bullet form featuring BONUS CONTENT SLIGHT COMMENTARIESRT 1 Lara Jean Song Covey is a fragile, innocent, princess Peter Kavinsky is the complete opposite They re dating They signed a contract be honest all the ti [...]

    9. Middle School Relationships, the Book Part 2Plot RundownSee Lara Jean, the same girl from the first book Only this time see her with special one of a kind boyfriend, Peter Watch her constantly get jealous and grow into a a twelve year old Wait that can t be right Then watch her struggle through teenage problems, like going to high school and having people, dare I say, judge her.Next you ll get to see her like never before as she works in a retirement home and thinks about her boyfriend, all day, [...]

    10. Me WHAT just happened P.s I still love you screams NOTHING Me Where s my character development P.s I still love you what did you just say Me glares P.s I still love you innocent eyes OHHH you mean character retrogression cOnGrAts book you got me having a conversation with you HONESTLY I M SO ANNOYED WITH THIS BOOK Why can t you just end the first one without a cliffhanger so you won t have to write a sequel that nothing happens I WAS EXPECTING MY CUTSY LOVEY ROMANCE, where is it Did Jenny Han re [...]

    11. Crying because this book is so perfect.I didn t really love the first book it was very hit and miss for me but mostly hit, which is why I gave it 4 stars But THIS BOOK THIS ONE WAS SO SO SO SO SO GOOD Lara Jean has grown up a lot from the first book which I think is what helped this book out a lot I loved seeing her come into her own and her relationship with Peter blossomingl of it was JUST SO GOOD And I think it felt like of a real relationship than many I ve read in contemporary books brb t [...]

    12. Well02 02 15 Well my country that is.And here is the cover First revealed here.Isn t it so pretty Oh my gosh OH MY GOD I was so happy when I found out there s going to be a sequel But I m not sureif it s a happy ending immediately I m sure view spoiler John Ambrose McClaren will show up in this book He was mentioned in the first and he recognized Lara Jean Maybe they re going to meet first before Lara Jean and Peter get together I really love Peter but he really should sort out his feelings Lara [...]

    13. Gaaah Now I m torn The first time I read this, I was completely Team John Ambrose It s not so hard to fall in love with this perfect guy without so much extra baggage His moments with Lara Jean are too sweet and too adorable Things between them are so easy and so uncomplicated Just sighs.But getting to know Peter again and understanding better his character and his past, I realize I couldn t let him go either and I m not even Lara Jean Lol That last scene at the tree house just melted my heart t [...]

    14. Attention This may be spoilerish for the first book Interviewer Welcome, Jessi So, the new year started good for you A lot of four and fives and now a DNF How do you feel about that Me Well, I was really sad about that, because I loved the first book It was so sweet and fluffy Just really really cute.Interviewer Why did you DNF it, though Me When I first started to read it I thought Maybe I ll love this as much as the first one But then I felt like nothing really happened.Interviewer But I heard [...]

    15. Re read 5 5 17 I loved this even the second time Peter K is so dreamy Original read 6 28 15 This book was an absolute DELIGHT Jenny Han does contemporaries like no other.

    16. This isn t so much as a review, but sort of like a semi rant I m so many shades of disappointed you don t even realize In truth, this book deserves 2 stars, but I m too chicken shit to give it that because I d seriously be one of the very very very few that would rate this novel so lowly The first one was much better and although it wasn t stellar, I still had my expectations Oh well, it obliterated them Crumpled them completely Straight to the ground IN A FREAKING BAD WAY It managed to make me [...]

    17. Need to think about this one some , then I ll come back with a review I might even do a book talk we ll see

    18. Buy this book on or buy this book on BookDepository with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIIPPINGI received a free finished hardcover of this book from the publisher Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.4 of 5 stars Please read my rating system further below MY VIDEO REVIEW ON YOUTUBE HEREWhat a wonderful conclusion to a great story Jenny Han seems to have a style of ending her books quickly and abruptly And honestly, I didn t mind it one bit The return of Johnny was prett [...]

    19. I won t say anything, because any reaction will be spoilery I m just going to say I M TEAM KITTYReview to come

    20. This book s made me so happy It s sweet and sad, it makes your heart skip and your heart clench Ah so cute

    21. SO FINALLY IM FINISHED WITH THIS Don t let how long it took me to read this mislead you because I love this book and really, really love this duology Such a cute end to a great story I wish there were going to be books in this series because, have I mentioned I LOVE THEM.

    22. I guess I didn t need this book in my life after allI NEED THIS BOOK IN MY LIFE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Or maybe in 5 hours when I ve had a bit of sleepTER

    23. 4 stars P.S I Love You is the continuation of Lara Jean s love story In the first book, I was all for Peter Kavinsky getting the girl I was crazy excited about getting a second book because I NEEDED to know what happened I needed Peter K and Lara Jean Sometimes when I m reading YA, I need to remind myself that these characters are teenagers They aren t always going to make the wisest choices and their love isn t always a forever love I got a little wound up about a part in this story but I took [...]

    24. So much of love is chance There s something scary and wonderful about that Spoilers ahead The second book of To All the Boys I ve Loved Before is entertaining, witty, and hilarious.What disappointed me was Peter.Wait a minuteIs Peter Kavinsky the same Peter Kavinsky I ve read in the first book Why the heck did he turn out to be such an effin dick Seriously Why did Jenny Han build transform his character like that I admire Lara Jean s character development here She grew up emotionally with so mu [...]

    25. 2015 I will dieP.S AMAZING COVER 3 FINALLY READ Wait so hard the end of Lara Jean s story now i want cry because is finished Any way, i loved this book i love John Ambrose McClaren and his blond hair, is like a kind of perfect gentleman He definitely got the best letter, i laughed so hard whit that letter I cannot believe that John Ambrose McClaren read that letter I didn t remember it to be so naked With so much yearning God, why do I have to be a person who yearns so much How horrible I m re [...]

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