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Otherlife Dreams: The Selfless Hero Trilogy By William D. Arand,

  • Title: Otherlife Dreams: The Selfless Hero Trilogy
  • Author: William D. Arand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Runner has a problem He and 499,000 men and women of the military are trapped in a game Runner is the only person in the IT department in game, the only one with administrative access rights And he doesn t remember his password When their brains were synched with the game, it scrambled most of their memories The problem is that whoever loaded their minds into the gameRunner has a problem He and 499,000 men and women of the military are trapped in a game Runner is the only person in the IT department in game, the only one with administrative access rights And he doesn t remember his password When their brains were synched with the game, it scrambled most of their memories The problem is that whoever loaded their minds into the game, loaded them completely If they die, their brain dies Now it s time for Runner to flex his skills as a power gaming min maxer and see what he can do Because every time he levels, he might just gain the memory of the password Time to go Hardcore.
    Otherlife Dreams The Selfless Hero Trilogy Runner has a problem He and men and women of the military are trapped in a game Runner is the only person in the IT department in game the only one with administrative access rights And he do

    One thought on “Otherlife Dreams: The Selfless Hero Trilogy”

    1. This one s for the guys I think this book has a very specific audience RPG players who are male I ve played many RPGs and enjoy virtual reality stories but, being female, don t really fit the target audience Why does it seem like it s for guys only Because every female character description includes her bust size And they are all gaga over the main character Allofem And all the secondary characters ARE female Yeah Other things I found annoying that you may not include a character that stutters t [...]

    2. The idea of a character being launched into and stuck inside an MMO is becoming a regular genre these days but William Arand manages to separate himself from the pack Most protagonists usually benefit from their status in the form of unique buffs etc However at the star of this story, Runner the main character is actually disadvantaged and bravo to the writer for starting at this point Unfortunately that s about it, great idea but the dialogue was cringe worthy, if Runner isn t preaching to some [...]

    3. The book is about Runner, a Military ship computer system analyst, who, at the start of the book, wakes up with no real memories, and a computer prompting him to enter name and password to access his system He finds he cant remember the password, but a prompt shows him that if he enters the game he is logged into, he will be able to level up and regain his memories, with the caveat that if he dies in game, he will be brain dead in real life He then tries to set up a game character, but it glitch [...]

    4. The initial concept was fun Thousands stuck in game, game glitched, main character is special because of the breadth of his skills rather than having one special thing Then the main character met a few other people all beautiful girls and the wheels came off I found my eyes skipping over entire paragraphs just to get past the truly wretched dialogue and the description that surrounds it Why comment on every girl s appearance every time you talk to them Why leer CONSTANTLY and tell the reader abo [...]

    5. Americanized version of Manga Anime Fantasy Video Game sub genre Trapped in Fantasy MMORPG with additional Harem, sub genre, with the honest shy guy variant rather than pervy lead Follows typical and prominant examples of the genre closely in content, plot, characters, ideas and style Some minor variations, mostly negligable, and somewhat Westernized.Watch the original Sword Art Online, and you re there though it is better than this book.

    6. A very solid book in the genre The unique ideas couple well with the written time frame, and seem to create plot twists on their own Can t wait to see how the end of Otherlife Dreams is continued on in Otherlife Nightmares Well done.

    7. Dang good bookA very solid book Well thought out, and unique in it s components If you can get passed the miscellaneous spelling and grammar errors missing commas and periods, not always following the same capitalization rules, etc You will love this book.

    8. excellent storyone of the best treatments of gaming literature that I have found The story is entertaining, the premise is cohesive, and I really wish the next installment was available.

    9. SolidThis is a good fun read and I await the second book.Does have some editing problems, but I didn t find many.

    10. Awesome ReadThe action and humor were fun and prevelent There was never a dull moment Scott and Linda welcome you

    11. A few minor editing glitches that didn t noticeably bug me in no way detract from a great read well written story leads to great open ended finish with promise of brilliance ahead

    12. The basic concept is good In the first chapter, we find the hero with missing memories in a damaged spaceship containing half a million soldiers 2 3rds of the way to their destination star The hero finds himself at the login prompt for an RPG, and discovers that if he enters the game he will regain memories each time he levels up, but that if he dies in the game, he will die in real life He has forgotten his Admin password to the game, and cannot now change it, but hopes to remember this and fix [...]

    13. Everyone s stuck in a video game, except the protagonist has godlike powers for no terribly good reason.The world here was flat The NPCs are stupid video game NPCs which repeat the same conversation over and over The protagonist s friends excepted There are actual humans stuck in the game as well, but the protagonist doesn t get along with any of them, and it s not entirely clear why that is Seems sort of lonely but apparently that s how he likes it My dark suspicion is that the protagonist was [...]

    14. A unique, engrossing, and witty gamers tale Let me start by saying, that the author Mr Arand crafts an excellent story blending science fiction, fantasy, technology, Artificial Intelligence AI and adventure in the first book of this of what I hope to be a groundbreaking trilogy Add to this the outstanding audio narration by Jeff Hays and I could not have hoped for a engrossing and exciting story than what I received within Otherlife Dreams I am surprised that I have not heard of this trilogy ea [...]

    15. This is definitely a great series In a way it reminds me of a few different books like way of the shaman and the gam3 kind of mixed together in a good way I love the idea of converting NPCs and that the main protagonist is basically the Super novice class, which is rare and innovative.I would say , but I have read the entire series and I m afraid I would accidentally throw out a spoiler.But I am a fan of this author and all his work.

    16. These type books are not my favorite but I must say I did like this one and have no issue giving it 3.5 stars Great story and likable characters I will continue with the series Hmm maybe 3.75 Stars is better for this book and I will mark it as 4 and keep it at that if the series proves to be as good as the first book.

    17. Very enjoyable readPerfect balance between the game world and the occasional glimpse into the reality outside Runner, Hannah, Nadine, Katerina and Thana were all developed as unique interesting characters Now it s time to meet Srit.

    18. Cool storyThe editing needs work the author and editor both need to revisit comma and ly usage among other issues but the genre s tropes are used well and the story is developing well so far.

    19. I read the first book through kindle unlimited then I bought the trilogy I loved the humor and the zany antics that Runner gets everyone in.

    20. Couldn t finish it One encounter and the MC jumps to level 21 Yeah right Couldn t bear genre cliches after that one.

    21. Sorry not my thing It would have been better if there was no romance at all, seriously I got this book to read a Litrpg, and I get a drama show with some loverry

    22. This was pretty entertaining view spoiler People trapped in a military game simulation hide spoiler I will read the other two books now while I wait for wild wastes 3.3 5 Stars

    23. An interesting idea I really enjoyed the first half of this book, then struggled to finish it The last couple of chapters almost saved it, so I m undecided about reading the next book.

    24. I couldn t handle the cringy dialogue, relationships and the MC talking to other people like he s talking to himself Reading his interaction with his harem made me physically wince at times.

    25. Better than expected.Once into the story The characters and situations are enjoyable The plot twist at the end opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

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