[E-Book] Ç The Spanish Grandee | BY ✓ Katrina Britt

The Spanish Grandee By Katrina Britt,

  • Title: The Spanish Grandee
  • Author: Katrina Britt
  • ISBN: 9780263719857
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • The imposing Spaniard, Don Ramon de Biver y Aldenez, had once been an important and romantic figure in Venetia s young life Years later, in his own country, they met again.Now all his thoughts were for his tragic young fiancee, and it was unlikely he would have any time for Venetia.
    The Spanish Grandee The imposing Spaniard Don Ramon de Biver y Aldenez had once been an important and romantic figure in Venetia s young life Years later in his own country they met again Now all his thoughts were fo

    One thought on “The Spanish Grandee”

    1. This was a different type of romance novel for me It was totally non sexual, with an aristocratic, dignified and chivalrous handsome H and the Princess of all Mary Sue heroines called Venetia The tall, arrogant H is a Spanish Conde called Ramon who met the heroine for the first time when he was in his early 20 s and she was just 14 yrs old There were no pedophile longings or dirty desires from our H, but the young teen Venetia was fascinated by his spectacular handsomeness and his sexy Van Dyke [...]

    2. For an oldie, this is certainly a goodie I enjoyed getting to know the characters and feeling the emotions run off of them The heroine went to Spain to take her sisters place as a typist and when she met the hero there and began to fall in love with him, a lot of circumstances piled up against her Once her sister found out that the hero was with her, she decided to go to Spain and steal the job back, so she could get rid of her sister Thank god the hero saw through her trampy ways and got with t [...]

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