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Three-Martini Lunch By Suzanne Rindell,

  • Title: Three-Martini Lunch
  • Author: Suzanne Rindell
  • ISBN: 9780749020828
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Back in those days My Old Man was king of what they called the three martini lunch This meant that in dimly lit steakhouses all over Manhattan my father made bold, impetuous deals over gin and oysters That was how it was done New York, 1958 Three young adults desperate to make their mark on the world of publishing their choices, betrayals and passions will draw them Back in those days My Old Man was king of what they called the three martini lunch This meant that in dimly lit steakhouses all over Manhattan my father made bold, impetuous deals over gin and oysters That was how it was done New York, 1958 Three young adults desperate to make their mark on the world of publishing their choices, betrayals and passions will draw them together and change their lives for ever Cliff Nelson, the privileged son of a New York publisher, is slumming it around Greenwich Village, enjoying booze, drugs and the idea that he s the next Jack Kerouac Fresh faced Eden Katz arrives in the city with one burning ambition, but she is shocked at the stumbling blocks she encounters Miles Tillman, a publisher s messenger boy, is an aspiring writer who straddles various worlds and belongs to none Their choices and sacrifices ripple out from the pages and shake our hearts A gripping read Sarah McCoy, author of The Mapmaker s Children
    Three Martini Lunch Back in those days My Old Man was king of what they called the three martini lunch This meant that in dimly lit steakhouses all over Manhattan my father made bold impetuous deals over gin and oysters

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    1. 4.5 stars, and a big thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House.I was mostly drawn to this book because I loved and adored Rindell s The Other Typist, and also because it takes place in New York, in the 50 s, in the publishing world Such exciting stuff I mean, I was in heaven as I flipped the pages Am I the only reader who thinks the absolute dream job, albeit elusive, would be editor for a major even a minor publishing company The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, and the three main [...]

    2. When I first heard about Three Martini Lunch a 500 page novel alternately narrated by the bohemian son of a renowned book editor, a feminist wannabe editor, and a talented black writer from Harlem all sorts of bells started going off It s bound to borrow every clich from the 1950s or else, fall into the pattern of a 1950s politically correct reality tale, I thought Fortunately, I thought wrong This is a gripping and mesmerizing story that keeps getting better and better and better By the time I [...]

    3. 4.5 Rindell brings the late 1950s, specifically the bustling, cutthroat New York City publishing world, to life through the connections between three young people who collide over a debated manuscript The three first person voices fit together like a dream It s an expert evocation of Beat culture and post war paranoia over communism and homosexuality Walking into Eden s office with her, especially, you ll think you ve landed on the set of Mad Men.This classy, well plotted follow up will win the [...]

    4. It s 1958 in Manhattan, and three young people are seeking their fortunes in the world of publishing Cliff Nelson wants to be a writer, but with a father as a major book editor, he feels disadvantaged because of a rocky relationship with his father, he doesn t believe his writing will be fairly evaluated Eden Katz has gotten her dream job in a publishing house She wants to be an editor unusual for a woman in the 1950s Her path will be hard and full of disillusionment and hard lessons Miles Tillm [...]

    5. The premise of this book, NYC publishing world, Greenwich Village, and Three Martini lunches seemed like such an exciting combination for a novel The book is set in the 1950 s and deals with the era s social issues, such as anti Semitism, race, equality for women and sexuality This story had so much going for it, but started off way too slow Written in a three character perspective Cliff, a rich wannabe writer Eden, an aspiring book editor and Miles, a talented writer from Harlem, this book is a [...]

    6. I once caught a student cheating She had turned in a project that was word for word identical to two of her friends The other two girls were suitably remorseful, but this girl met me in the hallway with a defiant thrust to her chin When I called her mother and relayed what had happened, her mother s casual response was, and I quote, I cheated in high school, and I turned out fine Perhaps this is why plagiarism so deeply offends me the brazenness of it, and the blas acceptance with which our cult [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars 1958, Greenwich Village Three young people struggle to make it in the publishing industry while also wrestling with identity issues Suzanne Rindell deftly juggles a wide range of issues class, sexuality, racism, sexism, and anti Semitism I felt completely immersed in the setting This book gave me so many emotions and I had a bit of a book hangover after finishing it True bravery is rare James Magnuson says that this book does for publishing what Mad Men did for advertising That stateme [...]

    8. Two relatively generic things before we launch into my thoughts on this book 1 Why are there so many books lately that utilize the three overlapping storylines device Are that many being written, or am I somehow just reading all of them Is anyone else getting a little tired of it 2 FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PUBLISHERS, PLEASE STOP WRITING JACKET COPY THAT GIVES AWAY SO MUCH PLOT So if you haven t done so already, don t read the jacket copy of this book The description here on is fine, bu [...]

    9. As the end of the year approaches, I m going through a weird period of reading malaise it s not that I don t have any enthusiasm for reading in fact, over the past month I ve been tearing through books at alarming speed but I just don t have any particular focus or theme, or even a reading plan in mind My attentions, therefore, have turned to a sort of clearout of my to read list Which of the year s most talked about books have I not had a go at What have I been meaning to read all year, but not [...]

    10. Some time ago a couple of friends gushed about this novel about the publishing industry in the late fifties, early sixties and I put it on my list where it promptly became buried under newer material I must not have read their reviews very carefully, because just the notion of a publisher s lunch featuring martinis stuck That sounded aspirational.The other day as I scanned the new shelves at my public library for a book that has so far eluded me, I saw the thick spine of this book taking up thre [...]

    11. We are never the heroes of our own stories, unless we are lying The truest words from this book, unfortunately, they were too few and arrived too late for me to rate beyond three stars At 500 pages, I feel a slight hangover and I don t remember having that much fun.I was promised a publishing world version of Mad Men, but instead what I found was a story that never fully engaged and often felt clich d and out of sorts I realize I m comparing a television series that can rely on costumes and sets [...]

    12. Now this book is very different from her first novel The Other Typist a psychological thriller which I liked.This book on the other hand is a historical fiction.ry interesting story and enjoyed it very much.

    13. The hipster sceneIt s 1958, and Greenwich Village in New York is the centre of the hipster scene, populated by aspiring poets and writers some, dilettante rich boys, others serious in pursuit of their dreams Here we meet the three characters who take turns to narrate their own stories Eden is a young woman just arrived from Indiana, determined to make it in the male dominated world of publishing Rich boy Cliff s father has cut off his allowance, determined to force his son to earn his pleasures [...]

    14. Righteous AngerThis is a book that made me angry towards the end, but it was appropriate anger What starts as a rather light hearted novel about young writers and artists in Greenwich Village in the late fifties eventually turns dark Slowly, you are reminded that this was not merely a locus of beatnik sensibilities and creative freedom, but also a period of intolerance and prejudice, racial, sexual, and sexist As your hopes of a storybook ending fade, you have to acknowledge the truth in it, the [...]

    15. If you are expecting another The Other Typist, then you will be disappointed but if you want a good read about publishing in the late 50s and the beatnik movement in the Village, with flawed but great characters, this is for you Ms Rindell tackles some tough subject matters during the course of the novel and does it extremely well Overall, I really enjoyed this novel and these characters will stay with me for a long time.

    16. Having been entranced by Suzanne Rindell s first novel The Other Typist, I was delighted to win a First Read s ARC copy of her second book And though Three Martini Lunch is a very different book from the first, Ms Rindell does not disappoint Late 1950s New York and San Francisco provide the setting for a look at the book publishing industry Told mainly through the eyes of three protagonists, it is a tale of secrets kept, choices made and the repercussions that reverberate for years to come Cliff [...]

    17. Somehow I made it through all 500 pages, so it wasn t terrible, and definitely picked up the pace towards the end But I felt clobbered over the head with the none too novel idea that yes, the fifties were terrible for women, gay people, black people and everyone else who didn t conform And then the fact that every character had to also be hiding a huge secret related to their marginalized position made the whole thing a little too convenient The Fifties Not as Fun as Advertised would be an apt a [...]

    18. More like 3.5 stars really For me, this was a book that got better as it progressed, leading up to an ending that walloped me and made my heart clench in sadness I suppose this is better than the alternative where a book starts off strong only to fizzle out, but my rating indicates that as much as I came to enjoy the book and quickly turn its pages, I found the pacing uneven and the first 150 200 pages were rather meandering and plodding Yes they introduce us to the characters and set the scene, [...]

    19. Fantastic book, guaranteed one of the best of 2016.Edited and expanded, because I stayed up all night to finish and review it.We follow three young New Yorkers in the late 1950s, along with their groups of friends, and see how their paths diverge and cross and connect again.Eden, the ambitious girl from the midwest, whose Achilles heel is her heritage as well as her gender.Cliff, the privileged white man who is 60% plans and dreams and 40% excuses with nothing left for talent or ambition.Miles, [...]

    20. I was so excited to see Suzanne Rindell s second book being offered on Net Galley for review I LOVED her first book So I put in a request and literally jumped for joy when I got approved It s been sitting on my TBR pile for a while since it doesn t come out until April and I was so glad to see that I could move it up the list What a GREAT read I m sitting here finished with the book looking around and no one, no one, knows what a great story I have just finished It touched all of my emotions The [...]

    21. Wow I loved this book Set in 1950s it follows the story of three fabulous characters who are trying to make a success in the publishing industry whilst struggling with issues of race, gender, sexuality and betrayal I absolutely loved following these characters even when at times you might not like them Rindell has written this story in such a beautiful way it meant that I spent a week lost in the hipster era of NY s village in the late 50s with conflicted characters that I won t forget very quic [...]

    22. Three Martini lunch was almost 5 for me The well told story in three voices was very insightful about the late 1950s and early 1960s in Greenwich Village, Harlem, and New York s publishing world The main characters were well defined and distinct I was immediately pulled into each of their lives and cared about what happened to them, even when I hoped something awful would happen to one character in particular The author created fine tension and put enough twists and turns in the plot so that I d [...]

    23. Not a great book The characters were unbelievable to the point of eye rolling and that s basically all it takes for me to lose interest in a novel Characterization is important to me I want to believe in the people I m reading about.

    24. I could use a few 3 martini lunches Both the book and the boozy meal I was actually surprised I liked this book as much as I did Until about 2 3 of the way through I was floating between 3 and 4 stars But it really snuck up on me how great this novel truly is The book braids together 3 linear narratives The author does this in such a way that no one scene is repeated, but instead the new point of view takes up where the last one left off The tone and style differs with each point of view, but r [...]

    25. Thank you to my Friends for providing such wonderful reviews for this book it is because of those reviews that I added this to my TBR list.The 3 first person narratives in the book make it so authentic, plausible, and very readable especially due to the varied backgrounds of the narrators These narratives also allow for 3 very strong plots with several interwoven subplots that are tightly concluded in the epilogue The settings of San Francisco and New York s Harlem and The Village are beautifull [...]

    26. They were all young and so full of hope, back in 1958 Students, writers, young radicals, and party seekers they had the future before them, and they were eager to reach out for it They hung out in Greenwich Village, but their partying took them all over the city.The core group included Cliff Nelson, whose father was Chief Editor at a large publishing house Cliff, however, had dropped out of Columbia and despite his life of entitlement and privilege, found himself rudderless when his father cut h [...]

    27. Here s what drew me to this book To be honest it was the title I had to read the book description 1958 Greenwich Village, New York The world of publishing Of course, I immediately thought, this sounds a lot like the TV show Mad Men I was sold.Now I will tell you, for me this book was a lot like Mad Men, but not in the way you might think When I first saw the ads for this brand new original TV series coming to AMC, I thought, this show looks great A fun, light hearted show set in the mad world of [...]

    28. Suzanne Rindell s, Three Martini Lunch , will appeal to fans of the TV series Mad Men and readers who love behind the scenes looks at the publishing industry I am fans of both.Set in late 1950s New York City, Three Martini Lunch is told by three, alternating first person narrators Cliff Nelson is a Columbia drop out, a beatnik wannabe whose father is a prominent NYC publisher He loves his Bohemian life in Greenwich Village and forays into Harlem He wants to be a famous writer Cliff is also a bit [...]

    29. 3.5 stars A Good Reads giveaway Thank you This novel started so slow agonizing slow and I despised the first of the three protagonists, Cliff A spoiled son of a rich publishing family but he is the only one who thinks he s the best writer ever which didn t change even to the very last page So I was thinking I would quit After all, there are 498 pages But I kept going I am glad I did as I really liked Miles, the black Harvard grad, for his quiet and unassuming nature And I loved Eden, a naive Mid [...]

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