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Priceless By Linda Kage,

  • Title: Priceless
  • Author: Linda Kage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three things in my life were fact I needed Sarah to survive I needed sex to remain sane And I could never mix sex with Sarah I just knew deep in my marrow that if I did, I d somehow lose her All my deepest darkest secrets would crack open, bleed out, and ruin everything between us I wouldn t unleash the shit inside me on my worst enemy, let alone her So she stayed sThree things in my life were fact I needed Sarah to survive I needed sex to remain sane And I could never mix sex with Sarah I just knew deep in my marrow that if I did, I d somehow lose her All my deepest darkest secrets would crack open, bleed out, and ruin everything between us I wouldn t unleash the shit inside me on my worst enemy, let alone her So she stayed strictly in the friend zone People probably thought I never went there with her because of her cerebral palsy, but f ck them She knew she was the most important person in my world, and I wasn t about to risk hurting our relationship just to make my c ck happy Until the moment she begged me to take her virginity Now it s all about to hit the fan, because how the hell do you resist the one person forbidden to you when she says please Brandt Gamble Recommended for ages 18 and up due to explicit scenes and language New Adult Romance, Can be read as a standalone.
    Priceless Three things in my life were fact I needed Sarah to survive I needed sex to remain sane And I could never mix sex with Sarah I just knew deep in my marrow that if I did I d somehow lose her All my de

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    1. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED That boy is completely and irrevocably in love with you He worships the ground you roll on And it s clear as day you love him back This was such a beautiful, heartfelt friends to lovers romance I read it in one sitting and loved it Originally, I was really drawn to this book because of how different their situation was Brandt was this amazing swoony, sweet, sexy, charming, protective guy trust me, he s heart melting who d come from a really bad home but luckily had amazing [...]

    2. 5 stars Priceless is the eighth book in Linda Kage s Forbidden Men series, and it s by far one of my favorite I truly loved this story so much The only one I loved just a bit was Pick s book, because Pick 3 Sarah and Brandt are two characters we meet early on in the series Sarah is in the very first book She s Mason s younger sister and she has CP Brandt comes along in the next book He s one of Noel s younger brothers Brandt and Sarah become best friends when they meet in middle school They sha [...]

    3. 3 Wasn t Feeling The Connection StarsLet me start by saying the beginning of this book was rough to read view spoiler Brandt s mom comes home and rapes Brandt when he was 14 years old hide spoiler and may have scared me a bit So I have really been looking forward to Sarah and Brandt story and though at times it was very cute and though I loved both Sarah and Brandt I wasn t really feeling this book I thought their connection would feel stronger like it felt in past books, but for the longest tim [...]

    4. 4.5 STARS That boy is completely and irrevocably in love with you He worships the ground you roll upon And it s clear as day you love him back I m a huge fan of this author and this series and I felt that the author did a fantastic job with Sarah and Brandt s story I totally felt the emotional connection these two shared as young kids and how it grew over the years This is a true friends to lovers tale that is well done.Sarah is Mason s little sister who has CP The author did a fine job in the d [...]

    5. 5 Operation Bang Brandt stars This book was A.W.E.S.O.M.E This whole series is A.W.E.S.O.M.E Every character in them are A.W.E.S.O.M.E But Brandt and Sarah were even A.W.E.S.O.M.E If i will tell you for how long I was waiting for this certain book, you won t believe meSince i ve read the first book, i fell in love with Sarah, Mason s little sisterA girl that had a lot of ugly things in her plate to dealAnd then came the second book and Noel Gamble s turn and we met his siblings and one of them [...]

    6. 4.5 stars This right here every single piece of you is very precious cargo to me If anyone mistreated it, I d lose my shit You re not just my best friend, you re my sanity You re priceless, Sarah Let s make this short and sweet, shall we I discovered the Forbidden Men on a whim last year when I couldn t find anything that suited my mood I had To Professor, with Love on my iPad from years ago and saw it sitting at the veeeeery bottom of my kindle app ripe for the picking I thoughtfuck it I don t [...]

    7. 4.25 Stars3 Brandt Sarah Another wonderful addition to the Forbidden Men series Each installment has been equally unique and heartfelt I ll try to properly review soon, but if you are a fan of this series, I can t see you not enjoying this friends to lovers story I m so behind on GR and reviews, and reading in general I m trying to catch up, but it is a bit overwhelming lol.

    8. 5 Stars This right here every single piece of you is very precious cargo to me If anyone mistreated it, I d lose my shit You re not just my best friend, you re my sanity You re priceless, Sarah Wow, wow and WOW What a beautiful, heartfelt story Priceless Forbidden Men 8 literally pulled at all of my heartstrings For anyone who has read the whole Forbidden Men series, this story can make you feel a bit nostalgic and emotional I absolutely fell in love with Linda s writing in her first book Price [...]

    9. There is no secret that I totally love Linda Kage and her Forbidden Series After Asher s story I just had a feeling Brandt and Sarah will make me cry bog tears, and of course I was right After Quinn, this Gamble is my favorite from the series, and my review will make you understand why.The book follows Sarah, Mason s little sister and Brandt Gamble, Noel s brother At the beginning we have some flashbacks on how the 2 of them befriended and we could see that their friendship runs deep Sarah was t [...]

    10. 5 Stars LOVE I have so many feelings for this series, I love all of the characters, the way it s written, the angst, the emotion, I love it all.Priceless takes us on Brandt and Sarah s journey, which starts when they are 13 and both suffering from traumatic events caused by their respective families A friendship begins, and strong unbreakable bonds are formed From teenage angst through to college graduation, I devoured every page of this epic romance.Brandt is overly protective of Sarah due to h [...]

    11. 4 StarsOverall Opinion This was a book that I had been looking forward too ever since we first got the glimpse of their strong connection in Asher s story, The Girl s Got Secrets I personally don t know anyone with Cerebral Palsy, but I feel like Ms Kage was really respectful of the diagnosis and all of the insecurities, struggles, and strengths that go along with it Brandt made the story for me I understand that many will have issues with the fact that he slept around before they changed their [...]

    12. Self Note After this review i am really tired of authors excusing the Heroes behaviour with their meaningless sexual encounters with women prior to their tragic past I know people with tragic pasts and they don t become a manwhores because of that And this happens while the heroine is in the picture and have to know about it and he loved her at the time That s CHEATING Heroine is a VIRGIN so she cannot experience anything and he can go around and have it all What a double standards WHY CAN WE HA [...]

    13. 5 Priceless StarsI ve been skipping around in this series I loved the first book, Price of a Kiss and when I realized the main Heroine in Priceless was in a wheelchair, well I needed to read this one.Priceless is a wonderful read, it s heart warming and it will make your insides tingle It s about best friends, loyalty and overcoming obstacles.The first thing I noticed about this book is that it s written in order, so I loved the flow The book starts with Brandt and Sarah when they first meet in [...]

    14. 5 fantastic stars This was an AMAZING read Kudos to Linda Kage for writing this not so stereotypical romance Her research into this medical condition was so thorough as i ve had my own professional experience with these patients She s managed to infuse humour and fun into this otherwise very serious diagnosis.This was one book i was anticipating in the Forbidden series as we always got a small peek into Brandt and Sarah s lives from books 1 7 Sarah Arturo is Mason Lowe s younger sister whom we a [...]

    15. It all started with a friends request 4.5 Stars I ve forgotten how much I missed being captivated in Linda Kage s words Being a huge fan of her books for well over 2 years now, I ve watched all the characters grow together and when I found out Sarah was getting her own book I was giddy as fuck This story was so much fun to read and being reunited with all these characters was a fucking hoot Yes I would have liked to have seen my Pick and my Eva but that s purely my own selfish reasons JThe main [...]

    16. This is the 8th book in the FORBIDDEN MEN series and we met our heroine Sarah, in Book 1 She is the little sister of the hero Mason there And she has cerebral palsy, needs a wheelchair, has seizures every now and then and she is no low maintenance girl friend, as you can imagine However, she is so smart, beautiful and full of life.Sarah is pretty, both inside and out She has dark hair and blue eyes She is a sparkling beauty in a wheelchair My heart ached for her She craves to be normal, wants to [...]

    17. What a gorgeous read this was I ll admit I was a little nervous to read this one after Asher s book which didn t really work for me Well, I absolutely adored Brandt and Sarah s story Brandt is going on my Perfect Hero shelf, because that s just what he is Caring, supportive, loyal and so darn protective all the while terrified his love for her was going to ruin their beautiful friendship I loved the both of them genuinely liked, cared for and loved each other 110%, even if it took them a while t [...]

    18. Great job, Linda I really loved this one and it is definitely my favourite book in the series Brandt could possibly be one of the best book boyfriends EVER Do yourself a favour and read it.

    19. 3.5 StarsSynopsis Two best friends must overcome their own past, their own fears and insecurities as they fall in love and grow into adults The best bits I think this is one of the only romances that involves a heroine with cerebral palsy Kage has done a brilliant job Sweet, sensitive and utterly romantic.The worst bit The way the characters spoke seemed a little childish Boobies , meanie , demandy pants , she tasted as sweet as a berry , the gooey kissy love I don t know, it was just weird to r [...]

    20. You re looking for something sweet and cute mood uplifting with a very protective hot hero and a courageous girl suffering from a severe health condition childhood friends to lover romance not too angsty very enlightening on the day to day ordeals for people suffering from cerebral palsy This is your book Yes Sam has cerebral palsy, yes she can t walk and has tremors in her limbs and sometime a little drool on the lips but no, this is not a pity party She is a fighter and the book is not depress [...]

    21. 5stars I know that I am black sheep when I say that I never before read any book in this series I heard about it I read review about it But I just never have any wish to start reading any book in Forbidden Men series That is until I read one review about this book And then I just needed to read it So I did And God, how good it was.Heroine Sarah has a cerebral palsy But she doesn t let hat to stop her She is strong, brave and smart character Her relationship with hero Brandt was so amazing and fu [...]

    22. Pleeeease, move the cursor, and click to add it to your to read list I am watching you, don t stall You just have to read it.Okay now that the important stuff is over with, lets get on with the review.What we have here is a gem of a story We ve got the old friends to lovers trope so need I say But wait That is not all We also have the author bravely , not just touching but hugging the crap out of the subject of disability And boy did I fall head over heels in love with both the story and the ho [...]

    23. 5 Brandt Priceless Stars No, it s better Better than anything money could buy It s Priceless Well, I guess that made sense, since she was my pricelessMe enamor de BrandtAm a Sarah Todav a no me decido si para m es el mejor libro de la serie pero si est en mi top 3 y hasta puedo asegurar que desplaz a mi Mason y mi sexy Pick auch me duele admitirlo.Disfrut mucho esta historia, adem s que la esperaba tanto con altas expectativas y no me defraud todo lo contrario Comienza con una gran introducci n, [...]

    24. I am going to keep this short as all you need to know is, this one is amazingly beautiful If you haven t read this, do Read the entire series This story is simply amazing, this entire series is I absolutely love a story that branches out and gives you something new Thank you Linda Kage Brandt Sarah s story is such a heartwarming sweet story The writing is spectacular, constantly leaving you wanting , not able to read fast enough I laughed, I cried, and I most definitely swooned One to add to the [...]

    25. 5 beautiful stars Once again, Linda Kage doesn t disappoint This one might actually be one of my favorites in the Forbidden Men series Such a beautiful and powerful best friends to lovers romance, Brandt is definitely my favorite guy along with Ten from now on 3Can t wait for Colton s story now

    26. Desde marzo que no leo nada por PLACER porque no tengo tiempo As que, ste es el primer libro que le , despu s de tener tantas ansias por leer algo que YO QUER A Y debo decir, que lo re disfrut.Hace much simo que ven a esperando por la historia de Sarah y Brandt Desde el segundo libro de la serie, que muero por leer la historia de ellos dos Y se hizo esperar mucho, pero finalmente sali Y si bien, el tiempo no me sobra, simplemente no quise esperar, y me di el gusto Lo le , y bien por m La histori [...]

    27. I liked every book I ve read in the series so far Some I loved than otherss Pick, I m talking about you.but they were all very good Even though this book isn t my most favorite, because that honor still goes to Pick, it s a very close second Brandt is Noel s younger brother When he is 13, Noel takes him and his younger brother and sister, away from their neglectfull fucked up mom to come and live with him and his girlfriend Aspen.This is how he meets Sarah We first met Sarah in book 1 She is Ma [...]

    28. Finally It feels like I ve been waiting for this forever I m so freaking curious how Linda will handle this story and delicate subject matterI already know I will cry my eyes out and trying to give him good vibes so he might finally win his Oscar tonight Also oh my gosh, the blurb I absolutely love this Linda, I will sacrifice at your altar if you publish early XD

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