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Antiartists By Ralph Pullins,

  • Title: Antiartists
  • Author: Ralph Pullins
  • ISBN: 9781941541982
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Antiartists”

    1. Ralph Pullins debut novel is a work of art And like all works of art, people will either dismiss it as pretentious, or have something deep within themselves that becomes ignited, or some will not get it but still appreciate its wealth of angst, depth, existential life questions, and overall message No matter their response, like all art, the artist or in this case the author will have done his job.This story is about a lost, self destructive young art school drop out named Chris who is wandering [...]

    2. This book is one of the better exercises in character study that I have read in quite awhile You get to feel each changing emotion in the protagonist, Chris, and it is done so through the action, narration and conversations that the author puts him through It was brilliantly crafted and not a lot of novels these days let you feel what a character is feeling, specifically apathetics I should say an emerging apathetic Chris once had aspirations, but those are stripped away from him One of the best [...]

    3. Life is hard, isn t it But it s also survivable Ralph Pullins has written a painful and honest story that is a must read for anyone suffering from any addiction, and, I think, especially for those who don t understand addiction, but are living near someone who is suffering from drugs, alcohol, or whatever that destroys Beyond the value this book provides to those experiencing addition, it holds value in that it captures the feelings of men who believe they should be doing , but have lost their w [...]

    4. So this book Wow First, let me just say I almost didn t finish this book It doesn t have anything to do with the caliber of the writing, but for whatever reason the beginning was hard for me to invest in I didn t see myself connecting with the main character He was clearly broken and had a lot of self value issues, and normally that s not really something I do well with I mean, stuff like that makes me sad, and I m the queen of sparkles I don t like being sad , but I stuck it out.And OH MY GOD G [...]

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