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Dominion By Peter McLean,

  • Title: Dominion
  • Author: Peter McLean
  • ISBN: 9780857666123
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the tunnels deep under London, the Earth elementals are dying Hunted by something they know only as the Rotman, the elementals have no one trustworthy they can turn to Enter Don Drake, diabolist and semi reformed hitman, and an almost fallen angel called Trixie When the Matriarch tells Don that Rotman is actually the archdemon Bianakith, he knows this is going to beIn the tunnels deep under London, the Earth elementals are dying Hunted by something they know only as the Rotman, the elementals have no one trustworthy they can turn to Enter Don Drake, diabolist and semi reformed hitman, and an almost fallen angel called Trixie When the Matriarch tells Don that Rotman is actually the archdemon Bianakith, he knows this is going to be a tough job Bianakith is the foretold spirit of disease and decay whose aura corrupts everything it comes near, and even the ancient foundations of London will crumble eventually Now Don, Trixie and the Burned Man have to hatch a plan to keep Bianakith from wiping out the elementals and bringing down the city.But the Burned Man has other plans, and those may have dire consequences for everyone.The past never stays buried, and old sins must be atoned for Judgement is coming, and its name is Dominion.
    Dominion In the tunnels deep under London the Earth elementals are dying Hunted by something they know only as the Rotman the elementals have no one trustworthy they can turn to Enter Don Drake diabolist an

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    1. Dominion is the second in the Burned Man series by Peter Blake The story picks up not long after Drake the first in series left off and the action is fairly intense from the get go I thought Dominion was a solid instalment in the series, the characters have been fleshed out and added to and the dark side of London is explored further Be warned, if you haven t read the first in series there may be spoilers contained below.Dominion, probably in the style of other UF stories, is a self contained in [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyes this second book in the Burned Man series It felt like a step up from the first book to me It was hard to put down.We get the to know the main character better and see some of the characters in the first book again and meet new people I love the diversity in the characters angels, demons, gnomes, a voodoo priest, a goddess and then some.I like Don Drake his sarcasm and his remarks made me smile several times I very much enjoy this kind of urban fantasy with a dark feel to it [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to get an arc of Dominion through Netgalley, hence I already had the pleasure of reading it.It is the second book in the Burning Man series and if you haven t read the first, you should definitely start with that one, as a lot of the second book is based on things that happened in the first installment If you already liked the first You ll enjoy this one just as much This was an really fast paced and action packed read I had to pace myself, or I would have devoured the whole t [...]

    4. At the beginning of the year I read Drake by Peter McLean If you are looking for a novel that perfectly straddles the line between dark urban fantasy and horror, then I would suggest you give it a go Recently, I discovered that a sequel has been unleashed upon the world I ll admit I was than a little intrigued.In book two, Don Drake returns and his life is complicated than ever He is still living the slightly shabby existence he was before, but his roommates are causing him no end of grief The [...]

    5. Don Drake is a magician a diabolist, to be specific and he takes care of the kind of business you d rather not know about A battle mage of sorts, though he s never enjoyed or been any good at punch ups, his manner is the dark and dirty underbelly of London, and his watch never ends Secretly in love with an out of favour angel, best mates with a magically bound demon who s waiting for the chance to rip him several new ones, there are a lot of other things that Drake would rather be doing with his [...]

    6. Another good book with Don Drake, but, where s the rest of it It felt like the ending was a cliffhanger with no follow up in sight

    7. Something rather unpleasant is lurking under London Which is why Don Drake finds himself dealing with it on a rather too up close and personal basis But in doing this good turn Don ends up in a whole pile of trouble, needing to dig deep into himself to resolve it Don Drake is not someone you would want your daughter to acquire an interest in He might be a bit of a lad if he got half the chance, but it s his heart of gold underneath that abrasive outer coating that s the problem, because it never [...]

    8. Win CopyDeep in the tunnels of London, the Earth elements are being killed off by something called Rotman The gnomes called for assistance but they have no one trustworthy to help them.Enter a diabolist who is a reform hit man Don Drake with a fallen angel Trixie and the Burned Man He soon learns that Rotman is actually the archdemon Bianakith and that this will not be an easy battle.It is a race against time as others try to get in the way for power Will they be able to prevent London from crum [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to read this book pre release and I am so looking forward to the third in the series Dominion is a fantastic follow up novel to Drake so if you enjoyed the first book in the Burned Man series This second novel will not disappoint.

    10. Peter McLean, I think is a rockstar in this genre The darker seedier side of urban fantasy with a protagonist like Don Drake and his snarky archdemon The Burned Man who are right up there, with say Miriam Black Chuck Wendig or the Sandman Slim series Richard Kadrey This series starts off in the best possible manner introducing us to Drake and his pet archdemon in a gritty version of London dark and violent like no man s land And Drake while not exactly a wall flower, doesn t really come across a [...]

    11. I received this book as part of a Good Reads giveaway I d give it 3.5 stars but I did enjoy it than the first one, so 4 it is Although I would prefer complexity in the plot and character development, I did like a few of the subplots and back stories The series is progressing well and I will continue with it.

    12. There s definitely no second book syndrome in this series Dominion is faster, sharper and intense than the first book which was already an addictive page turner Looking forward to the finale

    13. Contin an las des venturas de Don Drake, diabolista y asesino a sueldo, junto a Trixie, un ngel semi ca da con la obligaci n de permanecer en la Tierra para vigilar a El Hombre Quemado, un demonio atado a una estatua en posesi n de nuestro antih roe Drake Al igual que la 1a parte nos encontramos con un libro ligero, f cil de leer y lo m s importante para m , divertido y con ese humor ir nico que tanto me hace disfrutar De hecho ya me he metido de cabeza en la 3a parte, Damnation, que con este t [...]

    14. Better than the first in the series, which I liked quite a lot, this second book sets up Don Drake for an almost impossible task, and further develops his relationships with various denizens of Heaven and Hell Really enjoyed this one, and have just started the third in the series.

    15. 4GR Very good I loved it My actual rating is 8 out of 10.Great fantasy noir Recommended for all the fans of Sandman Slim, Harry Dresden, Daniel Faust, Hopefully this will be a long series.

    16. A very well written and interesting book It s a book that sparks my imagination I truly enjoyed reading this book Would love to read from the Burned Man series.I received a free paperback from the First Reads program Thanks for sending me this.

    17. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 2.0 of 5I wasn t particularly impressed with the first book in The Burned Man series by Peter McLean, but being behind in my ARC reading, I already had the second and third books on my Kindle for reading and review Dominion is the second book in the series.There s nothing particularly new here in the second book This is still an urban fantasy with a lot of the typical urban fantasy tropes And if Drake the first book in the series [...]

    18. Dominion is the second book in McLean s Burned Man series but is contained enough to work as a stand alone novel and I know because I hadn t read the first, Drake , when this popped through the letter box The hero of Dominion is Don Drake, a diabolist and former hitman who is conned into going up against The Rotman, an entity that is destroying the underparts of London When Rotman turns out to be the archdemon Bianakith Drake soon realises he is out of his depth and Bianakith is only the beginni [...]

    19. Book two And I love it This is such a terrific series and I am totally hooked.Oh Don boy It seems each decision leads to a worse situation.Drake is back and this time he has Trixie by his side, well sort of, okay not really She is The Burned Man s guardian, but as The Burned Man still works for Drake so does she, sort of But The Burned Man has a mind of it s own and it s not staying put.Drake, trying to do good, only seems to dig himself into deeper holes I m not sure if he can get out of this l [...]

    20. It is dark, violent and contains a fair amount of swearing right up my street Dominion is the second title in Peter McLean s The Burned Man series A substance known only as Rotman is hunting the Elementals, and they need help to stop it This is a dark, dank and foul mouthed journey to find out what the Rotman is and stop it from destroying all Don Drake is the main protagonist He is a partially reformed killer for hire and at times can be just as bad as the bad guys Drake has a lot of selfish de [...]

    21. Dominion, the second Burned Man novel from Peter McLean, takes the relationships between scruffy diabolist Don Drake and partly fallen angel Meselandrarasatrixiel call her Trixie and between Don and the Burned Man an archdemon , to screwy and scary new places as they deal with a new threat that may free a goddess of war the possibility that Trixie s dominion a sort of father mentor commanding officer as a Warrior of the Word seems to be than a bit off the introduction of a weird relatively spea [...]

    22. This review originally appeared on Pop Verse.Peter McLean s first Burned Man novel, Drake, was my idea of the perfect holiday read It was fun, easy to read, and just a bit unsavoury A while ago, I read somewhere that people who swear a lot are generally considered trustworthy which obviously makes me the most trustworthy mother fucker you ll ever meet In reading Drake, I could easily see that For a fairly dodgy bastard, he is believable and comes across as an entirely reliable narrator He also t [...]

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