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The Full Moon By David Neth,

  • Title: The Full Moon
  • Author: David Neth
  • ISBN: 0990517721
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note ISBN 13 9780990517726 shown on this book has also been used on a different book The Blood MoonKathy and her sister, Samantha, have always been a team Throughout their time as witches, they ve taken out than their share of bad guys But after Kathy meets Will, who she learns is a demonic Dark Knight, her loyalties begin to change Meanwhile, SamanthaLibrarian Note ISBN 13 9780990517726 shown on this book has also been used on a different book The Blood MoonKathy and her sister, Samantha, have always been a team Throughout their time as witches, they ve taken out than their share of bad guys But after Kathy meets Will, who she learns is a demonic Dark Knight, her loyalties begin to change Meanwhile, Samantha doesn t trust Will or his intentions Still, Kathy can t help but feel tempted by the dark side as she falls deeper in love with Will Crossing over would give Kathy the freedom to do whatever she wanted with her magic No rules No limitations It would also mean breaking the bond she has always shared with her sister, who has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with the dark side When Will proposes they take over the underworld, Kathy loves the idea of having power But it also leaves her with a choice that will change her life abandon her family and the life she has always known, or give up the love of her life forever.
    The Full Moon Librarian Note ISBN shown on this book has also been used on a different book The Blood MoonKathy and her sister Samantha have always been a team Throughout their time as witches t

    One thought on “The Full Moon”

    1. The Full Moon Under the Moon 1 by David Neth is a great book on witches, family, demons, and loyalty It has sisters, good witches, and one falls for a dark knight yep, the other direction Bad things happen that you will want to read, I am not going to spoil it for you Exciting, intrigue, action, and loyalties tested on all sides Enjoyed it tremendously

    2. This is the first work I ve read listen from this author, who kindly gifted me his story.My curiosity for Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Magical Romance led me to this very honest review Bare with me I haven t read that much Urban Fantasy but the setting appealed to me, an interesting premise I was very curious.First, it was funny to listen to a male narrator tell a story through the perspective of a female lead character The first chapters kept my attention, I liked the interaction in the book The [...]

    3. This is the story of a family of witches.One marries a Dark Knight who is bad.She can no longer be a white witch.Will she kill her family members It was VERY fast moving with an enormous amount of crap happening to the characters.I really disliked mostl of the characters in this book.Narration by Nathan Weiland was good,aside from Kathy,who was SO snarky I was hoping she d die.I was given this book free for an honest review.

    4. This is now officially the crappiest book I ve ever read It must have taken the writer all of two days to write this garbage and I ll never get back the hours of my life I spent reading this garbage.

    5. this book throughly annoyed me the characters were barely like able and everything happened so fast without explanation I already have the next two in the series and I doubt I will ever read them

    6. Would you listen to The Full Moon again Why Yes because I just loved the story.Who was your favorite character and why I m not really sure who because they are all so different.Which character as performed by Nathan Weiland was your favorite I didn t have 1 because they weren t easy to compare to each other because just like in real life everyone was different.If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be No idea what a movie tagline is soAny additional comments This story [...]

    7. The Full Moon is the first book in the Under the Moon series Samantha and Kathy are sisters, withes, and always have been a teamed to fight bad magical people Samantha is always angry since her husband has walked out of her and her two sons life Her angry spills into Kathy s life Kathy has never had a real job She went on an interview and her interviewer made a sexual proposition in exchange to hire her After walking out on her interview, she bumped into Will, who lend her his ears of how awful [...]

    8. This review is from both the audiobook and reading parts of the kindle book Wow, this was nothing like I thought it would be I looked at the cover and thought it would be just another paranormal romance book Boy was I ever wrong First off, I want to say, I think the narrator did a good job The way he did Kathy s voice cracked me up It was like nails being scraped down a chalk board lol There is a romance story to this but, unlike most paranormal romance these days, this was eerie And scary at on [...]

    9. Blind women and their evil lovers That basically tells this story Kathy, a beautiful witch meets bad boy, literally, Will Will is a Dark Knight and is a demon protector Kathy fights evil magic Kathy think she loves Will but her sister sees it as it really is Will Kathy believe the worse about Will or will she believe that it really is love I did enjoy this story but as it is in real life, it s hard to read a story about an intelligent woman being taken in by a man with evil on his mind As a matt [...]

    10. Similar to its predecessor but its sequel in the series The Full Moon is written in the same tone but with depth to create a fuller story Many times the author did not trust his audience to infer anything Once I worked past that as a reader, I thoroughly enjoyed the exposition that was missing from The Blood Moon I suggest reading this before The Blood Moon, but both are worth reading to delve into a fantasy world reminiscent of Charmed Professional This book improved on The Blood Moon in terms [...]

    11. Man, I really wanted to love this series The premise is great, the thought of real practicing witches with magic in the world like it s normal is fun And who doesn t love two witchy sisters, and add in a bad guy love interest Oh yeah.Sadly, the book seemed to think I wasn t that smart and the characters weren t my favorite Kathy seems incredibly lucky that she is good at magic, because she does not make smart choices, and Samantha seems a bit too negative and snarky But maybe if I had a flighty [...]

    12. The Full Moon is an Urban Fantasy Sisters Kathy and Samantha are witches, Kathy lives with her sister and helps to bring up her nephews.Desperate for a job to help with the bills, Kathy meets an intriguing man whilst leaving her latest job interview They have lunch and Will soon makes his interest in Kathy apparent, but Will has hidden secrets which he reveals when when Kathy is attacked by a demon.The story takes off with the fantasy world of demons, good and evil and Kathy must decide where he [...]

    13. I was given a fee copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Honestly it was not a bad story of a 3.5e narration was very goodd if you like witches, it is well worth a listenKathy and Samantha are sisters, both have powers and are witchesd Samantha has 2 sons that are coming into their powers slowly but surely.Kathy goes on a job interview and meets Willhe asks her out and after dinner they end up being attacked by a demon fishd Will kills ityou see Will has powers toohe has dark magicKa [...]

    14. Although I read or listen to a lot of fantasy books, this was the first book featuring witches and dark knights I remember having watched a few sequels of Charmed way back, and the book reminded me of that in a good way We have the fight of good vs evil, and poor Kathy and her sister Samantha are drawn into it without any of their doing Which side will win It doesn t look good for the witches, cause Kathy suddenly shifts her loyalties, and in the end, she and her family pay a dire price for it.T [...]

    15. Overall, this was a surprisingly good listen I have not read anything from this author before and feel he has a lot of potential The story line and characters are good, I was thrown for a bit with a male narrator I didn t expect that with a female lead characterlol I loved the tv series Charmed and this reminded me of Phoebe and Balthazar s relationship and the struggles they faced I was gifted a copy of this in exchange for an honest review

    16. Kathy and her sister Samantha have always been a team When Will comes into Kathy s life, it pushes the sisters apart Will is definitely not a good guy and Samantha doesn t trust him If Kathy goes with him, her magic is hers to do with as she pleases Unfortunately there is a price to pay Fast paced, fantasy story.

    17. I listened to this book through audible I enjoyed this story very much The characters and emotions pulled me into the story Some parts seemed a little to long and could have been shorter but none the less the story had me I m totally needing to get my hands on his other books, especially book one in Under the Moon Series.

    18. This was a fast read Seemed much better written than The Blood Moon but tied into it perfectly Romance isn t my cup of tea but it had enough magic and action to make it worth the read Still, I wish that the characters were likeable There was nobody that I wanted to champion throughout the story Nobody that I became friends with as I read.

    19. Content warnings manipulation, sex, witchcraft, violence, death, torture, heterosexual relationshipsReview can be found here at Blow Pop s Book Reviews

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