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Through Her Eyes By Ava Harrison,

  • Title: Through Her Eyes
  • Author: Ava Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780996358538
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • One phone call changed me.Three simple words and I was shattered.Damaged.Broken Alone.So I started over.And my journey of rediscovery led me straight into his arms.Chase Porter.The stranger who showed me life from a different perspective But we both had secrets His would destroy my world.
    Through Her Eyes One phone call changed me Three simple words and I was shattered Damaged Broken Alone So I started over And my journey of rediscovery led me straight into his arms Chase Porter The stranger who showed

    One thought on “Through Her Eyes”

    1. Warning review may contain sopilers No no no no no just Noooooooo i don t want anyone to feel bad about having a different opinion , what i think of this book is based on my own understanding of the plot and i have so much to say about it so i m just gonna let it out my chest If this book is a love story it fucking sucks , the first half of the story is about Ari and Parker they are cute couple, she loves him and he loves her too , they had plans you know traveling across the world visiting Lond [...]

    2. 3.75 4 StarsAria can t face what has happened to the love of her life, Parker She heads on an adventure abroad that she and Parker had always dreamed of She also struggles with living in her brother s shadow and what dreams were actually her own before she tried to live his out While on her vacation runaway she falls for another guy named Chase Porter, a photographer who says and does all the right things Is it weird that I feel this way after such a short time It s like I ve known you my whole [...]

    3. 5 stars This was my first time reading Ava Harrison and I can promise you it will not be my last She sucked me in with her writing and the story told was a beautiful coming of age, finding and forgiving yourself, accepting love and one hell of an adventure Ava s writing is a step above the norm She is so descriptive of the surroundings that it truly makes you feel as if you are there I walked the streets of Italy, I sailed from port to port, I smelled the sunflowers, I drank the champagne, I saw [...]

    4. Oh my Well this book was 100% unexpected in the best of ways This was my first experience reading Ava Harrison and when I was offered a chance to read to review, I read the blurb, checked out the cover and said YES Through Her Eyes is told in three parts Inhale, Exhale and Breathe and these segments fit the story perfectly We slowly get to know Aria as she takes herself on a journey of self discovery after making a choice that changed her life forever Running away was the easy part finding herse [...]

    5. I found this book very beautiful but it isn t exactly a love story It s about regret, finding yourself, overcome your weaknesses and go beyond your comfort zone It s about to stop being afraid and start living.About the plot Aria thinks of herself as a toxic girl Her brother Owen died when they were kids She blames herself for it Her relationship with her parents also isn t the best Her mother had always seen only Owen and he was the pride and joy of her parents The person who helped her get thr [...]

    6. I tend to rate a book that I really liked at 4 stars What boosts it up to a 5 star read for me is if I feel as if everyone around me needs to be experiencing it too That was this book I have never been in Aria s shoes I have not dealt with her mistakes and difficult love related decisions I have, however, dealt with loss She still grieved over the loss of her older brother, and I know the long term effects of a loss of that magnitude She also struggles with depression, not just due to a clinical [...]

    7. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewInhale Exhale Breathe Inhale Exhale Breathe in this fresh raw, poignant, gripping and breathtaking read Through Her Eyes by Ava Harrison In this compelling and emotionally raw story, Ava Harrison takes her readers on a journey of self discovery She has stripped down her readers to feel the vulnerability, the sadness, the fears, the loss, the happiness, the love, and the hope With a wide array of emotions, readers are swept up and consumed wi [...]

    8. Cool cover That s about it if I m being honest Four weeks It took these people four weeks to fall madly in love with each other Like, I ll die without you love Now, there s nothing wrong with that I m not one to judge But the author didn t even make it believable There was nothing that connected me to the characters and made their love believable to me My biggest peeve about this book was the dialogue The characters spoke immaturely and very boringly to each other Childish, that s the word that [...]

    9. Aria is lost, she wants to be found She has had two people in her life that believed in her, but circumstances tore them apart After another jolt leaves her to a journey of self exploration, Aria finds herself heading on a trip that will change her life forever.Aria meets Chase Porter, a photographer who has Aria seeing life on a different level Guilt eats at Aria, but she also sees her time with Chase as taking a much needed step into her future However both have secrets that could ultimately t [...]

    10. 4.5 starsWowwhat a journey I literally had to take a deep breath when I finished thisd honestly, I didn t want it to end You can tell from the first pages that you don t know the whole story There is something simmering in the background of this adventure around the world that I just couldn t quite pinpoint I LOVE that I was blindsided I mean, I was trying to figure it out and I wasn t even close Lol I also love the hero and heroine They seemed very relatable to me I m jealous of the adventure a [...]

    11. YeahDNF at 12% becauseI just didn t care about Aria Like at all She seemed to be a whiny mess Wah wah Parker loves me but I can t love him for some reason idk and then she uses her parents money to go on a trip that she and Parker had planned together to find herself I only made it through her London experience because MY GOD she is unlikable I LOVE London, and yet, I barely made it through her wandering around because a she mopes and is SO melodramatic about everything b She drinks and sleeps t [...]

    12. Three simple words, yet they are the hardest to voice Aria, having been dealt a pretty crappy hand in growing up and even of a crappy hand after graduating from college, learns the hard way that life isn t always about the pasts what the future holds This is a beautiful book that has you doing some serious soul searching in your own life How you as a person handle the cards you ve been dealt Do you continue to wallow in the crap hand or do you move on and let the future deal you a better hand V [...]

    13. outstanding amazing beautiful quintessential read Ava Harrison pulled out all the stops for this stunning read THROUGH HER EYES catches you into a whirlwind of emotions like a butterfly caught in a storm beauty against an unknown destination The saying A picture is worth a thousand words, is embraced by the beautiful imagery Harrison captures and portrays in her words Set mostly in Italy, Harrison writes a postcard of loss, love, understanding, growth, change, self discovery and rediscovery She [...]

    14. Hard to believe that three simple words have the power to change your life I m writing this review with tears streaming down my face This story is both heartbreaking and soul healing all at the same time An emotional rollercoaster of love, loss, forgiveness, and self discovery all rolled into one amazing book I immediately felt connected to Aria and could almost feel everything she was going through Chase was a breath of fresh air blowing in at just the right time I received an ARC in exchange f [...]

    15. Abbandonato, DNF, mi dispiace molto.Mi aspettavo una storia diversa, sinceramente L arrivo di Chase mi ha destabilizzato, perch trovo alquanto sgradevoli le persone che ti dicono che devi vivere il momento, che la vita un avventura e tutte altre cose cos spronanti Le persone che vogliono renderti felice a ogni costo perch la vita troppo corta per essere tristi Avrei preferito sapere di Aria e Parker dall inizio alla fine Peccato ACQUISTA CON 1 CLICK Facebook Twitter Pinterest

    16. For the FIRST time EVER Through Her Eyes is FREE If you haven t read it yet, or you know someone who hasn t grab it now as it will only be free for 5 days amzn 2t8AUqh

    17. I received an ARC from TRSOR Promotions in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much TRSOR promotions for sending me a copy of this book I m thoroughly honored and grateful 35 I must visit Italy as soon as possible stars This is my most highlighted E book ever and that s saying a lot There are so many quotes to live by and take into much deep consideration To have words that touch your heart enough to make an impact that inspires you to live your life fully and i m beyond thankful for hav [...]

    18. Through Her Eyes by Ava Harrison was by far my first ugly cry book of this year and I wish I could read it for the first time all over again Aria has been dealt some hard cards in her life She feels responsible for her brother Owens death and her parents either ignore her or belittle her for still being alive Owens best friend Parker was always there for Aria as a shoulder to cry on or to help pick her back up So it was no surprise that she fell for him but to her, he doesn t feel same Parker ha [...]

    19. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksThis was my first Ava Harrison book and I have to say, despite the gut wrenching angst, I enjoyed this The Aria, the heroine was a tough one, especially given the emotional upheaval she was in for most of the book But by the time I got to the last page, I truly believed Aria has managed to turn her life around and found her happiness.When we meet Aria, she was a hot mess She lied to the man she loved, got a phone call that sent her on a dow [...]

    20. How can you know what you want for the future if you can t check off the mistakes you made in the past No matter how toxic, mistakes are a lesson It s no surprise that I m a huge fan of Ava s I read her first novel and just knew she had a gift I hoped she would put that gift to use and she has by writing her 2nd full length novel Sometimes you just have to face your fears This is a story about losing yourself, going on that journey then finding yourself again You have to get through the rough sp [...]

    21. How I enjoyed my day reading this beauty Day off from work, kids in school, T.V off and MIA from F.B All of this for my favorite new author Ava Harrison After finishing Imperfect truth, I was Hooked and now I m even hooked How perfect this story was for my never ending need for a unique addicting read Could not put this down I fell instantly in love with all the locations Ava s words brought alive right in front of my eyes Not being much of a traveler, this was a lot of fun imaging all these pl [...]

    22. st book I have read by the author, Ava Harrison It wont be the last Her skill at building character, painting a scene make her writing flow and place you in the story like you are watching it and not reading it.Aria is a young adult who is loss She holds herself responsible for the death of her brother, her parents, one brutal, the other non existent lend no help in helping her to cope All she has is her brother s best friend, Parker Over the years she has grown to lean on him and to love him Bu [...]

    23. Warning You will most likely shed a few tears and find yourself reevaluating your life Love is finding the missing part of yourself in someone else Every couple dozen books, a book will come along that really causes me to pause and think about life, this story did just that You are splashes of vibrant color on a monotone palate I am usually pretty good at figuring out the plot of a book rather quickly, but this one kept me guessing and aching to put the puzzle together It was beautifully written [...]

    24. 3.5 Through Her Eyes Stars Audible Review HERE Ok, so going in I was blind like I like to do I am going to say overall I enjoyed this story it takes you through a journey of emotions that s for sure Though I didn t cry but it is pretty heavy.I think I would have enjoyed the story if Aria Bennett didn t have soooo much bad happen to her I kind of felt like wow this girl is hel la strong for everything she has been dealt Don t get me wrong I am all for a rise up through the ashes kind of story bu [...]

    25. Great concept, poor executionThe story in this book is fabulous but it could have been so much better Maybe I m not a fair judge because I don t like women that need to be saved, but she just seemed very one dimensional and that was the real tragedy The mystery friend, dying first love, and gorgeous scenery should have carried this but I almost put the book down right after the first chapters because the protagonist was just so meh Honestly, the thing that kept me reading was the interactive IG [...]

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