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Chimera By Mira Grant Christine Lakin,

  • Title: Chimera
  • Author: Mira Grant Christine Lakin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • The final book in Mira Grant s terrifying Parasitology trilogy.The outbreak has spread, tearing apart the foundations of society, as implanted tapeworms have turned their human hosts into a seemingly mindless mob.Sal and her family are trapped between bad and worse and must find a way to compromise between the two sides of their nature before the battle becomes large enougThe final book in Mira Grant s terrifying Parasitology trilogy.The outbreak has spread, tearing apart the foundations of society, as implanted tapeworms have turned their human hosts into a seemingly mindless mob.Sal and her family are trapped between bad and worse and must find a way to compromise between the two sides of their nature before the battle becomes large enough to destroy humanity and everything that humanity has builtcluding the chimera.The broken doors are closing Can Sal make it home
    Chimera The final book in Mira Grant s terrifying Parasitology trilogy The outbreak has spread tearing apart the foundations of society as implanted tapeworms have turned their human hosts into a seemingly

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    1. Forgiveness was for people who didn t have as much to loseis is the third part in mira grant s parasitology trilogy but hopefully, fingers crossed, not the end of the story not that it doesn t wrap up well it ends in a satisfying place, but as any mira grant fan knows, there s always to the story than can fit comfortably in a trilogy and that s why she has written 6 novellas and short stories branching out from her newsflesh series, with a fourth, full length standalone book to be published in [...]

    2. Okay, there s still no zombies in this book, not that I was actually expecting any, but all those Throwbacks are such a close fit, I just had to add the descriptor.How did the trilogy end Was it a satisfying ride Did it fulfill all my expectations It was okay It didn t quite wow me like Newsflesh did I enjoyed the feel of falling deeper into Sal s viewpoint all the way from book one and having a slow burn, and it did promise to have a pretty interesting finale So now that I ve made it through bo [...]

    3. This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews Reading this series is always a delightfully horrific and philosophical experience Being centered around a scientific experiment gone wrong, causing tapeworms that were meant to be the end of human disease and suffering to overtake their hosts, it gets pretty squeamish during some parts.That s part of the appeal of the Parasitology series, the pure horror of knowing that some of the people you interact with are no longer human Ins [...]

    4. I ve not been terribly excited about this trilogy It s overlong and there are no twists anywhere.Sal is back with her father and the evil head of Symbogen, having given herself up so that her fiance and a friend can escape Meanwhile, the megalomaniac tapeworm Sherman has enacted his master plan and infected the water supply with clones of Sal s tapeworm having removed her personality information and made it even invasive So Sal needs to escape the military version of the CDC and get back to Dr [...]

    5. 3.5 starsThis was a mostly satisfying conclusion to the trilogy I just can t help but feel somewhat disappointed though I don t think the trilogy as a whole lived up to the promise of the first book I think some of the most interesting characters like Tansy were wasted That being said though I did really enjoy it and I want to read a lot by this author.

    6. 3.5 stars This is decent finish to the trilogy that ties up most of the loose ends Overall I enjoyed the series, but it felt slightly overwritten and long in parts Grant s skill as a writer made up for that flaw for the most part As a whole the series was a solid 3.5 stars.

    7. Grant takes us into the not so distant future, introduces us to a world on the cutting edge of medical technology, and shows us how miracle medical cures could be society s downfall Eerily realistic it highlighted financial greed, humanity s search for the magic pill and ponders how far in the name of science is too far.Since the beginning of the trilogy Grant has presented multiple perspectives some in diary format, audio messages, and others in scientific documents Throughout the trilogy, we h [...]

    8. Mira Grant of Feed fame has finished another wonderful science fiction trilogy, proving again that she knows how to write good endings.In the final Parasitology book, the tapeworms are spreading Countless people are getting infected and turned into mindless husks, incapable of complex thought, ruled by their instincts It is up to Sal and her friends to save the world but the world doesn t seem to want to be saved.An issue that is incredibly prevalent in science fiction is a lack of character gro [...]

    9. If I wanted to, I could probably write a long rant about Chimera and Parasitology as a whole But I m too disappointed and I just don t fucking care enough, which is really the biggest problem After finally being won over by book one, books two and three frustrated me no end, and I m left just glad that it s over.The plot of both Symbiont and Chimera can be summed up in one word kidnapping For 1000 pages, someone is always getting kidnapped Then they have to go rescue them Then they re all so hap [...]

    10. By the end of book three I wanted to throw the book at Grant every time the words broken doors popped up It got to be so annoyingly repetitive Broken doors Broken doors Broken Doors BROKEN DOORS DO YOU GET THE MESSAGE DO YOU Aside from that, here are some other issues I have with this book series Sal is a semi annoying almost overly moralist character These books should have been about Tansy That would have been a series worth reading Also the question of the sleepwalkers throwbacks shambling ar [...]

    11. To be honest, though I ve given each book a decent rating, I ve struggled with this trilogy a lot, and that makes it hard to gauge quite how I feel about it, and this final novel I read this with my husband, and in the subsequent discussion after reading, we really crystallized some why I had such a hard time.First of all, the trilogy was supposed to be a duology I think it shows Each novel of the trilogy had a certain feeling of flabbiness to it, too much stuff happening that felt like it went [...]

    12. I feel really bad a bout this but apparently that time has come where I now misplace my love of one theme book onto another Not that I was uninterested in the story of Sal and her badassness but really there was a book about 7 years ago that focused on alien worms coming and taking over the world and The Resistance and the struggle with going native An oversimplification Maybe, but I loved that book I want of that book Sadly, Twilight seems to be the only cash cow in her mind So back to the boo [...]

    13. Just couldn t rate this higher After reading all three books in the series, I had enough of the repetitions Condensed down, might have made one respectable read but stretched out over three books sorry this was just one big repetitive, boring mess.

    14. I love Mira Grant s writing but there were things that bugged me about this Still, she is a fantastic writer and is obviously fantastic when it comes to zombie trilogies Full review coming soon.Received from the author, through audiobookreviewer, in exchange for an honest review Edit This starts out much like book two, it jumps right in with little to go on if you have not read the previous books There is so much in this one that there really just isn t any time to reiterate what has happened be [...]

    15. Tapeworm eggs have infected the water supply and the government is on its last leg They blame Dr Cale and her people , while the truth is that war is being waged by Sherman and his Chimera Sal s loyalty is with Dr Cale and her people , but getting to them presents a problem.Chimera is the last novel in Grant s Parasitology trilogy The story is mainly in Sal s POV with interludes from Sherman Sal never catches a break as she is forced to travel from place to place saving the day, and while she ha [...]

    16. Full review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksChimera is the final book in the Parasitology Trilogy by Mira Grant Having reviewed the first two books, Parasite and Symbiont, I felt obligated to read and review the conclusion.Technically, this review is a DNF because I read the first 70 pages, threw a fit, and then skipped around to get the feel of the rest of the book I read large chunks of the middle as well as the last eighty pages, but I never read the entire book cover to cover This book was suc [...]

    17. This is the third in Grant s hard SF Parasite trilogy, so firstly you really should pick up the preceding two books and secondly beware because HERE BE SPOILERS FOR PARASITE AND SYMBIONT.Chimera brings the trilogy to a very satisfying and very gripping close, with Sal and Dr Cale allying themselves with Colonel Mitchell to bring down the fantastically egotistical Sherman and his plans for world domination.It s been a fantastic series my initial issues with the main protagonist seeming passive an [...]

    18. I had a lot of feelings after reading this It actually made me see zombie ish people differently This last book invoked thoughts from me and made me question how accepting and understanding we are as a species I realized we are not very accepting even when we think we are We play with things we shouldn t those who have power lack the emotions and intelligence they should have to be able to responsibly wield that power.I love Sal s character I was able to relate to her a lot despite who she is He [...]

    19. Parasitology series is less scary and thought provoking with every book.Chimers is the last piece of the story and although something is always happening and Sal manages to pull of required number of miraculous escapes, it all felt same old same old.Like nothing really new and significant happened.The only refreshing thing in the story was Fishy and his conviction that real life is actually a video game Sal, we re stuck in a cutscene level battle here, and I didn t find a single power up on my w [...]

    20. Being a monster is not the same as being a bad person It just means you re willing to eat the world if that s what you have to do to keep yourself alive.There were moments of this I really loved the chimera scent parts, the eventual resolution but overall I kind of felt let down a little It s definitely on me, I mean, I wanted wildly improbable endings for the people I cared about, so Yeah The four stars here are really because of the running tension about the rights of these sentient creatures [...]

    21. By the end of this, I was really hoping all of the characters would die This was another example of what could have been a good single book stretched out to a very boring trilogy.

    22. The fact that it comes out in my birthday month is a sign Someone please sedate me till it comes out, I can t wait for this book

    23. I didn t like the concluding book of this series as well as the previous two, and I m having trouble pinpointing exactly why.I think the ratio of dialogue to exposition is off Sal spends way too much time in this book thinking about things rather than talking to people or engaging in action I also think this book does way too much of the reminding readers of people and events from previous books thing I really dislike that tactic If I can t remember Sal s accident or who Dr Banks is or the revea [...]

    24. In this book, characters drive from the Oakland Coliseum to Jack London Square, and then set out for Vallejo by way of Berkeley At this point, the driver is said to get off the freeway to take surface streets to I 4.It s very important to me that everyone knows this makes no sense I can charitably chalk this up to the author I believe living along I 4 and not being a driver herself however, Google Maps will tell you instantly that I 4 is absolutely nowhere near Berkeley and that over it doesn t [...]

    25. Mira Grant Seanan McGuire is one of my favourite authors Her Newsflesh trilogy all received five stars from me, and I buy basically everything she produces When Parasitology began, I was super excited to read another science fiction world from her, but I never quite warmed to this universe like I did with Newsflesh This is not to suggest that Chimera or its prequels are boring, unreadable books Grant writes compulsively readable items You can devour them because they are so quick, witty, and ful [...]

    26. Beware, I will be discussing things that would be spoilers for anyone who hasn t read books one and two.Early on I realized I would have a love hate relationship with Mira Grant s Parasitology series It didn t sit well in my head how anyone would accept a tapeworm inside their bodies Let me clarify this A tape worm Inside your BODY Never, never ever ever, does a worm even touch my body, let alone enter it This is like Monsters inside me and I want nothing to do with it, literally Right off the b [...]

    27. It is difficult to discuss Chimera without spoiling Symbiont or Parasite, of course , but I think this trilogy may have been better as the duology it was planned to be While Symbiont was low on action and high on talking, I did find a lot of the talking interesting Chimera has a few good action scenes, but nothing that reaches the visceral highs of so many scenes in Parasite, and the talking was not as interesting Which is unfortunate because there are plenty of cool concepts at play here, with [...]

    28. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIMERA is the last book in the Parasitology series, and it kept me glued to its pages for the whole ride It s the end of the world and sentient tapeworms are to blame or are they Sal, a chimera, a sentient tapeworm who has successfully taken over her host body, is an amazing character, growing throughout the events of the series, but really coming into herself in this final book She is an invertebrate stuck in a mammalian body She doesn t like it when pe [...]

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