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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Season One By SharonJohnson,

  • Title: Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Season One
  • Author: SharonJohnson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America He is a young, successful lion shifter, surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover By anyone s account he has than any one man can ask for, but his lion cares of nothing except finding their mate An unexpected business trip pits DeMatteo and his long awaited mate on opposite sidesDeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America He is a young, successful lion shifter, surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover By anyone s account he has than any one man can ask for, but his lion cares of nothing except finding their mate An unexpected business trip pits DeMatteo and his long awaited mate on opposite sides of the courtroom But when challenged by ex lovers, nosey siblings, and crazy hunters, DeMatteo realizes that finding his mate was the easy part The real question is whether they will live long enough to be together This release is an M M paranormal shifter romance This series will contain, graphic violence, graphic language, and Mpreg What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone.
    Beyond A Reasonable Doubt Season One DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America He is a young successful lion shifter surrounded by a large family and his devoted lover By anyone s account he has than

    One thought on “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Season One”

    1. I usually don t like to tear books apart like this but with this was it really difficult not to.As an author, how could you rightfully charge 5 for a book that you haven t taken the time to even proofread And if you did, how did any of this make sense to you I regret buying this book I know does returns on Kindle ebooks but I ve been having some issues with it Every paragraph has some sort of grammatical typo tense change error I m not exaggerating A passage Italics Was that disappointment Sean [...]

    2. Needs better editing There are quite a few errors and words missing or left unfinished Aside from that the world building is incomplete, and the reader is left not quite understanding the paranormal world I did like the story, but it felt like a second draft There should also be a note that is not a HEA, it does end in a cliffhanger.In the end I did like the story, and would be interested in reading the next book.

    3. This story had potential however I gave this a VERY weak 2 stars and here s why First the characters Sean and Dematteo have no us stance as characters whatsoever Sean comes off as this shallow dumb pushover male and Dematteo comes off as this dumb, shallow, meathead who is overly aggressive I hate insta love stories I wouldn t have minded if they had bonded but there was some resistance and drama The author makes every issue with the character fit by forcing them to accept without any resistance [...]

    4. 2.5 Stars Audible EditionThe premise of this story is good but the execution is lacking Very poorly edited with numerous mistakes including calling the MC s by the wrong names There are multiple POV s that make this a jumbled mess and it ends on a huge cliff hanger I won t be reading the next book And, while the narrator was okay, the sound quality was horrendous at different points in the audio book.

    5. Hit and Miss 3.5 Stars I love shifter stories, and mpreg is a guilty pleasure for me, so when I saw this up for grabs, I pounced pun intended There are aspects to this book that I really enjoyed, and others that bothered the daylights out of me DeMatteo is a lion shifter, and head of a huge pride, almost too huge as I had issues keeping the siblings straight in my head, but that s on me Thrust into the role upon the deaths of his parents, he s had twenty years to grow into the job, yet he also m [...]

    6. This story was very suspenseful for me In saying that, I could not put this book down I read the entire thing in approx 6 hours This story is filled with very overprotective alpha lions, witches, some brainwashed hunters and a very psychotic lion who thinks he has been wronged.I love DeMatteo and Sean DeMatteo, a very good divorce attorney, has known he was gay for a long time and has been actively looking for his mate Sean, a junior partner at his father s law firm, has only ever had relationsh [...]

    7. Book Review originally published here iheartreading book tou DeMatteo Santiago is the Alpha of one of the largest prides in North America He s young and successful, has a large family, and a devoted lover, but his lion side is worried with finding his perfect mate When he finds his mate on opposite sides of the courtroom, it s like a dream come true He s finally found his mate But when ex lovers, siblings, hunters, all come into play, he realizes finding his mate was the easy part living long en [...]

    8. This is the second novel in the Doubt Series dealing with paranormal lion shifters, witches, and humans The story continues to progress into a dramatic, action packed, love story DeMatteo meets another lawyer, Sean Herr The minute the two meet DeMatteo knows that Sean is his true mate and Sean feels the sudden attraction to this beautiful man It doesn t take long for the two to get together But human hunters are out to kill them, especially Sean, who is unknowingly a witch They are all a part of [...]

    9. Wow I loved this book This is the first book I have read by Sharon Johnson This book is well written and an enjoyable read The book has some happy funny parts and some sad parts There is one question that is ask twice in this book that had me laughing out loud enough that I woke one of my sons This book is about the Alpha finding his true mate and having the pregnant mate taken Unfortunately there is a cliffhanger So I am off to read the rest of this series I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Read [...]

    10. I am having a hard time rating this So for the time being no stars will be given.1 The grammatical and syntax errors were plentiful It doesn t seem as there was enough proofreading involved.2 The story really didn t make any sense There were date and time givens, but as the story progressed, the timeline just stopped making sense 3 The voicing was quite questionable 4 The characters didn t seem overly developed and at times the MCs came off whiny.5 The premiss of the story is good, execution was [...]

    11. Sex, mystery, and romance amped up to a new high This story has a little bit of everything Magic, shifters, people trying to kill, true mating and steamy sex What happens when an alpha male and an alpha male are true mates What is someone tries to get between them This is a must read.I give this 4 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 7, for several explicit scenes Not suitable for those under 18 years of age.This product or book may have been distributed for review this in no way affects [...]

    12. This book had the concept I am all for Mpreg but some how I just didn t fall for the characters like I wanted too The timeline of the book just didn t work for me because sometimes the time seemed to last too quickly for what was going on or I didn t know how much time had past at all, and it obviously had This was my biggest issue, overall it was a decent read and I will continue with the next installment just to fulfill my curiosity with the cliff hanger.

    13. What do you get when you put a smart, strong and sexy lion alpha, a powerful and gorgeous witch alpha mate, a psychotic hunter, and a delusional ex companion lion into a story An amazing book, Sharon Johnson gives us a book with magic, mystery, intrigue, romance and hot sex Beyond A Reasonable Doubt has everything you can ask for in a book I loved it I received this book in exchange for an honest review

    14. A few errors but still a great story.On a whole I really liked the story The book itself was somewhat sloppily written Quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes However, it wasn t bad enough to make me stop reading.I found the storyline and characters different and refreshing I thoroughly enjoyed that it was about lions instead of wolves It could use some fine tuning but I definitely plan on reading the next book in the series.

    15. I genuinely liked the story and characters, but the he walks he thinks he eats present tense was awful I very nearly put the book away after the first few sentences I also didn t realize this was a TBC cliffhanger I don t care to have to go track down extra books just to get to a good stopping point Add in some grammar issues like arraignment when they wanted arrangement and I can t bring myself to continue the series.

    16. I loved this so much It was amazing and the characters were so much fun I found myself not liking certain characters because they were evil lol but they added so much character to the story and so many amazing things happened I loved this and I cannot wait to read the next one and I m glad I got to review it

    17. In a experienced writer s hands, this plot might have worked However, as it stands, this book is a mess of dull, one dimensional characters, headache inducing plot, and high school level SpaG errors.

    18. Stopping at 14%just until the next book is released Also I m getting a headache from the grammatical errors sprinkled all through the first half of this installment I want to continue, but I think I ll t pass just wait a bit The story itself is very intriguing.

    19. Okay.This book was quite good but nothing astounding There was some weird grammatical thing going on in a few places and a fair few mistakes a decent proof reader would have picked up but I think I liked it just enough to be interested in what comes next

    20. Good read.I really liked the plot and characters in the book The editing was poor and that is the main reason I gave it three stars I often had to read a sentence twice But I really liked the book and wish it could have ended with a HEA instead of a cliffhanger with a TBC.

    21. I liked this book, it just didn t grap me I liked the setting and the characters and the idea s the author had however the writing style was not to my taste.

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