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  • Title: Monster
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alex has had one mission since she was sixteen destroy the man who destroyed her life And all was going to plan until one night, a huge mammoth of a man breaks into her apartment and kidnaps her, holding her hostage for the very man she was bent on bringing down Breaker has one rule he doesn t deal in women But when he s conned into a job for the city s most ruthlessAlex has had one mission since she was sixteen destroy the man who destroyed her life And all was going to plan until one night, a huge mammoth of a man breaks into her apartment and kidnaps her, holding her hostage for the very man she was bent on bringing down Breaker has one rule he doesn t deal in women But when he s conned into a job for the city s most ruthless crime lord, he finds himself in charge of a fiery tempered hacker who he can t seem to keep his hands off of When passions ignite and feelings emerge, will Breaker be able to reconcile his loyalties before it is too late or will their shaky foundation of trust start crumbling beneath their feet
    Monster Alex has had one mission since she was sixteen destroy the man who destroyed her life And all was going to plan until one night a huge mammoth of a man breaks into her apartment and kidnaps her hold

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    1. 3 3.5 Stars I m not a fuckin monster Though I am pretty sure you could find at least three dozen people who would disagree with me on that.Alex I didn t get the chance to see the sun Because I lived in the fucking gutters.Breaker I break people People who need to be taught a lesson People who need to be bent to someone s will People who pissed off the wrong men I break them.A hacker Intelligent, feisty and independent, she has only had one goal exacting vengeance against a ruthless and powerful [...]

    2. Dangerous and SexyThis is the first book that I ve read by this author, but it definitely won t be the last Monster was a suspenseful, gritty, sexy read With a unique characters and an original storyline, this book stands out from others.From the time her mother killed herself when Alex was sixteen, she has devoted her life to destroying the man that was responsible, the crime lord Lex As a hacker, Alex uses her skills to discover his darkest secrets, gathering the evidence she ll use to eventua [...]

    3. 3 Stars Alex is a hacker and she has been on a mission since she was sixteen She wants to destroy the man who is responsible for her mother suicide, Lex Keith Lex is a ruthless crime lord, but Alex is not afraid of him or afraid to die for this cause Until she s kidnapped Breaker has an unusual job to say the least he breaks people He has only one rule he doesn t hurt women in any way, but he has to do it when he is practically forced by circumstances to kidnap Alex What Breaker didn t expect is [...]

    4. 5 MILLION stars It will be hard to review wo going total FanGirl like an 8th grade girl at a Bieber concert Holy Fuck Jessica G What are you doing to me 1st you blessed me w Reign, now Breaker BreakerWOWtally love him He is a tatted, foul mouthed, bad ass that gets paid to break people He has rules though, one very big rule NO girls When Breaker is left no choice but to work for one of the worst bad guys around insert Lex he stumbles upon Alex, and he is left with some very hard decisions.The ch [...]

    5. TITLE Monster AUTHOR Jessica GadzialaGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE Decemeber 03rd, 2015MY RATING 5 STARSThis book was the bomb, it held me captive as soon as I opened up that very first page, I read it in one sitting, couldn t put it down if my life depended on it, I can not believe it s taken me so long to find this author, I LOVED this book, the feels, the anticipation, Breaker GAH GAH, This has been popping up on my newsfeed on facebook, think those cover hoes are trying to reel me i [...]

    6. Alex has been on a mission for revenge since she was sixteen years old and her mother killed herself After finding out Lex Keith is the man responsible for her mothers problem that eventually led to her suicide, she makes it her number one goal to bring him down But hacking into his systems puts her on his radar and which is not a place anyone wants to be if they like their life.Breaker is not a nice man and he s made his life as being a contract killer willing to go to the darkest places to get [...]

    7. This book was REALLY GOOOD So good that I devoured it in one day and I enjoyed every damn second of it It s been a while for a book to captivate my attention sooo badI was like what s going to happen Oh my God all over the placeAnd then I was like Maria SHUT UP andI liked the story,it was different,funny,I was anxious half the book about what was going to happen to them and Shooter Breaker was a Monster in the most amazing wayAnD Alex was great, funny, stubbern, strong, fearless The heroine this [...]

    8. Jessica Gadziala had me from the first page That s an intense read The characters are well drawn Alex and Breaker are unique and quite different from each other and I enjoyed reading about them, but especially when they were together Filled in with suspense and a hot love story I enjoyed this book so much Fans of steamy romance scenes will not be disappointed, particularly if you have a fascination with badass hunks.Breaker is hired by a mob boss to kidnap Alex and keep her until further notice [...]

    9. I totally grabbed this book for the cover Hello Can t you see him Holy hotness And I don t regret it because the book was good I liked both Alex and Breaker, and truly feel that Shooter was a strong supporting character I wouldn t mind reading his book He was hot and sarcastic A lethal combination for me But I digressBreaker is a I think paid enforcer would be the correct way to describe his livelihood His background is touched upon, not in depth, but he had an abusive childhood and suffered the [...]

    10. 3.5 starsI really enjoyed the story I was expecting something different than what I got I mean that in a good way I assumed this would be pretty typical Hero kidnaps girl, falls for her and helps her get out of her mess But the story had a lot depth and that mostly came from the heroine, Alex I found her state of mind to be fascinating and heartbreaking A benefit to her emotional issues is that Breaker Hero was the normal one and he really fell for her He hated seeing that she had given up Knew [...]

    11. ARC provided by the author for an honest review Wow just luv Alex and Breaker Breaker is a total bad ass people hire him to take care of people when there bein a lil difficult u could say but he as rules an they have never been broken until Lex Keith the most notorious criminal around he is a total scrumbag the things he does to women is just horrible an when he asks Breaker to do a job for him Breaker as no choice cause bein the dirtbag Lex his he as took the closes person to Breaker Shoot an h [...]

    12. Really liked this one Totally safe from OW, and we really didn t have to hear about his manwhore past, which is always a good thing in my book Both characters were likable, the H sometimes spoke a lot like a KA hero, which was fine by me Overall the pacing of the story was good, it flowed well, and kept me interested I m hoping we will get books for Shooter and Pain Worth the read in my opinion

    13. This was me when I started this book, just looking at the coverI m not going to blather on about the plot etc, I ll just list what I loved about this book That cover my lady parts are totally humming over that man How Alex wasn t a whiny arse heroine who chased after Breaker like a little bitch or took any of his or anyone else s shit How excited I got when I thought I figured that thing out, that wasn t actually the thing ya know That this wasn t just sexy but funny too, with some sugar sprinkl [...]

    14. This was my first book from Jessica Gadziala and I loved it She created another yummy, alpha, badass, dirty talking man for my book boyfriend list I won t tell too much about the story because I don t want to spoil too much Breaker is forced to break one of his rules to save his best friend, his brother Shooter He has to kidnap Alex, hold onto her until it s time to bring her to one of the worst people he knows, not knowing what Lex needs Alex for but knowing her fate will be horrible Alex has b [...]

    15. This is an author that could easily gain mass 4 5 star ratings from reviewers ifshe would invest in an editor This book is like exes and oh s The shit you hate and the shit you want The Oh sThe MCs are both likable, relatable, respectable, reasonably intelligent, sexy, a tad or funny, and don t fall too hard on any of the boring romance troupes The overall plot is good, giving bits along the way as to the bad guy motives and keeping a couple of little twists and not so fast moments back from the [...]

    16. BREAKERJessica s stories just keep getting better and better, and I loved this one The story starts out exciting and never stops Breaker is a bad man who gets paid to, well, break people People who have done very bad things, or even people who just owe someone a shitload of money they can t pay Breaking knees, breaking jaws, breaking lives, whatever pays the big bucks Breaker has rules though, he never messes with a victim s children, and women are strictly off limits He won t touch them Until h [...]

    17. 4.5 stars I really enjoyed Alex and Breaker s story This was my first for this author and I was certainly captivated by the world and characters she has created What most interested me was Alex Insight into her mind was unique and complex She has a way of thinking that has not been represented in anything I ve read before Breaker is a great MC A man in a questionable profession being forced to cross a line to save his best friend Breaker and Alex together have great chemistry and let me tell you [...]

    18. Breakeroh Breaker Complete hard ass with a heart of gold Cold, methodical and determined, he lives on the edge He s a criminal but with standards No women, no children.ever I love the way this author writes her heroes They are supposed to be anti heroes but they re not They re a frigging hot mess mix of bad boy angels I fucking love them Her heroines are anti Mary Sue sh, strong and smart I loved Alex I loved how her walls were built to be impenetrable but they weren t strong enough to hold agai [...]

    19. 4.5 stars I could wash the filth of my twenty six years away.I could be clean.But that wasn t an option for me.Some people needed to wade in the muck so that others could live untouched by it.My life was to sacrifice to a greater good This was my first read by Jessica Gadziala, and it CERTAINLY won t be the last I absolutely LOVED the heroine, Alex She was strong, sassy and such a bad ass And Breakerg yumI LOVED this book and I truly cannot wait to read books by this author Great way to start o [...]

    20. This is the first book I have ever read from this author and I plan to continue I totally enjoyed it.Breaker is hired muscle hit man with an exception when it comes to his work No kids, no women Alex is a lost, 26 year old hacker, out for vengeance on a man named Lex Luther Keith Breaker s best friend brother only person he cares about is taken by Lex because Lex knows Breaker will not work with him and in order to make his point he s holding his brother hostage until he completes this job for h [...]

    21. 4.5 Stars Possible Spoilers BOOK Can be read as a standalone Full length Kindle loc 4200 HERO Bryan Breaker, 30s Contract muscle killer He s calm and cool, a bit crude and bossy, rough and tough but has a sweet and soft side hidden beneath the surface Would never hurt a woman Hot, tall, ripped with scars, a full beard, blond hair and ice blue eyes HEROINE Alex Miller, 26 Hacker Has made it her life s mission for the last decade to bring down the sick twisted man responsible for her mother s deat [...]

    22. 3.5 starsWell, hmm, it was good, but I expected better.The heroine irritated me a bit she was strong, but made some not very clever decisions.But overall I m not ashamed to share a name with her.I wasn t a fan of a hero at the beginning and nothing changed at the end I cringed every time he call women b tches the b tches I f cked, the b tches I gonna f ck, all b tches etc etc etc.I wanted to slap him And I wonder how it would sound when I crack his balls Nutcracker, b tches

    23. I d like to start my review with a question Have you ever been sucker punched in the gut Because that s what falling in love with Breaker is like Bryan Breaker Freaking fabulous He was tough, mean and scary as crap.But everything changed when he met Alex Miller.He didn t become soft to those around him but he did become soft for her Because that was what she needed In some aspects not all obviously She needed someone to take care of her and make her feel special.Don t be mistaken He is a bad son [...]

    24. 5 Fantastic stars Are we seriously arguing about fuckin Chinese food It s your presumptuousness that s the issue Fine, doll What do you want to eat I ll eat anything You fuckin serious I asked through it You bitch at me about not asking you what you want when you don t give a fuck what I order Like I said it was the principle of the thing Jesus Christ.Wow I loved these two He was hot as hell, such a dirty mouth, and had themonster equipment to back that crap up The man was pure danger in many w [...]

    25. 5 Amazing Stars First of all, this author is amazing and her books are incredible Here we have the Hero Breaker is hired blackmailed to kidnap a person Then we have Alex heroine who is a hacker that kind of got herself in a situation And that is where are story begins I love the book and it s packed with actions and lots of chemistry Breaker and Alex are an awesome couple but they can t beat Reign and Summer Also, I would love to see Shooter and Paine get their own book.

    26. Jessica Gadzialawhere have you been all my life To just say that Breaker got my attention just from the cover and first page it s not enough I ve been searching for my next 5 stars read in the wrong genre I was reading paranormal everyday thinking I would find the next heart throb werewolf to make me hisd found it herewith Jessica Jacked Ripped All built Drool worthy God damn That s Bryan Breaker to you Mr Macho man, dirty talking, hard fucking, panty dropping, people breaker, sexy man He s just [...]

    27. Her life can be described as reclusive, but her one mission in life is to bring down the man behind her mother s death Alex is brilliant, young and determined, a master hacker slowly finding ways to take stabs at the powerful and wealthy mob boss, Lex Breaker is mob muscle, a contracted killer, the go to man when something delicate needs to be handled discretely and efficiently and now Lex has him caught between a rock and a hard place when he is paid to grab one Alex Miller Breaker doesn t harm [...]

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