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Capitán América: El elegido By David Morrell,

  • Title: Capitán América: El elegido
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9788447125432
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Collects Captain America The Chosen 1 6 Who will be chosen to follow in Cap s footsteps Captain America lies dying And in perhaps his greatest mission, he uses his last moments to search for the nobility, sacrifice and heroism of the next generation s Captain America.
    Capit n Am rica El elegido Collects Captain America The Chosen Who will be chosen to follow in Cap s footsteps Captain America lies dying And in perhaps his greatest mission he uses his last moments to search for the nobil

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    1. Spoilers ahead Before I get to the Captain America gushing, I need to get this out of the way I don t like the setting for this No, I m okay with the war environment, but I didn t like that it specifically had to be Afghanistan and Al Qaeda related with the 9 11 references That felt, in my opinion, felt like a cheap sympathy grab on Marvel s part, making it feel like an US versus THEM problem, which can distract from what I felt was the true message of this story.This story is mostly told from [...]

    2. The perfect read for the Memorial Day weekend Cap acts as a Obi Wan Jiminy Cricket for a leatherneck who literally gets stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    3. Deber an llamarlo capit n aburrido, porque esto fue un sopor casi insoportable M s all del elemento panfletario nefasto y lleno de lugares comunes , la historia no tiene ni un solo momento de verdadero inter s Debieron seguir la consigna de las otras series con el t tulo de The end En cambio, este seudo producto post 11 S es m s bochornoso El capi funciona como un angel de la guardia para un soldado en Afganistan Su nica funci n real es dar di logos motivacionales llenos de frases y palabras com [...]

    4. Me parecio interesante el recurso del experimiento para proyectar la conciencia del Capit n America para inspirar a la gente como una ltima misi n antes de su muerte El estilo es muy cinematogr fico, est bien escrito y el dibujo es excelente Le muchas cr ticas sobre lo propagand stico de este tomo pero no s que esperan leyendo un comic que se llama Capit n Am rica , a lo mejor la pasar an mejor leyendo otra cosa.

    5. Other than the movies, I ve never been much of a fan of Captain America He was always in the periphery of the books I read, part of the teams I was following but I never really read anything that centered around him.Who better to write a story about Captain America other than the man who invented Rambo What a perfect pairing.

    6. Oh, Captain America He s such a good lookin kid the artwork in this volume is top notch but the poor guy has recently become victim to revisionist history than Chuck Norris.Here we have a stand alone non canonical limited series that places Captain America in Afghanistan in the midst of the American invasion Well, actually, no Cap is wasting away in an undisclosed bunker, and his consciousness is in Afghanistan, assisting in a psychological warfare against the Taliban, and b lifting the morale [...]

    7. Captain America The Chosen Mini Comic File Corporal James Newman serves with the U.S Marines in Afghanistan fighting the war on terror It is a difficult and emotionally scaring journey, and very realistic When facing adversity, Newman has a unseen partner in Captain America Cap attempts to inspire Newman to new levels of courage and sacrifice Can Newman and Cap survive this tour of duty This story is written by David Morrell, you know of Rambo fame Though I personally prefer the Brotherhood of t [...]

    8. Other than Brubaker s current run on Captain America, I have found most of the stories centered on the first Avenger to be either too derivative a rehash of his WWII origins or simply corny histrionic jingoism And I would have thought much the same from the writer of First Blood, the novel upon which the Stallone movie was based But luckily I was quite wrong Morrell had created a brilliant premise in this modern day Captain America narrative that alternates between a bedridden and ailing Cap and [...]

    9. Read the four stars above as 4.5 stars and you will see that I really liked this book, despite the strange premise of the story series.This is one of Marvel s The End series of comics that were supposed to be stand alones that explored the death of some of their major characters The Captain America story, diverged from the normal MO for these stories in that it wasn t written by a comic book writer, it was written by a novelist, David Morrell Morrell was the writer who wrote First Blood , the bo [...]

    10. Voy a empezar diciendo que lo no me gusto del libro fue espec ficamente el escenario donde transcurre la historia O sea tiene sentido que se desarrolle en un frente de guerra, pero me parece que no tenia porque ser Afganist n ni relacionarse con el 11 de Septiembre Me parece que es algo as como un manotazo de ahogado por parte de Marvel para acompa ar a las familias afectadas por el terrorismo y la guerra Todo esto junto, en mi humilde opini n, no solo no aporta nada a la historia sino que a su [...]

    11. While on the battlefield fighting Al Qaeda, Corporal Newman sees Captain America joining him Those around him though he was hallucinating, he wasn t Cap s body is dying, but he s signed up for one experiment, one chance to serve His country and to make a difference.The book is an emotional powerful work by David Morrell, author of the book First Blood on which the Rambo series was base The book is less about being a Captain America story and about the inspiration the ideal of Captain America [...]

    12. A good but not great Captain America story from the guy that created Rambo.It s about a soldier in Afghanistan on the verge of nervous exhaustion who is visited by the spirit of Cap, who helps him find courage within himself when he s ready to give up The idea being we all have the spirit of Captain America within us and can all be heroes.Morrell writes Cap as a soldier who has always fought the good fight without question and sacrificed everything until the end That s fine but it lacks a certai [...]

    13. This was an interesting view at a possible fate of Steve Rogers aka Captain America Set against the modern war in Afghanistan, Morrell who by the way is the creator of Rambo gives us a view of how one man s bravery and refusal to give up can make a true difference to others The story asks the question of how America, if not the world, would be different should we change our thought process of looking out for number one to why can t we work together Inspirational but still giving the reader the t [...]

    14. Multi stranded story, where Captain America lies dying Meanwhile a Corporal in the US Army is in Afghanistan, missing his wife and the 5 month old son he s never seen During a patrol, when the unit are under fire Corporal Newman rescues the rest of his unit, believing that Captain America is beside him, supporting him He only finds out later, during another rescue which forms the main part of the book , that Captain America is telepathically talking to him, as Newman has been selected to become [...]

    15. This is a great graphic novel, about a dying Captain America, who undergoes one Govt, experiment to project his image and voice to a chosen soldier, to make him ready to become the next generation Captain America, even though he hasn t Caps strength, he has honour and courage, and that is just as good, that s the novels main message Its written by David Morrell, who is most famous for being the writer of the novel that Stallone s film, first blood was based on Its set in Afghanistan, the art is [...]

    16. My first Captain America book and I rather hated it It was filled with lots of rah rah yea America propaganda Apparently this is a completely stand alone story that s not part of the official canon, which is good cause it stinks Captain America is on his death bed but has somehow developed psychic powers which he uses to wage psychological warfare against the terrorist in Afghanistan and boost the egos of soldiers The moral is that there is a bit of Captain America in all of us Well if this is w [...]

    17. I don t know I had a harder time connecting with this graphic novel, but maybe that s because the main character wasn t really Captain America Maybe because it felt like a moral tale ish Maybe I don t know enough about Captain America yet It is kind of funny though I picked up this one because the other two were called The Death of Captain America and I was like, I don t want to read about him dying And then I read this So maybe I was set up for disappointment no matter what I don t know shrugs

    18. Who Is Captain America Is he ever afraid This book answers those and some other questions.It s written by Rambo s creator and narrated by James Newman, a U.S Marine.I didn t love this book It has a good idea And some strong points but it s not something we ve never seen It is still interesting to see Captain America dying and searching for legacy, and the way he does it is really something different than what most heroes would do even if his methods are kinda non sensical.All in all this book is [...]

    19. Top notch artwork, compelling story, and great characters I only wish Cap s new power had been scientifically explained a little better You are forced to accept that he has this mental power for the story to work, so I wish there had been a few pages devoted to making me believe it, rather than just writing it off as a side effect of the deteriorating Super Soldier serum And since I m getting into spoiler territory, I ll go the whole way and say Cap s death in the end was unforgettable My jaw li [...]

    20. A fresh, original take on Captain America, even while it tells of his last days of life This book shows is that the ideals that make a hero great or in all of us David Morel, author of iconic characters like Rambo, is a good and interesting choice to write the story I don t want to give too much away about the book so I ll just tell you to read it without expecting continuity It s a truly original idea, something that is in comics today.

    21. Puaj Con este c mic panfleto me pas pr cticatamente lo mismo que cuando le El nuevo pacto me dio l stima que un dibujo tan bueno, aplicado a un personaje tan interesante como el Capi, estuviera en funci n de un guion tan funesto.Ser cuesti n de buscar otras cosas de Brutweiser y de esquivar a Morrell, salvo que en alg n momento de nostalgia masoquista se me d por leer la novela de Rambo en una de estas vidas.

    22. Okay I love Captain America, and this collection didn t disappoint It did provide me the crystallization of why I love Cap his code of honour and civility Really well told and a testament to the courage displayed everyday by those who choose to live serving others.Well drawn and well told what could you ask for

    23. A new and modern day take on one of Marvel s most popular heroes Captain America helps to inspire confidence in an American soldier in Afghanistan, encouraging and leading, while laying thousands of miles away dying This story was written by David Morrell, the author of First Blood which the Rambo movies are based on , Brotherhood of the Rose and Creepers.

    24. BEAUTIFULLY drawn, expertly written this is easily in my favorites and definitely worth purchasing I actually started tearing up a bit through it cut me some slack, I m a girl But seriously, if you want to read courage, here you go.

    25. This was a bit too far fetched for my taste I think Cap s abilities should stick to the physical, not in telepathy etc Also, the ending was a bit too sappy Cap s spirit lives in everyone Okay I understand that but that shouldn t be the resolution to this volume.

    26. comienza mucho mejor de lo que termina Morrel es un gran escritor de temas militares y el arte es muy bueno pero el resultado final no termino de cerrarme , lo que no quita que a otras personas les guste a mi no me llego la historia.

    27. Te acuerdas de Rambo Volvi En forma de Capit n Am rica 31 tomo del la Colecci n Definitiva de Novelas gr ficas Marvel, 48 en el lomo que forma el dibujazo de Dell Otto y tomo nico del pol mico Cap de Morrell, prolijamente ilustrado por Breitweiser.

    28. Interesting book to finish on Memorial Day, as it s a death of Captain America story it takes the old everyone is a hero cliche and adds some nice twists to it but in the end, it s a not a story with a lot of surprises Cap is a hero, so is the main non superhero character, etc etc.

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