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Spontaneous By Aaron Starmer,

  • Title: Spontaneous
  • Author: Aaron Starmer
  • ISBN: 9780525429746
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Katelyn Ogden was a lot of things, but she wasn t particularly explosive, in any sense of the word Mara Carlyle s senior year at Covington High in suburban New Jersey is going on as normally as could be expected, until the day wa bam fellow senior Katelyn Ogden explodes during third period pre calc Katelyn is the first, but she won t be the last senior to spontaneousl Katelyn Ogden was a lot of things, but she wasn t particularly explosive, in any sense of the word Mara Carlyle s senior year at Covington High in suburban New Jersey is going on as normally as could be expected, until the day wa bam fellow senior Katelyn Ogden explodes during third period pre calc Katelyn is the first, but she won t be the last senior to spontaneously combust without warning or explanation The body count grows and the search is on for a reason Terrorism Drugs Homosexuality Government conspiracy while the seniors continue to pop like balloons.Mara narrates the end of their world as she knows it with tell it like it is insight as she tries to make it to graduation in one piece through an explosive year punctuated by romance, quarantine, lifelong friendship, hallucinogenic mushrooms, bloggers, ice cream trucks, Snooze Button , Bon Jovi, and the filthiest language you ve ever heard the President of the United States use over Skype.
    Spontaneous Katelyn Ogden was a lot of things but she wasn t particularly explosive in any sense of the word Mara Carlyle s senior year at Covington High in suburban New Jersey is going on as normally as could

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    1. To describe how you feel after a girl explodes in your pre calc class is a tad tricky.when i read the first 30 odd pages of this book as a netgalley preview, i was AMPED it had so many things i loved spontaneous combustion, leonard cohen, bleak house, plenty of cussing and mara a sarcastic narrator whose response to her schoolmates suddenly blowing up into little bloody pieces is not to be scared or sad, but to make completely inappropriate jokes, or deadpan the situation Here s what happens whe [...]

    2. I don t know what happened I was having a blast with this book Alright, maybe not a blast per se, but it was enjoyable it was fun, even funny from time to time, its humour comparable to the one in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and it just felt original.Until it wasn t any I did get to page 110, so the good doesn t just vanish in a turn of page, but something did happen I don t know if it was me who suddenly didn t find Mara as honest and enticing any, or if it was the book s fault.It was the bo [...]

    3. Ready for one of the most unique concepts I ve seen done in YA in years Two wordsspontaneous combustion Do I have your attention You heard that right a book about people just randomly going KA BOOMexploding Pretty cool if you ask me To make this situation even better, I am here to tell you that I was entertained through and through There is this great level of dark humor almost on par with something like the movie Heathers.Spontaneous follows Mara Carlyle, a senior at a New Jersey high school Ev [...]

    4. I have never seen a book about spontaneous combustion, so I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis.I loved Mara She s snarky and maybe a little rude and a lot hilarious I absolutely loved the relationship she had with her parents the honesty between the 3 of them was perfect Dylan was sweet and a little weird, but it really worked.I could have loved this book, I could have been obsessed with it However, there were some things that didn t get explained and some plot lines that didn t make any [...]

    5. I got this as an ARC at BEA 16 and was very excited about it after sitting in on a YA panel Before I begin, I want to say that this bookwasoriginal and itwasaddicting That s where the good things end for me Let me explain 1 starIt was definitely original The author picked a unique premise and a unique situation There were some points where it felt dystopian and some points where it felt like an FBI story, but mainly was rooted in realistic fiction Which was interesting for this scenario 2 starsI [...]

    6. Here s what happens when a guy blows up during your group therapy session that s supposed to make you feel better about people blowing up The group therapy session is officially cancelled You do not feel better.Spontaneous is, frankly, the weirdest, funniest, exquisitely written books I ve read so far this year It s sad, but it wasn t even on my radar when it first popped up in Australia last year, and if it hadn t been for Figgy sending me a copy of this delightful book as a surprise, I would v [...]

    7. I gave this book 4 stars because the F Bomb was used alot and that took away from the reading experience for me I don t mind some language but not when it is used alot.When the first senior blows up there is a funeral and counceling for for the rest of the students in the class But when and students combusts fear sets in to the school, then the town and then the country The school is closed and the army is sent in to make sure all the students stay in the area.The only people who stick arround [...]

    8. Why must I always trade the books I love for books that I dislike This book was Very strange I thought it would be amazing five months ago when I read the sampler, but it turned out to be another book in which a male author depicts a terrible version of what a girl thinks and acts like It also seemed like the author was relying too heavily upon the concept of spontaneous combustion instead of actually focusing on developing realistic and compelling characters and making sure the plot actually m [...]

    9. This was the most voice driven book I ve ever read Mara was such a distinct character, I was almost overwhelmed I still don t know why the kids were spontaneously combusting, and that was the only reason why I was pushing through the over the top narration It was sex positive, though, so that was cool.

    10. Here s what happens when a guy blows up during your group therapy session that s supposed to make you feel better about people blowing up The group therapy session is officially cancelled You do not feel better.Okay, right off the bat, before we get into all the awesome things about this story, let me make one thing perfectly clear.Some people are bound to not like this main character She s opinionated, and lazy, and morbid She does drugs, falls in love too quickly, makes snap judgements, and ma [...]

    11. This is the review of an ARC of Spontaneous.Mara was in pre calc class with the rest of her fellow seniors at Covington High when Katelyn Ogden blew up The fact that she was Turkish didn t help And even though they didn t find a bomb or any explosives or anything she had just spontaneously combusted , people pointed fingers The senior class was scarred for life, and so began a time full of soft nothings and therapy sessions that is when an Asian American student blew up during one of those very [...]

    12. Spontaneous is a perfect storm of a wild, outrageous, horrifically compelling concept a plague of spontaneous human combustion starts moving through the senior class of a New Jersey high school and an insanely compelling narrator who grabs you by the heart throat balls as you see fit from page one and never lets go This is the book I wish Grasshopper Jungle had been, but wasn t it s the feminist rebuttal to that book, a tribute to female friendship It s also completely unlike anything else I ve [...]

    13. this book deserves a 4 4.5 because i m not overly sure on the ending if i m being honest But still this book was hilarious and a fantastic quick read

    14. Thanks to First Reads for providing a complimentary e copy of SPONTANEOUS in exchange for my honest review.Classmates spontaneously combusting around high school senior Mara resulting in local and national fear Soon the entire class is isolated while scientists and FBI agents try to determine the cause Virus Terrorism Aliens Full disclosure, I would have never chosen SPONTANEOUS, if not for being given a free copy after reviewing another book from First Reads I felt obligated to read this novel, [...]

    15. I am a huge fan of the movie Heathers which makes me the perfect reader for this book It s funny, in that dark, morbid way that Heathers is It s smart and subversive, snarky and serious It is, in short, a highly enjoyable read for anyone whose humour skews toward the darker side Kids spontaneously exploding is hilarious, no matter what you say HOWEVER There s a lot of talk about the origins of the curse and the true motives of Rosetti and neither one of these major plot threads gets resolved by [...]

    16. DNFing on page 64 I just don t get this book Something is off with the voice for me It tries too hard to be funny and it s not funny It flows well, but I keep finding myself zoning out and losing interest, and if that s happening this early onoy.I read some spoilers because I was trying to decide whether I wanted to set this one aside or not, and based on what I ve read I think it s a good decision for me to let this one go.

    17. Rese a completa anitavelabooksEspont nea es una historia actual con un toque diferente que entretiene mucho y se lee muy bien por sus cap tulos cortos Eso s , es una historia para leer sin buscarle la l gica a todo lo que sucede y disfrutar de la locura Os la recomiendo mucho para salir de alg n bloqueo lector, entre lecturas m s densas y para una tarde de domingo aburrido.En el blog os cuento m s anitavelabooks

    18. Starmer does a great job capturing the voice of his protagonist in this story The book is consistently snarky and snappy without it ever feeling like anyone is trying too hard Along with that come Mara s witty descriptions Through her, the author paints pictures that perfectly capture the other characters and events of the book, if not visually, then emotionally and psychologically.Along with the writing, the premise is an intriguing one a particular group of senior high school students is spont [...]

    19. This was such a great read The idea is really thought provoking and the narrator is hilarious I love this author s writing style I d give it a 8 1 2 10 only because I don t know how I feel about the ending but overall it was awesome

    20. If you like pretentious protagonists, a boring ass plot, characters who seem to not even give a shit that their classmates blow up right in front of them, and no explanation as to why students are spontaneously combusting yes, you heard me, you spend the whole book trying to figure out why, but you get no conclusion honey, in fact, you get a million conclusions as if it s a choose your own ending type ordeal , then this book is the book for you.I don t even know how I managed to get through this [...]

    21. Mara Carlyle s class is thrown into chaos when Katelyn Ogden explodes in the middle of third period calculus After Katelyn s untimely demise seniors start blowing up After suspecting terrorism, suicide, and other sundry conspiracies, the town of Covington soon realizes that the high school seniors are falling victim to spontaneous combustion.No one knows why it s happening No one knows who might be next.All Mara and her best friend Tess want to do is make it to graduation in one piece But that [...]

    22. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read a sneak preview of this book.I had never heard of this book or this author before seeing it on NetGalley, but as soon as I read that it was about people spontaneously combusting, I knew I had to read it So, the portion of this book I was sent to read was hilarious The main character is a teenage girl, and all around her people are blowing up For seemingly no reason We don t get to find out anything about WHY this is happening i [...]

    23. Review also appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7I received a copy via the publisher in exchange for an honest review Any moments and or quotes in this review are from an uncorrected proof.Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer is a really, really odd book probably the oddest book I ve read all year But with its oddity came bursts of comedy and surprisingly real commentary on the adolescent experience of having those in your grade spontaneously combust around you the pun may or may not have been intended W [...]

    24. Es interesante c mo se retrata en la historia todo el concepto de Carpe Diem, puesto que en cualquier momento podr as convertirte en un amasijo de sangre y tripas en tu asiento y en las paredes, y sumado a lo que ya tiene que vivir un adolescente en su d a a d a, puede convertirse en una combinaci n explosiva badumtss.Rese a completa, el lunes 21 08 en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

    25. So, I picked up two copies of Spontaneous at BEA 2016, because it was one of my most anticipated books of 2016 I mean, spontaneously combusting teenagers, how can you not be just a little bit intrigued by that premise And I ve got to say, this was one hell of a ride It s wasn t wild necessarily, but it was claw your eyes out boring either I don t think I ve ever read a book like Spontaneous, because I don t think there s a book out there with a message like Spontaneous.So, the first thing you ne [...]

    26. I got sucked in by the John Green quote whom I love , but this book didn t do it for me.Original, yes I can t say I ve ever read anything like SPONTANEOUS The writing is good and very conversational My only issue with the writing is that despite being told from a girl s POV, it felt like a guy was writing it if that makes sense I ve read plenty of male authors writing this way, John Green s FIOS for example, that believably pulled off a female POV, but this didn t for me It s such a weird idea, [...]

    27. I read this one on the train ride home from BEA 2016 and, dudes, it is incredible Now, this isn t going to appeal to everyone Mara s snark is legendary in level and there are NO easy answers or explanations This goes dark, it has one of the best descriptions of sex in it I have ever read, and it has teenagers acting with with desperate behavior in an extreme situation I highly recommend this for readers who love AS King Now, to go add all of this guy s books to my TBR list I love the cover too n [...]

    28. actual rating 4.25 5 this book was freaking hilarious and often had me snorting with laughter the writing style is quite similar to that of me and earl and the dying girl, just if you replaced a girl at your school with cancer with multiple girls at your school exploding randomly in your maths class or your daily yoga lessons etc yes, it does have a ridiculous plot that seems real stupid at first, but it s worth reading, I promise you really can t go wrong with a smart arse teenage narrator anyw [...]

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