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Our Souls at Night By Kent Haruf,

  • Title: Our Souls at Night
  • Author: Kent Haruf
  • ISBN: 9781101911921
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future.In the familiar setting of Holt, Colorado, home to all of Kent Haruf s fiction, Addie Moore pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters Her husband died years ago, as did hA spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future.In the familiar setting of Holt, Colorado, home to all of Kent Haruf s fiction, Addie Moore pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters Her husband died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town they naturally have long been aware of each other, if not exactly friends in fact, Addie was quite fond of Louis s wife His daughter, Holly, lives hours away in Colorado Springs her son, Gene, even farther away in Grand Junction What Addie has come to ask since she and Louis have been living alone for so long in houses now empty of family, and the nights are so terribly lonely is whether he might be willing to spend them with her, in her bed, so they can have someone to talk with.Louis is surprised, even shocked, that she would ve thought of him, though he soon is brave enough to try, impressed by the courage of her proposal And so their lives now find a new rhythm and their conversations range freely, if sometimes haltingly, through their personal histories his work as a high school English teacher the loss of her teenage daughter, and the harm this did to her marriage as well as their son his brief affair, as a young husband and father, which Addie had heard about their youthful aspirations and middle age disappointments and compromises the joy both feel in at last being able to express the woof and weave of their experiences This unusual arrangement, as Addie predicted, provokes local comment, and then the disapproval of their children, and their nightly pattern is further disrupted when her son, whose wife has departed for California, asks Addie to take in his six year old son, Jamie, for the summer while he tries to solve his various troubles.Jamie is confused and hurt, of course, but gradually finds comfort in the company of his grandmother and her friend Louis, neither of whom has spent much time with kids in years but in turn learn how to all over again Teaching the boy to play catch Adopting a dog from the local shelter A camping trip in the mountains, a trip to the county fair, simple pleasures that are a hallmark of Haruf s fiction As are the things that jeopardize them, from the death of a mutual friend to family tensions that suddenly test Addie and Louis s ability to withstand them And the subtle denouement then sweeps both of these amazing people forward heartbreakingly, hearteningly into the unknown.
    Our Souls at Night A spare yet eloquent bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who in advanced age come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future In the

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    1. Kent Haruf wrote Our Souls at Night under a death sentence Despite knowing his life was coming to a sooner end than it should, or perhaps because of this, he created a story about finding love in the final chapter Our Souls at Night is simply, profoundly, an exquisite homage to love And it broke my heart Because, the story Because, there will be no I read Our Souls at Night in one sitting and wept in the final pages Even now, thinking of endings, of the ending of this book, the ending of an aut [...]

    2. And then there was the day when Addie Moore made a call on Louis Waters.Louis and Addie are both getting on, in their 70s, Louis having lost his wife a year back, Addie a widow for some time Both are lonely and could do with some company While they have known each other for a long time, they have never been close Acquaintances than friends Until Addie suggests that it would be a great help, given her trouble sleeping, if Louis would consent to sleep with her, not hide the salami sleep together, [...]

    3. Readers took their time finding Kent Haruf, but he was a patient man who didn t care much for the trappings of fame anyhow His popularity swelled quickly, though, when he published his third novel, Plainsong, in 1999 at the age of 56 The book was a bestseller for months and a finalist for the National Book Award, which meant he had to dress up for the ceremony in New York and wear a medal on a ribbon around his neck and feel genuinely uncomfortable Afterward, he told the New York Times, We re nu [...]

    4. There are a few contemporary writers who will make a lasting mark and Kent Haruf is most certainly one of them His quiet stories in their simplicity are meaningful , thoughtful stories reflecting the complexity of the human condition In his final novel , published posthumously, Haruf has given us another gift I fell in love with this book from page one , the first sentence and then the perfect description of Cedar Street in Holt , Colorado the place where all his books take place I fell in love [...]

    5. UPDATED Sep 9, 2016 This is going to be an original Netflix film starring Jane Fonda as Addie and Robert Redford as Louis Also in the cast will be Bruce Dern Dorlan , Judy Greer Holly , Matthias Schoenaerts Gene and Iain Armitage, from Big Little Lies, as Addie s grandson Jamie It s produced by one of the producers of the recent film Brooklyn, and directed by Ritesh Batra, who proved he knows how to handle a delicate love story in the film The Lunchbox You d have to be stone hearted not to respo [...]

    6. Growing up, the earliest years of my childhood, my paternal grandparents lived close by, my father was a pilot and was frequently gone for days, and I spent many days in my grandparent s tiny caretaker apartment I would follow my grandfather around while he polished the pews of the church, spruced up the grounds, sat by his side and helped him write his poetry, or just sit a spell and ponder with him With my grandmother I d help piece her quilts together, or help her in their tiny kitchen making [...]

    7. This is an absolutely beautiful story of two people who give comfort to each late in life I laughed and I cried I just loved this novel It is so well written and so lovely Louis and Addy are living in Holt, Colorado They ve known each other for many many years One day 70 year old Addy approaches Louis and asks him if he will come stay with her at night to sleep with her This is not a sexual thing Addy is having trouble sleeping Louis ends up going along with this I loved the stories that they to [...]

    8. A tender and touching story.r that phase in life we might face ourselves one day This book could be a little preparation Simple Brilliance

    9. THERE IS A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUTHaruf scomparso ormai da circa tre anni e mezzo, eppure io lettore sono stato invitato di nuovo alla sua tavola di scrittore.L antipasto stato raffinato e saporito l incipit conquista e trascina, ghiotto.Ma poco dopo ho capito che la cura della tavola e delle sue decorazioni superava la qualit delle pietanze, via via rovinate da incompletezza ed eccesso di zucchero quest ultimo inaspettato Haruf pi carino, e gentile, che profondo e penetrante.Cathy Haruf, la v [...]

    10. As you d expect from an author who knows he is dying this is a tremendously wise novel about the pursuit of everyday happiness and all the petty and ingrained obstructions such a pursuit can meet when it s unconventional Some of the things he did really well showed us how much responsibility we have as parents but also how many handicaps, because it s virtually impossible to escape from stifling generational patterns of behaviour showed us how similar a censorious view of unconventional relation [...]

    11. Well I guess we should have done this little gem of a book as a sister read as my thoughts are very similar to that of Brenda s I listened to the audio version of OUR SOULS AT NIGHT by KENT HARUF and the narrator was absolutely wonderful His voice was so gentle and soothing I don t think I can say any or anything better than Brenda let s just call it a sister read ENDA S REVIEW BELOW Our Souls at Night is a simple, graceful and tender story of elderly Louis and Addie who while seeking companions [...]

    12. I do love this physical world I love this physical life with you And the air and the country The backyard, the gravel in the back alley The grass The cool nights Lying in bed talking with you in the dark These simple yet sublime words expressed between two lonely souls managed to evoke such a feeling of peace in me Addie and Louis, both widowed for some time, wish only to spend the remainder of their lives in companionship and quiet pleasure What can we really ask for in this life that is somet [...]

    13. This novella by the author of Plainsong 1999 may be short, but it is large enough to contain two souls and enough of the small town of Holt, Colorado to bring it vividly to life.The story is a simple one One evening Addie Moore, a widow of seventy, makes a visit to widower Louis Walters a longtime neighbor, but not someone she knows well and makes him a kind of proposal I wonder if you would come and sleep in the night with me and talk It s not about sex, she adds she thinks she lost the impulse [...]

    14. Stop for a moment and take stock of the simple things in life Talking with someone who is truly listening Holding hands and not talking at all Warmth and companionship This quiet, unassuming story will make you consider the value of such things Gold.

    15. Haruf s writing is like a soft breeze on a warm summer day A simple yet superb story where 2 people Adie and Louis find each other in their twilight years and share their life s passions, regrets, sorrows and desires nightly Beautiful and bittersweet as it is Haruf s last novel, but what a message he delivers 5

    16. We re still talking For as long as we can For as long as it lasts To paraphrase, Marshall McLuhan, to what extent is the medium the message Before I read this, and for most of the time I was reading it, I thought it was about the visceral human need for communication and company And it is But as I approached the end, I realised it was at least as much about how the emotional impact and engagement of conversations are affected by the medium used.Situation not Plot Addie 70 and Louis similar are l [...]

    17. I did not want to say goodbye to one of America s greatest authors By reading this book, I knew I would have to do it So I postponed and postponed And postponed But today was the day and I closed this book weeping Kent Haruf wrote his final book a short one, taking his readers with him through the ending of time, and his last capture of friendship and companionship between two elderly people who tried for one last time to enjoy the love they never had and face the loneliness that claimed their n [...]

    18. Only a few people can say they attended their grand mother s wedding I am one of them My Grannie was a widow for 15 years, met Gramps at a church outing and they married about 2 months after Grannie s 70th birthday Grannie was a joy in our lives lots of stories, songs, and best of all for me, a wonderful correspondent She was my most faithful pen pal for years Gramps was about a year and half younger than Grannie and she would tease us about her marrying a younger man.Gramps was a gentleman and [...]

    19. Oh dear This book and I just aren t a good fit Books keep teaching me things about what I like and don t like This book taught me I just don t do quiet, simplistic, low key I guess I m just a drama queen, liking my stories over the top And I apparently don t like small town settings Give me city, give me nuts I like complicated over simplistic, no doubt because I make everything way too complicated I had a problem with the premise I had trouble believing anyone would invite a stranger to bed ins [...]

    20. With Our Souls at Night, Haruf proves that simple isn t the opposite of deep This straightforward story tells of two folks in their seventies who decide they re not going to succumb to loneliness because of social mandates Haruf s writing is the antithesis of flowery It s direct, but it s still moving I loved Addie from the first sentence of the novel And Louis, too They re folks who admit the mistakes they ve made I believe there are failures of character, like I said before That s a sin The co [...]

    21. After reading a review from a friend who found Our Souls At Night the perfect first audiobook for her I decided to listen to the audiobook myself It s not my first but it was a perfect one for me and an excellent choice to listen too.Our Souls at Night is a simple, graceful and tender story of elderly Louis and Addie who while seeking companionship share a touching relationship, quietly at night, sharing their stories of their past, happiness, missed opportunity, mistakes and grief I love their [...]

    22. This is another book I would probably not have heard about without GoodReads It was discussed last year by the 21st Century Literature group before it was readily available in the UK The glowing recommendations from friends in the group stayed with me, and I was a little apprehensive that it would not match my raised expectations Such concerns were needless.The novel is a perfectly judged, beautiful, poignant study of two widowed old people in a small town in the mid West, who are brought togeth [...]

    23. What a lovely little book Simply put, this book is about two people of advancing age who are lonely, and make the decision to develop a bond and provide each other with comfort to get through the nights alone Louis spends the night at Addie s home, and in doing so they grow to be close and dependent upon one another for emotional strength.Both are widowed, and live in the same small town of Holt, CO This is important because part of the book deals with nosy busybodies who can t mind their own be [...]

    24. My first review from the ICU, It even rhymes.Once again, or rather for the last time, we return to Holt, in another simply told narrative, featuring ordinary people that are doing something less than ordinary This is always where Haruf s talents were so admirably displayed He took the ordinary, the common and made poignant, readable stories Adele and Lewis, lived in the same town, the same neighborhood for most of their married lives At the age of seventy both have now lost their spouses But doe [...]

    25. Beautiful, heart breaking story Loved every minute of it.The audio narration is just wonderful Sad that is it over and just wish I could start again, not knowing the story and hearing it again fresh for the first time There is something so special about a basic, simple story.

    26. 4.5 stars I absolutely loved the two main characters, Addie and Louis This novel melted my heart I couldn t help but smile while reading the conversations and interactions between Addie and Louis, both widows living alone in their senior years What a unique arrangement they created which aided both of them in combating nighttime loneliness that shadowed over both of their lives I found it so refreshing to watch them find unashamed comfort in each other.The lack of quotation marks took me a littl [...]

    27. I devoured this short novella in one sitting and my feelings made an acute arch from start to end The excitement of meeting again the familiar, direct but warm style of Haruf s unpretentious writing sent me soaring cloud high at first, but as the story of Addie and Louis evolved and those closer to them, those who should have shown empathy and understanding for their situation, betrayed them for incomprehensible reasons, I became impatient and somewhat infuriated by the sheer levity with which [...]

    28. It takes a special writer who has the power to touch me to the core Kent Haruf has a way of doing that In spare, unadorned yet poignant language, he gets right to the heart of things, capturing succinctly what makes us feel most human.This last novella sized work, posted posthumously and written just months before his death of lung cancer at age 71, is particularly affecting In other hands, this narrative might have been maudlin a septuagenarian widow, Addie Moore, reaches out to her neighbor, w [...]

    29. We re still talking For as long as we can For as long as it lasts Ever read a book that felt like a warm hug This book is exactly that Tender, calm, comforting and it will hit you in all the right places A book like Our Souls at Night may not offer a groundbreaking plot but this bittersweet novella will leave you with a sense of tranquility and calmness Addie Moore and Louis Waters are neighbours, in their 70s, living in Haruf s fictional town called Holt They are both widowed and mere acquainta [...]

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