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Geronimo's Story of His Life By Geronimo S.M. Barrett,

  • Title: Geronimo's Story of His Life
  • Author: Geronimo S.M. Barrett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I first met Geronimo in the summer of 1904, when I acted for him as interpreter of English into Spanish, and vice versa, in selling a war bonnet After that he always had a pleasant word for me when we met, but never entered into a general conversation with me until he learned that I had once been wounded by a Mexican As soon as he was told of this, he came to see me andI first met Geronimo in the summer of 1904, when I acted for him as interpreter of English into Spanish, and vice versa, in selling a war bonnet After that he always had a pleasant word for me when we met, but never entered into a general conversation with me until he learned that I had once been wounded by a Mexican As soon as he was told of this, he came to see me and expressed freely his opinion of the average Mexican, and his aversion to all Mexicans in general I invited him to visit me again, which he did, and upon his invitation, I visited him at his tepee in the Fort Sill Military reservation.
    Geronimo s Story of His Life I first met Geronimo in the summer of when I acted for him as interpreter of English into Spanish and vice versa in selling a war bonnet After that he always had a pleasant word for me when we

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    1. This edition of Geronimo s life story has a fascinating introduction by Frederick Turner that provides background not only for Geronimo s life, but for the shameful attitudes held by the white man towards the Apache and other Native Americans Geronimo was only convinced to share his life story after hearing that then President Theodore Roosevelt approved of S M Barrett s idea Barrett had met Geronimo and become friends with him during the warrior s captivity at Fort Sill Oklahoma, where he spent [...]

    2. A surprising account whose highlight is Geronimo s early childhood told with such enchantment, you re transported to an idyllic ancient age when our ancestors roamed the pristine earth, just and true sigh.Rated 3 stars because the narrative s bulk is repetitive and boring shoot Mexicans and steal supplies stuff I realize he was a warrior, but details about his multiple wives would ve made the book fascinating Gleaned facts Geronimo was a POW for 20 years He dedicates the book to Teddy Roosevelt, [...]

    3. I would not read this as an autobiography but as a statement and witness of events from a prisoner to his capturer Reading this feels like we get to sit next to this old man, his wrinkled face still emanates great power and his presence inspires respect to those near him We can almost hear him speak right next to us with a gruff voice in a language we don t understand and the interpreter is sitting there right next to us, almost just as spellbound as we are This is a historical document about cy [...]

    4. Geronimo tells us the story of his life and the history of his people One of the most heartbreaking books I have ever read.

    5. Original source history, both sides Intensely fascinating even if the final surrender was detailed in such an anticlimactic manner.

    6. There is so much going on in Geronimo s story, including his telling it to his second cousin who then interpreted it to Barrett, the photograph of the three of them with Geronimo in a headdress and Barrett intently writing everything down, and Geronimo s dedication to Teddy Roosevelt.I was moved by Frederick W Turner s introduction to the 1970 edition Out of the eyes of that incorruptible Chiricahua leader glares a challenge to our cherished notions of ourselves, of Western Civilization, and of [...]

    7. Excellent commentary on the occupation and cyclical violence thus engendered.The entirety of the 1906 edition can be downloded at ibiblio ebooks GeronimFrom S M Barrett s Introduction On June 2d, 1906, I transmitted the complete manuscript to the War Department The following quotation is from the letter of transmission In accordance with endorsement number eight of the Brief submitted to me by the commanding officer of Fort Sill, which endorsement constituted the instructions of the Department, [...]

    8. Memoirs told largely in the words of Geronimo himself with the help of a trusted Indian translator As a result, the reading and syntax are simple making for quick reading Geronimo s memoirs open with the Apache account of the beginning of the world, which involves one divine creator named Ussen The number four figures prominently in the Apache creation account and becomes personally important for Geronimo as he is the fourth of a family of four girls and four boys It s a sign of his destiny His [...]

    9. I wrote a short piece on Geronimo on my Blog The Evitable, theevitable which was based on a close reading of a couple of chapters and a skim of some of the rest, but I m now reading it through, having bought a copy second hand at a church book sale last week along with a biography of Tecumseh I plan to read soon as well I read about him first because a columnist in a Toronto paper, in passing, referred to him as a futile intifadist who was implacable in refusing to accomodate himself to the legi [...]

    10. I didn t know much about Geronimo going into this, and I found it to be a very fascinating record of an era gone by Throughout the book there are moments of commentary and notes from the US captors and facilitators of the project It is really unlike any other book I ve read, and while there is certainly an autobiographical element to it I see it as a bearing witness of an age and time that will never exist again We need literature like this While I know Geronimo wasn t perfect, it was wonderfu [...]

    11. Never mind the continual violence for a large portion of this book, the first two and last two chapters of this book were most interesting and, at times, infuriating I m looking at you World s Fair section Highly readable and still relevant to the treatment of Native persons today.

    12. What a story The life of Geronimo told by himself Told in a very matter of fact fashion and very interesting, not dry, but very alive And he became a Christian in old age.

    13. I would expect the translator to make this less choppy and easier to understand while preserving the original meaning and intent This translation falls short.

    14. Geronimo s story was written by a man who is incredibly brave and drastically ill informed Having read most recently the wars between Henry II and Louis VII during the 11th century, the Apache Wars indicate an agreement among warriors that the enemy must be killed However, Geronimo can break your heart when he describes an encounter with an Army Sergeant, who has already lied to him once pointing this out to the sergeant Geronimo initially fought soldiers from Mexico, most especially, after he f [...]

    15. I think the biggest hindrance in the audiobook version is that the narrator read it in a very stereotypical cadence of the stilted Indian I ve obviously heard of Geronimo my whole life and had visited the jail in Lawton where he was held but didn t know much about him Now I know a little bit .

    16. Great insight into the life of the Indian from their viewpointVery well presented account of life from the viewpoint of on old chief who lived it We probably have a accurate telling of history from this than the one sided stories in our history books that slant toward our government An excellent opportunity to see another side of our history Highly recommend.

    17. Excellent read from the man s own words Be warned Geronimo and the Apache s are real, not the Indians you see in movies, TV, or learned about in school.

    18. It is my land, my home, my father s land, to which I now ask to be allowed to return I want to spend my last days there, and be buried among those mountains.

    19. A grim little book Geronimo didn t like the Mexicans of his day He wanted to go home but was kept captive for the later part of his life The government treated him poorly, lied to him, and there is a lot of violence throughout Not sure how accurate any of this book is if I m honest He really didn t like Mexicans I know I m stating this twice, but it bears repeating He seems to give out about them every second sentence.

    20. This was a very interesting read I do not know much about American history, but the conflict between Cowboys and Indians are, of course, famous and therefor I was interested to see the Indian perspective especially since there are parallels with South African history This book provides that perspective and The author made an effort to corroborate Geronimo s assertions where possible.Pros 1 I enjoyed the story of the war between the Birds and Beasts, which leads to the origin of the Apaches and [...]

    21. I highly suggest you watch this ridiculous episode of Tom Jerry to understand the how history is taught in America about Columbus discovering America and how the battle between Red Indians and the Europeans with guns is depicted youtube watch v 9mqwYOf course the video shows only Indians being criminals.I generally prefer memoirs that make me feel emotions than feel simply enlightened, and this book failed to make me feel much But I am glad to learn a few things which I will summarize below so [...]

    22. Roughly rendered from first hand reports from Geronimo himself, this narrative provides a vital description of the Apache experience as their livelihood became hemmed in on all sides but cowboys and settlers, and by both the US and Mexican governments I am ashamed to admit that much of my impression of that time is based on the westerns of my childhood movies with little claim on accuracy except maybe to hint at the raw fear that clouded how much of our country relations with with so many of the [...]

    23. Recently, I re listened to the audio version of this book narrated by Pat Bottino, who did a reasonably competent job of reading this work and providing some authenticity with his narration It s good and worth listening to, for several reasons, none of them sentimental.The autobiography itself was originally dictated, I believe, in Spanish and then translated and transcribed into English while Geronimo was imprisoned at Fort Sill, OK This location was of particular interest to me as I spent 6 mo [...]

    24. Due to my own lack of reading around Native American First Peoples, my only real encounter with literature on the subject has ben Cooper s Last of the Mohican s After recommendations from a few friends I decided to read the life story of the Apache warrior and leader Geronimo who was born in 1829 At this time, American presence and culture was firmly established in North America, and so perhaps it was not my best starting point to learn about a culture that has largely been decimated One of the [...]

    25. Sometimes I wonder did he want to say Where in the process did he lose his fighting spirit Would Cochise, Victorious, Lozen, Mangus and the other warriors have been ok with his endingThe good thing about reading this book is you are hearing the warrior Geronimo s perspective which is a welcome change Where has that fierce fighting spirit gone I wish he had died a warrior s death instead of becoming ill as the result of getting drunk and falling asleep in the rain and not being discovered until [...]

    26. I remember the Wes Studi movie with some fondness, although I don t think it s survived time terribly well, so when I was searching for a biography by which to put my wife to sleep, I thought, hmm, an interesting Native American biography might be a nice switchup from the mostly Anglo Europeans we ve been reading for her pre snore sleep induction yes, I read my wife bedtime stories, so she can get to sleep before I do However, this biography while Genonimo s own story, seems lacking in details t [...]

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