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El otoño del patriarca By Gabriel García Márquez,

  • Title: El otoño del patriarca
  • Author: Gabriel García Márquez
  • ISBN: 9780307350398
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • El tema de El otono del patriarca, que por su estructura y su lenguaje no tiene precedentes en la literatura latinoamericana y ni siquiera en la obra del autor, son las ilusiones y la soledad irremediable del poder encarnadas en una figura anonima y mitica que es la de muchos patriarcas de la America Latina pero tambien, de algun modo, el protagonista ejemplar de las calamEl tema de El otono del patriarca, que por su estructura y su lenguaje no tiene precedentes en la literatura latinoamericana y ni siquiera en la obra del autor, son las ilusiones y la soledad irremediable del poder encarnadas en una figura anonima y mitica que es la de muchos patriarcas de la America Latina pero tambien, de algun modo, el protagonista ejemplar de las calamidades y tribulaciones humanas que aqui se manifiestan como representaciones de un delirio omnipotente y solitario, de destruccion y pesadumbre.
    El oto o del patriarca El tema de El otono del patriarca que por su estructura y su lenguaje no tiene precedentes en la literatura latinoamericana y ni siquiera en la obra del autor son las ilusiones y la soledad irremedi

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    1. 324 El oto o del patriarca The Autumn of the Patriarch, Gabriel Garc a M rquez 2006 1358 342 20 1365 373 1394 328 9789648974768 1381 318 9645564956 1385 336 9647196326 1386 1387 1388 1389 1392 1393 296 9789643806620 1393 1395 1975

    2. A novel of blazing, indefatigable brilliance A tale in which absolute power of a uniquely Caribbean variety corrupts its possessor absolutely Year by year el president grows ever farther from any connection with his people until he s a pampered Howard Hughes like recluse In his detachment he looses a succession of evil proxies on his people, who perpetrate genocides without a cause In one, 20,000 children are murdered for their unwitting collusion in a lottery scam which el president always wins [...]

    3. Hypnotic and brilliant.This is my fourth Garcia Marquez book and this is said to be his most difficult book to read It took him four 1968 1971 years to write this book Four years He wrote this as a follow up novel to his masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude that catapulted him to stardom in the world literary arena This was his most recent novel when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.I picked this 1001 book because there was a new member in our book club who is also a GGM s fan [...]

    4. It s hard not to distinguish the writer s infamous tone subject matter in this sumptuous tale which might be the first time that a character study is so well meshed with the locale of his biography The Autumn of the Patriarch in less than 50 sentences spanning pages pages and a thick layering of symbols and leit motifs, tells the sad story of a mad tyrant ruler who, despite being bathed in power and glory, is nonetheless a HUMAN he kills but suffers immensely and if the book were a painting it k [...]

    5. Update Rest in peace, dear M rquez Your books will always live on Why do I let M rquez torture me so, with his convoluted sentence structures and brilliant use of the comma, his obvious disdain of the semi colon and colon, the thoughts that go on and on, so intricate and philosophical these sentences that he has me choosing his words over the weekend movie or tennis game, has me so brainwashed that I m typing this review and can t seem to stop for something as simple as that small dot known as t [...]

    6. finally i finished this book disgusting but admirable The Autumn of the Patriarch is a remarkable and clear psychological portrait of a dictator, and beautifully written but it is despicable and terrible subject At first people loved him beacuse they thought and believed he has the power of healing But his infinite power created a lot of political corruption so ancient dictator remained alone and wandered in the empty palace with cows and hens it was an image of death and decay and fall The Autu [...]

    7. This is Garcia Marquez at his most complex and polemical It is an uncomfortable read, disturbing at times It is also difficult with very few chapters, no paragraphs and sentences that go on for several pages Garcia Marquez conducts an extended love affair with the comma his punctuation mark of choice in this book The novel concerns the nameless dictator of a nameless Caribbean nation principally it is the story of his decline and death with added detail concerning his bloody reign He has modestl [...]

    8. Um poema sobre a solid o do poder , assim lhe chamava Garc a M rquez, que levou 17 anos a aprimorar a ideia deste livro, 7 dos quais a escrev lo escrito como se escrevem os versos, palavra por palavra.Uma obra que n o de leitura f cil e nos deixa sem f lego Narrativa complexa composta por par grafos excessivamente longos, e com uma pontua o que n o aconselha pausas Brincou com a geografia e o plano temporal, baralha nos com um mon logo m ltiplo, confuso, em que na maior parte do tempo n o identi [...]

    9. dumneavoastr n iv abia dac era i o imagine incert a unor ochi jalnici prin perdelele pr fuite de la fereastra unui tren, tremurul unor buze taciturne, gestul fugitiv de r mas bun al unei m nu i de atlaz din m na anonim a unui b tr n f r destin despre care niciodat n am tiut cine a fost, nici cum era, nici dac n a fost doar o am gire a nchipuirii, un tiran de batjocur care n a tiut vreodat care era dosul i care era fa a acestei vie i pe care o iubeam cu o patim nes ioas pe care dumneavoastr nu v [...]

    10. Maintaining lucidity is a central challenge for both audience and protagonist in the dizzying and illusory narrative of Marquez s Autumn of the Patriarch While its easy to dwell on the uncompromising style of a novel devoid of paragraphs, punctuation, and quotations delineating dialogue, such blurry tactics seal the bizarre entrancement of a novel concerned with the solitude of a bastard patriarch Certainly it s no easy pie being tossed randomly into an unspecified Caribbean climate and period, [...]

    11. It took Garcia seven years to write this book Seven years I guess that s how long it takes to make sure fifty page chapters are turned into one paragraph and as few sentences as possible But the effect is to make the entire book run together and make each story within the story melt into the ones around it The consequence is ending the reader s sense of chronology, timeline, and even details We are only left with the horrible man and leader that was the patriarch And when the story about him see [...]

    12. on the whole, the novel is impressive i can t imagine what it took for him to write this whole thing the way that he did most of the sentences run for ten pages, moving from one point of view to another without warning, from dreams to real life maybe action at the beginning of each chapter, we are reminded that the patriarch of the novel s title is dead, but we are quickly taken back to years before his death and pushed through memories of the years leading up to his first fake and then real dea [...]

    13. They walk under its shadow And it feels forever They breathe their warm heart out under its all pervasive blanket for so many countless instants sometimes their entire lives that the line drawing its glistening touch and blistering wrath becomes blurred Ask the earth that curled under its downpour, seek the fauna that lies huddled in apprehensive terror, summon the pebbles that were no match to its stony shower, shuffle the air that still carries its haughty scent in its chest, question the sun [...]

    14. If I was forced to chose a single favourite book, this would be it I red it when I was 16 for the first time and I can still remember myself thinking bloody hell, that s it that s how books are supposed to be written no rules, no boundaries, no cliches or fake emotions Just plain, nude feelings and thoughts so deep, so poisoning and suffocating This love of first sight or, to be accurate, of first page totally ruined my literature grades with notes from the teacher shorten your sentences , but [...]

    15. If ever a book a stumped my rhythm, this one takes the prize It is written as one fluid thought, one ranting narrative, sans paragraphs, with sentences that rival even St Paul s run ons It s racy, delusional, oh so very violent in language, sex, war, illness, execution, thought, etc , and even comical at times Each time I laugh, I feel a tinge of guilt like the uncontrollable snicker at a disabled person tripping over their untied shoelaces into a puddle of water.I ve decided that it s better to [...]

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    18. TW rape was the same one, queen, older than the earth, the painful medusa of light the size of the sky which with every hand measure of its trajectory was returning a million years to its originswe had even extinguished the last breath of the hopeless hope that someday the repeated and always denied rumor that he had finally succumbed to one of his many regal illnesses would be true, and yet we didn t believe it now that it was, and not because we really didn t believe it but because we no longe [...]

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