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The DH By John Feinstein,

  • Title: The DH
  • Author: John Feinstein
  • ISBN: 9780553535822
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perfect for sports loving kids and fans of books by Mike Lupica, book three in the Triple Threat series by New York Times bestselling sports writer John Feinstein explores what happens when athletes break the rules in this novel of tested friendships and high stakes baseball Alex Myers s football and basketball seasons were mired in controversy, and his dad s been MIAPerfect for sports loving kids and fans of books by Mike Lupica, book three in the Triple Threat series by New York Times bestselling sports writer John Feinstein explores what happens when athletes break the rules in this novel of tested friendships and high stakes baseball Alex Myers s football and basketball seasons were mired in controversy, and his dad s been MIA since his parents split up All Alex wants this spring is to work on his fastball and hang out with his maybe girlfriend, Christine But he runs into unexpected competition Matt Gordon was suspended from sports after he admitted taking PEDs during football season, but the athletic board has decided to give him another chance So he s on the team and he s got something to prove He s also got his eye on Christine The question this season is all fair in love and baseball Or are some things truly unforgivable Filled with action, intrigue, and intense rivalries, The DH and the other books in the Triple Threat series follow the ups and downs of one talented kid athlete s year in sports Praise for The Walk On All the goods for the sports enthusiast and Kirkus Reviews Full of refreshingly decent high school students, first crushes, a dose of dating drama, and a cliff hanger ending, The Walk On will interest even non football fans School Library Journal Praise for The Sixth Man Suspenseful and well dramatized sports action scenes Solidly drawn, both on and off the court Kirkus Reviews
    The DH Perfect for sports loving kids and fans of books by Mike Lupica book three in the Triple Threat series by New York Times bestselling sports writer John Feinstein explores what happens when athletes b

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    1. In The DH by John Feinstein, Alex started baseball season After loosing in the state championships in football, and making it to the playoffs in basketball, he is ready and excited for baseball season to start He is also thrilled that Matt Gordon, who got suspended from playing high school sports from taking PEDs, appealed his suspension and is going to play baseball The team gets off to a rocky start but then picks it up and starts winning Late in the season they realize that they can t make th [...]

    2. I belive this was a great book.It was thrilling and exciting.The was some problems but they weren t big.There was two main characters.They were Matt Gordon and Alex Meyers.Matts parents just got a divorce and he is really hurt by it.So he ignores it by playing baseball.That is all he felt like doing because of the situation.I feel bad for Matt and the situation he is in.Alex has a almost normal life until that day.Him and Matt got into a argument over Alex s girlfriend and Matt punched Alex.The [...]

    3. This book is the last book in a series of three, I read all three and thought this series was very good I found this book series very enjoyable because it was relatable and about sports which i enjoy The first book was about football, the second is about basketball, the third and final is about baseball This goes through a tough season with a lot of ups and downs and it was a good complement to the series In the DH I really enjoyed the Genre because it s about baseball and sports, which i like r [...]

    4. Feinstein, John The DH, 293 pages Knopf Random , 2016 17 Content G there might have been 3 swears, but I really wasn t paying attention for once.Now that basketball season is over, Alex is eager for baseball Matt Gordon was declared ineligible after the events of the football season, but he argued his case and is now also on the team When Matt proves to be a pitching and hitting natural, he head starts to swell, causing problems for Alex both on the team and between him and Christine Disaster is [...]

    5. This book is about Alex Myers after his basketball and football season Alex s friend, Matt got cleared to polay baseball after his performance inhacment drug test came in positive Matt is really good and had national attention Matt started changing like flirting with Alex s girlfriend and just not being a nice person Alex tries different things to try and make him the normal Matt One day in a game Matt got angry and threw a pitch at a kids head and put him in the hospital Matt was suspended for [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book and believe that anyone in the sports Genre will enjoy it like I did It is a pretty typical sports book but it has some great elements to it The main character, Alex, is thrust into a very difficult situation where his friend Matt goes through several controversies The ending is unpredictable unlike most books in this genre, and is also great For me it would have mad sense to have Matt as the main character, but its not my book All in all, I think this is a great read [...]

    7. The third book in a series about a kid who is great at a lot of sports but not so great at being a great human being, this book drops you in the midst of his school sports year where he isn t technically suspended from baseball and thus is playing baseball Even though I m a sports fan, fictional sports books have never quite done the trick for me the way they do a lot of reluctant readers who may not reach for anything else, so I m appreciative that this exists as opposed to thinking this is an [...]

    8. For the most part, this book was entertaining and fun to read the whole way through At times, I felt like the author was just dragging on the book on and on with Useless information This book is very predictable and cliche also, it s just like any other stereotypical high school This book als is kind of unrealistic, because I ve never heard of a player hitting a ho,Erin nearly every time he went up to bat, especially in high school This book had flaws, but it was mostly entertaining and exiting. [...]

    9. This book is a great book to read, even if you hate reading, This book is very interesting because it kind of relates to real life.It is a pretty quick book to read and isn t too hard.

    10. The book, The DH, by John Feinstein is a very attention catching book to read Knowing the book was a modern day sports book made it a real page turner for me As I tried to find a new book at Barnes and Noble, I read the back of the cover and realized, Wow, The DH is really interesting Maybe I should read it So I actually asked my mom to buy me two of his books When I first got home after picking up the book, I did research on the Duke University Alumni author to find what other books he has writ [...]

    11. The book The DH by John Feinstein is a realistic fiction book The theme of this book is its better to forgive and forget than let the guilt weigh you down This book is about a freshman named Alex Myers, who is on his varsity baseball team His football and basketball season were brought with controversy, and Alex was hoping that his baseball season would be a little bit different His junior teammate, Matt Gordon, who had his suspension lifted to play baseball after being caught using steroids Not [...]

    12. The DH is the best of the three books in The Triple Threat I enjoyed all the books but really liked the way Feinstein progressed and then wrapped up the multiple storylines we d been following through the three books Feinstein does a fantastic job combining the engaging sports element with relatable characters It s no secret he knows the sports side, but he also has a knack for crafting interesting, developed characters to drive the story The DH is another excellent addition to his line of young [...]

    13. Readers of the previous two titles in The Triple Threat series will enjoy following athletically talented protagonist, Alex Myers, as he moves to the baseball field After interesting football and basketball seasons, Alex is ready to work on his hitting and pitching But when his teammate and friend, Matt Gordon appeals his suspension from football due to taking performance enhancing drugs, Alex isn t sure how he feels, particularly when Matt is allowed to play baseball and turns out to be better [...]

    14. Matt and Alex, 2 triple threat stars in basketball, football, and baseball During the baseball season, agents are talking with Matt because of his major talent Matt almost applied to be in the MLB draft, but didn t Lucky for him Throughout this time though, Alex handles himself, but is slowly getting jealous about Matt, and sad about his parents divorce But, then Matt messed up, and hit freshmen player in the face This went viral, and people thought he just couldn t help himself, so he was igno [...]

    15. In The DH by John Feinstein, a kid named Alex Myers started his baseball season and is back from losing the championship in football and making the playoffs in basketball He is excited to start baseball This takes place today and he is in Highschool.I really liked this book and would recommend this book to anyone who likes baseball, football or basketball and any age This book is a fantastic sports book and I really enjoyed it.

    16. Cute and harmless, and a little overly didactic No real bad guys, except greedy agents maybe the fiancee, a one dimensional character if there ever was one , and no surprise ending guy gets the girl, friendship triumphs, all is forgiven.

    17. TremendousGreat Book Amazing ending of the book and series Great work from Tim Green again with the Triple Threat series

    18. Always a good sports story to be had from Feinstein He does a great job with his supporting female characters as well.

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