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Dirty Ugly Toy By K.Webster,

  • Title: Dirty Ugly Toy
  • Author: K.Webster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Her time is over Things are looking up She s dirty and ugly He s wicked but handsome Six months to toy with her Six months of vacation and a ton of money I ll hurt her beyond repair I ve been through much worse She s difficult to control and doesn t obey I m done submitting to anyone or anything in this life I should hate her I should hate him The game has chanHer time is over Things are looking up She s dirty and ugly He s wicked but handsome Six months to toy with her Six months of vacation and a ton of money I ll hurt her beyond repair I ve been through much worse She s difficult to control and doesn t obey I m done submitting to anyone or anything in this life I should hate her I should hate him The game has changed I will win Dirty Ugly Toy is a novel that blurs the lines of right and wrong, deals with abuse, contains dubious consent, and adult subject matter If you are sensitive to violent sexual situations, the book may not be suitable for you Some parts of this book are not easy to read and are not intended for everyone However, those that keep an open mind and stick with it will not be disappointed.
    Dirty Ugly Toy Her time is over Things are looking up She s dirty and ugly He s wicked but handsome Six months to toy with her Six months of vacation and a ton of money I ll hurt her beyond repair I ve been through

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    1. Check out of my reviews at bookaddicthavenIf you follow my reviews, you know that I love dark, twisted stories Based on the title alone, I knew that this story would be right up my alley K Webster never fails to deliver just the type of mindf ck that I love and this book was no exception Dirty Ugly Toy begins with a scene that immediately had me questioning exactly what kind of a sick individual Braxton Kennedy really was He has finished with one of his toys She is bound, gagged and it is time [...]

    2. DNFUgh, I don t know why I keep doing this to myself I ve already decided this dark romance stuff isn t for me I love the captive captor trope, but it seems so forced in contemporary stories The hero in this story goes through toys women he finds, uses for six months, and then kills The heroine is a heroin junky prostitute he picks up off the street And she s as crass as you could be She was just kind ofoss I just don t like the whole sex slave BDSM thing And the hero wasn t likable Not because [...]

    3. TITLE Dirty Ugly Toy AUTHOR K WebsterGENRE Contemporary Romance, Semi dark story line RELEASE DATE ReleasedMY RATING Here s why I gave this 5 stars, it s a book where you have to step outside your comfort zone, outside of your head, some won t like this, but others like me who are sick and twisted will love it, it goes against everything you believe in, right vs wrong, it s a book where you have to stop thinking and just feel, feel the words, the characters, especially where it comes to him, he [...]

    4. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewDark, twisted, intriguing and yet wildly addicting Dirty Ugly Toy by K Webster is not your standard romance novel that is full of hearts and flowers and a knight in shining armor coming to the rescue but instead this book pushes your boundaries It is in your face It is raw, ugly, gritty, erotic, poignant, disturbing, dark and twisted And at the same time, intoxicatingly beautiful So how can something ugly be stunning Well, the answer is simp [...]

    5. Genre Dark Erotic Romance SuspenseType StandalonePOV First Person DualRating Braxton Kennedy was an American who liked to find his preferred product in London But his product of choice can t be found in any posh stores dotting the city Instead, he scoured his toy in the back alleys, looking for homeless, kinless prostitutes to meet his specific proclivities Jessica made a living by roaming the backstreet of London for the sole purpose of feeding her addiction Nothing was off limit as long as she [...]

    6. 3.5 Stars This is going to be a strange one for me to review, on one hand I really enjoyed the semi dark storyline and the journey that both characters went on in order to move on from their equally sordid and devastating pasts, and on the other hand I was left wondering if I really connected enough to the characters for me to like them.Jessica is a prostitute living in Bolton which if you are not familiar with UK towns, is part of Greater Manchester and not a very prosperous town and quite fran [...]

    7. 3.5 stars Braxton Kennedy is back in London and he s looking for a new toy Jessica is a woman who got off the rails and she s selling her body in exchange for some drugs She s desperate to find the high she s looking for in order to escape reality and Brax seems to be the one who s willing to give her that in exchange for an agreement where she becomes his toy, or else his Bunny, for the rest six months I m the hunter in this story and I m hunting rabbit If I could describe this book with one wo [...]

    8. I read this book, loved it, then promptly forgot that a review needed to be written So, this is a few months late but glad to say you will not be disappointed should you decide to read this The story was uber naughty and the hero was scrumptious Loved it.

    9. 5 Dirty Ugly stars dark, gritty, and sexy It will take you on an intense and wild ride, i loved this book so much Jessica is a prostitute living in UK but originally from America , She is a heroin addict ready to do anything , Literally anything to get a hit till she meets him Braxton Kennedy is a wealthy handsome man who likes to torture and play with women calling them toys until he no longer has a use for them In the search for a new toy Brax finds Jessica But, he finds out that Jessica is di [...]

    10. 4 BUNNY STARS This isn t a book you want your kids to read, neither is it something you should read if you don t like reading about violence, because this gets violent You have been warned.This is a dark, gritty and twisted story, following two people, Jessica and Braxton Jessica is a street prostitute and drug addict who lives in the U.K She is poor and her addiction to heroin makes her prostitute herself for cash or drugs She s been a sex slave, she s been roughly handled, beaten, coerced into [...]

    11. 4 Dirty Filthy Bunny STARS Siento que K Webster escribi este libro para decirle a E.L James APRENDE ASI SE ESCRIBE ESTO Estaba atravesando por una indecisi n de que leer, as como cuando nada te llama, mis lecturas anteriores eran muy rom nticas y pues necesitaba desintoxicarme y dije necesito algo dark pervertido y record a K Webster.Cuando le The Wild aunque no me gust , la escritura s porque es muy buena la narraci n bastante atrapante tiene enganche y este libro es igual desde la primera p gi [...]

    12. 5 toy maker stars.This book was abso fucking lutely brilliant.This is the second book I ve read by Webster, and like the first one, I am in love with it I didn t know much about this book before going into it, but I had pretty high hopes because Whispers and the Roars was fantastic, and on my list of favorite books I read this year But I did not read any GR reviews, just saw the ratings by my friends which were pretty high , and decided I wanted to read it Of course that gorgeous cover was also [...]

    13. Loved it I needed a break from a normal romance and this was it Nonstop plot development, this book never lagged and I believed all aspects of the story, including the love that grew This was the first book I ve read of K Webster but I d love to find something else by her Any recommendations

    14. If the movies Pretty Woman and American Psycho ever had an illicit affair, Dirty Ugly Toy would be its bastard child K Webster somehow managed to weave together the sweetness of a Cinderella story and the gritty horror of dealing with a villain But this is not a Disney fairytale, a fact I was reminded of often during the course of this book.Brax is self made millionaire with a world of resources at his disposal He s also a sadist who enjoys luring women off the streets and humiliating them for h [...]

    15. I don t even know where to begin to express my thoughts on this book It was dark, and twisted, and pushed me out of my comfort zone So much in fact, that I spent a good deal of this book with my stomach in knots I LOVE a good sadist, but Brax s action road the knife edge and often went over what I feel comfortable with Yet, I LOVED him in all his twisted fuckeduperty He often did things that made me cringe, and feel a little sick to my stomach Jessica was an easier character to enjoy, but her ac [...]

    16. 3 LION BUNNY STARS Let s just say curiosity kill the cat Miaww This is my first read from K Webster I always attracted to dark side The blurb was very promising and I m curious to test my limit with this book Sadly, there are many things off and didn t spot on until the end It felt off for me Definitely not my best read but I will try her other books You ll learn, Bunny I m a liar A bad fucking man The monster you feared as a child You re my new toy now to do with whatever the fuck I please I m [...]

    17. Book Dirty Ugly ToyWritten By K Webster Genre Erotica BDSM Rating 5 5 starsCover Love 5 5 This cover is absolutely beautiful Probably one of my favorites that I have ever had in my possession They say not to judge a book by its cover but look at it drools Recommendation Buy it Would you read another book by this author I would pay full price for them, and I prefer to only buy used books at 4 or less Who might enjoy this book If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey This book delivers all the things the [...]

    18. Full Blog Review afterdarkbooklovers 2016 0Let s get what I didn t like about the story out of the way Jessica s addiction I felt like it was rushed From what I know she was addicted to one of the hardest drugs to get clean from So where was her being sick and battle through it The story needed this Braxx Not that I didn t like him, there will be of why I liked him, but his change towards the end So drastic and too sweet I liked his tough exterior better He could ve remained somewhat of the sam [...]

    19. When I first saw this cover I fell in LOVE Then I read the blurb and I was like yes I NEED this book NOW When it landed on my kindle I was giddy with excitement and you know what it did not disappoint Braxton Kenndy was pure filthy sex and I fell so hard for him He made me tingle in every area that counts He was dangerously sexy and I wanted to be his toy He was a man that wasn t necessarily cruel but he tired to be What you get at the beginning you don t get at the end and I loved that about hi [...]

    20. 4 Prince Uncharming StarsWoah K Webster wove a dark and mysterious tale that kept me on the edge of my seat Taking me deep into the heart of a broken world, Dirty Ugly Toy put a unique twist on dark erotica and pulled me into a world were Him and Her weren t at all what they seemed Dirty Ugly Toy starts out in the head of a man taking what he wants and then viciously letting it go We are then taken to the dregs of UK society the drug addicted and those who sell their bodies Jessica is one of the [...]

    21. 3.75 starsThis story and Braxton Kennedy was just soooo twisted, vulgar, and vile Yes, there s a bunch of degradation, dark humor, deplorable actions and insults, dubious consent foolery, etc featured in this book view spoiler Did I mention the group foreplay action hide spoiler Both main characters were hardened at a young age by the cruelty of life Braxton was arrogant, difficult to like, and OTT, but his thoughts were humorous and I always wanted to know what he would say next He was cruel at [...]

    22. 3.5 starsAs men get older, the toys get expensive.Dirty Ugly Toy, is a story about Jennifer, a prostitute, desperately lost in her addiction of drugs, willing to give anything just for another hit This story starts off in my not so famous hometown Most books which include my country happen to talk about the towns in south than anything but it came as a surprise when it mentioned streets I am familiar with Braxton is looking for another toy and he spots Jennifer, making it his mission to morali [...]

    23. Wow Just fucking wow Dirty Ugly Toy takes you into the depths of the dirty and depraved mind of Braxton Kennedy as he seeks out his next toy Jessica Bunny Rabbit, Toy number 20 She s nothing but a whore and addict Something that Brax can clean up and make shiny just to dirty up all over again.A man who has everything he could have ever dreamed of but who is still living within the nightmares of his childhood, Braxton has discovered the only way he can cope with the life he was lucky enough to es [...]

    24. I m at a loss for words In the very beginning I almost put this book down DON T DO IT But I love K Webster so much, I knew that things aren t always as they seem I might now be considered his toy, but when my mind folly returns to its twisted capacity, I m going to toy with his whole goddamned life This is it for me This is the it for the whole book Braxton Kennedy finds Dirty Ugly Toys and takes care of them, until he no longer needs them When he chooses Bunny, it doesn t take long for him to r [...]

    25. And when I m fully pressed into her, I feel completely whole She and I clinging together with our baby safe between us.This is a really dark and twisted story and ends with two broken and ugly on the inside souls finding beauty within each other The story begins with Braxton getting rid of toy 19 and leaves you in shock and horror of what is happening You do not get what that is, until almost at the end But this scene does sets the mood for rest of the book There are some contradictions, like in [...]

    26. I reeeeeaaaaallllly wanted to like this story but it reeeeeaaaaallllly didn t work out Womp Womp Purchased

    27. Published January 18, 2016 Genre Dark Romance 4.5 Pretty Little Stars This is the first book I have read by the author K Webster, and I am now eager to see what else she has to offer I mean WOAH This book really tugs at the heart It is extremely dark there are a lot of instances of abuse and blurs so many lines in terms of right and wrong that my head was spinning At first, I wasn t sure if I was ever going to take to the hero , Braxton He is mean, cunning, and sadistic But the author really pro [...]

    28. 5 dirty and amazing stars I might now be considered his toy, but when my mind fully returns to its twisted capacity, i m going to toy with his whole goddamned life Wow Just wow This book was A FUCKING MAZING I loved every dark and disturbing second of this book The subject matter may be super fucked up, but you really need to give this book a chance and not let the initial darkness sway you into stop reading Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed at the outcome

    29. This was a good dark story The only thing I I didn t like was heroine was a prostitute and s drug addict apart from that no cheating on any way thus a good read,

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