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A Very Pukka Murder By Arjun Raj Gaind,

  • Title: A Very Pukka Murder
  • Author: Arjun Raj Gaind
  • ISBN: 9781464206436
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the borders of icy Kashmir to the shark infested shores of the Malabar Coast, Major William Russell, the English Resident of the small, princely state of Rajpore, is renowned as a straitlaced man of rigorous habit When his valet knocks on his bedroom door the morning after the 1909 New Year s Ball and receives no response, he and the Resident s elderly secretary evenFrom the borders of icy Kashmir to the shark infested shores of the Malabar Coast, Major William Russell, the English Resident of the small, princely state of Rajpore, is renowned as a straitlaced man of rigorous habit When his valet knocks on his bedroom door the morning after the 1909 New Year s Ball and receives no response, he and the Resident s elderly secretary eventually task the English Commandant of Cavalry with breaking it down The Resident is dead in his bed.His Highness Farzand i Khas i Daulat i Inglishia Mansur i Zaman Maharaja Sikander Singh, Light of Heaven, Sword of Justice, Shield of the Faithful, sole ruler of Rajpore, is slow to rise after the night of revelry But news of the murder galvanizes him The fabulously wealthy Maharaja, who perforce has surrendered much of his authority to the British, is a man of indolent habit although he keeps himself thoroughly fit A lover of luxury cars and beautiful women, his deepest passion is for mysteries He cannot resist an enigma, relishing a riddle and the rush of resolving it Like August Dupin and Sherlock Holmes, Sikander wields careful and deliberate logic to crack puzzles that leave less intelligent men confounded Here is such an opportunity, and well timed for the Maharaja, resigned to another year of indolence, is almost fatally bored.Abandoning the lavish comforts of his ornate palace, Sikander orders his massive manservant Charan Singh into his Silver Ghost and speeds to the insular English settlement Despite the objections of the local Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police, he works the crime scene and deduces that Resident was poisoned by a massive dose of strychnine.As a clock starts ticking the British authorities dispatch their own investigator from Simla Sikander overcomes obstacles, false trails, and the growing hostility of the English Establishment, while learning that Major Russell was not as pukka, as proper, as he liked to pretend Will the Maharaja work through a surplus of suspects and motives before the British shut him down and cover up the truth about the Major s death Arjun Gaind s clever, fascinating debut introduces an elegant new detective in the tradition of Lord Peter Wimsey, while painting a scathing portrait of the British Raj.
    A Very Pukka Murder From the borders of icy Kashmir to the shark infested shores of the Malabar Coast Major William Russell the English Resident of the small princely state of Rajpore is renowned as a straitlaced man

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    1. There are books.And then there are Books.People sometimes are snobbish toward genres books Fantasy Mystery Thriller The like The reason, as much as they can give one, is that they don t have the depth of True Literature.These people should read THIS book.Enter Sikander Sigh, Maharaja and occasional Sleuth of Rajpore, in the year 1909 The truly beautiful, the amazing thing of this book is how well it portrays Sikander s own place He was at once a King for his subjects and a native for any English [...]

    2. A pretty entertaining murder mystery I liked the writing a lot, although there could have been some thorough copy editing There were plenty of missing periods or backwards quotation marks, incorrect words used, etc I also correctly guessed the killer about halfway through, and even part of the circumstance, though certainly not all the details The main character is unlikable, though you can write off some of it as being the fact that this took place in 1909, and his viewpoints are outdated now [...]

    3. A mystery novel, the first in a planned series, set in a Princely State in India in 1909 When the English Resident is found murdered by poison on New Year s Day, the Maharaja Sikander Singh decides to investigate it himself but soon discovers that the problem is too many suspects, as nearly everyone had reason to want the Resident dead But that s just fine with Sikander, as he likes nothing better than a really complicated puzzle Let me step back for a moment to explain the setting, as I m not s [...]

    4. If Agatha Christie had been an Indian man, this is a book she might have written, down to the dinner party reveal at the end Vivid characters, though not all that likable and quite stereotypical Sexism and homophobia that are not quite endorsed by the author, but definitely not repudiated That s somewhat to the credit of the author in that at least the main character isn t anachronistically endowed with 21st century attitudes.

    5. Arjun Raj Gaind s A Very Pukka Murder is set in a fictitious kingdom called Rajpore On the first day of 1909, amateur sleuth and Maharaja of Rajpore, Sikandar Singh, is wakened with the news that the local British Resident, Major William Russell, is dead Sikandar, sensing a mystery, hurries to the scene, to find that the Resident, an unlikeable but bland and prudish man, has been poisoned With a bottle of Oloroso chockfull of strychnine With a hostile police superintendent and an often uncoopera [...]

    6. Having eagerly been waiting for this period of modern Indian history to receive its due in fiction and this fits it superbly, in both idea and execution eagerly awaiting the next installments.

    7. Had to bring my Hobson Jobson out for this one Enjoyable for those who like books set in this period A bit left to be desired as far as the actual story and writing goes.

    8. First things first The dominant feature of this book is the erudite language It showcases the author s extensive vocabulary and the ability to write good English Why the author chose to use so many uncommon words, I don t know The overall effect of this should have been positive Unfortunately, as far as I was concerned, it was not The wordy, flowery, long winded style of writing, after some time, came in the way of the story Yes, it was a pleasure reading good English, especially when a majority [...]

    9. The year is 1909 and the place is the small Indian princely state of Rajpore, ruled by Maharaja Sikander Singh Sikander has a very unusual hobby he is fascinated by mysteries and puzzles, and enjoys working out difficult solutions So when the English Resident of Rajpore the highest ranking local representative of the British Raj is found dead, he immediately undertakes to investigate, knowing that it will likely confound the local English Superintendent who does his best to confound Sikander As [...]

    10. Keep in mind that the author is an Indian comic There is definitely an ironic, over the top feel to the story, but it is also a well plotted mystery and a fascinating consideration of the British Raj very accurate to what I know I almost gave the book a 3 just because of the sordid nature of the crime no fun to read about , but the writer does not dwell on gory details and from all I ve read of the British in India that is not the over the top part The crime solving Rajah makes an interesting le [...]

    11. While the concept was interesting a Maharaja solves murders , the characters weren t particularly likeable The main character s personality in particular seemed to change chapter by chapter, and there were a lot of places where it felt like the author was trying to fit in all of his outside research rather than just letting the story flow There s potential here, but I d need to see another book or two before I render a final verdict.

    12. The problem with historical mysteries is that the past wasn t a very pleasant place All of the prejudices in the book are certainly accurate to the time and place, but that doesn t make them any pleasant to read.I also guessed the murderer the moment they were introduced Though that s the result of my being very familiar with murder mysteries.

    13. A Very Pukka Murder is an Agatha Christie like locked door mystery set in 1909 India with a cast of wild characters of whom my favorite was the Maharajah.

    14. Such a wonderful well written book This book took me to a different place and time and immersed me there I am excited to hear from Sikander.

    15. I genuinely enjoyed this mystery, particularly the take on colonial India, which I ve generally read about from either the pov of the Brits or of an Anglo Indian character The strange position of the Maharajah in the society is intriguing I can see from other reviews that some people had trouble connecting with the main character but I enjoyed him, finding his flaws to be believable I also enjoyed the relationship between him and his mistress and am curious to see how that proceeds in future boo [...]

    16. The mystery in this book is fantastic I honestly wasn t sure right until the reveal that I knew who had committed the crime, which I consider pretty impressive for a first time mystery writer Unfortunately I enjoyed Maharaja Sikander Singh about as much as I usually enjoy Christie s Poirot, which is to say, not much at all Yes, he is educated and urbane, but he is certainly not pleasant, which he has no obligation to be, although as a casual observer, I would wish that someone with his clear int [...]

    17. In 1909, Rajpore, Major William Russell, is found dead As the Maharajah Sikander Singh enjoys solving problems and is bored, he decides to investigate and solve the case Because Russell turns out to be of bad character there are plenty of suspects to be examined.The mystery was fair enough but I am not sure there was one character that I liked, with a lot of the British characters to be just cliches Also there was certainly too much description of places and buildings for my taste which slowed t [...]

    18. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I loved the different shades to Sikander s character He was fascinating Loved the detailing used by the author in describing the way of life in this fictional town set in the British Raj The story had enough twists and turns to keep me engaged and I can t wait to read the next Sikander mystery

    19. On January 1, 1909, in Rajpore, India, His Highness Maharaja Sikander Singh is woken at noon in his ostentatious palace, following the overnight revelries Sikander is only the titular king of the princely state, which is governed by the British Resident Sikander is informed of the Resident s mysterious death, and he immediately dashes off in his Rolls to the Residency Educated in Europe, Sikander considers himself an amateur sleuth and wants to get in early in the investigation The British autho [...]

    20. Arjun Raj Gaind s A Very Pukka Murder is an engrossing 1909 murder mystery set in the princely state of Rajpore in British India and the sleuth is none other than the Maharaja of Rajpore, the dashing Sikander Singh At once reminiscent of both Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, Maharaja Sikander Singh is an investigator to watch out for In him, India has at last found its very own riveting fictional detective A Very Pukka Murder, which is the first of the Maharaja mysteries, shows the Maharaja to be [...]

    21. Crime fiction set in the declining years of the British Raj in India, but very much from an Indian point of view There are characters in here who illustrate the very worst, and most corrupt elements, of the administration The British have survived the Indian Mutiny 1857 and, convinced of their racial superiority, will survive for another four decades until 1947 Administration in Rajpore in the Punjab in 1909 is a precarious division of power between the Maharajah and the British Resident, found [...]

    22. Evocative writing, a sexy protagonist and a murder mystery that had me turning pages well into the night Arjun Raj Gaind s historical whodunnit is beautifully written and lush with intricate detail about a certain lifestyle in 1909 India that hasn t received the attention it deserves The book is the first in his Maharaja Mystery series and I for one can t wait for .

    23. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Published by Poisoned Pen Press Books and downloaded via NetGalley.The Maharaja, Sikander Singh, sole ruler of Rajpore has had a heavy night of revelry on seeing the start of the 1909 New Year in with the British colonists When news comes that the Resident authority of Rajpore has been murdered Sikander jumps at the chance to play detective, having solved a few puzzles in the past.Despite the objections of the local Magistrate and the Su [...]

    24. When the resident advisor the English administrator, in fact of the princely state of Rajpore is found mysteriously dead, the wealthy and powerful maharaja is delighted Not only did he dislike the dead man, but he loves nothing so much as a mystery But this is a complex mystery than most it seems that many had reason to dislike, and even hate, the victim, whose righteous fa ade concealed a disgraceful double life This is just one of a number of interesting books that use India or southeast Asia [...]

    25. Too much name dropping in the early pages to show off the research he has done Would have been acceptable if it did not distract from the plot itself A very charming protagonist but too obviously idealized to meet 21st century sensibilities the presentation of the Maharaja s opinions is downright didactic at times Unlike other authors, he has used the English language beautifully and the book is a joy to read from that perspective The plot is nothing to write home about and it is easy to guess w [...]

    26. An enjoyable historical mystery set in British India Full review for Shelf Awareness I liked it, although it felt a bit like the author needed a thesaurus I noticed jejune twice and doughty 3 or 4 times.

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