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Seven Surrenders By Ada Palmer,

  • Title: Seven Surrenders
  • Author: Ada Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780765378026
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The second book of Terra Ignota, a political SF epic of extraordinary audacity It is a world in which near instantaneous travel from continent to continent is free to all.In which automation now provides for everybody s basic needs.In which nobody living can remember an actual war.In which it is illegal for three or people to gather for the practice of religion but eThe second book of Terra Ignota, a political SF epic of extraordinary audacity It is a world in which near instantaneous travel from continent to continent is free to all.In which automation now provides for everybody s basic needs.In which nobody living can remember an actual war.In which it is illegal for three or people to gather for the practice of religion but ecumenical sensayers minister in private, one on one.In which gendered language is archaic, and to dress as strongly male or female is, if not exactly illegal, deeply taboo.In which nationality is a fading memory, and most people identify instead with their choice of the seven global Hives, distinguished from one another by their different approaches to the big questions of life.And it is a world in which, unknown to most, the entire social order is teetering on the edge of collapse.Because even in utopia, humans will conspire And also because something new has arisen Bridger, the child who can bring inanimate objects to conscious life.
    Seven Surrenders The second book of Terra Ignota a political SF epic of extraordinary audacity It is a world in which near instantaneous travel from continent to continent is free to all In which automation now provi

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    1. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC of this novel This is one of those situations where extremely high expectation meets flawless delivery, and I can t be happier for it.Too Like The Lightning was a futuristic political thriller with very heavy under and overtones about the meaning of God and what it means, with great variety and depth of exploration, to a people who are both jaded and very reliant on old Enlightenment ideas and ideals even though they re firmly set in the 25th Century.By way of [...]

    2. 4ish stars In my review of Too Like the Lightning I questioned whether that book was pretentious After reading this second book I feel that I can confidently confirm that suspicion about this series I think it s extremely intelligent, ambitious, and layered It s also ostentatious, affected and self satisfied Regardless, it s very entertaining in a gaudy sort of way and, if not quite brilliant, it s a very well realized possible future Ultimately, the best way I can describe this book is to say t [...]

    3. The short version is, Big Secrets Blow Up Bigger.Long version this is a gleefully, even triumphantly messy novel, which revels in the messiness while gradually drawing us toward a conclusion.Our differently sane narrator repeatedly assures us of the absolute truth of their testimony while mixing gender pronouns and assumptions , Enlightenment language with modern, modes of address, Germanic Capitalization of Nouns and glyphs of other languages, striking sparks off two thousand years of philosoph [...]

    4. Damn, it s a great time to be a reader of Science Fiction Authors like Ada Palmer and books like Seven Surrenders make me genuinely excited about SF and where the genre is going From the first page in her new novel Ada Palmer continues the story she began in the scintillating Too Like the Lightning, and the two books can be read as one story split into two halves I m guessing they were written as one story, but would be too large if left as one book.Mycroft Canner, indentured servant, friend to [...]

    5. About halfway through Seven Surrenders, it dawned on me how nearly all the characters we ve met in Ada Palmer s Terra Ignota fit neatly into one category or another in the traditional RPG alignment system I don t know enough about Palmer to know if this was intentional or not she is obviously an intellectual, and a history scholar by trade, but who can say what she does in her spare time but that is ultimately beside the point Mycroft Canner, whose perspective on the proceedings is nearly absolu [...]

    6. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 3.5 stars.Too Like the Lightning was an ambitious, complex, thought provoking work of science fiction, one which challenged a reader to brave its intricate futuristic world and rewarded those who did Ada Palmer s writing a return to the beautiful, ornate styles of the past her measured words and nuance meanings contributing mightily to the powerful nature of the book And Seven Surrenders is on par with its predecessor in every way, continuing the m [...]

    7. Seven Surrenders may be appropriately titled Too Like the Lightning, Part 2, as the whole tome was clearly conceived and written as a single unit that just so happened to be longer than first time authors are allowed to get away with As such, you will feel the same about Seven Surrenders as you did about Too Like the Lightning My own feeling is that these books offer a unique and interesting, if not quite believable, vision of the future They re not exactly page turning reads, especially this s [...]

    8. This was a group read with a few of my SFF book club buddies as a follow up to Too Like the Lightning I think I was able to glean a lot from it as a group read and it was interesting to see everyone s different perspectives and take aways on it If you re considering this book, and have the opportunity to buddy read it I highly recommend reading it that way I know the first book was very polarizing in that readers either enjoyed it or DNF d or just didn t like it at all I think if you made it th [...]

    9. Just as a heads up, I will be calling the police at the end of this review to report a crime, because this book and its author tried to murder me Does anyone know the legislation about this Can I have a book arrested for assault Okay, but seriously, this book is a monster There were several points where I nearly threw it across the room, I was so upset And then I kept going and almost immediately it became clear why Palmer did that monstrous thing that I hated and that made me want to go to my b [...]

    10. Again 3.5 stars.This is really Too Like the Lightning, continued, as it picks up right after TLtL ends, no time wasted Most of the setups are finally paying off Stuff is going down Mayhem Mayhem So it s worth reading, even if only to learn what came out of all this worldbuilding One interesting thing is that the book very much follows in the tradition of 19th century novel think Dumas father , think Hugo There is a lot of similar sensibility think steady, reasonable people who burst into sobs at [...]

    11. So, I loved Too Like the Lightning LOVED it As in, literally counted down the days until Seven Surrenders came out And then it didd I read it This book might be one of the biggest disappointments of my year tl dr Lots of what made TLtL so good is here The complexity, the philosophy, Mycroft Canner Most crucially, SS has the same extrapolation that feels like unmasking of current cultural and political trends Ada Palmer is undeniably brilliant But nothing new is added in terms of worldbuilding, t [...]

    12. This world is a utopia, not perfect, not finished, but still a utopia compared to every other era humanity has seen.I procrastinated on this review by writing other reviews for books I d read afterwards, purely because I don t know how to marshal my thoughts together As with Too Like the Lightning, I am baffled as to how to talk about this series without writing a several thousands word long essay Like its predecessor, it s gloriously ambitious and messy and complicated and thoughtful and bizarr [...]

    13. I do not ask you to believe, just play believe, since often things we play believe in superstitions, bedtime stories, luck still make us feel a little better when hard choices come.The Enlightenment and SF influences on this story are so much fun to find and follow that it took me ages to see the great big anime influence, and of course once I d seen it I couldn t un see it It made this so much fun to imagine I swear everytime Sniper came onto the page the visual in my mind was like something f [...]

    14. 3.5 4 stars.I m a bit uncertain on the rating for this in comparison to it s predecessor Too Like the Lightning which i gave a confident 4 stars to Too Like the Lightning was an amazing read for me, it was a fresh take on so much and was full of ambition in it s storytelling While i was reading it, i was internally giving props to the author at the great job she d done This is not to say that all of that went out of the window with Seven Surrenders though I just can t seem to pinpoint what exact [...]

    15. Ada Palmer s Too Like the Lightning was one of my favorite novels of 2016, and it was certainly among the year s most unusual and ambitiously daring pieces of speculative fiction Nevertheless, it felt a little unfinished, and anyone who loved it has no doubt been waiting with bated breath for the sequel that seemed necessary to complete what Too Like the Lightning started Seven Surrenders is everything I thought hoped it would be, with a vivid setting, intricate plot, high level philosophical an [...]

    16. Where to begin I m not up to the task of reviewing this masterful, terrible, beautiful, wonderful book Not seven surrenders, but the full work, which started with Too Like the Lightning This story changed me, and it s a hot sloppy mess of ambition and audacity and hope and doubt and fear and wrestling every step of the way I can t really think about a sequel, though I m on page 1 already How can something this whole and this incomplete be followed by something as mundane as a sequel I m gushing, [...]

    17. Genius.Too Like the Lightning began a story brilliantly, audaciously, full of subtle complication and this is that book s ending Though the story, I think, is far from over.

    18. This one is both better and worse than volume one I think the worldbuilding gets coherent and interesting The philosophical elements and the plotting actually begin to pay off, at least partly But I think the stylisation is revealed as not worth the price of admission by which I mean particularly the misogyny and sexual violence whose omnipresence doesn t even have plot impact other than highlighting existing themes some Sniper s rape fantasy in particular was a drawn out exercise in look at m [...]

    19. A literary particle accelerator Magnificent She builds a world of seeming alien perfection in the first book, only to smash it all apart to reveal the human guts of the machine against the walls.

    20. Hot damn I haven t binged a book like this since Harry Potter, though this is nothing like that series It s sort of the Very Notter, actually I think it is in line with Atlas Shrugged, though less tedious.Content warnings view spoiler this book opens with explicit rape there are some violent gory scenes and descriptions of domestic abuse The transphobic language is perhaps even worse It is, of course, still about serial killers hide spoiler Through theology, betrayal, revenge, miracles, lust, a [...]

    21. Okay soooo, this book series is pretentious but oh my, I wouldn t have it any other way.I don t know how Palmer came up with those bloody brilliant and utterly crazy ideas but I m here for the ride and enjoying every second of it I was scared the second book wouldn t live up to Too Like the Lightning but, if I might say so myself, it s even better because things actually happens in this one I am glad I have an Arc of The Will to Battle that I will look forward reading early 2018.Is everyone goin [...]

    22. 4.5 Stars Only Utopia thinks the future is important than the present, that there are worlds that we could make which are worth destroying the one we have here This book, this book It s almost impossible to rate for me Is it four stars because it s so hard, so dense and not a facile read no breezing through this book, readers, and the change of audio narrator was maddening although that criticism is unfair because Ada Palmer probably has zero control over anything to do with the audiobook contr [...]

    23. When judging Seven Surrenders, one can t help but judge Too like the Lightning as well Because in fact, the two books should rightfully be a single volume One can not exist without the otherTL is all about setting things up It creates the world and its society, provides us with interesting characters, a mystery and a load of questions Seven Surrenders, on the other hand, is a rollercaster ride of revelations and plot twist after plot twist.While reading TLTL I often was frustrated because of the [...]

    24. I found Seven Surrenders to be much accessible and exciting than Too Like The Lightning , the first book in the series That may partially be because after reading the first book, I had already gotten used to the unusual style that continues in this book, but it is definitely also because I have the feeling that there is plot and action in here At the same time, a lot of really interesting questions are discussed in this book, from the problems of removing the notion of gender too abruptly from [...]

    25. One paragraph of plot and 389 1 2 pages of talkytalktalktalk I don t remember being so disappointed in a sequel before Maybe the author is trying to channel Proust, I dunno but for me she squandered any cred or interest in v.3.

    26. It s absolutely impossible for me to talk about the plot of this book without giving away major spoilers of the first book AND this book So in an attempt to keep this review SPOILER FREE, I ll try to be as vague as possible.The BloggoI won t be certain who the killer is until I meet them, but if it s Mycroft, be merciful Keep them alive, and safe, and working You need them If you have lost me, you need them There are things I leave undone that only Mycroft Canner can complete APOLLO MOJAVEThe Te [...]

    27. The sequel to Too Like the Lightning, which I absolutely LOVED However I really should not have waited seven months to read this one, because I d forgotten some of the characters and plots and this is a series jam packed with multitudes of characters and plots, and you better have every miniscule bit of such details ready at your fingertips to have a chance of following the action.To briefly summarize the plot a task that s probably impossible, but I ll try to hit the main points in the 25th cen [...]

    28. I think Ada Palmer has not only written a great, entertaining story with wonderfully complex characters I think she has written an important story for what it says about our culture s conversations on gender and religion But personally, my favorite part of this series so far has been Palmer s world building If Asimov Clark Heinlein showed us humanity among the stars, Gibson showed us humanity in the Cyber age, and Paolo Bacigalupi is showing us how we might live after environmental degradation I [...]

    29. The series dropped a bit in my estimation.It started right out by closing out some of the open threads from the last book While that was a relief, IMO this could have been done IN the last book, and then this book could simply have followed I see no reason to leave anything hanging just because there s going to be a sequel If readers follow you for 500 pages, they ll keep going when there s another book, just because they like being in the world you ve created So, now we know why Mycroft Canner [...]

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