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Clang By E.Davies,

  • Title: Clang
  • Author: E.Davies
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I can t let you face this alone I don t know I m just lonely Summer barbecues and his brothers renovations keep blacksmith Jackson Riley happy, but he s missing one thing a relationship Sweet, sexy Chase helps him with his dating profile and catches Jackson s eye instead When they trade skills and time, the embers are stirred into a flame of passion Jackson wants I can t let you face this alone I don t know I m just lonely Summer barbecues and his brothers renovations keep blacksmith Jackson Riley happy, but he s missing one thing a relationship Sweet, sexy Chase helps him with his dating profile and catches Jackson s eye instead When they trade skills and time, the embers are stirred into a flame of passion Jackson wants a family tattoo something Chase s skilled hands can deliver But Jackson worries when Chase asks him to forge a sword What could he need protection from I don t have a family Tattoo artist Chase MacLeod can t stop running from his past When he thinks he s escaped, a letter arrives that throws everything off balance The fencing lessons he s taking bolster his confidence, and his new flame Jackson steps in and defends him Then, Jackson makes an offer to open his home and heart to him Chase must find the courage to face his past Just tell me if they re gone for good Chase wants to stick around and redefine the meaning of family, but the enemy fights dirty Will Jackson s protection be enough to help Chase stand up for himself Or will Chase s scars forever close his heart Despite their best efforts, Chase s worst enemy might just be himself Clang is a steamy, stand alone gay romance novel with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
    Clang I can t let you face this alone I don t know I m just lonely Summer barbecues and his brothers renovations keep blacksmith Jackson Riley happy but he s missing one thing a relationship Sweet sexy Ch

    One thought on “Clang”

    1. Listen sometimes you just have to applaud and author for their consistency Was there insta love, yes A ridiculous unnecessary conflict that was resolved quickly, yes A buff alpha male coupled with a beautiful willowy author used this term not me male, yes Did the alpha male have a super masculine job forger um yeah while the willowy guy had a artsy job absolutely Was there descriptive sexual acts almost every chapter what do you think So yeah consistent Will I be reading the next one of course [...]

    2. LOT of sex, plain plot and ZERO chemistry One of the MC had sex with another character several times, once just RIGHT AFTER a beautiful date with Jackson NONSENSE.Total disappointment Jackson was a pretty good character and deserves better.

    3. The love story between Jackson and Tate is super sweet I love how awkward they are with each other about making sure each likes the other before making a move The romance is hot too I like that two artist fall in love with each other Chase has an awful family that gets dealt with in this book and Jackson has a wonderful one.It is a very good mellow circle of friends romance A wonderful way to pass the day.

    4. 2.5 StarsIt s not bad for a sopho effort, but I expected .The bones are there, but there was too much time building up Chase s past for the paltry explanation and climax it had.I liked Jackson, but frankly didn t feel like I really got to know him, which is weird because his is one of the POVs of the book.All in all, it was okay, but I wanted depth and history, and I wasn t really sold on their insta love Also, the way both the first and now this book abruptly end is not at all gratifying.I ve [...]

    5. Sometimes you find a book that just sings to you Clang was just such a book I passed it up a few times because of the reviews Won t do that again Mr Davies did a good job with Chase and Jackson s romance My heart bled for Chase and all his family shit I know that is a common theme but this time it got to me Although the plot was simple, Mr Davies brought it on full force Bravo

    6. 3 Stars Now this was almost a DNF for me, unfortunately It started off good, and I felt it was a step up from the first book, then one of the MC s did something that in my eyes was not cool and I just went off him completely I found it hard to connect to their relationship there on out and just finished it to be done with it.

    7. E Davies has a way of writing on difficult subjects with a light and deft touch This is the Second book in the Riley Brothers series and we see Cam and Noah from book 1 a lot and also find out about his surgery for Cam s Heart condition Jackson and Chase are the Couple in this series and We get to see this story from multiple point of views Chase has been emotionally abused by his family and has the attendant issues that bring and Jackson is looking for love in the wrong place and they hit it o [...]

    8. In book two, E Davies gives us Jackson and Chase This amazing relationship came with it s struggles Sweet man, Chase has been beaten, and beaten down by his bible wielding family and he s hiding from them He and Jackson met at the art show, both are artists, with Chase drawing and tattooing, and Jackson is a blacksmith, the art of forge and metal The large muscled smithy has a huge heart, and a tender spot for slender, tattooed Chase Several storylines are included and there isn t a dull moment [...]

    9. Again, as with the first in the series, this book is okay The premise is good, the background characters work well and the three brothers are an interesting set up to be writing about.But, once again everything happens massively quickly, there s huge issues going on which bring in angst to complicate matters and there s shedloads of sex at the drop of a hat everywhere.However, I do like that Davies doesn t drop the people he s written about previously but keeps them interwoven into what s happen [...]

    10. Was this a brilliant work of literature No Did I expect it to be No Did I enjoy the book anyways Definitely.Sometimes it s nice to read a book that is free of angst and excessive drama, and just enjoy the characters and story This book totally satisfied that need for me Looking forward to book 3

    11. This is what I consider to be a phenomenal book, worth 5 out of 5 stars The initial relationship between the two main characters were such a perfect blend of unexpected and sweet, a casual friendship that turned into unbearable sexual tension And the sex scenes had me panting out loud, they were so hot But as much as I love scorching hot sex scenes, it takes much to make a book great, and this book had greatness in spades a flowing, well paced story with the perfect blend of anxiety and drama, [...]

    12. Unfortunately Book 2 was a quick read Story, sex scene thumb thumb, story, yet another sex scene thumb thumb, story, rinse and repeat Done.It is disappointing that so many writers of gay lit feel that their characters have to be physically perfect with flat stomachs, perfect pecs and the inevitable green eyes Couple that with lengthy sex scenes and the lines between gay lit with sex scenes, soft porn and porn get pretty fuzzy Gay Sex in the City type of thing One thing I really like about Mark [...]

    13. This series, the character, the writingjust really isn t working for me Same as with the first book, there are 3 POVs I prefer one, so three was a little hard to enjoy I didn t care for the characters If it weren t for the frequent explicit sex scenes, I would have thought this book was written for a much younger audience, as the plot is a bit juvenile and the characters act like they are 15 and 17, not 25 and 27 E Davies is unfortunately not a writer whose other works I ll be pursuing And might [...]

    14. Forged in loveAnother Riley brothers heart is claimed I absolutely love the diversity in these characters and the challenges they face These aren t your standard run of the mill issues, these are real life and keep you perched on the edge of your seat I m off to see what happens with the remaining brother

    15. WonderfulAnother beautiful story in the lives of the Riley brothers Chase has Jackson intrigued for some time now and wondered what is was about him that drew him in Chase has had some bad experiences and was wary of involvement but after they got to know each other better love wasn t far way.

    16. Jackson is a cool artist who forges steel, Chase a tattoo artist who forges on skin But, he s alsorunning away from a family who won t accept him and keep trying to get him to change who he is Jackson s family are so close, and as he and Chase both give in to their attraction, things go quickly into a comfortable, deeper relationship Good story, with Chase overcoming his own struggles with how he sees himself in relationships after being in an abusive one, and Jackson doing all he can to protect [...]

    17. Better than the first one Jackson and Chase are adorable Again there are a few mistakes Chase became Cameron at one point and Noah appeared from nowhere in a scene too but never mind I can overlook that Great chemistry between the MC s and overall a really good story Loved it, loved it, loved it

    18. This book was awesome Not only do you get an enjoyable story with great characters, but you also get a continuance of the previous one with hints to the next I m hoping for info on Floyd as well E Davies did it again.

    19. There s a ton of uninspiring sex almost PWP A zealot y ultra religious family member stalking Chase And some extra editing could be done Otherwise it s just another story I won t remember in another week.f

    20. Love this series just keep getting betterThis is oldest brother story and journey that we go on with Jackson to see that the one for him is right in front of himHighly recommend to read

    21. Loved the bookInteresting characters dealing with heavy physical and emotional problemsWith wonderful love scenes that were very hot Yet surprisingly beautifully

    22. Riley brothers 2Really enjoyed this second book from the Riley brothers, hockey players in the first and now sexy tattoo artists and muscle bound blacksmith s

    23. Der Schmied und K nstler Jackson Riley hat schon Ewigkeiten nicht mehr gedatet Doch seit sein Bruder Cam in einer festen Beziehung ist, sp rt er seine Einsamkeit immer mehr Und da er ja auch nicht j nger wird, m chte er diesen Umstand ndern Allerdings ist er nicht sehr gut in diesen Dingen und schliesslich bittet er den befreundeten K nstler und T ttowierer Chase um Hilfe Selbst f r Online Dates f hlt Jackson sich zu dumm Also hilft Chase ihm ein passendes Profil zu erstellen.Chase hat eine Schw [...]

    24. Your favorite pasta dish is made with just few fresh ingredients You are super excited when you try out a new restaurant and, it is listed on the menu Imagine your surprise when the dish arrives and it is nothing like your favorite It has tons of ingredients and all the flavors compete for your attention You leave the restaurant less than satisfied Clang is like that The book centers on Jackson the oldest Riley brother and Chase and, it has too much happening at once The main ingredients are los [...]

    25. I m a bit surprised by how the characters gain their own colours and feel I honestly did not expect this I guess that makes me a prejudiced reader All the same, it s an unexpected but most welcome treat Another great instalment in a very, very promising series.

    26. I really enjoy the relationship between the brothers in this series In this story, the eldest brother, Jackson, gets his HFN As much as I enjoyed the chemistry between theses MCs Jackson and Chase I really felt like it was rushed I wanted to see this relationship drawn out , as I was really starting to FEEL it, if you know what I mean The book also had a small element of suspense, but that, too, could have been drawn out to create drama The author had a great opportunity to explore this type of [...]

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