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Ebon Fire By Wolf Specter,

  • Title: Ebon Fire
  • Author: Wolf Specter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ancient dragon shifter and firefighter Owen Davies is plagued by the past For centuries he s run from the demons that haunt him, but now they re finally catching up When Owen starts hallucinating on the job, he s ordered to do the one thing he can t fathom Talk to a professional about his problems After a messy breakup, the last thing psychiatrist Simon Prichard wantsAncient dragon shifter and firefighter Owen Davies is plagued by the past For centuries he s run from the demons that haunt him, but now they re finally catching up When Owen starts hallucinating on the job, he s ordered to do the one thing he can t fathom Talk to a professional about his problems After a messy breakup, the last thing psychiatrist Simon Prichard wants is another relationship A hookup at a bar, though That he can handle, and a handsome, intense stranger makes it impossible to say no But when Simon s one night stand turns out to be his newest patient, he just can t seem to let the man go Not if there s any possibility of helping him Simon is just what Owen needs, and his dragon is determined to have the kind doctor, even if claiming him could spell the end of their future together As Owen and Simon grow closer, a dark force from the past threatens to rip them apart by playing on Owen s worst fears If he wants to save his mate and their unborn child, he ll have to confront the nightmare head on Ebon Fire is Book 2 in the Wildfire Series, but it can also be enjoyed as a standalone It s a full length novel with a HEA ending, a satisfying epilogue, and NO CLIFFHANGERS Content Notice This book contains steamy love scenes and male pregnancy, or Mpreg Adults only shifter romance
    Ebon Fire Ancient dragon shifter and firefighter Owen Davies is plagued by the past For centuries he s run from the demons that haunt him but now they re finally catching up When Owen starts hallucinating on t

    One thought on “Ebon Fire”

    1. 3.5 rounded up I m not writing a full review but I want to mention a few thoughts.These days you don t always know if an author is actually a male, a female, or using a pseudonym The dragon MCs in both books have a certainabrasive quality that rode the line between confident almost an asshole and conceited bastard I wanna kick in the nuts I like it when a character ruffles my feathers I like asshole characters as long as they never cross that line The point I m slowly getting to is that I think [...]

    2. I liked it don t get me wrong, but I didn t enjoy as much as book one because I found the hallucinations quite annoying.

    3. Grammar In this 2nd book we read about Owen Like Liam he is a dragon shifter with a sad past.Owen works as a firefighter and he is good at his job, the fact that the fire cant hurt him like any other human is one of the reasons No one knows that he is a dragon and he wants to keep it that way One day while on the job he starts having hallucinations about a woman dying in a fire He is remembering the day, centuries ago, when Liam asked him for his help to destroy the Ebonwings village For him Lia [...]

    4. Owen Davies carries a lot of baggage from his past It has begun to impede his job as a fireman It has gotten to the point that his captain has ordered him to get a psyc eval Simon Prichard has just been through a nasty break up What he doesn t need now is an attraction to his new patient, a fireman with obvious issues.Once again, I have found this story to be great fun The world here is fascinating, and I find all the characters to be likable in spite of obvious flaws that seem to go along with [...]

    5. Lame and poorly researched The author knows nothing about psychiatrists not even that they are medical doctors.The story development is poor.The villain just springs into existence 90% through the book Who invites their psychiatrist to their six year old little girl s birthday party

    6. A good sequelThe second in the series where the existence of dragons is now in the public domain but not every dragon wants to be known In fact being a dragon is not all that it s made out to be with longevity comes a long memories and not all of these are good Unfortunately, Owen s are catching up with him even in his waking hours and affecting his performance at work as a fireman go figure and it is also the reason he eschews seeking a meaningful relationship Meeting Simon challenges the walls [...]

    7. Spectacular This series has really been a new high for Wolf The connection and passion between Owen and Simon just leaps off the page The heat level just from the kissing is incendiary Owen s haunted by his past which is returning to his mind and dreams for the first time in ages The last thing he wants to do much like most of us is to confront those memories and fears For someone with his history can standard therapy help I loved the way Simon s role in Owen s life is constantly morphing hookup [...]

    8. Owen is having problems His boss sends him to a psychiatrist, who happens to be the guy he had unprotected sex with the night before And yes, you guessed it Simon is pregnant Although the couple do not realize this immediately They try to be professional So no sex Owen does need psychiatric help He mind is being manipulated by an old enemy In the end everything is resolved and there is a HFN Again this book had only 2 sex scenes, which is way too little And like the previous book, this is a HFN, [...]

    9. This is the second book in the Wildfire Series and is loosely connected with the events of the first book WE find ourselves with one of the friends of the character in the first book He s a firefighter who had a horrifying vision from his past while at work, which ended up endangering his crew He is ordered by his boss to seek a counselor Deciding to go out drinking he stumbles into a one night stand that gives him than he bargained for Not only can he not stop thinking about the man he learns [...]

    10. I always start reading these books and a few pages into the book I think it will go along the exact same lines as the previous one But in the end the author always manages to surprise me.I really like the writing style of Wolf Specter, but I have to agree with those complaining about grammar and orthography mistakes English is not my native language, but it still bothers me.I sometimes proofread books for friends and I am certain the author also has someone who could do it, before a book comes o [...]

    11. Trials of Past Errors.Two men tied to their own pasts meet and try to find their way forward For Simon it is the betrayal of a lover and a youth feeling unwanted and unloved For Owen, a comparable sad beginning but a past deed that he fights to overcome Add to the mix a malevolent entity and you have Ebon Fire Well written characters and a good hunk of make this book very enjoyable to read.

    12. Liking the dragons Simon is a sweet heart that has been hurt one too many times But yet though it all he still, wants to help people and Owen really needs his help Owen not want a mate but his dragon is not having any of that It s just Owen s luck that his therapist is his mate and one night stand Now Owen has to figure out what s bring on the vision and bad dreams before he loses his mate and child.

    13. So I hate reviewing books like this cause the only reason I read it to begin with was for a book challenge criteria This is not my genre and I have never read anything like it There were several grammatical errorswords left out of sentences for example and I could never connect with the MCs I suppose if your into dragon shifters and mm romance w mpreg maybe you ll like this it just not my cup of tearry.

    14. Ok read.This was an ok read for me I guess I didn t really care for the plot reallyI guess it was suppose to be a psychological thriller thing I guess it was just mind games being played but it fell short for me I wish it was .I will read the next book because I want to learn about IvanI just hope his story is better.

    15. I love this series I would have given it 5 stars if there weren t any grammatical When I am reading a book and come across errors, it takes away from the story I hope the Author will read this.

    16. I loved it I m felt so bad for poor Owen He thought he was happy, but if course he really wasn t, he was merely passing the time Simon was the perfect mate for him Exactly what he needed, physically and mentally I m glad they found each other.

    17. Love the dragons I enjoyed this book very much Simon was outstanding and I wanted to see a better glimpse of his past pain I still enjoy the Fated Mates series better but this was entertaining.

    18. All in all it is another good book by Wolf Specter I enjoyed the MC s in the book as well The beginning for me was a little slow, but it soon picked up pace The only flaw I found with the book were spelling and grammar issues.

    19. I enjoyed this oneI liked the characters and their chemistry together And I liked the story line too This author is really killing it with the dragon shifter stories, I m loving it

    20. Nice quick read with just enough angst to make it interesting without dragging you through the fire and a cute HEA.

    21. Some confusionI thought dragons make someone omega when they find their mate Even so Simon as an empath is perfect for Owen who needs someone who can understand and accept him.

    22. WonderfulAnother great book in the series I hope there is to come I highly recommend this book and from this author.

    23. Very emotional story I loved reading this book My emotions went on a whirlwind ride especially towards the end I love a story that can pull you in

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