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Jubilee By Patricia Reilly Giff,

  • Title: Jubilee
  • Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
  • ISBN: 9780385744867
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newbery Honor winning author Patricia Reilly Giff writes a tender, timeless story about a girl who stopped speaking long ago, and how she finds her way back to her voice For fans of Listening for Lucca, Fish in a Tree, The Rules, and Mockingbird Judith lives with her beloved aunt Cora and her faithful Dog on a beautiful island Years ago, when her mother left, Judith stoNewbery Honor winning author Patricia Reilly Giff writes a tender, timeless story about a girl who stopped speaking long ago, and how she finds her way back to her voice For fans of Listening for Lucca, Fish in a Tree, The Rules, and Mockingbird Judith lives with her beloved aunt Cora and her faithful Dog on a beautiful island Years ago, when her mother left, Judith stopped talking Now she communicates entirely through gestures and taps, and by drawing cartoons, speaking only when she s alone or with Dog This year, Judith faces a big change leaving her small, special classroom for a regular fifth grade class She likes her new teacher, and finds a maybe friend in a boy named Mason But Jubilee s wandering feet won t stop until they find her mother And now she discovers that her mother has moved back to the mainland, nearby If Jubilee finds her, will her mother s love be what she needs to speak again Judith s cartoons, sprinkled throughout, add lightness and humor
    Jubilee Newbery Honor winning author Patricia Reilly Giff writes a tender timeless story about a girl who stopped speaking long ago and how she finds her way back to her voice For fans of Listening for Lucc

    One thought on “Jubilee”

    1. A thoughtful read on what makes a family Judith, also known as Jubilee, is left with her aunt because her mother is too young and too reckless to care for a child Once her mother leaves, Judith no longer speaks The narrative is told by Judith so we hear all of her inner thoughts and her attempts at communicating her feelings to others And as you might guess by the cover, a dog plays a prominent role in Judith s life This is a quick read, but one that is heartfelt.

    2. As a fan of Patricia Reilly Giff, she really nailed it again for me with Jubilee s story Jubilee is a young girl who lives with her aunt after her mother abandoned her when she was very young She has become mute since then and only speaks to herself when no one is around Through her drawings she communicates with those around her and along the way makes two new friends This is a story of finding your voice and the power of friendships.

    3. Skinny book big ideas This would make a great read aloud lots of good stuff to talk about How do we define family Self acceptance and acceptance of others Beauty in nature Leaning into your talent.My one complaint All throughout the book, it reminded me of Because of Winn Dixie A loner girl Check A dog no one wants Check A unique setting Yup An interesting family dynamic Mmm hmm A new friendship trying to be forged Ahuh A storm at the climax Check and checkI am not opposed to borrowing from othe [...]

    4. After her mother left her behind with her aunt, Judith Ann Magennis Jubilee stopped talking She uses gestures and drawings to get her point across This year, as a fifth grader, she wonders whether things will go okay at school, rescues a dog that she names Dog, and finds a friend or two at school As she always does, this author has crafted a quiet but moving story that is sure to touch readers hearts and remind them of what really matters in life It takes all kinds of courage to make the world g [...]

    5. This book is just the sweetest I actually was looking for something to listen to besides, you know, AIO , and I decided to try audiobooks I loved them when I was younger, but somehow got away from them as I got older I d forgotten how well middle grade books lend themselves to audio ANYWAY, this book is about Judith Jubilee, a girl with selective mutism since the event of being abandoned by her mother, and how she learns what makes a family, a family Now, when I say that, don t go thinking clich [...]

    6. At the back of the book, there s that line that says for tender stories This is a tender story A quick read about a selectively mute girl trying to find who she is while interacting with the world I love these sorts of stories of community and small islands, it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and Tove Janson s Summer Book.

    7. Jubilee is a beautiful fiction story This character goes through her emotional journey of choosing to be mute and communicate with others though comic strips which are part of the book, adding humor throughout it This book caters to intermediate or middle grades 3rd 7th I would suggest this book to students who could relate to her loss of someone close to them Fluency and comprehension would be the areas of practice with this story It s a great one to follow, causing the reader to wonder if she [...]

    8. Judith was dropped off at her Aunt Cora s house on the island when she was quite young Her aunt is loving and wonderful and calls Judith Jubilee, her celebration But ever since then she has hardly ever spoken Only in her special place can she say anything aloud Which makes it hard to make friends As the summer wraps up, Judith will find her life unexpectedly impacted by a dog, an unexpected friend, a new teacher, and her mother.This is a short, simple but moving read about an upper elementary gi [...]

    9. I have always wanted to live on an island, but I ve never even BEEN to an island.I also think there would be something so lonely yet so peaceful about going even one day without speaking.I loved this about this book the syrup of happiness I can experience that whether I live on an island or never even get to visit an island But I still hope I get to visit one someday.

    10. This is a lovely story and I love the relationship between Jubilee and her aunt I like how see makes friends with Masonbut I just didn t see this as unique The selective mutism, the dog who is the best friend, the missing kid, the deadbeat parent It just felt like something I ve already read.

    11. This is a really sweet story of a girl trying to find her place She hasn t spoken since her mother left her with her aunt when she was very young She communicates mostly through drawings I thought there were many plot lines going on in this story, but by the end they felt undeveloped and rushed which was disappointing.

    12. Meh A good concept for a story, and what was there was very good and well written I just would have liked It could have gone deeper and it didn t and I was disappointed Read like a short story.

    13. I loved this book 4 stars Jubilee, has selective mutism She lives with her aunt because her mother couldn t care for It is a bit predictable but I loved reading this Its a pretty quick read I read in less then in hour but I would recommend getting this book it is really good

    14. Gentle read, character driven, family story, moralityNot my favorite type of book, somewhat slow and predictable.

    15. Great topics for Middle School students Adoption, abandonment, selective mute, bully, accepting differences A great book to have in the library.

    16. Jubilee was one of the books on my 4th grader s list for Battle of the Books We both enjoyed this endearing story of a mute young girl living on an island with her aunt and her dog.

    17. A sweet tale about an elementary age girl dealing with parental separation and friendship as best as she can despite being apparently mute.

    18. A nice, sweet book about Judith, Judy, Jubilee, Red all the same girl with selective mutism It is just that, sweet doesn t always do it when there s only about a page worth of conflict in the entire story The story just kind of plods along, and not much of any significance happens.

    19. This was a nice and cute read about a girl named Jubilee who is mute However, nothing really stands out too much about it.

    20. Patricia Reilly Giff has once again created a Loveable character I wouldn t mind reading stories of Judith s adventures.

    21. Enjoyed this story, but it seemed a little too predictable at times Great story for students going through a tough family situation, struggling to know how to act or where they belong.

    22. Copy provided by publisherJudith lives with her Aunt Cora on an island, and is well cared for and loved She has been in a special ed classroom because of her selective mutism, but her aunt has fought to have her included in a regular ed 5th grade class Judith s mother left her when Judith was young, and she still feels abandoned She does find a dog whom she adopts, and struggles to become friends with Mason When Judith s mother returns, she struggles with how to start a relationship with her Whe [...]

    23. Giff, Patricia Reilly Jubilee, 147 pg Wendy Lamb Books, 2016 16.99 Language G 0 swears Mature Content PG Violence G.Jubilee has lived on an island off the coast of Maine with her aunt for years, ever since her mother left her there with no explanation or warning Since the day her mother left, Jubilee has not talked This year she s moving from her special ed class into a regular mainstream class, and this sparks a lot of other changes in her life A dog, a friend and even her mother change Jubilee [...]

    24. This is a lovely, touching story about acceptance I haven t read anything else by this author, so I cannot compare it to her other books, for example Pictures of Hollis Woods, with which it might have a lot in common This would be a perfect book for a reluctant reader It is quite short, and simply yet beautifully written Likes the emotional content I was moved to tears several times, though nothing bad happens it s just very tender.The several loving adults, good communicators who cherish the ma [...]

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