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My Lush Life By Douglas McEwan,

  • Title: My Lush Life
  • Author: Douglas McEwan
  • ISBN: 9780758202239
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • A bawdy and raucous autobiography of Tallulah Morehead, a 103 year old movie star who was once a sex crazed, drunken starlet, details her many escapades, rivals, sexual exploits, battles, addictions, and film roles.
    My Lush Life A bawdy and raucous autobiography of Tallulah Morehead a year old movie star who was once a sex crazed drunken starlet details her many escapades rivals sexual exploits battles addictions

    One thought on “My Lush Life”

    1. Talullah Morehead is a fabulous star She is in her early hundreds when she sits down with the author to tell the story of her life over jusssssst a few marinis She has met and met every major historical figure in the last century and married most of them including Kaiser Wilhelm and Dracula This book is absolutely ridiculous but in a good way Sometimes I pick this book up an just start reading it in the middle This is definitely one of the most fun books I have ever read.

    2. HILARIOUS HILARIOUS HILARIOUS Often books like this start out well, and sometime finish well, but sag in the middle Not this one This is a laugh out loud riot from beginning to end I ll read anything that Douglas McEwan writes

    3. This is an over the top Auntie Mame type book written to appeal to a gay readership Hell, even if you re not gay, but love wickedly funny, campy books, grab a copy of My Lush Life

    4. If you love Auntie Mame you should feel very safe picking this book up One might not exactly call it camp, maybe camp parody.

    5. This book is about 10x too long Same old jokes over over over I made it past the half way point but I m not going to waste any of my life on it.

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