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Never Kiss a Bad Boy By Nora Flite,

  • Title: Never Kiss a Bad Boy
  • Author: Nora Flite
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Could you fall in love with a killer How about two When hiring a hitman, it s important to remember two rules One Pay in cash And two Don t sleep with him I was never good at following rules It s not my fault that the guy I hired to help me is so damn sexy so stupidly good at making me melt Who the hell sleeps with a hitman I wish I could take it back The proCould you fall in love with a killer How about two When hiring a hitman, it s important to remember two rules One Pay in cash And two Don t sleep with him I was never good at following rules It s not my fault that the guy I hired to help me is so damn sexy so stupidly good at making me melt Who the hell sleeps with a hitman I wish I could take it back The problem is, now that I ve slept with Kite once, I want to do it again And again What s worse He wants to share me with his best friend I shouldn t give in to either of them I should be stronger I should remember the rules But with both of them kissing me I can t even remember my own name Author s Note This is a re release of the Beyond Blood series Contains a HEA, NO CHEATING, no cliffhangers, and two hitmen who have a talent for sharing one sassy lady
    Never Kiss a Bad Boy Could you fall in love with a killer How about two When hiring a hitman it s important to remember two rules One Pay in cash And two Don t sleep with him I was never good at following rules It s not

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    1. Title Never Kiss a Bad Boy Author Nora Flite This is hot M F M sex It s a story about revenge, survival love, if that is possible This one was my first read by this author but definitely won t last.2 intense alpha one female set on revenge what to you need Marina This girl had been through so much She lived her whole life with only one thing to live for that was the revenge of her parents older sister Marina has spent the last 16 years living a nightmare Marina was so close to killing 2 man who [...]

    2. This was my first book by this author and it did not disappoint It was an enjoyable, easy book to read The storyline was good and held my interest all the way through.This story is about a threesome one female and two males, no m m Quite often in books that have this type of relationship, the story is focused a lot on the sex However, with this book I didn t find that There is sex but it doesn t overshadow what the book is about I liked that there was an actual story and not just all sex.

    3. Never Kiss a Bad Boy should really have a plural for boy, because this is a story with two hit man They have, ever since they were only 9 years of age, been blood brothers and watched each other s back They were broken and they knew it, so only ever trusted each other They thought after this last job was completed, they would retire and live in style and work at their bar in New York named The Corner Velvet Then enter Marina Fidel into their bar and into their lives, bringing her own broken and [...]

    4. Kite and Jacob, partners who own a bar in New York and it just so happens that they are retired hitmen, finally see their lives coming together after a long, hard road Soon they cross paths with Marina Marina s family was murdered by the man who was Kite and Jacob s final hit Kite believes he got away clean, but there was one witness A beautiful, sexy woman who has spent the last 16 years living a nightmare Marina needs help She needs Kite and Jacob, but they are reluctant Will she be able to co [...]

    5. If all bad boys were like Jacob and Kite I d have absolutely no problem kissing any of them Never Kiss a Bad Boy is such a compelling and different story a tale of 2 best friends, blood brothers that don t let anyone or anything come between them When Marina enters the picture everything they ve worked so hard to achieve is threatened, and their friendship is put to the ultimate test.I really enjoyed this book, it s a little different from anything I ve read before2 hitmen and the woman who has [...]

    6. This is it the last book of 2015 I wish I d have picked something my style I knew what this would entail, and I read it anyway So this is on me But the multiple typos Unforgivable I just don t get relationships like this, and based on what I read, theirs won t last Someone will get jealous and strain the harmony they seem to have There were hints to it in the story I also don t understand the emotional upheaval the reader had to go through when the ending was so predictable It would have been w [...]

    7. I expected a lot of of this book This was the first book I read of this author and I don t know how to feel I know that some of the menage type books don t focus on the relationship in a romantic way but in an erotic way I feel kind of disappointed with the author because she doesn t build the relationship between two of the characters but with the other male, she does a good job.Jacob and the heroine barely speak but they love each other How

    8. Not sure what I expected from this book but I enjoyed it A few twists and turns as Jacob Kite decided if Marina would become theirs in the end This was a dark romance with characters who had serious flaws and trust issues I guess once all the little pieces came together finally they could become one I was kept on edge with this story and that helped me ignore a few editing issues

    9. I was conflicted writing my review First I wasn t expecting a menege type theme But it was of a dark suspense with sensitive subjects I can t say I didn t enjoy it though It was different than most of the books I have read recently Because it was so unique for me I had to give 4stars That being said it, I love Nora books And can t wait for the next one

    10. A little bitSo I chose three stars because in the beginning of this book I couldn t put it down However the book quickly took a turn for the way too freaky for me I am down for the crazy but the two guys one girl for to be too much Also the whole plot of two human falling in love with one woman and sharing her is just to far fetched for me With that being said am a huge fan of Nora Flite her writing style definitely was at work it is the main reason I finished the book.

    11. Well, who wouldn t want a lil menage with Kite and Jacob I love that they re both alphas but share her It was kind of disconcerting that she fell right into it, knowing that she could be their next hit because she knows too much But reality aside, I think in my fantasy world I probably would too I d give this book 3.5 stars I enjoyed it but was able to put it down and not really think about it again until I had time to read.

    12. Broken and Strong How is that for two words you wouldn t think go together But broken and strong are two words that can be used to describe Kite, Jacob and Marina Kite and Jacob are two blood brothers who come from the most despicable childhoods that made them in to the hitmen that they are today They have come from living on the streets as children after leaving their homes to riches from the money they ve made by becoming assassins Not only are they rich hitmen, they are extremely hot and sexy [...]

    13. This was a DNF for me Started off interesting to hold my attention was really getting into the plot When it got to the point talking about her cocoa color skin I was done Sorry not into the whole interracial thing Completely ruined a good book.

    14. Never Kiss A Bad Boy does really make me believe in the power of three The Best M nage Trois Romance I Have Ever Read A Must Read I did received an ARC from this amazing talented author, but don t let that mislead you I couldn t resist the temptation to 1 click this awesome book as I have done with everything she has ever written Call me crazy if you like, but Nora Flite has a Gift, the Gift that allows me to devour her stories, relishing every single moment of it, as if it was the first time Th [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down The chemistry that Marina shares with Kite and Jacob is HOT If you are a sucker for romance and bad boys, then this book is for you It is well worth the read.

    16. A few spoilers in this review This was a very different book and written from all three of their POV s It has a good storyline, except I had a few problems with inconsistency and timing issues with this book Within the first few chapters you have it being 6am, her drinking hot chocolate when Kite and Jacob return from searching her apartment and after a little discussion its dinner time and dark The next morning you have her going to Jacobs apartment for toilet paper, he sitting in a towel after [...]

    17. This was a good book My heart broke for Marina This girl had been through so much She lived her life with only one thing to live for and that was the revenge of her parents and sister Her goal was to force Frank to tell her the other guy that was working with him that night her family was killed She wanted to be able to kill them both, but now lying before her is Frank s dead body.Kite and Jacob were professional hitman They were handsome and every girls wet dream The moment Kite spotted that se [...]

    18. I ve read Nora Flite before, and what I read was nothing short of amazing This book however, was a dud in the water for me I ended up stopping at chapter 6 9%of the way finished because this book gave me such a headache Every chapter is in either Kite, Marina, or Jacobs POV The constant rotation just made it hard to focus and frankly took away from the story completely for me I don t mind multiple points of view if it s done correctly, and Nora has done it before, but just not with this book I f [...]

    19. I just finished reading this book and i can only say OMFG It was amazing It was so intense, sexy and romantic, i couldn t stop myself from reading, i totally fell in love with Kite and Jacob and their stories made me cried But i really love the bond they shared and the fact that they didn t let their friendship be afected by a woman like Marina Fidel, who by the way i think it is a really strong and brave character, who was able to deal with everything without breaking till the very end when you [...]

    20. ARC received in return for an honest review Wow This book was hard to put down Marina is a woman devoid of feeling except the need for vengeance until she spends time with Kite and Jacob They are retired contract killers, blood brothers since childhood who will do anything to protect each other It s something of a dark psychological thriller in that even though Kite and Jacob are both obsessed with her, they pretty much forge ahead with their plan to kill her once they retrieve incriminating evi [...]

    21. Kite and Jacob had a job to do they took their job very seriously They made sure that their job was done and done with no witnesses and no evidence left behind Well almost always Marina parents were murdered She has been looking for the men who had killed them She wanted to hunt them down and kill them But someone got to at least one of them first She saw it happen Now she is has someone to help her find the other person but she didnt realize that their was another person involved Now Kite and J [...]

    22. I liked the characters and I think it had great potential to be a great book however it fell short for me I loved Marina, Jacob, as Kite but I felt like her and Kite were together but Jacob was just there for a third whenever they felt like it Jacob was my fave of all and I kinda feel as if he got shafted My favorite part of the book was the last few chapters about the back story of the guys I loved it Maybe if the book went further into their relationship after everything played out I would ha [...]

    23. Way too long for the plotI enjoy a bad boy love story, and even a hitman romance from time to time, but this one just seemed to too long for the amount of story The plot was decent, the characters fine, the sex hot, but oh, the angst from all three of the main characters just went on and on and ontives, and thoughts, and feelings, until I wanted to just say Enough all ready, get to the point I like s home thoughtfulness on the part of heroes and heroines, but there is such a thing as too much.

    24. Never Kiss a Bad Boy has a lot of great moments and a pretty nice story and well built characters The sex scenes are fun and steamy, but never cringe worthy which is actually quite rare because it builds on the character s chemistry While the erotica is done well, the story that drew these characters together gets lost in the romantic story which is a shame because it would have been nice to see a little of it and explore a little of what Marina could have achieved in this mix.Full review klli [...]

    25. Un freaking believable, get ready foursome hot M F M action Two Blood Brothers also best friends Kite Jacob since their were 9, has be with each other since learning to art to make their kills and leave no evidence behind Until Marine comes into their lives with blackmail unless they take our the mafia monster that raped, killed and butchered her parents and older sister They will test her on her trust but they don t truest her with their hearts, since they been destroyed but people they loved w [...]

    26. never kiss a bad follows two hit men kite and Jacob who have been best friends since they were kids they thought they would leave that life behind when they meet a girl named marina who finds out their identity and needs there help seeking revenge for an event that happened when she was only six there skeptical but she has something they need but in time she becomes than they ever imagined this book is a total most read and you wont be able to take your eyes away

    27. Maybe I m just being a nit picker but I wasnt very fond of Jacob It felt as though he was thrown into the relationship to make it taboo I felt the relationship between Kite and Marina was much evolved and relationshipie than her and Jacob Kite was just a better character all around and I guess him having to share with Jacob made me feel bad for him and made me think of Jacob as stepping in on his territory But it s whatever.

    28. More of a 3.5 This was a very interesting read Hitmen have past lives too Some have always been evil, but not all These two definitely had hearts Even though they were originally saving their own asses, their hearts saw the love that Marina was throwing their way Love is weird, usually it comes at you when you least expect it to That s what Marina did to both hitmen, Kite Jacob She showed that hem love in return learned that there just might be something out there to live for.

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