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Pharos By Guy Haley,

  • Title: Pharos
  • Author: Guy Haley
  • ISBN: 9781785723407
  • Page: 496
  • Format: ebook
  • Just as Guilliman s dream of Imperium Secundus seems finally to be realised, the Night Lords launch a full invasion of distant Sotha Their target The mysterious Mount Pharos With the noble Emperor Sanguinius ruling from Macragge, Imperium Secundus stands as a lone beacon of hope even as the Warmaster s forces continue to ravage the rest of the galaxy Roboute Guilliman,Just as Guilliman s dream of Imperium Secundus seems finally to be realised, the Night Lords launch a full invasion of distant Sotha Their target The mysterious Mount Pharos With the noble Emperor Sanguinius ruling from Macragge, Imperium Secundus stands as a lone beacon of hope even as the Warmaster s forces continue to ravage the rest of the galaxy Roboute Guilliman, still Master of Ultramar, has convinced his brother that Terra has fallen and that the mysterious Mount Pharos on Sotha now holds the key to mankind s future But the Night Lords, those cruel and pitiless sons of Konrad Curze, have been watching from the shadows, and make ready to launch their long planned attack on the Pharos itself Long running plot threads tie together in a new full length Horus Heresy novel Roboute Guilliman s new Imperium faces its first test as the Night Lords, scattered after the events of Prince of Crows, attack in force And of course, Curze is still around the scene with him and Sanguinius facing one another is a Heresy fan s dream come true.
    Pharos Just as Guilliman s dream of Imperium Secundus seems finally to be realised the Night Lords launch a full invasion of distant Sotha Their target The mysterious Mount Pharos With the noble Emperor San

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    1. The first full lenght HH novel by Guy Haley after some good short stories is an awesome debut, a real masterpiece.An action packed tale with lots of twists, great unforgettable characters, references to Novamarines and Scythes of the Emperor Space Marines Chapters history and events echoing into the W40K setting 10000 years later Really not bad for a first novel.Pharos is a touching tale of brotherly love too Sanguinius and Guilliman Sanguinius and Konrad Kurze giving us an amazing fight scene b [...]

    2. Review also published hereOh boy, what a ride To me, Pharos is the Horus Heresy in top form It covered all the bases Primarch drama, action, massive Legion scale battles, revelations, big repercussions for 40k as we know it, very likeable charactersPharos continues on from various plotlines within the Imperium Secundus story arc Set after The Unremembered Empire and Deathfire in the mainline series, but also A Safe and Shadowed Place, The Long Night and The Dark Between the Stars as well as The [...]

    3. Minor spoilers ahead Pharos is a first Horus Heresy novel from the uber talented sci fi author Guy Haley And guess what HE OUTDONE HIMSELF with it This novel is definitely one of the best HH novels to date Especially count that knowing, that I hate Imperium Secundus stuff and think that it s Arc should have ended a long time ago.But let s get back to the amazing HH book 33.The best depiction of this masterpiece and yes that is actually what Pharos truly is was made by the author himself in his a [...]

    4. After two relatively stagnant years without any truly remarkable additions after The Unremembered Empire, and with an exception for Anthony Reynolds excellent novella The Purge, the Horus Heresy makes a comeback.And what a triumph of a comeback Pharos was As one light dies within the story, another shines brightly, and that s Guy Haley Having singled the author out since The Shards of Erebus in Mark of Calth, my only thought at the time had been, this guy s a genius at characterization You can i [...]

    5. Guy Haley makes his Heresy debut with aplomb presenting us with an alternately action packed and characterful novel Whether it s taking a look at the ever fraught court politics of Imperium Secundus or presenting us with a brutal insight into the fractured and ever malevolent Night Lords, he holds both attention and a good few continuing plot threads with deft hands.Haley presents characters that we care about or are interested in seeing of from the humble human auxiliaries on Sotha up to a me [...]

    6. The book came out as an e book yesterday, and I finished it today It s the direct sequel to Unremembered Empire and while it s useful to have listened to the audiobook Herald of Sanguinius it s not required It also is starting to line up our characters for the return to Terra and Aaron Dembski Bowden is working on a novel entitled Master of Mankind So it s Ultramarines vs Night Lords in the battle for the Pharos on Sotha There s plenty of action, much of it from the point of view of some Ultrama [...]

    7. Oh man, I really don t know where to begin I ve been a fan of Guy Haley s various warhammer fiction for quite some time now, though I have definitely not read all of it yet He shows a remarkable talent for storytelling and creating exceedingly awesome character or making them into one Pharos is Guy s first novel length release for the massive Horus Heresy series, and he does not disappoint While the novel certainly starts off a little slowly with build up and character world building, I still fe [...]

    8. This entry into the series made me smile It was reminiscent of the earlier works that included the actual storyline and a set of old characters who get some time on stage alongside a new set of red shirts who get erased just after you begin to care for them I am kind of sick of Ultramar, honestly, ever since Know No Fear it has been all Ultramar all Imperium Secundus all the time Yes, that is clearly a large portion of this tale, but as the Python s liked to say, Get on with it This novel had so [...]

    9. Much like David Annandale, Guy Haley is proving to be one of those authors my opinion has gradually shifted on Despite the utter contempt I held towards Death of Integrity, his surprising success with Baneblade and later Valedor proved that he was a reliable author in his own right, capable of forging great stories Now, with Pharos, we have some of his best work to date and a great spin on several major legions.The story here focuses upon the Imperium Secundus once again and the world of Sotha, [...]

    10. The secret, warpborn villainies want nothing than to escape the immaterium for realspace and aggrandize their pleasures in the horror of torture and blood They hunger for it They would make this nightmare and themselves a reality Their gutlust is no lie The Emperor, harbinger of mankind s destiny, it s manifest destiny, that they should rule supreme among the millions of stars in the galaxy, he believes himself savior of the human race, it s sculptor and architect But he denies his own dominion [...]

    11. You can read the full review over at my blog shadowhawksshade.wordpressIn many ways, we are in what could possibly be called the middle phase of the Horus Heresy, with novels such as Deathfire and War Without End and, of course, Pharos The Dropsite Massacre has happened, Rogal Dorn is busy fortifying Terra, Horus and his allies have spread their web throughout the Imperium, and Guilliman has holed himself up in Ultramar, cut off from the rest of the galaxy by the Ruinstorm Doesn t exactly paint [...]

    12. Please note, if you haven t read The Unremembered Empire then this review will contain spoilers.Mysteriously numbered as 34 in Black Library s Horus Heresy series despite Deathfire coming in at number 32, Pharos by Guy Haley continues the wider Imperium Secundus arc, picking up plotlines from Dan Abnett s The Unremembered Empire as well as Haley s own short story A Safe and Shadowed Place from Death and Defiance While the new Emperor Sanguinius sits uneasily upon the throne, Guilliman continues [...]

    13. Probably the strongest HH book to come out for a while but the benchmark wasn t set very high While it s good to see Night Lords take a prominent part in the action I am getting tired of traitor legionaries being one dimensional bad guys that are bad for the sake of being bad That being said, Kellendvar was perhaps the strongest character in this as we got to see some of his internal struggle.This is the true follow up from Unremembered Empire but I felt that too long had passed between the two [...]

    14. A small force of human auxilia and Ultramarines defending a powerful communications array are taken surprise by a massive Night Lords force Human, transhumance and daemons battle it out for the fate of humanity The action is intense and the story is fast paced Even a beloved character falls it was a good bolter porn read.

    15. 3.5 , I think Some great stuff here Some slightly stilted moments at the beginning A lot to recommend it Looking forward to the next book in the series I have to read I m trying to catch up I d let four Heresy novels to pile up unread.

    16. Well I just finished this, the 34th installment in the Horus Heresy series This book was really awesome What lies within these pages is the tale of the Imperium Secundus, wherein the Five Hundred Worlds of Ultramar, ruled by Primarch Roboute Guilliman of the Ultramarines becomes victim to the Night Lords legion Sanguinius, put in charge as the new Emperor, as news assumed from the three Primarchs within the new Imperium has forced the decision to be made, has taken over, reluctantly As Primarch [...]

    17. The quintessential Horus Heresy book Pharos has all the ingredients of a great Warhammer 40,000 novel and Guy Haley manages to blend them together into a cohesive and engrossing story.The book continues the Imperium Secundus storyline With the help of the titular Pharos, Guilliman the territory under his protection However, the Night Lords stranded after the Thramas Crusade stumble upon it and then all hell breaks loose I always like to read about less popular and less documented Legions and the [...]

    18. What a beautiful, wonderful experience Half way through it was a solid 4 star for me, but the later chapters had turned the good book into an amazing one I feel like the main theme of Pharos is Brotherhood, the relations between Primarchs, battle brothers and actual birth brothers of the unfortunate Nostraman descent, human soldiers and space marine neophytes Heart warming friendship between one of my favorite loyalist characters, Barabas Dantioch, and Alexis Polux brought a tear to my eye in th [...]

    19. Another solid entry into the series even though i m not a fan of the whole Imperious Secondus sub plot thing.The Night Lord s launch an attack almost by accident on the Pharos the xeno tech that is illuminating the area cut off by the Ruinstorm Can the outnumbered and surprised defenders hold out long enough for Gulliman to send reinforcements or will the Avenging Son s realm be cast into darkness for good Yeah, don t start with this book.Of all the Traitor Legions Cruze s Night Lords are the mo [...]

    20. A very enjoyable book, a masterwork in making two kinds of the same transhuman space marine intensely alien to one another the approach of the Night Lords and Ultramarines is ying yang stuff, particularly as the Night Lords sink into a morass of nihilism while the Ultramarines cling to an almost confucian belief in system Amidst all this is, however, a story of empathy, as an Iron Warrior the destroyers of walls and an Imperial Fist the builders of walls grow closer in challenged times Finally, [...]

    21. I have read the thoughts of others and I have to sayThis is the WORST book in the HH group Fulgrim was pretty badbut this one even tops that I have read everyone of the HH series and can say some of them are amazing Soul Hunter, Fabius Bile, Outcast DeadEtc But this one horrible.1 The Pharos itself was difficult to understand 2 The Characters, none of them had any charisma, boring3 He made the night lords out to be the biggest wimp in the Entire Space Marines warrior group They get killed by the [...]

    22. It has become a bit of a tragicomic love hate relationship between fans of the lore and the Horus Heresy Collectively we are all shouting get on with it Book after book that seems to be getting us nowhere or collections of short stories that feel as ideas that did not get the green light for a full book, it is beyond enough it has become an insult And yet once and a while we get a gem such as Pharos The characters are all well developed, we get an interesting insight in the psychology of the nig [...]

    23. If you re looking for in depth exploration of the human emotion, keep moving Anyone who knows how the Warhammer boys and girls operate should come into this book understanding that almost all of the main characters are going to die, the book is going to be grim, and even though the good guys win it still kind of feels like a loss That being said, Pharos continues the Horus Heresy with usual gusto The Ultramarines continue to fight for their empire against some pretty brutal, well terrorists of t [...]

    24. This is one of my favorite books in the series so far Plenty of action, so great links to things in the 40k universe, and of the vicious Nightlords I m glad the bad guys from Nostromo are continuing to be represented in the novels as than mustache twirling villains This book keeps with the feel of the Nightlords trilogy.

    25. This book as some really good parts I especially liked when it followed the Planetary Defense Force The SGT that leads the is a very likable character However, the book felt overly long and dragged Also we get it the Night Lords are Evil The best scene hands down is when Sanguinus is flying around the city and thinking about life and what is happening.

    26. Part of the Imperium Secondus storyline A good side story to the mainline Heresy storyline The Pharos was an interesting addition to reason for Ultramar s rise as a secondary Imperium.

    27. He said this, he said thatt exactly Hugo awarding winning writing.Boring Usual boring gun battles etc etc etc

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