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All Smoke Rises: Milk-Blood Redux By MarkMatthews Kealan Patrick Burke,

  • Title: All Smoke Rises: Milk-Blood Redux
  • Author: MarkMatthews Kealan Patrick Burke
  • ISBN: 9780692608722
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Intense, imaginative, and empathic Matthews is a damn good writer, and make no mistake, he will hurt you Jack KetchumTen year old Lilly is the victim of a terrible house fire and a wretched family Her father is an addict with mental illness, her mother was murdered and then buried across the street, and her uncle got her addicted to heroin.Lilly s tragic story has be Intense, imaginative, and empathic Matthews is a damn good writer, and make no mistake, he will hurt you Jack KetchumTen year old Lilly is the victim of a terrible house fire and a wretched family Her father is an addict with mental illness, her mother was murdered and then buried across the street, and her uncle got her addicted to heroin.Lilly s tragic story has been told in the book ALL SMOKE RISES, and it may be true, for the author has broken into your house, and placed Lilly s body on your kitchen counter He demands you read the manuscript, before cutting his own wrists and bleeding out on your floor.Now you have decisions to make, for Lilly s body may not be dead, and her family is coming for herRE PRAISE FOR ALL SMOKE RISES Make no mistake, when it comes to citations of true horror, you will be hard pressed to find a deeper and challenging example than you will here Matthews knows the heartbreak and tragedy of his subject By the time you are done reading this, you will too KEALAN PATRICK BURKE, Bram Stoker Award winning author of KIN and Sour Candy Absolutely stunning JULIE HUTCHINGS, author of Running Home Heartbreakingly sad, overwhelmingly disturbing, creepy, violent and poignant Highly recommended JOHN FD TAFF Bram Stoker Finalist Filled with such dread and depravity that even the most desensitized among us will feel the pain Matthews s prose vividly shows the viciousness and hopelessness of drug addiction, and the beautifully horrifying images will stay with you long after the final page is digested JON BASSOFF, author of Corrosion, winner of the Darkfuse Reader s Choice Award True reality horror, with supernatural elements that only serve to make it believable MICHAEL BRADFORD, Executive Producer, Monkey Knuckle Films.
    All Smoke Rises Milk Blood Redux Intense imaginative and empathic Matthews is a damn good writer and make no mistake he will hurt you Jack KetchumTen year old Lilly is the victim of a terrible house fire and a wretched family Her

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    1. The lightning can strike twice The author contacted me and I received a copy of this book in exchange of a honest reviewLLY S BODYThis novel is sequel to Milk Blood also written by Mark Matthews, and this second visit to the raw environment of this story is as good as the first engagement A bold statement that a lightning of literary brilliance can strike in the good way in the same story that certainly deserved a follow up taking you to dark ambiances where nothing is safe and anything can happ [...]

    2. Part 2 and 3 of the Milk Blood trilogy does not disappoint After that intense bathroom scene in part one, I didn t think there was much left this author could do that would shock me, but I was wrong So very wrong.There seems to be a never ending supply of damaged souls on Brentwood Street, the drug laden neighborhood that Lilly was born into I found myself actually rooting for a few of them, as some started out with the right intentions, but always failed due to flawed or poor judgement Once aga [...]

    3. After reading this book I was left in tatters, emotionally and mentally Mark Matthews is an exceptional talent in the world of horror writers and I have been a fan for quite some time now, this took my awe of him to a whole new level.All Smoke Rises follows on from Mark s exceptional book Milk Bloodwhich was another mind blowing five star read that deeply disturbed me but fascinated me all at the same time This book took disturbed moments to a whole other level I passionately encourage you to fi [...]

    4. I was privileged to be able to read All Smoke Rises Milk Blood Redux before it s release This book is the sequel to Milk Blood, by Mark Matthews The story is intense and moves quickly, so you may want to sit down and set all else aside before you get started.In the beginning, we are presented with Lilly s body, a husk of the child she once was But there is a stirring within Is there hope for Lilly The definition of redux is brought back, or revival We return once again to Brentwood, with it s ab [...]

    5. 4.5 stars ALL SMOKE RISES Milk Blood Redux by Mark Matthews is the sequel to his novel, MILK BLOOD In this previous novel, we are first introduced to the child, Lilly born with a defective heart, and hooked on heroin by her Uncle Nelson Then comes the fire that burns down her home L SMOKE RISES begins with a bang A female doctor from the Sharepoint Psychiatric Hospital arrives home, only to find herself confronted by a patient who breaks in He lays a bundle upon her counter, and a pile of papers [...]

    6. She closed the door and he was gone, but his soul, his life, his whole world was now trapped inside They had him now Wherever he went, a long, unseen chain was attached to draw him back All because of the tiny pinhole in his arm In this sequel to Milk Blood, author Mark Matthews offers readers a riveting and poignant conclusion to Lilly s story Told from multiple points of view, we are once again immersed in both supernatural horrors, and the very real human horrors of the characters own making [...]

    7. Mark Matthews makes me sick His horror takes me to a place I don t want to go, but have to go, until I finish the story he has told His writing takes chances did this have first, second and third person way to go He doesn t shy away from any subject He writes with confidence and originality And by God, he makes you feel every pinprick.So now I am dirty Now, I am sick My skin prickles as if a thousand needles full of heroin, and worse things, much worse things things potent, evil than any drug [...]

    8. I read book one in this series and was not prepared for how it blew me away I didn t realize that the author Mark Matthews was going to write Lilly s story I was so excited when he contacted me to see if I would like to read an advanced copy He told me this was a little gory maybe than the first I was expecting than I got because everything that was written inside these pages were written for a reason You can really tell that the author has knowledge of what he is writing about here and the cha [...]

    9. 4.5 stars.All Smoke Rises Milk Blood Redux is the awesome sequel to Mark Matthews Milk Blood, which was one of my favorite reads of 2015 I was lucky enough to be able to beta read this in its infancy and see it turn into the beautiful, haunting, gem of urban horror that fittingly compliments its predecessor Real truth might burn your eyes right out When we last saw Lilly her story seemed to be over A sad life followed by an even sadder ending But can that much pain ever really die Where does the [...]

    10. The sequel to Milk Blood A Tale of Urban Horror picks up pretty much exactly where the original left off Lilly is not dead, but rather occupies some kind of nether space between worlds She is brought back by the loving administrations of the undead Jervis who injects her with heroin often of the milk blood variety to get her to briefly come back to life a state in which she is no longer tormented by the words of her long dead mother Other characters become involved all of whom are equally lost a [...]

    11. Mark Matthews has once again given me nightmare fodder with this outstanding follow up to Milk Blood Highly recommended The intro by Kealan Patrick Burke was impressive, as well.

    12. Harrowing but essential reading I completed this short book in one sitting and I feel exhausted by the process This is a hard look at the life of a drug user users and the effects such behaviour has on society and friends and family It is a harrowing tale made poignant by the fact that the author is a trained counsellor and someone who has worked in the field of mental health and addiction for many years and is therefore knowledgeable and skilled to produce a work of such deep thought and feeli [...]

    13. As a horror writer, I get asked all the time for recommendations for new books and authors in the genre beyond the usual things you find on the supermarket shelves Lately, I ve been recommending Mark Matthews His milk blood books are really original and modern takes on streetwise noir bold examples of gritty realism cast through a blood red horror lens He s tackling contemporary fears and societal issues head on charging into them head first, actually and once you read his work it tackles you th [...]

    14. A haunting, unique book.In All Smoke Rises, a masterful author combines the supernatural with gritty reality grounded in his own personal experiences with addiction treatment The result is a haunting, unique tale that lingers like a hangover Matthews takes some risks, combining literary styles and perspectives, creating a dizzying effect that complements the subject matter well Definitely a recommended page turner.

    15. I don t know what else to say about this story If you like horror you will like this book It will probably prove to be scarier than most things you have ever read in the genre Purely and simply because it could be real See here for the full review All Smoke Rises

    16. Over the past couple of years I have read many books by Mark Matthews and have really enjoyed them Mark contacted me a week ago asking if I was interested in reading the ARC copy of ALL SMOKE RISES I was excited and this book wasn t even on my radar and of course I said yes I knew after reading MILK BLOOD it would be a great read and I was itching for a return Brentwood Street I knew there was of Lilly s story and I would able to see what harsh reality she was living.Mark Matthew s sequel to MI [...]

    17. This book is quite sickening It is the sequel to Lilly s story and continues where the first book left off It is told from different perspectives and all the characters are in a pathetic position in life My favorite story thread was Crystal s because she was the closest from having an out The hopelessness of the story could actually take place in any city and provided a rawness to the book I recommend this to people who like graphic horror with some supernatural Thanks to Mark Matthews who gave [...]

    18. My original All Smoke Rises Milk Blood Redux audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.A psychiatrist gets a horrible shock as a former patient breaks into his home and kills himself in front of him But before he dies, he reveals a terrible a secret, a burned and mutilated child and a manuscript that explains her origins.Lilly was born into drugs and violence, forced to take heroin as a toddler and then abandoned to her psychotic father, her fate seems hopeless She must [...]

    19. Having read The Damage Done and Milk Blood Part 1 I was really looking forward to reading the sequel I want to thank Mark for sending me an ARC.In Milk Blood Mark wrote Advanced accurate empathy is the clinical term for the ability to infer the thoughts and feelings of another, and to put oneself in their internal world and perceptions That s exactly what makes the difference in this horror novel mixing addiction induced insanity with supernatural events in a neighborhood where no one would want [...]

    20. ALL SMOKE RISES MILK BLOOD REDUXThe follow up to his brilliant book, MILK BLOOD, OPTIONED FOR A FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM Mark Matthews tells the story of addiction so well, I was forced to smell the stench, touch the grime, and feel the unrelenting pain of these characters It can be overwhelming, but, that s a true mark of an awesome writer.The added supernatural elements make this haunting story even chilling Your body runs cold as each scene is excellently described The brutality, depravity, [...]

    21. GreatExcellent book about addiction and the depth we addicts will go to Great story blurs the line between reality and extreme horror Could not put down.

    22. The perfect sequel to Mark Matthews urban horror tale of drug addiction and extreme dysfunction, Milk Blood.I didn t think it could get much bleaker than MB I was wrong Lilly is back So is the heartbreak, tragedy and shear brutality There are no rainbows and unicorns in this one and there shouldn t be It s not that kind of tale There is redemption here, but don t expect to go tiptoeing thru the tulips after reading this one Under the desk, curled up in a ball, sucking your thumb, is like it.It [...]

    23. Just like the previous book Milk Blood , this was nowhere near an easy read and I felt uncomfortable most of the time But whereas Lilly s story really haunted me, I did not feel as deeply for the characters in this story, maybe because I think Lilly did never have a choice of her own I was still shocked by Lilly s ongoing torturous after life, but I did not sympathize enough with the drug dealers or addicts, so their fate did not touch me the same way Still, the book creates an aura of utter hop [...]

    24. Right from the get go I was sucked in So much originality in this book, from the sacredness of the little girl Lilly to the use of milk blood an actual practice used by addicts that I had no idea about The disturbing realms the mind of the addicts dwell is real and unsettling All Smoke Rises is written in a nontraditional sense that is refreshing and has made me a fan of Mr Matthews Keep them coming, Mark

    25. This was a really good follow up to Milk Blood It was hard to read at times as it was so dark and filled with real life horror themes substance abuse, domestic violence, urban poverty, child abuse, etc.

    26. Review copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewAll Smoke Rises opens with a stunning prologue that puts readers in the shoes of a doctor at the Sharepoint Psychiatric Hospital You still feel the crushing weight of the mental illnesses of your patients surrounded daily by the sounds of orderlies chasing patients through the halls even after 17 years on the job You walk out into the hallway after hearing yet another struggle and the latest rowdy patient, who is covered in blood, looks direct [...]

    27. If you re up to this part, you know by now what milk blood is and it s disturbing as it is gross This is the darker side of real life that exists every day.Narcan Naloxone is a very powerful, rapid acting, opiate antidote Upon my research, I have found it is now made in nasal spray form to reverse the effects of opioid overdose, namely severe respiratory depression that can be fatal It makes it easy for police officers and emergency responders to carry For Heroin addicts, Narcan is so rapid acti [...]

    28. I was asked by the author to try the book and give a review on it Okay to be honest I don t know how to give this review I liked the book because it was strange in a way that I can t really put my finger on it It is a continuation of the first book The main character in both books is Lilly who was born after her mother was raped by a homeless man Lilly s mother is murdered by her step father because Lilly was born a addicted to drugs That s the gist of the first book This book wow how to explain [...]

    29. First off, let me say that this author never fails to disappoint with a horrifying and gruesomely detailed story All Smoke Rises begins with Lilly s body being presented on a table, with a book of her life and a begging for her story to be heard Once that book is opened, it takes you down a path of a poor child born into a life of neglect and abuse Lilly s uncle gave her the first taste of heroin and got the poor child hooked on it After the fire that killed Oscar, Lilly is different and she nee [...]

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