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Wife Me Bad Boy By Chance Carter,

  • Title: Wife Me Bad Boy
  • Author: Chance Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My Name is Grant Lucas, And I Will Make You My Wife I look like any normal Bad Boy Tattoos, Muscles, Swagger I look good But I m not good, and I will Make a Wife out of You Lacey thinks she wants a husband, she thinks she wants a nice man to settle down with She has no idea The guy she has in mind is all wrong He doesn t have the balls He doesn t even come cloMy Name is Grant Lucas, And I Will Make You My Wife I look like any normal Bad Boy Tattoos, Muscles, Swagger I look good But I m not good, and I will Make a Wife out of You Lacey thinks she wants a husband, she thinks she wants a nice man to settle down with She has no idea The guy she has in mind is all wrong He doesn t have the balls He doesn t even come close to being man enough for a girl like her I know what she wants, she wants the Rock Hard strength of a real man And if she s going to get a husband, it s going to be me I m the only one who can wife her She doesn t know it yet, but I m going to Wife her so Hard her Head will Spin.
    Wife Me Bad Boy My Name is Grant Lucas And I Will Make You My Wife I look like any normal Bad Boy Tattoos Muscles Swagger I look good But I m not good and I will Make a Wife out of You Lacey thinks she wants a hu

    One thought on “Wife Me Bad Boy”

    1. First, let s talk about the title of this book Wife me bad boy Beyond stupid I kept thinking there would be some cute inside joke But no, no They are using wife as a verb, and not even a very good one.Still though, I thought, hey, I had a good KU experience last week and this one looks promising Let s check this baby out.Silly, silly me.We begin the book with Grant and Lacey, who have been mutually in lust with each other since they first met when he was 21 and she was 17 Kay The book starts wit [...]

    2. A bad boy with a heart This is the romantic and totally hilarious love journey of Grant and Lace First off I must say this story had me cracking up Grant is a definite bad boy he s musclebound he has tattoos everywhere and he s a thief Yep he s a modern day Robin Hood But he s also a romantic at heart even though the story opens up with him being a complete cynic when it comes to marriage and relationships Grant has been in love with Lacey since he was 21 and Lacey was 17 Right from the beginnin [...]

    3. Really love this author s Alpha men Enjoyed this story immensely At times I thought Grant and Lacey were the biggest idiots, but in the end they redeemed themselves.

    4. Recieved this as an ARC for a honest review.This book for me wasn t as good as the first and was very frustrating to read, for me there are some issues spoilers As with the first one there were again a few editing issues They main characters had 17 years of attraction without any major action on either part Wow 17 years of nothing, seems a lot of years to waste There first sexual encounter was had with no protection, made the pregnancy predictable The main characters kept repeating their thought [...]

    5. Having finished Chance s Wife Me Bad Boy all I can say again is WOW Wife Me Bad Boy is Chance s second book this year part of the same series, I do suggest you read book 1 first,although is t not a necessity I love how we started off at Faith Jackson s wedding from Bad Boy Daddy you get a really indepth idea about what marriage means to our new leading characters Lacey Grant Let me just say they have COMPLETE different views Then a descision to let lust fly for the night, has Lacey look elsewher [...]

    6. I received this for an honest review I enjoy Chance Carter s work The first book I read of his was really good but I think this one was better I just loved Grant Lucas in this book Lacey Eden was beautiful When I was first reading about Lacey I was wondering how much I was going to like her but trust me when I say that first glance does not tell you everything When you first read about her you might think she is weak but that is so far from the truth She carries some scars with her that might ma [...]

    7. I said in my review of Bad Boy Daddy and I will say it again, I was leary about reading these books I just didn t think it was possible for a decent storyline with a woman of substance to be written by a man BOY was I wrong Chance has such a way of writing wonderful characters with an abundance of substance, characters you can really feel a connection with Although I felt a connection with Faith the heroine from Bad Boy Daddy, it was miniscule compared to the connection I felt with Lacey.Grant i [...]

    8. This was a romantic story of a bad boy scared to give up his freedom he swore to never marry and everyone knew especially Lacey who was crazy about Grant but never said so nor did he say the words to her he just wrote them to himself until he realized that the woman he loved was about to make the biggest mistake of her life and refuse to look at what she was doing to herself Lacey Eden was seventeen when she first met Grant Lucas when her father brought him home to live with them so that he coul [...]

    9. I was willing to give this book a chance I soon gave up on it though Besides the few editing and vocabulary boo boos that I came upon within the first few pages of this romance , I had to back off Which is too bad, as the opening was pretty good, overall.There s nothing sexy or romantic about Grant a juvenile lunk of a guy , telling Lacey a woman who is literally too stupid to live how he s gonna do her in crude languageeven if she likes him to talk dirty to her The dirty talk could have possibl [...]

    10. A Review of Wife Me Bad Boy by Chance CarterThe path to love is sometimes long and rocky 5 starsI was really excited to get to Grant and Lacey s story, after meeting them in Faith and Jackson s story We knew from that book that Lacey was in love with Grant and even though the others could tell that he cared a lot about her as well, Grant was hesitant to pursue his desire Lacey and the four guys of the Brotherhood were family for over seventeen years and since Lacey s father was the one that took [...]

    11. Grant Lucas doesn t believe in marriage, he doesn t do commitment and he thinks men accept the farce of marriage and share the same belief His thoughts briefly waver though when he sees his best friend get married, but is it real.Lacey has long had a crush on Grant and when he confesses he wants her she is thrilled However he just wants her for one night only, he wants to pretend he is her husband and she his wife She succumbs hoping for a different end result, but it blows up in her face Hurt a [...]

    12. Lacey has always loved Grant She has been looking for her happily ever after, but hasn t found itGrant has always loved Lacey But he won t admit to it Love, weddings, husband wife will not be in his future So when Lacey meets Rob, even though he doesn t treat her right, she is willing to put that to the side and accept what he gives just so she isn t alone Will things change between her and Rob Will he finally treat her right When he proposes marriage, she says yes Will Grant allow this to happe [...]

    13. Can one change their mind about things when it comes to having a partner in life or rather making sure that avenue is cut off When if you feel what your feeling is wrong but take it a step further anyway can the consequences out way the risk What if that risk was not only your heart but the breaking of anothers heart Not all is easy when looking for Mr Right in the wrong places Yet he must let her go, but can he do the right thing and let her go Simple may not be that simply lived.Beautiful insi [...]

    14. I did not care for the heroine I didn t enjoy reading this very much because I was busy disliking this poor girl Yes I know there are pathetic people out here in the real world My disabled ass puts me in that group lol I read to escape the real world I don t want to dislike my heroine, even if its realistic.

    15. DOUBLE UGHenough said I need to read a good alpha possessive male with realistic dark issues I require to read Ms Kristen Ashely s stories to get me out of this funk.

    16. Wife Me Bad Boy is an incredibly breathtaking testament to the life changing power of love Even if you don t see immediate changes, it weaves itself quietly into every aspect until you can t separate it from any part of yourself The effect is unmeasurable by human standards because you don t see the results until long after it has permeated every part of your heart and being Every lost and hurting soul that is touched by love will find themselves intoxicated by its passion, overwhelmed by its in [...]

    17. Could not finish.Spoilers Spoilers I reached about 50 percent of this book and I could not finish I am assuming that at this point the author was going into the HEA, which would be empty This book is about the worst h character that I have read about in a very long time This character had absolutely no self respect or self esteem and she was willing to do just about anything to herself or have anything done to her so that she can get a man Really Here is a character who was in her thirties who t [...]

    18. Wow, this will get your heart a pumping This is the second story for the Brotherhood professional thieves This is the daughter of the man that stated it all and save the four men s lives Lacey had been in love with Grant since she was 17 and he was 21, he was the first of the boys but it was him and Lacey for a while, growing to like and be each other s friend, she helped him and the others become the men they are today But Grant would never become the lover he wanted to be for her, because he f [...]

    19. This is the second book in the Naughty Boy series and Chance Carter did it again with his outstanding storyline and his character development Chance s style of writing just draws the reader into the story and keeps them enthralled from the very beginning until the very end I have definitely added Chance Carter to my list of must read authors

    20. Grant is exactly how I would imagine any guy He is a rough guy with an imagine of being against marriage He has fantasized about a woman for years but never acted on it for one reason She was considered family She was the daughter of the man who saved him so many years ago Until one night everything was good Then the night of Jackson s wedding changed everything.Lacey was just seventeen when Grant came to live with them Now seventeen years later and she still has the same feeling that she hid ba [...]

    21. I received this book in exchange of an honest review There is something when you know it s a man who writes romances, it makes unconsciously the men in the stories appear edgy, closer to reality Chance Carter is such a good author he gives us, women, all our fantasies and happy ending without taking the true nature of alpha men Wife Me Bad Boy, is the second book of the series We meet the whole gang again, have updates on Jackson and Faith while discovering Lacey and Grant s story And what a st [...]

    22. Kindly provided with an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review.This was Grant and Lacey s book Quite sweet really, they have both been in love with each other but Grant won t admit it I like this book as it was the marriage proposal from another guy that spurred Grant to get with the programme Sheesh, he should t have needed Rob coming on the scene to make him realise that Lacey was his HEAbut hey sometimes ya need a push But is it too late Chance wrote a interesting and tangled web [...]

    23. DNF at 15% I really tried to get into this book but the heroine was such a wimpy, sad sack of bad decisions that I just couldn t stomach it without looking on here to see if it got better It doesn t I m not giving this book of my life Reading the hilarious review on by Aarann was the best part of the book reading experience Please authors, listen to us We want to like a book brooding, muscle bound alpha but give us a female protagonist that we can respect Don t make us want to drop kick her and [...]

    24. I read this as satire, not a serious romance I use the term read loosely it was skimming and laughing at the horrible prose With lines like It terrified me I had to stop him If he put that thing inside me it would kill me It was like a weapon than an organ of love Yup She said organ of love and I m going to wrap you around this cock, Lacey It s going to wear you Just a little bit like Silence of the Lambs.I know some readers loved it, but it was not for me It s a well thought out story, but I [...]

    25. Lacey has been in love with Grant for a long time Neither of them have acted upon the feelings they each have for various reasons until forced to face it or leave each other alone forever Friendships will be tested Lines will be crossed Hearts will be broken.There were many times I wanted to slap Lacey silly and tell her where the heck the strong Lacey is Throughout the story she was strong willed and then weak and when she was weak was when I disliked her the most.The story was great and I did [...]

    26. this is a total romantic and totally hilarious love journey of Grant and LaceyGrant is a definte bad boy he has muscles to die for and tattoos everywhere and hes a thief hes a modern day robin hood but hes also a romantic at heart especially as hes loved Lacey since he was 21 and she was 17 right from the beginning they were both attracted to each otherbut his there feelings away until grant knew he had to make her histhis is my second book by chance carter and am not disappointed at alltotally [...]

    27. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.For a new author, Chance Carter definitely has what it takes to write a story that keeps his readers captivating, intrigued, and interested He weaves a story of drama, guilt, betrayal, want, need, attraction, lust, steamy sex, relationships, family, romance, passion, and love If you re looking for a book that is good, fast, steamy with a whole lot of naughty thrown in, Wife Me Bad Boy is the book for you.

    28. I don t even know where to begin These MCs were awful It s been a while since I ve read a book about a heroine I disliked this much To be honest, I only got through 22% There was interaction between the h and the other man And that interaction Where do I start It was just bizarre Why she did what she did, made no sense to me I found it very hard to believe Are there women like that in the world Absolutely, but it didn t match up with THIS character It was so confusing.

    29. I know from a fact, it is very hard to write a book Yo he tratado, y nunca termino It takes a lot of courage to launch a book and put your name out there Hay que tener valor I give this author a lot of credit and praise him for that However, the story, the plot, the characters mostlyey need a lot of work.

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