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O Renascido By Michael Punke,

  • Title: O Renascido
  • Author: Michael Punke
  • ISBN: 9789897542060
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Estamos no ano de 1823, e os ca adores da Rocky Mountain Fur Company levam uma vida dura na fronteira Enquanto procuram castores, enfrentam diariamente uma natureza in spita, bem como a amea a das tribos ndias em guerra devido invas o do homem branco Hugh Glass um dos melhores elementos do grupo, um explorar experiente e um excelente batedor.O Renascido uma hist rEstamos no ano de 1823, e os ca adores da Rocky Mountain Fur Company levam uma vida dura na fronteira Enquanto procuram castores, enfrentam diariamente uma natureza in spita, bem como a amea a das tribos ndias em guerra devido invas o do homem branco Hugh Glass um dos melhores elementos do grupo, um explorar experiente e um excelente batedor.O Renascido uma hist ria not vel de obsess o, de vontade humana levada ao extremo, e do que um homem est disposto a fazer para obter a sua vingan a.
    O Renascido Estamos no ano de e os ca adores da Rocky Mountain Fur Company levam uma vida dura na fronteira Enquanto procuram castores enfrentam diariamente uma natureza in spita bem como a amea a das tri

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    1. I have a purely subjective hatred for Leonardo Decrapio Can t stand him Favorite movie with him in it is The Departed because of the elevator scene Titanic was also pretty good because douchecanoes don t float Rose knew she had enough room on that door but why share space with the likes of Depoopio I hate Leonardo like some people hate going to the dentist Like people in Hell hate heaters Like Star Wars fans hate Jar Jar Binks So when I saw the trailer for the film adaptation of this novel, I be [...]

    2. Damn.That was a good western.Equal parts Larry McMurtry and Jack London with a nod to Cormac McCarthy, writer Michael Punke delivers a riveting tale of survival and revenge.In the summer of 1823, fur trapper Hugh Glass, an experienced frontiersman, lowers his guard for a moment and in true Jack London fashion, nature demonstrates how unforgiving a mistake can be, as Glass is viciously mauled by a grizzly bear His compatriots, already behind schedule and in danger from a rogue branch of a native [...]

    3. While reading this exciting western adventure, I was constantly reminded of how many things we take for granted today Little things like blankets, lighters, automatic rifles, and those two words that kept running through my mind while reading ANTI BIOTICS.The book is based on the famous true story of Hugh Glass, the frontiersman working as a trapper for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company in 1823 gathering beaver pelts along the Missouri River Things go south fast when he gets ripped apart by a grizz [...]

    4. 3.5 StarsThis gritty adventure tells the story of Hugh Glass and the near death experience of his encounter with a grizzly in the year 1823.Relieved of all means to protect himself, abandoned and left for dead on the wild frontier amidst Indians and other foe, Hugh uses his knowledge and tracking skills to seek revenge against his vile compatriots.Enjoyed this exciting novel for the most part and the historical data and background information of the time, but I was a bit disappointed with the so [...]

    5. The Revenant is a fictional tale based on the real life account of Hugh Glass, a trapper who was attacked by a grizzly bear and then left for dead by the men who had been left to care for him This story is so gripping From the explosive opening moments until the very last page, the reader is practically swept up into the action.Not only are the men in The Revenant struggling with each other, but Nature herself has a huge role in this survival tale If the characters aren t freezing, they re starv [...]

    6. So the book kicks off with Leonardo DiCaprio getting mauled by a bear so that alone may be enough for you to wanna read this book Actually, it s Hugh Glass who will be portrayed at the local drive in cineplex moving picture show this week by D Cap himself who gets stone cold stunnered outta nowhere by the bear The bear attack will be in the movie It s crucial to the story Don t mess around with bears, man Did I expect to really enjoy a book set in the early 1800s about fur traders wandering arou [...]

    7. This is a dark and gruesome tale of the wild mountain west and the treacherous planes The key story here is of survival and revenge, tragic heroes and scoundrels, Mountain Men and Natives, truth and fiction I am glad that they made a movie of this book, because I am not sure my attention would not have been drawn to it without the hype.I recommend this book, but only to the strong of stomach

    8. The Revenant A Novel of Revenge is a historical fiction novel themed with survival and of course, revenge The author Michael Punke incorporated some pretty raw scenes in this story that kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat There was a parallel and secondary non wilderness story that I was less than enthusiastic about but all parts were important for the historical component and created a well rounded tale.After some research about the nonfictional 19th century main character Hugh Glass, I [...]

    9. This book of frontier justice is based on a true story and the movie is based on the book the time you get to the movie, the facts have been considerably altered I can tell you there are at least 2 major differences between the book and the movie, and they re mighty big ones.I read this because I always like to read the book before I see the movie, so mission accomplished The book was difficult to stick with but finally picked up in the second half I ll report back after I see the movie on which [...]

    10. Sendo este romance inspirado numa hist ria real, n o resisti saltitar por a , em busca de poss veis fontes, evo dizer que n o encontrei duas iguais As v rias vers es que investiguei, tinham um tronco comum, mas divergiam nalgumas ramifica es.Na elabora o desta resenha, pretendo utilizar o m nimo de spoilers poss vel Assim, irei socorrer me da vers o que me pareceu mais plaus vel, que poder ou n o, ser aquela que mais se aproxima do livro.Deixo assim a d vida no ar, tendo em vista minorar o efeit [...]

    11. Okay Now that I ve read it I can head to the theater tomorrow I thought the story was good Punke admits that he has taken a lot of liberties with the story but all in all he still presented us with most of the basic facts There are some big gaps in the action but they are filled with what I consider some pretty interesting historical knowledge and that is a subject that I find interesting anyway so the lags didn t bother me too much Wellybe a little.

    12. Whoa I am hesitant to say it s breathtaking, but it s breathtaking As brutal as the movie was, the book is brutal and oddly enough visceral Nature and open range were not only an element but a part, an additional character of this book And what a foe it was Yet this was also about folly of men Kinda reminds me and puts me in mind to recite one of my wordlings from 2013.Don t be afraid of naturedon t be afraid of menbut be oh so very afraid of nature of men.Read it p.s aren t teddy bears suppos [...]

    13. I never had any real interest in reading this book, being already familiar with the story of Hugh Glass On top of that, I had already seen the horrid yawner of a movie which involved a pathetic DiCaprio wandering shivering over the Canadian countryside and later describing a Chinook as evidence of our impending doom from global warming Unfortunately, a co worker reasoned that, since he had once seen me reading a book, it would necessarily follow that I would want to read anything that had paper [...]

    14. The Revenant is fascinating story about a man who suffers countless tragedy at the hands of nature and man, and seeks redemption It s so compelling because it is based the real life of Hugh Glass In the afterward, the author Michael Punke explains that many of the moments in his book are in fact fiction The bulk of the dramatic events surrounding Glass and his fellow trappers are true, and sometimes so horrific you d believe they were fabricated He endured within a year what no man should have t [...]

    15. I don t think Revenge is considered a book genre, but it should be Apparently I really love books on revenge.1820 s Middle America A trapper is mauled nearly to death by a grizzly bear and left for dead by his companions Only he doesn t die Now, half dead and unable to stand, he sets out to crawl his way across hostile and untamed land to seek revenge on those who abandoned him.Soon to be a major motion picture starring Leonard DiCaprio This is a man s book In fact, with the exception of an anci [...]

    16. The Revenant is a story of survival, determination, rage, and want for revenge The overall plot was good but the detail while useful for the story made the story hard to read at times I found at times it read very fictional and during others it seemed very non fiction which made the story seem chunked Michael Punke did a fantastic job with his research I loved that this story had me looking into Hugh Glass history and the 19th century fur trade.

    17. Punke did his survivalist research, that s for sure Every single step of every single thing Glass did to make fires and traps, etc etc on his long trek back to civilization after getting mauled by a bear is in excruciating detail in the blandest prose possible.If any book could benefit from visual shortcuts and a condensing of action time, it s this one Should have just stuck with the movie.Total snorefest.

    18. Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold Mario Puzo, The GodfatherThe boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins Edgar Allan PoeSo, I did this totally proper like I read the book first Untainted by the movie and then went to see the movie The book was good It was interesting and had great characters The writing was ok Perhaps, I ve read too many good Western Frontier novels Blood Meridian, Butcher [...]

    19. I can t believe I actually enjoyed this book It was all about fighting and hunting and living in the rough, and not a single woman in the 250 pages But gosh, it was riveting Hugh Glass was a man who lived life on the edge This was not due to any need or cash crunch He just liked it, and soon it became the only way he knew how to live His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but Glass had other plans for his future In the end, his father relented and allowed him to pursue his dreams Glass starte [...]

    20. Description The year is 1823, and the trappers of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company live a brutal frontier life Trapping beaver, they contend daily with the threat of Indian tribes turned warlike over the white men s encroachment on their land, and other prairie foes like the unforgiving landscape and its creatures Hugh Glass is among the Company s finest men, an experienced frontiersman and an expert tracker But when a scouting mission puts him face to face with a grizzly bear, he is viciously mau [...]

    21. This was a quick and enjoyable book to read Upon finishing it my first thought was that the ending was anticlimactic and the subtitle A Novel of Revenge was not well suited for the book However, after thinking about it a little I realized that perhaps the ending, though fictionalized, is a very good summation of the nature of revenge in the real world that it is never all it is cracked up to be I will also say that this book does a great job of putting into perspective how very easy we have it [...]

    22. Ich wollte The Revenant unbedingt lesen, weil ich mal wieder ein bisschen raus wollte aus meiner Comfortzone und weil ich das Gef hl hatte, das ich viel zu selten B cher lese, die auf wahre Gegebenheiten beruhen und die zeitlich vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg angesiedelt sind The Revenant lie mich damit gleich zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen die Geschichte um den Trapper Hugh Glass spielt in den Jahren 1823 1824 und entsprang nicht der Fantasie von Michael Punke, sondern l sst sich anhand mehr [...]

    23. The biggest problem I had while reading this book was that the writing just didn t capture any emotion or personality It was very cut and dried distant third person, but as an account of slightly fictionalized true historical events though, I do think it made the story of Glass accessible to a modern audience The book is very different than the movie, but this is much closer to the real story of Hugh Glass s life.Another fall back of the book is the ending There doesn t seem to be one If it was [...]

    24. This novel is fiction based on true facts but fiction Hugh Glass is a trapper who works for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company In 1823, while scouting food for the men he was traveling with, he accidentally comes upon a bear who mauls him, while trying to protect her cubs Glass is next to death The company tries to carry him, as they continue their travels to the Fort, but find that this is not working so decide to leave him, to prevent their possible detection by the local rampaging Indians They le [...]

    25. Well, after just digesting a group read set in the Civil War, you d think I d be sick of hanging out in the 1800s Nope Incredibly, I ve been happily glued to The Revenant A Novel of Revenge, set in 1823 Yes, this is the book on which the Leonardo DiCaprio movie was based, but I didn t let that stop me If you ve seen the trailers or glimpsed the book jacket, none of the below will be a big spoiler although there are things in the book ignored by the movie and of course, Hollywood s heroism and an [...]

    26. Glass became suddenly aware of the sound of the river It was an odd thing to notice, he thought He had clung to the river for weeks Yet suddenly he heard the waters with the acute sensitivity of new discovery He turned from the fire to stare at the river It struck him as strange that the smooth flow of water would create any sound at all Or that the wind would, for that matter It occurred to him that it wasn t so much the water or the wind that accounted for the noise, but rather the objects in [...]

    27. I have no idea why this was supposed to be so awesome I liked it but it was a firm 3 star like, not a holy shit that was so awesome like Maybe the film will enlighten me.

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