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Baby By Accident By Caro LaFever,

  • Title: Baby By Accident
  • Author: Caro LaFever
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A bad boy An ice princess And a secret she won t reveal When a pirate playboy takes over her family s financial company, Lise Helton can find nothing to like about the man Except for the inconvenient lust she feels every time she s in a room with him Too bad she s doomed to be in rooms with him all the time as she s still the CFO of the company and won t give him the A bad boy An ice princess And a secret she won t reveal.When a pirate playboy takes over her family s financial company, Lise Helton can find nothing to like about the man Except for the inconvenient lust she feels every time she s in a room with him Too bad she s doomed to be in rooms with him all the time as she s still the CFO of the company and won t give him the satisfaction of walking away Much to Lise s dismay, too bad becomes really bad when she finds herself in bed with the man experiencing the best sex ever Now, worse is about to happen in nine short months and she s confronted with a determined Italian ready to be a father And a husband Vico Mattare knows he s wicked and has no problem using the skill to his advantage But he s run into a woman who looks down her patrician nose at him even when he presents her with a four carat diamond He might not be worthy, but he s damned if he s going to lose her and his baby Baby By Accident is a standalone story with a happily ever after ending It s part of the dramatic International Billionaires series books that take well loved stories and place them in exotic locales If you ve ever read about a Snow Queen and wondered who could possibly melt her, have no fear Only a true bad boy can and will Come with our hero and heroine as they fly from London to Paris to Lake Como in Italy And follow Golden Heart winner, Caro LaFever, for the other modern fairy tales in the series listed below The Italians Mistress By Blackmail available now Wife By Force available now Baby By Accident available now The Greeks A Perfect Man available now A Perfect Wife available now A Perfect Love available now The Scots Lion of Caledonia available March 2016 Lord of the Isles available April 2016 Laird of the Highlands available May 2016 The Latinos Coming in fall of 2016 The Vikings Coming in 2017
    Baby By Accident A bad boy An ice princess And a secret she won t reveal When a pirate playboy takes over her family s financial company Lise Helton can find nothing to like about the man Except for the inconvenient

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    1. Got to say, I read this one while I was in a take me back to the old days kind of mood The synopsis reminded me of the first Harlequin romances I read You know, those delightful, flirty, but highly emotional love angst, enemies to lovers, unexpected pregnancy, eventual HEAs kind of reads Well, this had all of that in spades, my romance book loving friends In fact, a little too much at times I have to admit the crazy, impulsive stunt Vico, the Italian stallion, pulls on Lise in hopes of humiliati [...]

    2. After the stinging rejection of her fianc and the news that he plans to marry another woman, Lise Helton does what any woman would do She goes out and gets drunk But instead of finding solace in the bottom of a bottle she runs into her domineering and ridiculously handsome boss, Vico Mattare Vico has never seen Lise as anything other than a cold, ice princess and on this particular night he is in the mood to teach her a lesson However, he is not expecting the fire that she stirs in him and when [...]

    3. Standalone Cliffhanger Standalone Ages of H and h in their late 20sMulti Luv n M nages view spoiler No hide spoiler Was There Descriptive Sex view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Descriptive Sex Or Drama Between H h With OW OM view spoiler No hide spoiler If So, Before or After H h Hookup view spoiler N A hide spoiler Contains Cheating view spoiler No, towards the tend after the classic fight that brings a couple together, Vico is drunk, out on the town and is photographed with a woman Notbing happens. [...]

    4. One night, one prank Oh how it backfired Lise Helton couldn t believe how her life had been turned on its head Her boyfriend has just dumped her and told her he s marrying someone else, and her company has been taken over by an insufferable pirate He s trying to manipulate her into bending to his will in the boardroom, every chance he can get Unfortunately, he caught her at her lowest point dumped and drunk.The Ice Queen was roaring drunk The woman who looked at Vivo Mattare like he was nothing, [...]

    5. Not my kind of readingThis was her fault Her mother should have been told the truth The truth about her love and her wish to stay with Vico forever I hated the heroine even by the end TG it s fiction A woman who won t speak her mind but managed to thwart a company Makes no sense It would have if the author made the heroine out to be someone with multiple personalities.

    6. I loved this book The tension and pacing were great and there was never any reason to doubt the H s desire for the heroine She played the role of ice princess very well but it was evident that she wanted him too I read it on KU but enjoyed it so much I bought it This is definitely a good read.

    7. Love can forgive allAnother beautiful love story Vito so strong and handsome He cares for those he loves He has infinite patience Do they actually make men like him Lise so strong and intelligent I was so happy when she confronted Vito and would not let their love go I was relieved that Vito s past was forgiven This book did not disappoint.

    8. GreatHer father s company is been bought out but she is still the CFO He has come in and is making changes But he list after the pretty blonde He finds on the night of her broken engagement, drunk Boy do things change from there.

    9. Excellent read Ii cant believe how much i loved this book My emotions were fully engaged and i cried at the end Im definately a fan of this author Cant wait to read her other books

    10. A Wonderful Story This story has so many twists and turns and unexpected things to happen you can t help but enjoy reading it This is a story of love that two people fought to achieve.

    11. 4.5 stars This was an excellent contemporary billionaire romance This story revolves around two strong willed misinformed individuals Vico buys Lise s father s business She resents his takeover She was very strictly raised to act befitting a lady Unfortunately, Lise has seen the tabloids that imply he s a playboy Much of her upbringing dictates her attitude and Vico considers her to be an ice princess She has struggled with her self perception and with the sudden changes in both her personal and [...]

    12. Two headstrongPeople that butt heads over the company find themselves in an interesting situation Can they both overcome the words said to each other find their happy ending Read find out

    13. Great bookThis was a really great book The author knows how to keep your interest and the intense love scenes are awesome.

    14. love dark handsome men w issuesAnd the women who save themfun, romantic read with little bit of sex and lots of fights and misunderstandings Enjoyed.

    15. Lise is the CFO of a financial company that is now owned by a man she despises She is strong, smart and never lies and people respect her for it After her broken engagement she goes to a bar to drown her sorrows Meeting her boss there is unexpected and unwanted, falling into his bed is even worse But the hammer falls when the pregnancy test reads positive.Vicenzo has clawed his way up from the streets to a force to be reckoned with The CFO of his new company has made things an uphill battle from [...]

    16. Baby by Accident Vico Mattare buys HFS and plans to get rid of all upper management Lise is CFO and he fears if he fires her the employees will revolt Everyone loves her She fights every change he is making Lise s fiance breaks off their engagement to marry the woman he has been seeing while being engaged to her Vico sees Lise in his favorite pub and she is quite drunk He takes her to his house and to his bed Fireworks and baby happy This book was filled with so much drama because they couldn t [...]

    17. ReviewsThis was an interesting book It was sad that her Mother was so bad that she caused so much trouble between them after they got married They had trouble from the beginning because she thought that the company was hers

    18. Lise Helton was in pain Rejected and cheated by her fianc e she went after oblivion drinking in a bar only to find another rock in the road She, the untouchable Ice Queen, was vulnerable and her boss, Vicenzo Mattara intended on take over what she thought was hers, would take advantage of it A man unable to forgive himself and a woman waiting for , a war between them and one night of unleashed desires resulted in an interesting, intriguing, suspenseful and emotional story Lise had been conformed [...]

    19. Baby By Accident was a great romance novel It s about finding true love in the strangest of circumstances I really enjoyed reading this book and is another great novel from the International Billionaires series So far I have yet to be disappointed with any of these books and truly love to read them They re filled with passion and adventure, deceit and misunderstandings A few times I wish I could have screamed at the characters because of the misunderstandings between them, but I felt like I was [...]

    20. Lisa Helton and Vico Matter meet and the lust is immediate What drives the story is the fact that neither want to act or acknowledge it The story line is familiar They do act on it and the result is something neither of them want Marriage and distrust drive the story A fun easy to read romance that was free on.

    21. One night is about to change everything Lise Vico work together but they are not on the same side, she doesn t want him there and he wants to change everything.Vico wants to take Lise down a peg and he makes sure that he gets his way, he makes her so angry and he hates that she thinks that he is beneath her Are they both so wrong They both crumble to temptation and give in to their feelings for just one night and it has major consquences for them back.Lise can t be honest with Vico he can t know [...]

    22. ExcellentStory telling at its best Fell in love with Carl Beautiful love story Vico and Lise had such chemistry together I really enjoyed the large Italian family Great writing Caro love your books.

    23. OkNot what I expected.It was ok but I won t go there again.Not enough action or mystery for me I need a good thriller now.

    24. This is about Lise Helton and Vico Mattare Lise is the CFO of a financial company that was owned by her father but is now owned by a man she despises Vico has clawed his way up from the streets and now owned many company s including Lise s CompanyAfter a broken engagement Lise goes to a bar to get drunk Meeting her boss there is unexpected and unwanted, falling into his bed is even worse But the then she ends up pregnantUsing them sleeping together to his advantage to blackmail Lise who has been [...]

    25. Baby by Accident International Billionaires 3 by Caro LaFeverReviewed by Isha Coleman for Candid Book ReviewsVico was arrogant, confidant and easy on the eyes Lise was uptight, challenging and complicated First impressions can be deceiving because these two people surprisingly had a lot in common Behind the masks insecurities, regret, guilt and painfully deep emotions hide Even the toughest men have the softest hearts and Vico had demons that he needed to face in order to have a fresh start with [...]

    26. I don t do this often but this isn t your typical series Caro LeFever does an incredible job of writing gutwrenching yet endearing characters and storylines Some books will have you yelling at one of the characters through your sobs Others will have you crying for their shared pain and the love they take too long to recognize I definitely wish these books were less sexual but I can skip those parts and still enjoy these stories THIS SERIES IS FABULOUS AND YOU WON T BE SORRY Series Verdict 4.5 St [...]

    27. Another great book I only recently discovered Ms LaFever and am so glad I did This is the third book by her that I ve read so far and it was a terrific story A story that touched on so many emotions and brought the characters alive A romance with a heat level so high but threatened to burn each partner because they tried to deny the fire between them But, one circumstance brings them together even as they try to fight all they feel An absolutely terrific romance and I d certainly recommend this [...]

    28. A one night stand with her hated boss lands Lise Helton in a situation that changes her life forever.Quite a bit of angst in this book, as you see the events from both Lise s and Vico s viewpoints view spoiler I really thought the photos she took of him would feature in their reconciliation since so much was made of how many she took how she thought they d show her love for Vico In light of the huge build up, I was disappointed this wasn t part of the ending hide spoiler

    29. Better than book two yet it still bother me the relationship built It wasn t pretty, it was tedious to read about them being proud and see who had power than the other one but I did enjoy around the middle ending where the relationship was calmer and about two people and not only one being superior.

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