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The Burnt Orange Sunrise By David Handler,

  • Title: The Burnt Orange Sunrise
  • Author: David Handler
  • ISBN: 9780312985790
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
  • YOU RE INVITED TO THE LAST PARTYEveryone from Hollywood heavy hitters and supermodels to rap music stars and high profile athletes are invited to a party to honor legendary film director Ada Geiger at the faux Castle her husband built for her in Dorset, Connecticut This is just the kind of event Mitch Berger hates even though he idolizes Ada and credits her for inspiringYOU RE INVITED TO THE LAST PARTYEveryone from Hollywood heavy hitters and supermodels to rap music stars and high profile athletes are invited to a party to honor legendary film director Ada Geiger at the faux Castle her husband built for her in Dorset, Connecticut This is just the kind of event Mitch Berger hates even though he idolizes Ada and credits her for inspiring him to become a film critic It s too late for him to cancel But Mitch gets a lucky break when a snowstorm hits OF YOUR LIFE One by one, the regrets come flowing in The gathering is pared down to just a few people Ada s son and his wife up from New York, the Castle s caretaker and her brother Les, Mitch and his beautiful police officer lover, Des Mitry, and a few others It s the snowiest winter anyone under the age of ninety can remember in Dorset with six inches falling every three days, stranding the guests at the Castle But any romantic notions that may have crossed Mitch s mind are dashed when one by one the people at The Castle are killed off Delving into the investigation, Des and Mitch are faced with their toughest case yet one that might leave both of them dead
    The Burnt Orange Sunrise YOU RE INVITED TO THE LAST PARTYEveryone from Hollywood heavy hitters and supermodels to rap music stars and high profile athletes are invited to a party to honor legendary film director Ada Geiger at

    One thought on “The Burnt Orange Sunrise”

    1. Nice mystery, ala And Then There Were None, but the best part for me was the commentary on our culture of happy endings I would really like to read Mitch s book

    2. A good, solid, old fashioned Agatha Christie style murder at a country house style mystery And Then There Were None Ten Little Indians was even referenced several times, though this one had a much happier ending Good plot twists, plenty of red herrings, just gory enough and all paired with interesting and complex characters and a phenomenal setting Mitch and Des are at their finest, maturing as characters and staying dynamic, the debut mystery was very good I would say this was even better.

    3. This is a classic stranded in a remote location in the middle of a snowstorm and then the real shit storm begins with people dying all over the place I really enjoy this series and this book too The two main characters are endearing, there is always a cat or two, and the motives are multiple, eccentric, and need to be cleverly unraveled.

    4. Death stinks Extramarital affairs pain Hidden incest and rape wreck lives and a mother who does not protect her child are all issues addressed in The Bright Silver Star by David Handler.We go back to the small affluent village of Dorset, where newcomer and widower, Mitch Berger, is trying to find his balance and get back into life His feet now planted in the Dorset Community, he reaches out to a group of three men and become a part of their weekly walking group Soon Mitch will find out that all [...]

    5. Can t say that this one is my favorite I love this series, but as with book 3 in this series, it was kind of predictable from the minute the whole cast of players was introduced what was going on despite Handler s best efforts to make everyone appear to have a motive Despite that, though, I still love Handler s characters and the flair he gives them Still, I was interested in learning what was to become of Mitch and Des relationship since they were obviously on different planets Mitch wanting t [...]

    6. If you like mysteries with a snowed in theme, you should like this fourth book in the Berger and Mitry series Mitch and Des are invited to a small intimate dinner at Astrid s Castle Mitch was invited to meet the legendary ninety four year old Ada Geiger who is one of the century s most remarkable people She is outspoken and says exactly what she thinks.Due to the worse ice and snow storm of the winter, the area becomes shut down Trees, electrical wires are snapping and roads are completely block [...]

    7. The story and the mystery itself were fine, but the characters do not feel at all real to me I loved the theme, though, best stated in this quote from Mitch, the film critic Hollywood keeps treating us like little children That s how they rake in the big bucks by encouraging us to choose storybook fantasy over adult reality And we re only too happy to comply because life is so much easier that way It s easier to believe in miracle diet cures than it is to exercise every day and eat right It s ea [...]

    8. A classic snowed in mystery, with a tinge of And Then There Were None that was mentioned several times, actually A variety of characters, some Hollywood types, some merely related to them, trapped in an historic castle hotel during one of the worst storm of the wimter Mitch and Des are two of the guests, of course, and each gets to play to their strengths movie criticism and murder investigation return return The character of Ada was great a woman old enough to no longer care at all what anyone [...]

    9. I suppose this is a modern version of the British Manor House mystery where guests are at party and they get cut off by a storm, in this case a massive ice storm Then the fun begins when people start dying Mitch and Des are at a faux castle of a famous, but aging star for dinner The guests are bitter and fighting, then the power goes out, and they re stuck there with all these unhappy people A woman dies in her sleep, but then another is strangled It s like a free for all of murders.The murderin [...]

    10. Its means, dear boy, that it is always a mistake to predict one s own future Because if you can imagine it happening, if it is rational and makes good sense to you, then that is not what will happen What will Life will Or death will Nonagenarian Ada Geiger is speaking to her grandson and neither of them know what is in store for them except that the weather man has been right for a change and they are in the midst of a terrible ice storm that is to be followed by several inches of snow They both [...]

    11. Film critic Mitch Berger is invited to participate in a symposium honoring cultural icon Ada Geiger, a 94 year old aviator, actress, and photojournalist The invitations went out to Hollywood movers and shakers, music stars, and journalists from every media outlet around The event is being held at an historic inn, a faux castle that Ada s former husband had built in Connecticut But after Mitch arrives, the area is hit with the biggest blizzard in almost one hundred years When the suspicious death [...]

    12. David Handler s series is a treat to read I love to revisit Mitch, film critic living in tiny Dorset, Connecticut, and his lover and beautiful black police officer Des Their relationship is the backdrop to the adventures they get into In this book, Mitch has been invited to meet nonagenarian Ada Geiger, a legendary film director whose family owns a faux castle a few miles outside town Cut off from the rest of the world due to a relentless snowstorm, Mitch and Des find themselves in a frightening [...]

    13. Pretty good read I did figure out who was doing the murdering relatively early but I loved the romantic relationship between Mitch and Des, both of who were in love with each other The catch was that each had lost their first spouse Mitch by death a year after they were married and Des by divorce The setting for the novel was a huge building known as the castle and the murderers were brother and sister, at least that is what the author led us to believe There may have been another murderer the i [...]

    14. 4th in series Mitch Berger film critic and Des Mitry Connecticut state trooper Colors in title series.Very much a closed room, Agatha Christie style mystery think, Murders in the Castle Involves a famed 90 year old female film director and her dysfunctional family Three murders result am I remembering an ice storm Not my favorite but I like this series Think Jon Katz Suburban Detective , Matt Witten PTA murders.

    15. This is the fourth entry in the Berger and Mitry series by David Handler, and quite a good one The plot is similar to the stranded house party including a murderer type, but Handler does it well A winter blizzard and ice storm strands a group of people, including Mitch and Des who were only supposed to be there for dinner, at an old mansion turned inn, and murders abound A good cozy mystery that s not, because it is set in ice and snow

    16. This is the fourth book in the Berger Mistry series and it was a solid outing No new ground broken here but the relationship between Mitch and Des continues to evolve and the mystery was pretty good Sort of a modern day manor house mystery complete with a blizzard stranding everyone with no way in or out and several dead bodies.

    17. David Handler has written a lot of books This is the first one I ve read I liked it, but found some of the dialogue and relationships a little too forced The main character, Mitch, is very likable I might try another Handler book, but probably not on the Berger and Mitry series.

    18. I enjoyed the story and I always like stories set in winter I did figure out who done it before the ending but it was still enjoyable.

    19. A total rip off of the great Miss Marple series I loved the first two books of the series, but 3 4 were very paint by numbers lacking the heart that 1 2 had.

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