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Confluence By S.K. Dunstall, Confluence Team Collaboration Software Atlassian Create, collaborate, and keep all your work in one place Unlike document and file sharing tools, Confluence is open and accessible, helping your Confluence Definition of Confluence by Merriam Webster Confluence definition is a coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point How to use confluence in a sentence Did You Know Investment Management Data Automation Confluence Confluence delivers automated solutions for critical fund administration and reporting processes such as regulatory reporting, financial statement preparation and supports a Confluence Definition of Confluence at Dictionary Confluence definition, a flowing together of two or streams, rivers, or the like the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers See . Confluence definition of confluence by The Free Dictionary The Passage of Arms, as it was called, which was to take place at Ashby, in the county of Leicester, as champions of the first renown were to take the field in the presence of Prince John himself, who was expected to grace the lists, had attracted universal attention, and an immense confluence of persons of all ranks hastened upon the appointed morning to the place of combat. Confluence In geography, a confluence also conflux occurs where two or flowing bodies of water join together to form a single channel A confluence can occur in several configurations at the point where a tributary joins a larger river or where two streams meet to become the source of a river of a new name such as the confluence of the Monongahela and Allegheny rivers at Pittsburgh, forming Confluence software Confluence is a collaboration software program developed and published by Australian software company Atlassian Atlassian wrote Confluence in the Java Confluence What is Confluence Atlassian Documentation Environment Server Cloud Answer Confluence is Atlassian s content collaboration tool used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently In Confluence, content is created and organized using spaces, pages, and blogs. Confluence Atlassian Community Connect, share, learn with other Confluence users Find answers, ask questions, and read articles on Confluence. the Degree Confluence Project The Degree Confluence Project contains photographs of the intersections of integer latitude and longitude degree lines. Confluence Landscape Architecture Urban Design Confluence provides landscape architecture, urban design, and planning services in Des Moines, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, and Cedar Rapids. Atlassian Documentation Atlassian Documentation Need help using Atlassian products Find out how to get started with Confluence, Jira, and Documentation for new users, administrators, and advanced tips tricks. Confluence, PA Confluence, Pennsylvania Map Directions Confluence is a borough in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States It is part of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania Metropolitan Statistical Area. Atlassian Software Development and Collaboration Tools Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration, and code quality.

  • Title: Confluence
  • Author: S.K. Dunstall
  • ISBN: 9780425279540
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the national bestselling author of Alliance, linesman Ean Lambert finds himself caught in a dangerous fight for political power The lines Mysterious yet familiar the key to controlling every ship in the galaxy Once they were thought of as tools, but since linesman Ean Lambert discovered strange new lines in an alien vessel, they have become so much symbolsFrom the national bestselling author of Alliance, linesman Ean Lambert finds himself caught in a dangerous fight for political power The lines Mysterious yet familiar the key to controlling every ship in the galaxy Once they were thought of as tools, but since linesman Ean Lambert discovered strange new lines in an alien vessel, they have become so much symbols of a power too great to ignore.While the Crown Princess of Lancia seeks to share the new technology, her father, the Emperor, has other plans His latest political maneuverings seem to be tilting the balance of control to Lancia s favor a move that not all members of the New Alliance are looking upon favorably.As tensions mount, Ean s former shipmates must unite to avert a disastrous conflict the princess working within the tumultuous Alliance, Ean seeking the help of the impatient alien ships, and Ean s close friend and bodyguard, Radko, embarking on a mysterious and perilous mission.But the biggest threat comes from an unexpected source Someone is trying to take down the New Alliance from within and will use anything, even the lines themselves, to ensure its destruction
    Confluence From the national bestselling author of Alliance linesman Ean Lambert finds himself caught in a dangerous fight for political power The lines Mysterious yet familiar the key to controlling every ship

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    1. My favourite SF series this year No question There are so many things I love about this series, and Confluence does not disappoint The usual political maneuvers continue as the war between Gate Union and the New Alliance heats up, and the level of action remains high This book continues with Ean as a POV character and honestly, he is so darn likeable I just never tire of him , and gives the second POV to Radko FINALLY In the previous two books the other POV characters have been interesting, but [...]

    2. An ending for now of this series The story reaches an adequate stopping point but there s far to tell in this universe and with these characters.The New Alliance and Gate Union are at war Redmond are acting as a third party in this that neither side really trusts Actions of Emperor Yu, Crown Princess Michelle s father, bring change to the New Alliance and split Michelle from her loyal Admiral, and Ean away from Radko who he s come to depend on and The efforts by the New Alliance s enemies to [...]

    3. 4.5 stars I love this series and its protagonist Ean and the sentient ships And this time we get to see Radko off on a covert mission, and now we get to see why Michelle and Abrams had her guarding Ean, and interpreting him to others She s highly skilled and pretty dangerous I liked her team, with their individual strengths and issues The politicking continues in this third book of this trilogy, and you really have to understand the delicate situation between Lancia, the New Alliance and Gate Un [...]

    4. Another brilliant book We follow once our favourite Line Twelve Ean, sharing his time interacting with the alien ships, who are becoming and impatient to have their own crew, training arrogant linesmen, and dealing with way too much politics for his liking Add to this the Emperor Yu, Michelle s father, sticking his unwanted oars in the pot, and it becomes truly a mess In this instalment, Radko is sent on her own mission too, and I absolutely loved her POV And this is where the authors shine Y [...]

    5. Politics, espionage, mutiny, betrayal, a touch of romance, and several quick battle scenes Good book, and I really love this series, but several people needed to be punished for absurdly mutinous actions during training sessions, including Rossi That issue needed closure And no thanks to Sale for her inept management of the incident Rossi did actually shoot Ean, which is not what Sale reported to the admirals Linesman Rossi reacted by trying to prevent Lambert from moving the ship, Sale said He [...]

    6. Spoilers for the first two books but not this one, except maybe a minor not quite spoiler at the very end.Hey, SyFy executives who totally spend their time reading some rando s reviews on when they should be doing Important Executive Things you need to option the Linesman series and develop it for TV like you did with The Expanse You did a really good job with The Expanse, by the way I m back on board the SyFy train after those few rocky years I think you d do Linesman justice, and this is a ser [...]

    7. This is a much better way to round out my reading year and a fabulous finish to a trilogy I love I still can t believe my luck, stumbling across the first book in a used book store because it s one of my favorite sci fi space opera universes A warning if you re already invested in these books, don t start this one until you re ready to read to completion because holy cow, what a ride I had trouble putting it down, even for things like sleeping or work I was thrilled to find the book told from Ea [...]

    8. Review and author guest post at The Book Nympho thebooknympho 2016 11 __tr I got the first book in this series as part of my first Ace Roc star package and I knew from reading the blurb I would love it I did and I have continued to love this series Of course, it is space opera and I m renewing my love affair with space opera the past two years.Read the Linesman series in order, the story builds with each book Each of the three books is different in the feel Linesman my review introduces this wor [...]

    9. I m not rehashing what the story is about except to say, if you are picking Confluence before reading any other books in the series, stop Don t Put it down now This is NOT a series that can be read out of order Each book builds on each other and there is no nice neat prologue to bring you up to speed You either start the series from the beginning, or take your chances with being lost For now I m just going to hit on what I really enjoyed.Ean, oh boy He had me worried there for a moment I thought [...]

    10. Best one yetSo there I was on a Monday night, snuggling into my blankets, congratulating myself on being in bed by midnight when lo, my phone lights up with a Kindle notification.What s this The new Linesman book came out Oh look, it s 04 00 and that was a gloriously satisfying book.Dunstall is one of my favorite sci fi authors and I adore them with all my heart Ean is so naive and earnest it is physically painful.The book had my heart in my throat.I am so glad about everything.Rossi is still an [...]

    11. This kept me up late for two nights wanting to finish but knowing I would be sorry when it ended The Emperor of Lancia, Michelle s father, is putting pressure on her to strengthen the position of Lancia over the New Alliance Trying to force compliance, Emperor Yu has announced the betrothal of Michelle to further his own goals His manipulations are cause for consternation to Michelle and Abram who are trying to maintain the fragile balance in the New Alliance Yu has also told Ean s usual bodygua [...]

    12. It wasn t until we were deprived of Radko that I suddenly realised how much love I have for Radko More action packed than the previous novels, Lancia is stepping up and is forefront in the plotline Emperor Yu is determined for Lancia to take it s rightful place in the New Alliance by forging engagements for Michelle and Radko to force new allies As a result, Radko is sent away on covert ops and Ean alone without his normal protection as they continue to learn and about the lines There s a lot [...]

    13. A wonderful storyI love, love, love this series It gets better with every book This bookmarklet up Ean and Radko and the back and forth of the POV s really kept me on the edge of my seat Plenty of action and near disastrous scrapes, I loved every minute I am devastated to know I ll have to wait a while for the next book in the series.

    14. It was a little bittersweet to read this book I loved the first two and thoroughly enjoyed this one The bittersweet comes with knowing this is the last one Ean shows his growth here and Radko is great Although the authors tried to include a little backstory so it could be standalone, it really should be read after the first two.

    15. While I really enjoyed this series and the idea of the lines, there were too many times that my suspension of disbelief was pushed too far Sometimes it was the plotting, sometimes the characterisation and sometimes technical aspects None of them were huge things but I can t help feeling that a little critical editing and perhaps some scientific technical input would make these books better.

    16. Excellent third and last book of this trilogy.It has everything Great characters that have personalities, are well developed and consistent Still love Ean More so The plot is dense with politics and intrigue, but at the same time fun and full of action The twist on the sentient ships trope is original And the subtle, almost subliminal romance is a plus All this combines to form a solid, enjoyable, fun read.I look forward to read from this author

    17. Third in the Linesman series featuring Ean Lambert Still think the first in the series is the best, found book 2 and 3 to be a bit bogged down by the politics This one is super enjoyable because we finally get to see a bit into Radko s POV.I look forward to adventures in this series, here s hoping we get them Rossi is an ass of an ass

    18. Buy anything by this authorLove the story, love the writing I only wish I did not have to wait for each book, this author is considered one of my top ten And against all odds each additional book in the series just gets better and better.

    19. Have I told you how much I love this series Third book is all about separation anxiety, Abram s separated from Michelle, Radko from Ean, and all parties have to deal with the consequences of said separation for better or for worse Into this mix steps Michelle s father, emperor Yu, who is manipulative bastard if ever one was written, it be he Callously wielding power, and making plans that if bought to fruition would ruin a lot of lives The action in the third installment is ratcheted up by givin [...]

    20. What an awesome conclusion to a fantastic trilogy, but I ve heard there may be in the Linesman universe, so I m keeping my fingers crossed Ean is still learning as he works with the alien lines and teaching linesmen how to communicate with them The New Alliance is threatened by their enemies, but then there is suspected treachery from within Ean s friend and bodyguard Radko is sent on a mission to purchase a report with information on linesman experiments, which turns into a much bigger issue [...]

    21. A great trilogy that hints at a 4th book In this intriguing world, Linesmen have psychic connections to the power lines of alien ships A likeable cast grows familiar, trusting bonds as they battle a shifting sea of multi world alliances amid power grabbing schemers The attention to behavior and environmental details instill life to make it real Lies, deception, and numerous characters used as pawns were a challenge to keep straight and had me snoozing often, but I would plow on through until it [...]

    22. The third part of the series I do like the universe that Dunstall developed for this storyline And this was a somewhat logical third part There was a little less focused on our hero Lambert and was giving a bigger role to Radko As part of a longer series, the development seems appropriate I would have like a bit action The universe building is interesting and different than other books It was of a mix of technology and fantasy Perhaps that is where it fails me I lean towards hard science and t [...]

    23. Ahh, the space opera ending comes through Unusually, I enjoyed the trajectory and subtlety of the romantic relationships The way the politics were revealed hurt my head I wonder if there will be books in the series as some plot elements hinted at the alien region of space haven t played out yet.

    24. 4 5 4 stars A I really enjoyed this last and maybe final addition to the Linesman series Quite a few plot lines were concluded but enough left open that another book could be added I like the concept of the Lines and the way they interact with people and most of the characters really appealed to me too.

    25. Really enjoyed this installment of Ean and his linesmen If you haven t read the rest of the series this would not be a good place to start There are a lot of characters in this series and it is easy to get lost trying to figure out who s who The story moves towards a conclusion that I hope includes aliens and of course some romance.

    26. En finissant ce vol 3 complots et action je ne vais mentionner que mon plaisir d immersion dans cet univers j ai vraiment envie que la s rie continue, retrouver les vaisseaux sentients communiquant de plus en plus leur volont , les personnages dont beaucoup pourraient tre d velopp s, et rencontrer les autres l auteur lmentionne un ventuel contact J esp re qu il y aura une suite.

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