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Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts By Susan Forest Lucas K. Law Derwin Mak Mahtab Narsimhan Sherry Peters Ursula Pflug Robert Runte Lorina Stephens,

  • Title: Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts
  • Author: Susan Forest Lucas K. Law Derwin Mak Mahtab Narsimhan Sherry Peters Ursula Pflug Robert Runte Lorina Stephens
  • ISBN: 9780993969614
  • Page: 350
  • Format: ebook
  • There s a delicate balance between mental health and mental illness Who are STRANGERS AMONG US We are your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and lovers We staff your stores, cross your streets, and study in your schools, invisible among you We are your outcasts and underdogs, and often, your unsung heroes.Nineteen science fiction andThere s a delicate balance between mental health and mental illness Who are STRANGERS AMONG US We are your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends and lovers We staff your stores, cross your streets, and study in your schools, invisible among you We are your outcasts and underdogs, and often, your unsung heroes.Nineteen science fiction and fantasy authors tackle the division between mental health and mental illness how the interplay between our minds quirks and the diverse societies and cultures we live in can set us apart, or must be concealed, or become unlikely strengths.We find troubles with Irish fay, a North Korean cosmonaut s fear of flying, an aging maid dealing with politics of revenge, a mute boy and an army of darkness, a sister reaching out at the edge of a black hole, the dog and the sleepwalker, and many .After all, what harm can be done AUTHORS Kelley Armstrong, Suzanne Church, A.M Dellamonica, Gemma Files, James Alan Gardner, Bev Geddes, Erika Holt, Tyler Keevil, Rich Larson, Derwin Mak, Mahtab Narsimhan, Sherry Peters, Ursula Pflug, Robert Runt , Lorina Stephens, Amanda Sun, Hayden Trenholm, Edward Willett, A.C WiseIntroduction by Julie E CzernedaForeword by Lucas K LawAfterword by Susan ForestEdited by Susan Forest and Lucas K LawPraise for Strangers Among Us Strangers Among Us is important, shining a much needed spotlight on issues that get far too little attention A wonderful anthology, one of the major SFF books of the year Bravo Robert J Sawyer, Hugo Award winning author of Quantum Night
    Strangers Among Us Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts There s a delicate balance between mental health and mental illness Who are STRANGERS AMONG US We are your fathers and mothers brothers and sisters sons and daughters friends and lovers We staff yo

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    1. There really is no way for me to accurately review this book of short stories They are strange, they are speculative, they are intriguing, and they mess with your feels Each one is different than the last I tried to put aside a few of the stories to review as my favorites, but I ended up with about of the stories as being favorites So that being the case I m just going to say this is one of my favorites of this year, and possibly all time They were all just so different that I was completely eng [...]

    2. I m very picky when it comes to anthologies This is one of the best I ve read in years, with a variety of thoughtful stories that pay homage to the theme while delivering a strong, yet unique, experience with each story I especially enjoyed the 1st 2 tales by Kelly Armstrong and Suzanne Church, but the anthology continues to deliver one strong story after another Hat s off to editors Susan Forest and Lucas K Law for choosing a difficult theme and acquiring stories that deliver That part of the p [...]

    3. I am not a fan of anthologies or short stories but I read this book because it has a psychological angle The book is a series of stories written by fantasy science fiction writers all of whom write about mental illness or difference I liked some of the stories but the book did not hold together for me I was looking for some thread to connect them and there was none.

    4. Disclaimer I run a blog doing reviews of books involving autism, and was able to buy a copy of this book at a discounted price for this reason Two individual stories involving autism from this volume will be reviewed separately on the official blog the rest of my general opinions are going here Strangers Among Us is an anthology devoted to exploring the topic of mental illness While this is a worthy goal, the anthology itself falls short of expectations in several respects.The basic difficulty w [...]

    5. This review is based only on the story by Kelley Armstrong.This story is a very short one, but it packs a lot into it What looks like a very bad situation ends up with lots of hope and a new beginning.

    6. Full review here bibliotropic 2016 08 03 s Overall, I d say this was a fantastic collection of short stories, and one that s absolutely worth reading, even if mental health issues aren t a pet passion of yours The publisher donates a portion of the profits from this book s sales to mental health initiatives, too, which is a wonderful bonus, and it makes me doubly glad that I was able to get my hands on this and be able to spread the word about it a little bit It s an important collection, a gre [...]

    7. I normally don t review anthologies unless I ve committed to review them due to a request, or I downloaded them from Net Galley or Edelweiss One reason is that I usually don t read the entire anthology when I haven t agreed to review it A short story can get very short shrift from me, then I m on to the next one So, in order to be fair to the anthology, I m going to be very open about the fact that I read about a third of Strangers Among Us edited by Susan Forest and Lucas K Law I also didn t li [...]

    8. I thought this was excellent I will go into detail especially my favourite authors that blew me away but suffice it to say, this was a great and noble undertaking that hit all the right notes.Recommended to anyone who has ever always felt like the orange in our apple tree society so I ended up writing a full review on my blog spinningjennysbookblogspd would be honoured if you read it and gave some feedback

    9. I read this book as a pre release.pdf e book obtained through NetGalley, provided by the publisher.This is a collection of 19 short stories, by 19 different authors, all Canadian or associated with Canada in some way These are classified as science fiction or speculative fiction They have one feature holding them together a character with a significant mental disability some of the stories have it associated with a physical disability In some of the stories, mental health treatment actively inte [...]

    10. I Recommend This BookYesI ll be the first to admit that Kelley Armstrong was the main draw to this book as she is one of my favourite authors However I found myself enjoying all of the stories It s such a unique anthology based around the themes of mental health and mental illness, issues that are very close to my heart Normally I find anthologies hard to get through and always some stories I don t connect with not the case with this one I will say that my personal favourite was Kelley Armstrong [...]

    11. A very interesting book about how it is to live with mental illness I really liked the variety in the different stories Some of the short stories I wished for being longer A great project to bring the topic mental illness to the younger public An enjoyable read from the first sentence throughout the book Highly recommended not only to YA readers ARC received for my honest opinion

    12. A collection of shorts dealing with the mentally different, a mixed bag, some good, some I stopped reading The nattering smart kitchen was a scary thought An all Canadian collection by a non profit publisher.

    13. Really good short story anthology, all dealing with mental illness in some way, even if it s just seeing reality slightly off kilter.

    14. Strangers Among Us is a collection of themed science fiction and fantasy stories, where the theme is characters usually main characters, although occasionally it s someone ancillary who either suffer from mental illness or disability or are otherwise neurodivergent It s a good concept for a book, although like all short story collections, it s a mixed bag, and in this case, I feel like maybe a little editorial control would have helped.The problem is that we seem to get too many stories where t [...]

    15. I really liked the idea behind this collection of short stories, but the stories themselves were a mixed bag, some really worked well, both in concept and delivering a satisfying story, but others failed at either one or both.I liked that the anthology set out to bring greater understanding to people who experience different perspectives than the majority, people who have brains that function in a way different from the majority However, while some effectively told a story with characters who we [...]

    16. Review first published on My Blog.Nineteen stories that explore mental illness in many different aspects, both in SciFi Fantasy and things that you could see today I bought the series because it had a story by Kelley Armstrong and I had a different idea of what the stories would be about While the stories were not what I was expecting, I found the stories intriguing and extremely well done They depicted that even those will mental illness of all types are worthy of love and respect, some of them [...]

    17. This anthology aims to try and give voice to those friends, neighbors, and strangers whose lives are impacted in some way by mental illness Like any anthology, there are some hits and misses The pieces that really stood out for me were Amanda Sun s What Harm , A.M Dellamonica s Tribes , and Robert Runte s The Age of Miracles , which really threw into sharp relief the truths behind some of those who may seem different from the norm Unlike most anthologies, though, this one is in support of a grea [...]

    18. Because mental health is so important to me, both personally and professionally, it is impossible to give an unbiased review of this collection of shorts Initially, I wrote mini reviews for each story in my GoodReads updates Around the tenth story I became irritated and deserted that endeavor The first few stories were really enjoyable, while the latter half became increasingly absurd and or technical.I like sci fi, but I m not a rabid fan I think digesting so many different sci fi worlds one af [...]

    19. Posted originally on my blog The Writer s InkwellWhen I originally requested this book through Netgalley, it was because it featured Kelley Armstrong and I m a huge fan of her work However, the great things about these kinds of anthologies is that there are several phenomenal pieces beyond that of just the author that caught your attention.What I took away from these stories is that sometimes the only true strangers in our lives are ourselves In fact, there are a lot of thought provoking tales t [...]

    20. I was really excited about this anthology when I first heard about it I ve been looking for books stories that address mental illness or feature characters that have mental illnesses, especially after reading the phenomenal Challenger Deep A sci fi fantasy anthology that featured characters with mental illnesses and unusual perspectives seemed like the perfect fit Unforunately this anthology didn t live up to my expectations I think part of it was that my understanding of what this anthology wa [...]

    21. Great collection of stories Really interesting and I enjoyed most of them a few I didn t quite understand didn t move me I love the idea of mental health being the theme and that some proceeds from each book go towards mental health funding A few people seem to have commented that the stories aren t obviously connected, but I think they are all connected very well to the general theme of mental health and that s all you need Great to see Canadian writing the focus or at least the writers all hav [...]

    22. I received this book from NetGalleyI enjoyed reading Strangers Among Us Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts The science fiction and fantasy aspect puts a whole different perspective on mental health and mental illness Some of the short stories were hard to follow due to being a short story, however most of them I enjoyed My favorites were Living In Oz by Bev Geddes, possibly due to my favorite movie being the Wizard or Oz, Troubles by Sherry Peters and What You See When the Lights are Out by Gem [...]

    23. When books sit on your shelf and you make a start on them but never go back is it worth hanging on to them for forever I am making a decision to leave this one.Not because this book is not worth reading I only read one installment and it was good It just wasn t isn t what I want to read Not now and probably not ever.So don t use this review to make up your mind about this one I think it could very well be worth a read it you are looking for something about this particular topic.

    24. I enjoyed this, it makes you think I got it for the Kelley Armstrong story and find it is reminiscent of Margaret Atwood in that it explores how society could be if the worst came to the worst and people started being persecuted for the slightest differences, for not conforming to society s idea of normality and health.

    25. Really interesting, complicated book of speculative short stories and mental illness Full review closer to publication date Thanks to NetGalley and Laska Media Groups for providing me with an ARC to review

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