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Little Wrecks By Meredith Miller,

  • Title: Little Wrecks
  • Author: Meredith Miller
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  • Page: 461
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  • In this haunting and explosive debut, Meredith Miller explores the truth behind three girls on the cusp of adulthood, and all the shocking realizations that come under the guise of growing up Perfect for fans of I ll Give You the Sun and Girl in Pieces.Ruth, Magda, and Isabel are different from everyone else They can see beneath the seemingly perfect, cookie cutter exterIn this haunting and explosive debut, Meredith Miller explores the truth behind three girls on the cusp of adulthood, and all the shocking realizations that come under the guise of growing up Perfect for fans of I ll Give You the Sun and Girl in Pieces.Ruth, Magda, and Isabel are different from everyone else They can see beneath the seemingly perfect, cookie cutter exterior of their small town of Highbone, Long Island They know that below the surface, each house is filled with secrets, indifference, and violence.These girls refuse to become willing participants of these fake lives Instead, they are determined to fight every condescending comment, every unwelcome touch, and every lie they ve been told.When the opportunity to commit the perfect crime appears, the girls finally start to see their way out of Highbone But for the first time, Ruth, Magda, and Isabel are keeping secrets from each other As they drift apart, the weight of reality starts to set in These girls can t save each other They might not even be able to save themselves Darkly atmospheric and brutally honest, Little Wrecks depicts girls becoming women in a society that devalues both Mindy McGinnis, author of Female of the Species less
    Little Wrecks In this haunting and explosive debut Meredith Miller explores the truth behind three girls on the cusp of adulthood and all the shocking realizations that come under the guise of growing up Perfect

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    1. 4 stars Really weird But I kind of loved it First things first this book has weird prose I still can t decide whether I liked the writing style At points, there s almost too much purple prose and the metaphors killed me a bit, but there are also points where the prose personally murdered me and left me near tears I think the writing style is going to be very divisive between readers The thing is, the writing style can t bother me, because everything else about this book was so pitch perfect Litt [...]

    2. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss They want to steal his weed and turn his life upside down, This was a YA story about three girls who stole some pot and then didn t know how to sell it on.Firstly, I m not sure what time period this book was set in, but all the cars had cassette players, and nobody had a mobile phone, so it obviously wasn t this decade This story had three main characters, Isabel, Magda, and Ruth, and at times I had trouble kn [...]

    3. GRADE D 1 STARLITTLE WRECKS takes place in 1979, which I guess makes this novel a period piece I was around the same age as the three friends during 1979 and Meredith Miller does a good job accurately depicting the era.I preordered and eagerly anticipated the release of LITTLE WRECKS and I was disappointed Miller s writing turned me off with lots of telling and little showing Simple sentence structure can be an effective means of creating intensity, emotion and tension like in GIRL IN PIECES and [...]

    4. What a beautiful book This novel is beautifully written and the characters so clearly defined and engaging I love the character Virgil Mackie, the spirit guide and the idea of fire as the cleansing element Too, how can you not love Lefty Of the girls, there is something in all of them that resonates with me I am middle aged and grew up on the north shore of Long Island Reading this book was like revisiting my teenage years through the eyes of three girls who were each like a little part of me Al [...]

    5. I finished this book in two days so I obviously loved it I was fascinated by Magda, Ruth and Isabelle and their complicated lives and friendship This coming of age story was so relatable When I first started the book I thought these girls are so f ed up but as the story went on I realized that I saw pieces of my teenage self in each of them I was engaged and emotionally involved through the whole book and I didn t want it to end.I listened to the audio version and the narration was perfect She h [...]

    6. I received an ARC from Harper Collins via Edelweiss An achingly familiar coming of age story about the friendship of three teenage girls Isabel, Ruth, and Magda The story gives an insight into what each character is experiencing and their reactions to the predominantly patriarchal culture in their town of Highbone While the main storyline deals with the plot to steal the local drug dealer s marijuana to obtain money to get out of their town, the underlying reflections on what it means to be a gi [...]

    7. I could not get into this at all There wasn t a real plot I guess it was supposed to take place in the late 1970s, but it didn t seem like it took place in the past It could ve been any time period for all I knew I just didn t care about any of the characters, I thought something horrible was going to happen, and while bad things did take place, there was not that big moment.

    8. This should have been right up my alley but I don t know what happened it just didn t work for me It didn t help that the three protagonists have so much in common that halfway through the book I was trying to figure out which person was the current narrator in that particular section.

    9. I feel really strange after finishing this book is unhinged the right word I m not sure but that s how I feel I m also having a reaction to the writing style I don t know exactly how to describe it but it s written with a distinct and structured grammatical style and it sticks out to me because I don t typically read books written how this one is written Essentially this book is told during the last seventies and is about three girls in a small town with a plan to escape their crap lives by sell [...]

    10. I was so excited to read this book after I read a free sample of I t on my nook However, I was very disappointed The premise sounded right up my alley and I was expecting an exploration of the relationships between teenage girls, full of discovery and secrets The scenes with all three girls seemed stiff and the way they talked felt unrealistic and pretentious to me They didn t even seem to like each other all the much and spent much of the book angry The whole story was hard to follow because al [...]

    11. DNF SUUUUPER slow I might pick it up later but couldn t get into it Premise was neat Execution not so much.

    12. I loved this book, and am puzzled by the number of poor reviews, especially those that cannot identify the time period er what about the zillion references to the Vietnam war , or mis spell the protagonists names or say that Meredith tells but doesn t show Genuinely puzzled I wonder if the advance review copy was very different or whether the reviewers simply need to read something different Maybe this is a problem with publishers sending out advance copies I am interested in the concept of thre [...]

    13. I honestly had to force myself to finish this book I really, really did not like it.Nothing made sense The book just felt like it floated by with no action or any real story to it The characters were all so bland There were so few deviations between Ruth, Isabel and Magdalene that I sometimes struggled to discern which character was being followed in each chapter There was nothing to be gained out of it This easily could have been once person s story, not three.The blurb lied to me It talked abo [...]

    14. these girls can t save each other they might not even be able to save themselves.T H O U G H T S this just didn t work for me first of all, too much information was lacking what time period is this set in secondly, the spark was missing i felt no connection to the characters and was anything but compelled to keep turning pages the premise promised a haunting and explosive exploration of obsessive female relationships and dark criminal secrets instead, i find myself lost in an underdeveloped stor [...]

    15. Amidst a market proliferated by similarly plot driven bildungsroman s aimed at young readers, Little Wreck s premise may appear typical young adult writing, but Miller s searingly honest and often abstract prose transcends the stereotypes of YA fiction Whole chapters are devoted to the post traumatic ramblings of Vietnam veterans who can only fathom the world through poetry, providing a madness the girls accept as an insight into their own reality Little mountain man, Lefty says He waves back, t [...]

    16. When you pick up a book and it won t let you put it down, it makes you late for class and means that the houseworks is not going to get done Thank you for giving me a very valid excuse for both of those things, Meredith This books hurts It s not teenage angst, it s real It s about that time when your hormones get out of bed and wake you up to the starting reality that everything around you is just messed up I ll admit, I struggled to separate the three girls from each other at first They re all [...]

    17. This story takes place in a small town on Long Island just after the end of the Vietnam war While broken and haunted vets wander the town, 16 17 year olds Ruth, Isabel and Magda are trying to discover who they are in this world of liars and fakes This reads like a 3 girls as Holden Caulfield story but written as if it was put through a disco ball or perhaps a kaleidoscope There s lots of cryptic phrases and lines that make you wonder Wait does this mean THIS which all end up feeling almost poeti [...]

    18. Actual review 3.5 stars Meredith Miller is definitely making her mark in the writing world I would definitely consider this book to be a feminist empowerment novel the characters in this are definitely feminists themselves they are not afraid to say what they think about how the female sex gets treated There is so many issues in this book that are real and raw girls and women deal with all if the issues talked about and presented in this novel The girls in this novel are not afraid to do what th [...]

    19. I loved this book I loved Miller s writing style and the intimate and complex world she creates for her characters She captures the period without fuss or over description but enough telling detail to draw you in I found my heart in my mouth much of the time reading this I identified with the girls frustrations, the dangers they put themselves in the ambiguities about the life, the town they want to leave and the options open to them to do so Set on Long Island in the 70s but many of the attitud [...]

    20. This took me a while to read, but overall I liked it a lot The writing style is unique it s fluid and jarring all at once Almost dreamlike There are long paragraphs and long chapters Reminded me a bit of some of the classic writers who use stream of consciousness, like Faulkner and Woolf And like a lot of other readers, it took a while to get a handle on the characters and each time I dove back into the book after having put it down, I had to reacclimate myself to the style and remind myself of [...]

    21. This book was weird, in that I don t really know how to feel or what to think.The characters and their developments were written well, and I knew this would be the case from the very beginning It was also a very raw, honest book, and I felt that the commentary in the narrative is really what this book has going for it The book brings up things I do not often see talked about in modern literature, and it was developed enough to keep you thinking but brief enough to be tastefully concise.A lot of [...]

    22. Little Wrecks is, strictly speaking, not a genre I am allowed to read By my offspring, that is Don t roll your eyes at me, I m serious.Whether it s because they think their books are so much better, that I ll stop reading what I love, and only read YA, or they don t like the thought of me reading the books they do, or heavens alive imagine if I want to start a discussion about my latest discovery.But this one is safe It s not on any of their lists, neither has it appeared on our shared Kindle ac [...]

    23. So disappointed I grabbed this book because the synopsis sounded interesting and I liked the cover I got 7 pages in and could not muster any feelings or connections There s a lot of short, choppy, imagery sentences but not much substance The girl is a brat, she steals money from a cop who looked at her funny, then threw his wallet down a drain and proceeds to say how people need to be free thinking and ambitious It was ultimately just annoying to read Although she is a fictional character, you [...]

    24. Thank you, HarperCollins and Edelweiss, for sending me an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I m not really sure how to talk about this cause this book in itself a simple plot, yet it s so much than that This book has a different writing style, almost like a lyrical prose I guess The writing style was a bit flowery, and it worked at times But this book also has a tendency to jump scenes without having a clear scene break so I was confused at some parts.Simply put, the book is ab [...]

    25. Set in the late 1970 s, this YA falls on the literary side A ton of the marketing and even the synopsis of this book sound very dramatic and earth shattering but it s actually a quiet book with a darkness that sort of sneaks up on you You sort of become entranced in the day to day struggles of the characters and discover all of the real drama and tragedy lies in what is never said.With Little Wrecks you think you know the book you are reading and then it turns it on it s head It s a story about [...]

    26. This book was really triggering for anyone who has struggled with abuse, rape, drug addiction, PTSD, etc The writing felt like it was supposed to mean than what it actually did and I waited a while for something to happen, and still am left feeling just disturbed and not entertained.Magda, Ruth and Isabel find themselves stuck in a crime after a plan to escape their post Vietnam town backfires The girls learn that friendship is fragile especially when keeping secrets of relationships, rape, abu [...]

    27. This book was a wreck The layout was confusing and I found the lack of parental involvement unrealistic and frustrating I was left with many unanswered questions and not in a good way Nothing seemed to lead up to any of the characters actions, suddenly it was just happening I am left to speculate that readers are supposed to be satisfied with each characters growth but I was not To me they didn t really develop The only reason I finished this book was for the ending which like many things, disap [...]

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