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Coconut Creme Killer By Summer Prescott,

  • Title: Coconut Creme Killer
  • Author: Summer Prescott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BOOK 2 IN THE INNCREDIBLY SWEET SERIES IS HERE Not all is as it seems when a mysterious young writer takes up residence at The Beach House BB to finish writing her novel Can Missy, Echo and Kel figure out, from reading her previous books, who the dangerous stalker is, before it s too late This second book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series will have you on the edgeBOOK 2 IN THE INNCREDIBLY SWEET SERIES IS HERE Not all is as it seems when a mysterious young writer takes up residence at The Beach House BB to finish writing her novel Can Missy, Echo and Kel figure out, from reading her previous books, who the dangerous stalker is, before it s too late This second book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series will have you on the edge of your seat Follow the link below for other books in The INNcredibly Sweet Series s ref nb_sb_ss_i_2_7 url s
    Coconut Creme Killer BOOK IN THE INNCREDIBLY SWEET SERIES IS HERE Not all is as it seems when a mysterious young writer takes up residence at The Beach House BB to finish writing her novel Can Missy Echo and Kel figure

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    1. Another winner for Summer Prescott This was a fun, exciting, fast paced read This book has you on the edge of your seat with suspense and intrigue Again the whole gang is in full swing, Missy, Chas, Echo, Kel, Maggie, Spencer, Fiona, and a new comer Tim Tim is the quirky owner of the local mortuary Chas is trying to talk him into becoming the new M.E for Calgon Janssen is also back always around to help Spencer but keeping his distance from everyone I am very curious to see how Janssen plays out [...]

    2. Likeable characters, scrumptious cupcake descriptions and interesting murder plots make this a must read new series Owning a BB and cupcake shop keeps Missy and her police detective husband busy When a famous author s stalker escalates to murder the action heats up This is a fun adventure that is quick but enjoyable read.

    3. This book has so much suspense I was excited to keep reading In true Summer Prescott fashion, I was ready to eat a cupcake and I m not even a fan of cherry and I hate coconut but the way she describe it in this book, I was ready for a taste.Also I found the interm M.E to he a delight in an odd weird way I also loved the reference to Patti Benning and her new serious I mean I have a huge smile on my face I also enjoyed the description of Izzy and it made me feel like Summer was describing herself [...]

    4. Missy and the gang are in deep this time.When a reclusive author rents the entire Inn so she can have privacy, something mysterious is bound to happen The author, who writes in the horror genre, is being stalked Scenes from one of her recent book are being recreated fire, snakes and spiders are a few of the creepy scenes being set Mystery, romance and an unusual new medical examiner keep your attention I enjoyed the mystery, as I have all of Summer Prescott s books This book delved deeper into t [...]

    5. I was fooled for about 5 minutes with the twist near the end IMO I thought the author should have milked that a little before the reveal I really can t believe I just wrote that Because that part was over with very quickly But it was a good story and I am enjoying this series regardless.

    6. .This was a fun mystery story It was the second book in Summer s series I recommend this book to anyone who loves a fun, light mystery.

    7. Absolutely loved this book This book, the second in the INNcredibly Sweet Series a continuation of the Frosted Love Series , was packed full of excitement with all of the regular residents of Calgon Missy, Chas, Echo, Kel, Spencer, Maggie, Tim, Fiona, and even Janssen are back and the quiet city is anything but A well known reclusive horror writer is renting the inn to get away from everyone and everything, including a possible stalker that is reenacting scenes from her books and an overzealous [...]

    8. This is an enjoyable and captivating installment in the INNcredibly Sweet series by Summer Prescott The entire BB is being rented by a popular horror novelist, Izzy Gil Izzy is trying to get some peace so she can finish up her latest novel Unfortunately, Izzy has a stalker who seems to have found out where she is and brings a whole lot of trouble for Missy and Chas Chas in the mean time is trying to talk the new mortuary owner, Tim, into becoming Calgon s new M.E Tim is bit eccentric, but very t [...]

    9. I just started this series of books Please see my review for the first one Irish Creme Killer This is my second cozy mystery and I m understanding what that means This again is not a heavy plot but it is enough to catch your interest and most of all hold your interest Her writing flows and is easy to follow The characters are well developed and interesting It s a cozy mystery that you can easily finish in an hour or two and you really don t know until the end who done it And it s always a surpri [...]

    10. Horror writer Izzy Gil goes to The Beach House to get away from everything while she finishes her latest novel it turns out someone has been following her and recreating scenes from her books Apparently they ve found her in Florida, because a fire, snakes in trees, blood on the doors and rooms of spiders have followed her Missy and her police chief hubby Chas, who own The Beach House, try to figure out what s going on, while ex Marine Spencer does some sleuthing on his own The mystery was quick [...]

    11. Wow, authors of Horror and Paranormal are often enemies in this book.20 stars.When an author of Horror rents out the whole Beach House BB is being stalked And the things happening are from her book at the Inn and it has Chas and Spencer running in circles until Missy, Echo and Kel start their own little investigation.It gets really weird and inconvenient for everyone and then Chas goes to the new Medical Examiner Timothy to get the missing piece to the weird things happening.Boy, you ll love it. [...]

    12. Awesomeisclosure I received this book free of charge from the publisher This review is my honest opinion, and is in no way influenced by the author or publisher.Another great one Looks like we have a new character joining the gang The secret between Spencer and Janssen is really intriguing I hope we get answers soon The suspense is driving me crazy Can t wait to see what develops between Izzy and Spencer.

    13. Loved this book Summer Prescott s writing has a nice flow to it and it was easy for me to get engrossed in the story I was happy to see that the Southern setting is in sunny, Florida The characters are interesting, especially the creepy mortician Timothy and the mysterious Spencer The way the cupcakes are described makes my mouth water I want to read all the books in this series Highly recommended for culinary cozy mystery lovers and those with a sweet tooth who love a great story

    14. OMGI wait and check every day for a new book to come out and when it does my insides jump up and down with excitement Please don t stop pleeeassssseee Dont give up on all of your fans.bplease anyone who reads this and agrees like my comment as helpful Ttyl 12 years old Destiny

    15. Wonderful ReadWonderful read Loved all the characters that keep me interested throughout the book The storyline was great because I wanted to continue to read past my bedtime which I did lol.

    16. Murder, mystery, and SpencerAnother delicious read from Summer Prescott She never fails to delight with her wonderful mysteries As always I will impatiently wait for the next book This series, like all of her others, is a fun and refreshing read.

    17. Even better than the first bookReally like the story The characters are great Left me wondering, and am very interested in Spencer s story as the author only gives little hints in each book Can t wait to start the next book

    18. This is the second book in the INNcredibly Sweet Series and I liked the book but it was not as spell bound as the first It was almost like it was written by a differed author I will have to try book 3.

    19. WonderfulThese books make me want to bake all the cupcakes I can The characters are great and the storyline is great It was enthralling to read and I just kept on reading.

    20. InterestingNot like others but very interesting I would never have thought that the who done it person did it Wow.

    21. Love this new series extension When writers get competitive it can become dangerous Love that Spencer continues to help save the day.

    22. GoodEnjoyed all of these books thus far Easy reading, short enough to finish quickly Can t wait for others to follow.

    23. This book was okI will continue to read mostly because I like Missy and Chaz It seemed like it was a short book to me but I prefer long book so that could be why.

    24. What a bookSpiders,snakes and murder Gives you the shivers, right This is a quick page turner and the author serves it up fast and spooky.

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