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Awful Intent By John D. Brown,

  • Title: Awful Intent
  • Author: John D. Brown
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Frank is an Army Special Forces veteran who screwed up, went to prison, and is now out, trying to go straight He s traveling through Southeastern Utah, enjoying the miles and miles of red rock desert and wilderness when a man is murdered where nobody is supposed to see Except Frank does see He could turn his back, but turning isn t in Frank s nature Not when the murderFrank is an Army Special Forces veteran who screwed up, went to prison, and is now out, trying to go straight He s traveling through Southeastern Utah, enjoying the miles and miles of red rock desert and wilderness when a man is murdered where nobody is supposed to see Except Frank does see He could turn his back, but turning isn t in Frank s nature Not when the murderous crew begins to hunt him Not when the sheriff seems to be helping them And especially not when he discovers the plot is far bigger and deadly than he could have imagined Another fast moving, action packed, roller coaster of suspense from John D Brown Fans of Lee Child, Robert Crais, and Burn Notice will be delighted by the action, characters, and high stakes twists.
    Awful Intent Frank is an Army Special Forces veteran who screwed up went to prison and is now out trying to go straight He s traveling through Southeastern Utah enjoying the miles and miles of red rock desert

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    1. QUIT READING REVIEWS HIT THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON NOW Wow what a follow up to Bad Penny I kept checking back month after controlling for the sequel to the authors first book, Bad Penny Boy was I a happy guy when finally along comes Awful Intent For fans of Thor, Clancy, Flynn, the Arisen series guys, to fans of Jack Murphy and also of the Primal series _ YOU ALL WILL LOVE FRANK SHAW Ex Green Beret, 100% realistic bad dude good guy Both books were well written thrillers, packed with action realistic [...]

    2. This is an excellent book of a man stopping in the dessert to watch the sun set What he saw instead was a woman and two men chasing a third man and beating him over the head with a shovel Frank watches as they wrap him in a tarp and throw him in the back of a pickup Frank calls the police and follows the pickup However the people in the pickup call the police also Since Frank has a record he is the one who gets in trouble This is a very intense story of terrorist activity It is well written and [...]

    3. Good one I really enjoyed this Frank Shaw book The reason I gave it 4 stars is there was almost too much action.If you dial back the action a bit and give a bit on character development, it would be James st about perfect But overall.good stuff

    4. Very well written The hero is believable and human Nice work.The hero is very believable and we ll developed The description of the scenery is very accurate I have been in that part of America and it really is beautiful.

    5. A very entertaining page turner The author shows he did his homework when the characters discuss the military and the Middle East terrorist situation I feel like I just watched a good TV miniseries which is never a bad thing I recommend this to all fans of mystery and suspense thrillers.

    6. Interesting storyI liked the book and I didn t like the book At times the author was to verbose There wasn t an economy of words Also, parts of the story line weren t very believable But I stuck with it and finished I liked the main characters also.

    7. Good, but the first one was better.Okay, but like I said, first one was better All in all, good series, recommend both where and when is the next one

    8. Nonstop ExcitementThis story pulls you in and keeps you there Frank is a character who is easy and fun to root for.

    9. Keeps you goingExcellent story line with plenty of action Frank Shaw is a different kind of hero than your usual but he has a good heart Highly recommend to all

    10. Action packedGreat characters and non stop action Pulls you in like a Jack Reacher story and delivers like one too Time to go find the next one .

    11. Brown proves that his first novel wasn t a fluke This one is even better and even if Lee Child s influence is blatantly obvious, there are much worse role models out there The novel hits the ground running and the pacing is sustained throughout the length of the book.The only place the author falters at is at the final showdown instead of the hero rising to the occasion and trouncing the villains, Reacher style, the author goes for realism Although the hero still saves the day, but with consider [...]

    12. Frank is former special forces but ended out with a dishonorable discharge and a prison term Of course he is really a good guy who makes the moral choice to do what s right As he travels through Utah he happens upon a murder and reports it to an attractive female sheriff who doesn t believe a word he says because he is a tattooed ex con There are a lot of mysterious goings on and Frank investigates in order to convince the sheriff that the bad guys are a real threat It kept me engrossed and anxi [...]

    13. After all of the action in Bad Penny, if you are hoping to get a breather with Awful Intent, you will soon discover you will not be getting one There are car chases, air fights, floods and car chases Shaw is on his way to California to spend Independence Day with his sister and nephew He stops in Utah to just take in the scenery and watch the sunset He sees some suspicious activity and, never one to miss a chance to get into trouble, goes to investigate It turns out to be a terrorist cell and t [...]

    14. This second novel in the series is just as impressive as the first one Another taut thriller that sustains your attention throughout The premise of the story was also solid and had a Tom Clancy feeling of projecting technology and how it might be used in the wrong hands.Some of the conversations in it were quite thoughtful and approached some subjects with a lot of nuance and understanding I really like how the character of Frank has developed where this time he gets involved out of wanting to d [...]

    15. Second book in the series, and Frank just keeps getting better What starts out as a murder mystery, turns into a hunt for International terrorists planning a 4th of July biological attack in several different cities Along the way, he romances the local sherriff, but it s left up to the readers imagination if anything ever comes from that There is action, suspence, and a little bit of humour scattered here and there, but the story never gets bogged down and moves along nicely the whole time if yo [...]

    16. This one was looking like it would chug right along like the first one, so I was disappointed when I ran into a rather large chunk of Frank explaining radical Islam to a law enforcement professional wo seemed rather competent in all other areas, so not sure why she was so out of the loop on this one So I skipped over that whole section and picked back up when the action did.The stakes for Frank for the majority of the book also aren t quite as great as in Bad Penny, although the evolution of his [...]

    17. Like I said about book one in this series, the guts of this story were good What, again, I didn t like were the tangents, like the aside about Islam and what makes the Arab world tick and stuff like that So the story s guts get 4 stars and the side tracks get two stars so that averages to 3 stars.One aside that I have come back a while later to note this is written in present tense Like German We go to the store We see the food We think about the food I can t really explain it but it was hard to [...]

    18. OutstandingAnother book that needs 10 stars instead of 5 Also, a book that keeps your interest until the very end It is so exciting, I could hardly wait to go to the next page Mr Brown is an excellent author whose writing keeps the adrenaline flowing and he must also have a good proofreader

    19. Avoiding the dustA super hero who has flaws, but accepts all of life s ups and downs now that he realizes his destiny by making his own decisions.He connects with a female self confidence sheriff and single mother who prioritizes her duties in an emergency Both risk their lives, ending friendly for their futures.

    20. Fine thriller, basically a big chase through southern Utah Lot s of military know how and lingo was dropped in along the way Every situation got a fresh eval when new info was received I liked that I also liked that the woman wasn t just there to shout Help or fall over sticks during a chase.

    21. I like this series I think I liked this book better than the first one It s a little violent and there s some swearing, but no sex Except for an excessively long info dump on terrorism, the action moved pretty fast and was a good read I really like Frank MC and how he is a good guy despite his past.

    22. Awful intentGood tale and full of action, twists and turns along the way Probably way too flip in comments made in the middle of serious pain or moments of high potential for death if a mistake was made Amazing how poorly the hero shot with his supposed training and the sheriff was not too believable.

    23. Fun in the sunI dumped a bad book and chose this one Glad I did cuz I live in Utah and moved to Kolob from Salt Lake You could travel in decades and enjoy the natural beauty and meet great people Nice to know someone is writing about us with a keen perspective.

    24. Lots of action compressed into a short story line Makes me want to take a long, slow road trip to southern Utah I read the author s first book and immediately read this one Now to find out if there is a third.

    25. Best everJohn has done his research He speaks with an authority that quickly has you believing The characters are realistic and their actions and reactions are believable Frank Shaw is the best friend we all wish we had.

    26. Ex Green Beret and con Frank Shaw is back in action, witnessing what he thinks is a murder Frank gets involved in something far sinister and with the local lady sheriff goes on quite an adventure involving terrorists and lots of shooting and danger.

    27. An interesting plot and sympathetic charactersIt s always refreshing to run across a new character in the middle of a terrible situation The Utah setting added color to an action packed story Worth the read

    28. Good strong reafFast paced read I found highly enjoyable.Jack Reacher type storyline with satisfying ending.Downloading book one as I type

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