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Losing Cadence By LauraLovett,

  • Title: Losing Cadence
  • Author: LauraLovett
  • ISBN: 9781491788516
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Cadence Weaverly graduates from high school, she thinks it s for the best that she and her boyfriend, Richard White, take separate paths she to Julliard and he back to Harvard Ten years later, she has an ideal job and a wonderful fiance, Christian She is building the life of her dreams until the day Richard resurfaces out of the blue, abducts her from her San FrancWhen Cadence Weaverly graduates from high school, she thinks it s for the best that she and her boyfriend, Richard White, take separate paths she to Julliard and he back to Harvard Ten years later, she has an ideal job and a wonderful fiance, Christian She is building the life of her dreams until the day Richard resurfaces out of the blue, abducts her from her San Francisco apartment, and returns her to his mansion where he holds her captive Cadence can hardly believe her ears when Richard professes his undying love and reveals his plans to build a life together Terrified to fight back for fear he will have Christian murdered, Cadence must determine how to reason with a mentally unstable man who is obsessed with making her his forever But even if she manages to escape, will she ever really be free of the man who hunts her heart In this psychological thriller, a young woman must rely on perseverance, courage, and inner strength to survive after she is kidnapped by her deranged ex boyfriend.
    Losing Cadence When Cadence Weaverly graduates from high school she thinks it s for the best that she and her boyfriend Richard White take separate paths she to Julliard and he back to Harvard Ten years later sh

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    1. Losing Cadence was a great read from start to finish Cadence Weaverly has been kidnapped by an extremely obsessive and mentally unstable ex boyfriend, Richard White, who uses his vast wealth and ruthless resourcefulness to hold her prisoner But Cadence is resourceful too, and that, combined with her desperate longing to be reunited with the fianc she loves, Christian, makes for a gripping, scary, and thrilling page turner of a story The book drew me in and had me imagining what I would do to try [...]

    2. Forget ANY other suspense novel you have read in the past or even recently RUN to buy, borrow or steal Laura Lovett s LOSING CADENCE My breath was held, my heart was stopped my mind was blown There was never a minute when I wasn t on the edge of my seat with dread I was scared for Cadence from start to end Just when I thought there was hope, Lovett snatched it away from me with another twist of the plot and turn of the page A book has not affected me this much since I read Emma Donaghue s, ROOM [...]

    3. Losing Cadence had me hooked at page one This psychological thriller tells the story of concert flautist, Cadence Weaverly, and her stalker ex boyfriend, successful businessman, Richard White Will Cadence escape Richard s twisted plans to keep her forever or will she eventually give up trying and accept her fate You ll have to read to find out With loads of twists and turns, Laura Lovett s debut novel is not only well written but hard to put downa real page turner A great read for fans of Gone G [...]

    4. I was pulled into the story from the opening paragraph, and led down dark and twisting corridors, through flashbacks and back out into the light of the final chapter But it left me wanting There is JUST enough of the mystery solved that I can wait for the second bookd there MUST be a second book, but where it will go I can t imagine Losing Cadence provides us a glimpse into the world of terror caused by obsession and control, as well as a reminder of the resilience of the human mind and spirit. [...]

    5. UPDATE I went into Losing Cadence with such high hopes Seriously, when I discovered this book I immediately had to get my hands on a copy The synopsis sounded perfect for my reading tastes.Unfortunately, that s where my affection for Laura Lovett s debut novel stopped While the premise for this book is amazing, any interest was immediately killed by the driest, most senseless fiction writing that I ve ever encountered I felt no empathy for any of the characters while reading this book As if the [...]

    6. Intensely riveting, spine chilling, and highly suspenseful This is a gripping thriller that illustrates the psychological and emotional anguish of obsession, manipulation, selfishness, lies, and deception.The prose is clear and precise The characterization is well developed, with the main character, Cadence, being confused, resilient, and empathetic, while Richard is intense, moody, and conniving And the story is written in a nice, past present style that allows insight and depth into both the r [...]

    7. I normally don t care for psychological thrillers, but after reading the first chapters of Losing Cadence, I was hooked and couldn t wait to know what happened next Lovett portrayed the psychopath in this thriller uncomfortably well and left us asking what we might have done in the same circumstance Now for the sequel that I ll want to read for sure Maybe I m beginning to like psychological thrillers Nell Smith, Author of Retire to the Life You Love, practical tools for designing your meaningful [...]

    8. I can not say enough about how much I loved this novel Right from the start I genuinely could not put it down until I had soaked in every last word I loved the mystery and intensity of the character experiences as well as the incredible detail describing each and every event in the plot You really feel as if you are a part of the story yourself feeling every emotion the characters, both major and minor, are experiencing themselves I will definitely be recommending this novel to others, and I can [...]

    9. Losing Cadence is the most entertaining book that I have read this year I am not usually attracted to thrillers or suspense in books but the way that Lovett writes and integrates the psychological elements made this book a favorite for me The suspense was such that I could not put the book down This book will appeal to all types of readers those that love a mystery or thriller but also those who might normally enjoy romance novels.

    10. I didn t really enjoy this book I found the story pace for the book really slow For three chapters, it describes Cadence constantly crying I didn t feel any connection with the characters I really disliked the main character, Cadence I found her rather annoying I didn t feel much of a climax or arc in the story It felt like a psychology paper of explaining things rather than having the story unfold before me Sorry Its just not for me I guess.

    11. I polished off Losing Cadence in one sitting I just love it I am a huge mystery suspense buff and I have basically run out of mystery books from the series I follow This book is right up there with the best of them in terms of quality, readability, and intrigue I have to say the last page was not expected Very powerful and eerie I can so see this book as a movie.

    12. Laura Lovett does not miss a beat in the weaving of this psychological thriller that is Losing Cadence Did not want to put this book down, it really did hijack my attention If Richard White were to have a say in the matter, I believe he would stalk the author s every waking minute until the sequel is released

    13. LOSING CADENCE a full 5 STARS 1 Day, 1 Book that all it takes This novel was an intriguing, tangled and twisted read from start to finish I could not put this down until I drank in every single word A captivating and suspenseful read, perfect for those who adored Gone Girl Do yourself a favour, read this novel you will not be disappointed.

    14. Certainly a captivating plot although these kinds of situations unnerve me I know it is fiction but kidnapping happens so much in reality that it makes me uneasy That being said, Lovett has answers for most of my questions in each development and it was indeed a page turner I will read your next work Ms Lovett.

    15. Lovett spins an intricate web of twists and turns that keep you reading until you are done I found it very entertaining and difficult to put down Richard is a manipulative, resourceful and all around obsessive man I found myself really hoping for Cadence What a great read and I am sure all who pick this book up will really find it entertaining and well worth their time.

    16. I enjoyed getting caught up in this suspenseful, intelligent adventure The themes exploring passion and obsession, and compassion and self preservation, combined with a well written plot satisfied many of my reader s desires

    17. A twisted novel from start to finish, Losing Cadence will have you wanting from page one Lovett writes in such a way that you can t help but be invested in the novel, making this page turner the perfect summer read

    18. If you like a good page turner, this book delivers A roller coaster ride from start to finish I love a thriller with a good old crazy villain and Ms Lovett has succeeded with Richard Get the book you will not be sorry, looking forward to a sequel or better yet the movie.

    19. A Great Read I could not put this book down Truly gripping from the first page While reading the book you cannot help but put yourself in Cadence s shoes and wonder What would I do Days later, you will find you are still thinking about the characters Read it, you will not regret it.

    20. What a great read Gripping from the start Twists and turns throughout that keep you on the edge of your seat I dare you to put it down An amazing debut novel How long do I have to wait for a sequel

    21. I was gripped instantly There was lots of twists and turns and you really feel a connection to the characters through out this thrilling, complex novel

    22. Great read Losing Cadence is a real page turner with many creative twists Totally enjoyed this book from start to finish.

    23. I just loved losing Cadence, it was such an intense, gripping escape read I usually pass along my novels to friends, but I m keeping this one in my library because I know I ll be reading it again.

    24. A great summer read Not only was it fast paced, but the twist in the middle left me spinning until the end.

    25. 3.5 starsWhile the pacing in this one was a bit slow for my tastes, the author does a write a compelling story The flashbacks to Richard and Cadence s past are done quite well and add some extra insight into the romance that started it all The biggest drawback for me was that too many things were so over the top as to be unbelievable Richard is certifiable to say the least and the lengths he has gone to in carrying out his plan are absolutely spine tingling My problem lay with the number of peop [...]

    26. An engaging read that did have my head shaking often Some of the plot elements of the book are grandiose Also, I found that the flashbacks bogged down my reading as I wanted to read the moving action of the story It is hard to write a review for this thriller without spoiling things, but I am intrigued to read Lovett s next book, Finding Sophie.

    27. I loved this book I found myself looking forward to each chapter to see what was going to happen next I was invested in the characters i.e I loved Cadence and despised Richard

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