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A Past Revenge By Carole Mortimer,

  • Title: A Past Revenge
  • Author: Carole Mortimer
  • ISBN: 9780373107803
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • I wanted you, Danielle, the moment I saw you Nicholas Andracas was not only commissioning Danielle to paint the portrait of his latest mistress, he was also boldly trying to seduce her with his lethal charm.The rich and arrogant oil tycoon didn t recognize Danielle as the young woman who d given herself to him in innocence seven years ago To him she d been a mere divers I wanted you, Danielle, the moment I saw you Nicholas Andracas was not only commissioning Danielle to paint the portrait of his latest mistress, he was also boldly trying to seduce her with his lethal charm.The rich and arrogant oil tycoon didn t recognize Danielle as the young woman who d given herself to him in innocence seven years ago To him she d been a mere diversion, of value only when his wife had initiated divorce proceedings.Danielle longed to pay him back with interest for the pain he d caused her But she tried instead to keep him at arm s length to avoid battling herself, as well as him.
    A Past Revenge I wanted you Danielle the moment I saw you Nicholas Andracas was not only commissioning Danielle to paint the portrait of his latest mistress he was also boldly trying to seduce her with his lethal

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    1. Re A Past Revenge Revenge, one of the pillars of the HP universe Fully one third of the entirety of HPlandia would disappear if it weren t for the persistence of this trope, whether it is the H getting revenge on the h or vice versa, one thing is for sure HPlandia has spawned some of the best revenge inspired emo drama in all of Romance The master of the revenge trope is Sally Wentworth but Jacqueline Baird, Sara Craven and in this case Carole Mortimer, have all taken pretty good shots at the tr [...]

    2. Some great reviews here and I don t have much to add Heroine s revenge is great it really was a dish served up cold and it made the hero cry I don t think I could have stomached the ending if he hadn t cried hero was awful at the beginning Because the heroine got to have her catharsis and hero s manhood is now restored, I can get behind their HEA I m also glad that the OW got fired from her acting job Finally some justice For revenge junkies Not a lot of romance here just stalking and cold dismi [...]

    3. Have not had a 4 star in a loooong time Epic angst, epic alpha, epic ass hattedness, epic love to hate, epic revenge If you love to hate your heroes, even your heroines, then look no further At 19, Ellie meets the biggest ass hat of eternity at a party of a girl she doesn t like It s love at first sight for her so she goes home with cappello ass They have sex He doesn t dial in to the fact that she s a virgin, just thinks the sex was a little awkward for a professional like her He throws a coupl [...]

    4. Very intense read with an incredibly strong heroine out for revenge after 7 years My only regret is that the author did such a great job in creating a very shallow, ruthless self centered hero, that I did not believe he was worthy of the heroine He didn t do anything to really redeem himself, except stalk her His shabby attitude towards women was pervasive all the way through the book She had way too much integrity to ever love someone like him.

    5. Absolutely adored the book,liked the plot n most of all really liked the fact the heroin completed the revenge and makes hero pay for his mistakesRecommend it

    6. 3.5 stars.Everything is good until the last two chapters.Gosh, does she need to forgive him easily like that She doesn t sound like the character I read for the first 8 chapters, another terrible cut needed by the editor Who knowsAnyway, it s a good read, the H crazy about our h and obsessed about her.If you love a total alpha male I bet you will love the way he bahave toward her, until you find out how he treated her when she was only 19 and he was a married guy in the 30s But of course he had [...]

    7. I hated the hero with passion She really REALLY should have tossed him.He s a guy who uses the services of a prostituteTHING redeemable about him.Any hero who uses paid sex service is basically dead to me.Now the heroine WASNT a prostitute is besides the point.HE DIDNT KNOW THAT He also paid her thinking she s one.I will NOT marry take back a guy like that even if the world peace depended on itDs are the least of the concerns However 4 star Heroine gives EVERYTHING back to him including paying h [...]

    8. I m going with 4 stars for the crazy of it all There was this totally clueless hero who couldn t understand that maybe some woman just didn t want him There was a nice heroine who kept saying no until she finally just said F it and decided since he wouldn t leave her alone she d just get some long overdue revenge on the hero and then there was the hero crying at the end That s different.

    9. One of the best revenge novels I ve read from a heroine against the hero Maybe I enjoyed this tale of vengeance because I hated the Hero And it really takes a lot for me to hate a H This one was in a class of his own You know, the kind that deserves a nice, long, loving blowjob From a shark.After their initial doomed sexual encounter when she s 19, she meets him 7 years later He finds her irresistible But she s not the same naive fool who blindly fell for him at first sight I don t know why she [...]

    10. finally a heroine who gives as good as she gets This read was a prime example of the revenge is a dish best served cold school of thought and the vengeance Danielle the heroine wreaks on the hero Nicolas is breathtaking She doesn t really lose her grip for even a moment and is single minded in her pursuit to bring him down Of course, once she does have him where she wants him she converts into your average harlequin heroine madly in love with the hero and willing to forgive his crimes no matter [...]

    11. H has one night stand with h seven years ago and discards her , only after paying her with some money for their night together Now seven years later , Danielle is being paid to sketch Nick s current mistress The moment he laid eyes on Danielle he wants her of course he doesn t remember her as the teenage girl he had seven years ago Danielle wants him to know the taste of his own bitterness ans the humiliation she went through Nick is adamant to have her and she is too stubborn to give in easily [...]

    12. The hero in this story starts out looking totally unredeemable What he did to the heroine seven years ago was at first glance unforgivable Danielle had made a life for herself as a portrait painter and built a reputation as a cold withdrawn woman.Nick has spent the last seven years being pretty much a man slut which only confirms the impression Danielle was left with after their encounter In fact they only meet because Danielle has a commission to paint his current mistress, a stunning if rather [...]

    13. The story certainly has its touching moments, but there s absolutely no logic in the behavior of main characters It starts with Danielle falling deeply and irrevocably in love with Nicolas at first SIGHT Literally Come on, during the first meeting maybe if you like both his looks and personality, but you cannot feel deep, real love for a stranger just based on his good looks or some chemism Based on this love Danielle slept with Nicolas and he treated her horribly, so even after a dozen of years [...]

    14. A Past Revenge is the story of Nicholas and Danielle.When famous artist Danielle is asked to do the portrait of Andre, mistress to the elusive billionaire Nicholas, the request brings back a flash of painful memories.7 years ago, a painfully naive Danielle was seduced by then married man Nicholas, and brutally left behind and she had to deal with its heartbreaking consequences Now as Nicholas finds himself enchanted by her, she decides to stay aloof but to her chagrin he decides to relentlessly [...]

    15. What a refreshing read I loved the fact that this boor usual HP where the hero is the one out for revenge It s actually the other way around And I enjoyed watching Nicholas pursued Ellie relentlessly.

    16. 2.5 starsThe first 2 3 of the book was fantastic, the last 1 3 not so I loved the idea, unfortunately I really disliked that not so hero If she walked out of his life completely, this book would have had a 5 star rating.

    17. A romance with a twist the hero who spends the whole book pining for the heroine, and not the other way around.

    18. FINALLY A REVENGE STORY DONE RIGHT WOOHOO D I absolutely loved, LOVED that the heroine has the backbone and conviction to actually carry through with her revenge In this trope, the heroine ALWAYS chickens out in the last minute for wuw but the heroes have no problems with carrying out their revenge They experience some minor discomfort, of course, but they get over it in a flash But not Danielle I really enjoyed reading her interactions with Nick because she doesn t soften, doesn t back down eve [...]

    19. Easily one of the best HP s I have read Filled with emotion and angst the H and h s story grabs hold from the very beginning and doesn t let go The H, bitter because of a pending divorce, meets the h at a party She s sweet and innocent and in complete awe of him He uses her and treats her like a whore Seven years later they meet again She recognizes him but he has no clue who she is She is out for revenge for the way he treated her seven years earlier and proceeds to turn his world upside down T [...]

    20. Another Harlequin with a different sort of pattern I loved the heroine She never got dewy eyed, there were no false electric sparks that made me roll my eyes, she handled herself well through the whole book The hero was sexy and flirty and you ended up really digging him in the end This one held a few surprise twists and a lot of hidden layers to uncover, surprises which was shocking and depressing at times The suspense as you re waiting for the secrets to unfold and to see how the revenge scena [...]

    21. One of the best epic great romances by Mortimer.She certainly is one of my favourite romantic authors now because all books i til now read by her has become one of my favourites.Nick Andracas and Danielle s love story was one hot electric ride full of tension,angsty and a romance i will never forget.Love both the hero and heroine very much

    22. i enjoyed this one very much, a huge roller coaster i was going to rate it a 5 but heroine s sudden change of heart did not make sense ofc, i knew they wud end up together it s an HP so, maybe, the book shud have been longer this change of heart was too abrupt i did not feel she loved him nick s reasons for his behavior 7 years ago seem petty at best and did not redeem him in any way so imagine my big surprise, when danielle fell for his excuses and put all the blame on his ex wife big lol

    23. I liked that the heroine was determined to get her revenge and she was doing a pretty good job But I didn t like that the hero got away with treating her that bad in the past a bit easily in the end As soon as she told him, she started making excuses for him and taking half the blame for the past which wasn t right.Still, it was a fine book

    24. This hero really deserved his revenge and the heroine follows through with it, but of course loves him So did he really pay the price of hurting her years ago

    25. Hmmm Not too sure about this one I did like how the heroine was usually calm and collected, and not impulsive and ridiculous well, most of the time I liked that she planned her revenge and fully carried it out However, I definitely did not like the hero s actions towards the heroine at the beginning of the book and for the majority of the book, actually He propositioned her basically in front of his current mistress, he treated her like a slut in the past, he was stalkery and rapey yes those are [...]

    26. This started creepy The age difference between Nick and Ellie being eleven years She s only nineteen when he treats her like a tramp and kicks her out She gets pregnant and loses her baby Holding on to her need for revenge Seven years later he shows up in her life and fails to recognize him This time she turns the tables on him, exacting the revenge she s plotted for seven years I must admit it was hard to like Nick at first There was little to like about him He comes off as an arrogant conceite [...]

    27. A Past RevengeThis is a story about two people whom met seven years ago when they had a n one night stand And he kicked her out of bed Now she is a well known portrait painter He commissioned her to paint his current mistress for a play she is in He pursue her relentlessly But she keeps turning him dow The mistress, green eyes jealous, tried everything to break the budding romance apart But what happens when he finally realize that they have a past

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