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The Prague Orgy By Philip Roth,

  • Title: The Prague Orgy
  • Author: Philip Roth
  • ISBN: 9780679749035
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • In quest of the unpublished manuscript of a martyred Yiddish writer, the American novelist Nathan Zuckerman travels to Soviet occupied Prague in the mid 1970s There, in a nation straightjacketed by totalitarian Communism, he discovers a literary predicament, marked by institutionalized oppression, that is rather different from his own He also discovers, among the oppressIn quest of the unpublished manuscript of a martyred Yiddish writer, the American novelist Nathan Zuckerman travels to Soviet occupied Prague in the mid 1970s There, in a nation straightjacketed by totalitarian Communism, he discovers a literary predicament, marked by institutionalized oppression, that is rather different from his own He also discovers, among the oppressed writers with whom he quickly becomes embroiled in a series of bizarre and poignant adventures, an appealingly perverse kind of heroism.The Prague Orgy, consisting of entries from protagonist Nathan Zuckerman s notebooks recording his sojourn among these outcast artists, completes the trilogy and epilogue Zuckerman bound It provides a startling ending to Roth s intricately designed magnum opus on the unforeseen consequences of art This Vintage edition is the first paperback publication of the epilogue.
    The Prague Orgy In quest of the unpublished manuscript of a martyred Yiddish writer the American novelist Nathan Zuckerman travels to Soviet occupied Prague in the mid s There in a nation straightjacketed by to

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    1. In this short novel that closes the Zuckerman Unbound tetrology, Roth, well Nathan Zuckerman, gives us a look inside the communist police state of the Czech Republic in the 70s He is trying to recuperate some manuscripts written by the father a Czech refugee friend of his in NY says his estranged and sexually obsessed ex wife Olga has hidden in her flat He experiences all the paranoia and insanity of life behind then Iron Curtain with his typically precise eye for detail I recall visiting Leipzi [...]

    2. No, one s story isn t a skin to be shed it s inescapable, one s body and blood You go on pumping it out till you die, the story veined with the themes of your life, the ever recurring story that s at once your invention and the invention of you RothThe Prague Orgy is the epilogue to the Zuckerman Bound trilogy, and would be of interest I think primarily to people who have read that trilogy It s short, less than 100 pages, and deals peripherally with some of the issues Roth raises in the trilogy, [...]

    3. During college I lived in Prague for eight months, so I consider myself a god damned expert on Czech culture I ve seen first hand the grandmothers at the metro telling others thankfully not me to go fuck their mothers, I ve been turned down with a flat out zavreno when trying to enter a shop that was obviously open The Czechs are a dark people My teachers said it was a legacy of communism and the constant surveillance and spying on friends and exile and threat or fact of being sent to Siberia I [...]

    4. Degno epilogo alla serie di libri su Zuckerman, l Orgia di Praga tira le fila di molti temi zuckermaniani , primo fra tutti quello del rapporto con la figura paterna, che nei tre libri precedenti era rimasto irrisolto qui il nostro Nathan cerca di recuperare, andando a Praga per portare in salvo il manoscritto del padre di uno scrittore ceco esule in America, Sisovsky Certo, si tratta del padre di Sisovsky e non del suo, un manoscritto in yiddish che Zuckerman non neanche in grado di leggere, ma [...]

    5. Trivial note In the history of cinema, Philip Roth s double goer, Nathan Zuckerman, has been portrayed by just two men These men are the noted thespians Gary Sinise andMark Linn Baker Which means must mean that in some way Roth is a bit Lt Dan, a bit Cousin Larry The Zuckerman of this novella in the Library of America edition of Zuckerman Bound, The Prague Orgy is a little over 50 pages is Sinise Sinise, the smooth operator Zuckerman is out doing a bit of literary spywork, footwork, tracking do [...]

    6. Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted illegally Regular readers know that I m in the process of getting through Philip Roth s remarkable nine book autobiographical Nathan Zuckerman series, a slew of novels written from the 1970s through early 2000s that essentially record the entire history of the Postmodernist Era, by looking very pointedly at Roth s own life as [...]

    7. Well, this was one little gem of a dark, poignant nightmare Roth s story is laced with his personal diatribes which add color and poignancy to this romp through Prague The third in the Zuckerman sagas, the acclaimed and shockingly successful Jewish author visits the otherworldly Prague in 1976 ostensibly to retrieve a recently americanized half jew s long lost stories from his father He meets a society of paranoid misfits and sexual deviants who coerce and cajole through a long night of surveill [...]

    8. This epilogue of the Zuckerman Bound trilogy provides an interesting bridge towards the great Zuckerman books, where Zuckerman begins to be an observer and commentor of others In this, Zuckerman is enticed into going to Prague to free a sheaf of manuscripts of what may be groundbreaking Yiddish literature, works that are being held captive by an exile Czech writer s estranged wife This short book is a whirlwind of exotic and extreme characters, the type that Roth is a fine constructor of, but so [...]

    9. Great snippet of Soviet Eastern Europe by Roth Some parts were insanely funny Roth is the master of disfunction and great one liners

    10. Irriverente, come lui sa essere.Un racconto metaforico sul potere politico e sul potere della letteratura che pu liberare dai totalitarismi sotto il tormento dell eterna malinconia e il tremendo stress dovuto al puro e semplice bisogno di farcela sempre si nasconde, da qualche parte, una barzelletta, una caricatura, una battuta mordace, una storiella che con feroce autoironia arriva piano piano all esilarante battuta finale E questo il frutto delle sofferenze Quello che senti l odore dei secoli [...]

    11. A slight but genuinely wonderful addition to the Nathan Zuckerman series, which sees the celebrated novelist journeying to mid 70s Communist Prague, and plunging himself to the city s sordid depths, in an effort to track down an unpublished manuscript of short stories by an unknown but apparently ingenious Yiddish writer.This is a world of tragic artists, numbed by the intensity of their oppressors and pushing hard at every boundary in an effort to feel Rooms are bugged, traitors lurk in the wid [...]

    12. Amo P Roth ma questo breve racconto non ha aggiunto nulla al mio pomeriggio di inizio anno Anzi, mi ha piuttosto annoiata Forse la Trilogia ha senso leggerla tutta.Per adesso il mio giudizio piuttosto misero.

    13. As short as a long Kafka this novella is the perfect meeting of the absurdity of Czech culture and Roth satire.

    14. Chosen fairly randomly because a free copy fell into my lap and I like to read Philip Roth sometimes.Fortunately, despite the title, this was Good Interesting Roth The Ghost Writer , not Bizarro Sex Roth The Breast And goddamn if he didn t foresee aspects of our current situation all the way back in 1985 You Americans think in terms of one year or two Russians think in centuries They know instinctively that they live a long time, and that the time is theirs They know it deeply, and they are righ [...]

    15. after the cranking the lols up to about 3 per page, got suddenly serious and spooky but at least finished strong.

    16. Philip Roth is, as always, interesting in this novella His alter ego s quest to save an obscure Yiddish writer s manuscript amidst the chaos and corruption of Communist Czechoslovakia is, by turns, comic, bitter, haunting The women are just great, too.

    17. Since I ve been working my way through Roth s novellas I ended up jumping from the first of the Zuckerman books to this, the last, although to be fair it can easily be read as a standalone book without knowing anything of Zuckerman s history A number of reviewers have objected to the book s length a mere 86 pages I ve no problems here at all It was as long as it needed to be Anything else would ve felt like padding So, labels aside, it was a complete, although admittedly slight, story.Part of th [...]

    18. Much like my re reading of The Trial, my second look at this book was prompted by my recent visit to Prague And from that point of view, it does make an interesting comparison between then and now The city today is almost unrecognisable from the one Roth describes, with its fear and its secret service and surveillance bugs everywhere Now it s a thriving Western capital, with big supermarkets, coca cola and mass advertising for the latest American film when I was there, Terminator Salvation If yo [...]

    19. L orgia di Praga il penultimo episodio della vita dell alter ego di Philip Roth, Nathan Zuckerman Purtroppo ho letto l orgia di Praga prima degli episodi precedenti Lo scrittore fantasma, Zuckerman scatenato, La lezione di anatomia e credo che questo abbia fatto perdere un po di significato alla storia.Il libro inizia con l incontro tra Zuckerman e uno scrittore ceco esule, Zdenek Sisovsky, che lo prega di andare a Praga per recuperare un manoscritto yiddish il cui autore il padre dello stesso S [...]

    20. The Prague Orgy reminded me a lot of a certain aspect of Mad Men Even though Mad Men is a drama, when it wants to be, it can be the funniest show on television The Prague Orgy strikes me as Roth s showing he can do whatever the hell he wants with a book It was like he was board with the introspective critiques of American culture, so he wrote an 86 page throw away satire that was better than what most authors would ever hope to write.Worth reading if you find it used, are a Roth completist, or a [...]

    21. Did not particularly get into this one as readily as the other Zuckerman books, but the last two thirds changed things dramatically and propelled me to the finish This is the book that Kundera wishes he could write.All of the ones in the Zuckerman Unbound volume are way different and involved than I first expected I expected some hardcord salacious stuff and that is the theme but its not necessarily the content The content is , the effects of that or the impression of that Very fascinating, I w [...]

    22. Until last year s Exit Ghosts, Orgy was far and away the weakest Zuckerman book you are off the hook Deception, Facts, and My Life as Man In its own way, it does not fit in with Bound, but instead is a fictional pairing to the interview collection Shoptalk, a world tour of writers oppressed by their society, and an American still too self centered to notice what it means to be oppressed.

    23. It s a good idea, but too lean Has a couple of good sequences and some interesting thoughts on writing, but the rest was sort of like overly sexualized, fairly bad Le Carre Almost a 3 Neutral thoughts.

    24. It was the you killed my Jew and I killed yours anecdote from the life and death of Bruno Schulz that triggered this one for me A consumate tale, that manages to capture the atmosphere of fear and repression characterising Prague prior to Die Wende

    25. Dopo aver letto La lezione di anatomia tutto mi aspettavo tranne di incappare in un libro ben pi deludente Philip Roth un ottimo autore ma in L orgia di Praga non d certamente il meglio di s.Lo stile di scrittura rimane ottimo come potrebbe aver disimparato a scrivere ma meno arzigogolato e pi incentrato sui dialoghi Questi ultimi li ho apprezzati e sono, forse, ci che ho gradito di pi del libro L ironia di Roth, infatti, esce maggiormente grazie a loro e alla contrapposizione di mentalit dei pe [...]

    26. Here is another interesting and entertaining satire in Zuckerman Bound series Nathan finds himself in Prague due to certain circumstances Here in the last of the Zuckerman Bound series, we have the night life, the people, the pro and against the current regime characters and Nathan Zuckerman in Prague behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet supervision Even though entertaining and meant as a humorous fiction, for someone like me, who has experienced the life behind the Iron Curtain of Soviet Union, it [...]

    27. Nathan Zuckerman travels to Prague in the mid 70s to recover a manuscript The key events here seem to revolve around the obsession the residents have about surveillance, some assuming their lives are totally recorded The short book reflects on how people act under the weight of scrutiny, and you can see the similarities with Zuckerman s brushes with fame You also see some similarities with Updike s Bech, a writer traveling to communist countries and running into government surveillance and liter [...]

    28. Almost a lengthy short story rather than a novella, but a satisfying wrap up to the Zuckerman Bound trilogy plus epilogue, from my perspective Roth is a hero of mine, but I found the preceding book in this series of a confinement than a step forward The Prague Orgy expands beyond The Anatomy Lesson s narrowness as Roth s alter ego attempts the recovery of a cache of Yiddish stories in Czechoslovakia police state practicalities intrude There is nothing a clerk in a Prague hotel can do for a writ [...]

    29. 6 10 This book in the Zuckerman series is a short with a gland problem to steal a phrase Zuckerman enters soviet Prague and stumbles into a group of hedonists and artists While there are moments of Roth s impressive writing breaking through, most of the story is poorly motivated and often trades in cheap shock value tricks At times we find seeds of what could have been a wonderful theme for a proper novel, but Roth doesn t make the effort to cultivate and grow them Entertaining and still well a [...]

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