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Cheating Lessons By Nan Willard Cappo,

  • Title: Cheating Lessons
  • Author: Nan Willard Cappo
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 411
  • Format: ebook
  • Can honesty be the worst policy Bernadette Terrell has always known the right thing to do Not the most popular girl in school, her focus has always been on academic, not social, success When her favorite teacher names her to Wickham High School s state championship quiz bowl team, she believes that she has reached the pinnacle of her high school academic career HoweveCan honesty be the worst policy Bernadette Terrell has always known the right thing to do Not the most popular girl in school, her focus has always been on academic, not social, success When her favorite teacher names her to Wickham High School s state championship quiz bowl team, she believes that she has reached the pinnacle of her high school academic career However, her elation quickly fades as she begins to suspect that perhaps someone cheated to get Wickham into the contest and is cheating still In her search for answers, Bernadette must contend with a situation that isn t black and white, where a community s hope, hard work, and pride are on the line Is a team and a school implicated by one person s behavior Cappo s blend of suspense and humor makes Cheating Lessons a riveting story about right and wrong and the downside of trust.
    Cheating Lessons Can honesty be the worst policy Bernadette Terrell has always known the right thing to do Not the most popular girl in school her focus has always been on academic not social success When her favor

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    1. I just rediscovered this novel after reading it around 10 years ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that it still holds up to contemporary standards The themes are classic coming of age the curtain pulled aside to see the disappointing manipulations of adults behind the scenes, ethical questions of right and wrong, exploring shades of gray and when and how to take a stand A compelling, funny, tension filled read, with the bonus of classic literature quotes in each chapter.

    2. Cheating Lessons by Nan Willard Cappo was a cute read that invested me in the outcome from early on in the storytelling Bernadette, the main character, finds out that her school, Wickham High, has made it into the ultimate quiz bowl, and she and some of her fellow classmates had some of the highest scores on the test that got them there However, those high scores came at the downfall of their biggest competitor Pinehurst a school that beats Wickham often than not, and which all the students of [...]

    3. Bernadette is a high school student who loves the thrill of winning with her debate team and she is a very smart girl When she and her classmates score higher than other schools on a quiz bowl exam they are entered into a competition with loads of prizes and the chance to beat a rival school, one that has beaten her before Bernadette and the quiz bowl team are very excited to get started learning all the info that they need to compete but Bernadette has a nagging feeling that maybe something was [...]

    4. I decided to read this book because the title interested me because there must be than a book telling you how to cheat The setting was interesting because I see the mother at Bernadette do not have the best retalationship together which I thought was interesting because I believe that a smart and perfect would have parents adoring her My favorite quote from this novel is we should let our personalities shine through I like this quote because as a child you don t know what s wrong and what s rig [...]

    5. Grade FOne Word MessWhen I began reading CHEATING LESSONS, I immediately thought it was a middle grade book because of the juvenile style writing Told in third person omniscient POV, CHEATING LESSONS feels like a student written essay filled with clich s, too many adjectives and adverbs, and feeding the reader a message I guessed the ending on the first page of the story.I liked the premise of this novel, an ambitious perfectionist trying to decide if winning at any cost is worth the deception. [...]

    6. I did NOT expect that person to be the culprit Aside from that, I was too busy being dazzled by the notion of a prestigious academic competition whose questions were about nothing except classic literature Hey there, high school dream Plus, Bernadette was me, only smarter and well socialized than I could ever hope for.

    7. Bernadette an intelligent 16 yr old discovers all may not be right w the high school staff cheating and her Wickham Wizards as they go into the camionship quiz bowl Great.

    8. Jordan Bissainthe 11 1 17St Christopher s Book Review JMJ Cheating Lessons, by Nan Willard Cappo, is a realistic fiction novel for young adults This book was based on the point of view of Bernadette Terrell, a school debater and academic, who is the leader of the Wickham High School s debate team She has a crush on her teacher, Mr Mallory, much like many of the other girls in the school Bernadette, who is the protagonist becomes suspicious that someone is helping her team do so well on the tests [...]

    9. This book wasn t bad, but I wouldn t say I loved it, either This is about a high school student named Bernadette Bet who is in an AP English class, where they study and explore many classic books and poems Her class participates in a test based on some of those classics, and they end up getting the top score out of all the schools However, Bet suspects that there is something fishy going on, and that the only way they could have gotten that mark is if someone cheated They have a quiz bowl coming [...]

    10. literary lion.tumblr Disclaimer A free copy of this book was received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Bernadette wants only one thing to beat Pinehurst Wickham High has never beaten them in anything When Wickham makes it into the Classics Bowl with the highest scores Bernadette is thrilled But maybe some things are too good to be true How has Wickham suddenly improved Did someone cheat A classic coming of age story Despite being originally published over ten years ago it holds [...]

    11. What would you do if you suspected you and your classmates won a contest because of cheating This is the question at the heart of Cheating Lessons by Nan Willard Cappo.The novel follows Bernadette, a high school student with an above average intelligence who routinely judges her classmates, with the exception of her best friend, Nadine, and mostly finds them wanting After Bernadette, Nadine, and some of their AP English classmates score high enough on a written exam to beat their rival school, p [...]

    12. This book started off slowly, the first few chapter were just describing Bernadette Terrell and her normal life Then suddenly the principle barged into the classroom and that s when things started getting interesting When the principle shared the news that there class had the highest scores on the test and had qualified for the Classics Bowl, she couldn t believe it She knew her peers were smart, but not this smart Something seemed fishy Bernadette took responsibility for finding out if the test [...]

    13. A bit slow to start, with a somewhat unlikeable main character, this book does get better and develops into an interesting story Bernadette is an only child, with one good friend, and a belief in the importance of intelligence She s passionate about debating, and passionate about her new English teacher, Mr Malory Malory is British, and determined to extend his students He s also very nice looking Malory becomes the coach of Bernadette and 4 other students in an academic quiz against a neighbour [...]

    14. This book was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was quite a good book with a like able and real main character that deal with the moral dilemma of cheating Bernadette s final decision in the ending the way she decides to handle the knowledge of the cheating is quite admirable and I think a good lesson in humility and morality for all people young and old The thing that was a bit creepy was all the high school girl s obsessions with Mr Malory It was a bit creepy and wei [...]

    15. What would you do if you thought someone had cheated, especially on an important test This book is about sixteen year old, Bernadette and her struggles when she things that someone has cheated on the test to let them go to the state level trivia challenge She loves her mystery novels and uses what she has learned from some of them to find out what is going on Was it one of her fellow students, the teacher, or even the principal that cheated on the test She has to find out and figure out what to [...]

    16. I received a copy of this from netgalley for review.Cheating Lessons is about a group of public school kids who must go up against a private school in an academic competition Bernadette is the main girl and also the captain of her team She isn t a very likable character and often times, her attitude got a bit annoying Halfway through the book, she got a bit better She is paranoid about how her school got into this competition and how their grades were good enough She is kind of a loner with only [...]

    17. This book is an academic mystery with flavors of a darker side The View From Saturday mixed in Students from an underachieving school finally score well enough to compete in the Michigan Classics Bowl against a top tier school, guided by their mysterious English teacher Bernadette suspects that they may not have qualified completely on their own, but is herself struggling with the normal tasks of growing up finding herself, making friends, worrying about school and her future.It s a fast paced b [...]

    18. Bernadette Terrell has always known the right thing to do Not the most popular girl in school, her focus has always been on academic, not social, success When her favorite teacher names her to Wickham High School s state championship quiz bowl team, she believes that she has reached the pinnacle of her high school academic career However, her elation quickly fades as she begins to suspect that perhaps someone cheated to get Wickham into the contest and is cheating still In her search for answers [...]

    19. This book was very much detailed throughout the whole book From this novel, I learned about the main character and her struggles in finding a cheater from her school and debate against them I thought that this book was informative on ways to debate and how one person will be able to debate her whole life and make herself different from other people because she was not afraid to express her thoughts It showed me the different ways people deal with problems and how to get out of them easier of ot [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.Rounding up to 2.5 stars I had two major issues with this book Firstly, I have never struggled so much to like a main character The whole entire time I wanted to smack Bernadette across the face She was uppity, a know it all, and acted like she was 5 while living in a fantasy world where everything is black and white Secondly, I found the writing extremely bizarre I had to read paragraphs 3 or 4 times to understand what was going [...]

    21. This story reminded me of a Lifetime movie or an after school special Bernadette Bet is on the debate team and sees the world as black and white She becomes part of an academic decathlon of sorts Before the competition, she discovers that someone has cheated and she is torn on how to handle this information While the story is classed as a mystery thriller novel, I didn t feel there was a mystery at all It was pretty clear the whole book what was happening, and who did what, and who was just a re [...]

    22. Almost everyone at Wickham High School is thrilled with their victory over Pinehurst in the Classics Contest Everyone but Bernadette, who has a sneaking suspicion that somebody cheated When Mr Malory the hottie Classics coach convinces her that the scoring was legitimate, she and her teammates begin spending all their free time studying for their rematch with Pinehurst in the Classics Bowl But something still doesn t feel right to Bernadette In Cheating Lessons, a first novel by Nan Willard Capp [...]

    23. This story was a bit lighter than some others I ve recently read, but it still have a sort of mystery going on and it s all in a realistic setting, so if you re looking for a contemporary book like that, this is a great option.The characters in this book are quite interesting, although most I found a bit underdeveloped as they seemed like they could ve had an interesting backstory or even moments, but we saw very little apart from the lead character, which I find a bit of a waste and a great wha [...]

    24. Not what you think it s not the kids who are cheating Bernadette goes to Wickham High and she has a smashing English teacher who encourages her and other top students to compete in a statewide quiz bowl The kids do unexpectedly well in the written test, so well, in fact, that they will compete with their rival rich kids school for the state championship However did they come by their scores honestly, or did the favorite teacher cheat Positive, though a little simplistic in places.

    25. 4 stars Beginig was a little bit slow, but, Oh My God, it was worth it.Bernadette idk if i spelled her name right is really great character She is funny, smart and good.I feel that she really grow in a different person even thought story is placed only in 1 and a half month Moments where they were all togheter were splendid, and really worth waiting for.This novel will really makes you think about possible outcomes till the very last moment.P.S.My Ship Is Still Sailling well, there s something y [...]

    26. I got this book from Netgalley and everytime I get a book from there I m so excited, I m just like YEA But so far none of them have been very good, and this one would be the worst one so far except for the last one had an abusive boyfriend so yeah Anyway Bet was terrible, I hated her and wanted her to die Nadine was alright I guess And if I m being honest I liked Lori best, she seemed cool.

    27. 1 Cheating Lessons2 Nan Willard Cappo3 Mystery4 8 points5 Anyone6 This book is about a college student In her school, they scored extremely high on their tests and were entered into the Classic Bowl The girl thought that someone there in her class had cheated because she did not think that they could have scored that high on their test This book is about her efforts to uncover the truth.

    28. I picked up this book because it was written by Margaret s sister who I could have met had I gone to book club this month It is a young adult novel about a high school senior, a smart girl with not a lot of friends and a crush on her English teacher As her team goes to a competition, Bernadette finds things she probably didn t want to know, but grows up a bit and widens her circle of friends, in the end.

    29. A lead character that I really struggled to like AT ALL A writing style that made me want to give up but I pushed on because I liked the idea of the book It was pretty predictable and cliche but I knew it would be and that s part of the reason why I picked it up but I but I didn t enjoy it.A copy of Cheating Lessons was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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