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Chai Cupcake Killer By Summer Prescott,

  • Title: Chai Cupcake Killer
  • Author: Summer Prescott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If you loved the Frosted Love seriesyou ll love this 4th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy, Chas, and the rest of the gang They ve moved from Louisiana to Calgon, Florida, and have picked up an interesting cast of characters along the way Missy and Echo travel back to LaChance, Louisiana to plan Grayson and Sarah s wedding Missy loves tIf you loved the Frosted Love seriesyou ll love this 4th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy, Chas, and the rest of the gang They ve moved from Louisiana to Calgon, Florida, and have picked up an interesting cast of characters along the way Missy and Echo travel back to LaChance, Louisiana to plan Grayson and Sarah s wedding Missy loves the changes that Grayson has made to her old shop, but finds herself feeling nostalgic when she revisits the town where she was born and raised.When a woman and her mother are found murdered in a haunted house just a few miles from Missy s old neighborhood, Missy and Echo find themselves swept up in a chilling search for the truth.Follow the link below for other books in The INNcredibly Sweet Series s ref nb_sb_ss_i_2_7 url s
    Chai Cupcake Killer If you loved the Frosted Love seriesyou ll love this th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy Chas and the rest of the gang They ve moved from Louisiana to Calgon Florid

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    1. This was a good one Once upon a time someone asked what character in all of Summer Prescotts books, I d like to see get their own story I ve changed my mind To Destiny What a fabulous character she was and even if I never see her again I will be lucky to have met her here She was fantastically developed and drew me in to the story like none other I can t get enough of this series, each and everyone draws me in than the next I m only stopping for a minute to review this one before I run to open [...]

    2. I hope you have eaten before you start reading because the cupcakes in this book are to die for Loved this book Chai Cupcake Killer is 4 in The INNcredibly Sweet Series Summer Prescott was so sweet to dedicate a character to a special young reader in this book I fell in love with the character of Destiny She is a smart, adventurous tween that travels the country in an RV with her parents She loves to read and is described as a bookworm Her favorite genre is mysteries and ends up being right in t [...]

    3. Another INNcredible mysteryMissy and Echo head back to LA, where our two heroines first met To be punny , Destiny had a big part of this trip home Destiny is a precocious 12 year old who happens to find the remains of a double murder She is wise beyond her years and her attention to detail show Missy and Echo how things happened.Destiny is the daughter of a travel writer and sociologist, who live in an RV and who were heading to FL I certainly hope we see of this darling girl.And just when all [...]

    4. Another exciting book by Summer Prescott Missy and Echo travel back to LaChance to help plan the wedding of their friends, Grayson and Sarah This book is a little different from the author s other books and I think it is one of her best It stars a young 12 year old girl, Destiny, who was named after a young fan of the author s who is the same age I fell in love with the fictional girl and think it would be wonderful if she had her own series of books Keep these books acoming Summer

    5. serial killer and one very, very smart young girl in our favorite bakers hometown meanwhile, back at home, Spencer and Izzy are abducted by an old enemy of Spencer s they escape with a friend s aid can t wait for the next in the series we learn Spencer s real name the mystery surrounding the ex soldier sounds deep and dangerous hope we get a book or two about just Spencer s problems.

    6. Best one yetI loved this book so much and I hope Destiny and her family can drive there rv to the bb so we can see her again All who thought this should happen rate my review helpful Or like it or comment on it Just FYI I am Destiny

    7. Awesome readReally enjoyed the storyline with all the wonderful characters You can always go home , but beware what you find All the new characters and old made this book awesome to read till the end The final pages help you understand one of the characters I love.

    8. Wow, visiting your old hometown can be murder This book is very interesting, Missy and Echo go back to LaChance, Louisiana to help plan Grayson s wedding to Sarah ended up mixed up in double murder There was a family traveling through with R V motor problems, a very intelligent 12 year old girl Destiny that got mixed up also So the three had to investigate to help Destiny s father.Then there s Spencer s secret coming to the surface slowly but surely.There is ALOT going on in this book, BOY YOU W [...]

    9. The INNcredibly Sweet Series is anything but sweet in this new book My only complain was that it felt like it was over too soon Summer Prescott included a young fan as a character in this book and it was really special knowing that as I started to read it Destiny is based on a fan and is a very special 12 year old girl traveling with her parents in an RV Unfortunately for Destiny and her family, they break down in LaChance while Missy and Echo are visiting to help with wedding plans for Grayson [...]

    10. I loved this book The character Destiny that is taking off of a young girl who loves to read Summer Prescott books made it even better for me You have to read the acknowledgments in order to understand what I m talking about The story gave me chills I mean the fact about who the killer was and it turned out that he was a serial killer really made the story great I thought the story was going to be short when they found out who the killer was before the book was done but when it went back to Spen [...]

    11. This is a great addition to the INNcredibly Sweet series by Summer Prescott Missy and Echo go back to LaChance, LA to help their friends plan their wedding Unfortunately, the death of two women throw a monkey lower chamber in their plans The police are investigating Missy and Echo s friends because their cupcakes were found near the dead women s bodies While Missy is away, Spencer disappears without a trace along with the writer that has been staying at the BB Did they leave together or were the [...]

    12. Missy and her best friend, Echo Willis are back in Missy s hometown of LaChance, Louisiana to plan the wedding of Grayson Meyers the former employee who took over Missy s original cupcake shop When the murdered bodies of two women who recently arrived in the area are found, the suspects include Grayson and a passing thru travel writer When the writer is arrested for the crime his twelve year old daughter gets Missy and Echo involved in finding the real murderer This is a great story with a lot o [...]

    13. This cozy mystery is my favorite in the INNcredibly Sweet Series so far It has suspense, mystery, a spooky house, a double murder, interesting characters, delectable cupcakes, and much Missy and Echo go to LaChance, Louisiana to assist Grayson and Sarah with their wedding plans But, planning gets brushed aside when the police start investigating a case involving two women that were murdered by poisoned cupcakes from Grayson s cupcake shop Destiny, a young mystery reading, amateur sleuth, is a g [...]

    14. Oh,now I get it Answers are finally happening Another good, no great book Things are coming together now Summer has a way of keeping you engrossed On to the next book of the series Oh and I want a cupcake Culinary cuisine at it best The desserts sound amazing but that is not what keeps me coming back Murder, mystery, humor and a storyline to die for

    15. Killer cupcakes and a cliffhangerOne of the best in the series I enjoyed meeting Destiny and seeing how she dealt with all of her family s travels A great mystery and a cliffhanger that has me craving than just cupcakes Summer Prescott has written another winner and I can t wait to see what happens next.

    16. Once again a hit I have all of these books but did not put in a review but I think I will go back and forward to do so because they were all so good.Missy and Echo are fun and Chas and Mel are great So I will go back and do all my reviews.

    17. Another great one I really enjoy Summer Prescott books This is another enjoyable one I can t wait for the next installment of the series What will happen with Spencer I need to know

    18. DelightfulI really enjoyed the changes in Grayson I absolutely loved Destiny I hope we get to see of her We are starting to lean about Spencer I hope that continues in the next installment.

    19. FantasticThis was the best one yet, two stories and a mysteries Clifton hanger Please tell me we are not going to lose Spencer who is a valued member of Chase and Missy s family and story lines

    20. Great series, so enjoy Summer s writing Now what in the world is going to happen to Spencer Wow what an ending.Can t wait for the next book.

    21. Much betterThis book was much better then the other 3 I m glad I stuck with the series I actually looking for word to the next book so I m off to read it.

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