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Will Do Magic for Small Change By Andrea Hairston,

  • Title: Will Do Magic for Small Change
  • Author: Andrea Hairston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
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  • Cinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents, Redwood and Wildfire But at 5 10 and 180 pounds, she s theatrically challenged Her family life is a tangle of mystery and deadly secrets, and nobody is telling Cinnamon the whole truth Before her older brother died he gave Cinnamon The Chronicles of the Great Wanderer, aCinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents, Redwood and Wildfire But at 5 10 and 180 pounds, she s theatrically challenged Her family life is a tangle of mystery and deadly secrets, and nobody is telling Cinnamon the whole truth Before her older brother died he gave Cinnamon The Chronicles of the Great Wanderer, a tale of a Dahomean warrior woman and an alien from another dimension who perform in Paris and at the 1893 Chicago World s Fair The Chronicles may be magic or alien science, but the story is definitely connected to Cinnamon s family secrets When an act of violence wounds her family, Cinnamon and her theater squad determine to solve the mysteries and bring her worlds together.
    Will Do Magic for Small Change Cinnamon Jones dreams of stepping on stage and acting her heart out like her famous grandparents Redwood and Wildfire But at and pounds she s theatrically challenged Her family life is a ta

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    1. Read because 2017 Finalist, Lambda Literary Award SciFi Fantasy Horror Ugh.I hate writing this kind of review I prefer to be all in or all out, not this in between place.I loved this story I loved Cinnamon Jones, I loved The Chronicles, I loved the magic and the bouncing around through time and place, I loved the relatives, the relationships, the friendships.I hated the writing I hated the misused italics, the lack of commas, the repetition of words that didn t need repeating, and the lack of sp [...]

    2. Will Do Magic for Small Change feels like Octavia Butler crossed with Charles de Lint It mixes genres, with aliens and magic, and explores themes such as race, gender, sexuality, and family history It s one of the most original SFF novels I ve read in years.Will Do Magic for Small Change opens with Cinnamon Jones, a black girl in 1980 s Philadelphia, attending her half brother s funeral Her brother left her a book written by an alien wanderer from another dimension who appeared in West Africa du [...]

    3. I will have to think about how I am going to rate this book 4 stars would be too high, 3 too low This book has all the features I usually love mythology,folklore, magic, history and interesting characters who have intriguing relationships with each other.Unfortunately it s told in a way that is often very hard to visualize, which makes it confusing at times and tedious at others There are plenty of authors I enjoy who don t tell stories in a liniar way, have many characters and jump around in ti [...]

    4. I really wanted to love Will Do Magic For Small Change by Andrea Hairston It started so well, but my level of engagement with this fantasy novel wasn t sustained at a consistent level I read it for a folklore mythology group that had chosen it as a book of the month I consider myself a student of folklore, mythology and all spiritual paths This book contains West African folklore and religious practices.I did love scenes and sequences in this book that I found moving and poignant There were time [...]

    5. Andrea Hairston s novel Will Do Magic for Small Change is a celebration of the power of storytelling, the connection between past, present and future, and magic the everyday magic that comes from such acts as taking a step into the unknown, opening your heart or trusting your sense of yourself and how these things can heal, can make something that was broken, scattered, whole again.Hairston gives us two narratives interwoven by magic, imagination and love The first, set in 1980s Chicago, centres [...]

    6. The title and the cover art are intriguing I picked it up expecting an urban fantasy with some grit and ethnicity And I tried to get into it Really I considered giving up after 80 pages of nothing that engaged and characters that barely broke the surface, failing to attain any sympathetic plateau I slogged on for another 40 pages and, as a theatre person first and foremost, struggled to get interested in the part that relates an audition in a theatre that s apparently simultaneously hosting mult [...]

    7. This is definitely an interesting novel Cinnamon Jones is a 13 14 year old black girl whose queer brother dies of an O.D His ghost haunts her and he leaves her a magical book, The Chronicles, that details the journeys of a Wanderer and an African woman warrior, Kehinde There are moments of brilliance and beauty here, but it is too much of a jumble to really adhere I also had problems with Cinnamon s body image issues and how her mom rags her about her size as well I had hoped for a positive por [...]

    8. I ve been pecking away at this one for about a week and just can t get into it I m not sure what it is, but it just doesn t click with me I finally gave in around the time of the first theater audition I just wasn t a fan of the way that scene was written, and since I now that the theater plays a large role in the book, I think I ll call it quits for now.

    9. DNF on page 127I wanted to like this I ve had good experience with Hairston, but Will do Magic is a slog The writing feels choppy and unfinished The storyline breaks and jumps in odd places The characters are paper thin Or so go my impressions.The worst part is that the premise is actually interesting, it s just not at all well executed.

    10. I picked up this book randomly at the library, and had no expectations After a couple of chapters, I was blown away, and stayed that way for the rest of the book Cinnamon reminds me a lot of my granddaughter, a big girl both old and young for her age The writing is too complex, I think, for most younger teens, and the book may have too much sex for them For me, it was perfect Cinnamon s father, an artist, was shot some time ago and hasn t regained consciousness Her brother has just died an indir [...]

    11. This book alternates between the story of Cinnamon, a teenager in 1980s Philadelphia, and the story contained in a mysterious book that reveals itself to Cinnamon and later her friends a chapter at a time This narrative device felt artificial to me at some points, when someone in the frame story had to say let s drop what we re doing and read another chapter now Nonetheless, the story told in the flashbacks is a very compelling one, set in the transition between the Kingdom of Dahomey in West Af [...]

    12. I had 50 pages left before I gave up FIFTY pages, and there still has yet to be some big climax reveal real melding of the two storylines but I might go back the first half of this book was a SOLID 5 then it fell one star then two for the same stinking reason it s far too lengthy and wordy and needed a serious editing hacking job it dwindles and goes off onto far too many tangents it s a great concept but its execution wasn t the best it could ve been compressed to 300 350 pgs and been a bearab [...]

    13. This wasn t just a book, this was a literary experience Part urban fantasy, part fairy tale, party sci fi adventure, this was the best book that I ve read in a long, long while I would have loved to have read this when I was a teen The protagonist, Cinnamon is a big girl with a mother who always seems to be getting her down She has big ambitions, but life is working against her Her brother is dead, her father is in a coma, and, at times maybe most of the time , living just hurts When she finds a [...]

    14. Wow what a book This is why I read, to be taken shaken from my little box of white, female, middle class, raised Catholic, etc I loved the two story lines, the recent past with Cinnamon, her love interests and her family and beginning in the 19th Century Africa with the Alien Taiwo Wanderer, Kehinde, and those they gather Both story lines are compelling and held together by the mysterious Chronicles, a book of the past that updates itself in the present There is some lack of grounding in the wri [...]

    15. This is one of the innovative, gorgeous books I ve read I may not be impartial, okay, but this is how I feel Highly recommended I wish readers would give this writer the chance often, to be as she is, unique, innovative, genius, and different from the mainstream of writers She writes unique characters not from the one size fits all universe offering many perspectives we don t hear from enough Isn t that why we read To go elsewhere than our own habits, and to be challenged to read well, better, [...]

    16. This is a saga for a lost soul s search of self, a warrior s struggle for dignity and freedom, a boy s embrace of love even though it is with someone of the same sex, a man s urge to stand up for what s right, even if it lands him in a coma for life, a woman s struggle to get to grips with a life of loss after loss and of a girl s coming to terms with her family secrets It is a beautiful novel about tolerance of all shapes and forms, of all kinds of love Although, in no measure a short read, I f [...]

    17. I never fell for this book nor its characters, and I don t think this is a book that benefits from that distance I also suspect this is a book which rhythm will benefit from being read out loud so the audiobook might be a better bet I think the people that fall for this book will fall hard, but it s not for everyone despite the title this magic will only work for those with than small change to invest.

    18. Very imaginative story A little confusing how it alternates between time periods and places, but that is also part of its fascination.

    19. I tried, I really did I can handle teenage angst and magical relatives, but, OMG, then we have the ancestors and aliens, and I really, really couldn t Tried twice but barely made 50 pages.

    20. I really, really wanted to like this book I love the idea of the book I love that it s an author of color, using the resources of African and African American culture for material in science fiction fantasy But the writing just wasn t quite there enough to keep going It was a slog, and I got tired But I m glad Hairston is getting published, and I hope that as she matures the writing will get better That sounds really condescending and elitist and possibly racist, and I feel badly about that Alth [...]

    21. I m not sure how well I liked this It was well written and original It just didn t speak to me.I m never a fan of novels with two different story lines or story within a story That s part of my problem And I m a creature of my culture, white suburbia I acknowledge that it s good, but the bits set in Africa and France for that matter don t do much for me.I do like the modern setting part and the kids I was not impressed by did not really believe in the ending.This is one to cogitate about and pe [...]

    22. Sigh That was not worth my time Pointless and endless Cool details that led nowhere Ugly unnecessary language that just stopped me in my tracks Interesting odd characters but completely unbelievable And the story in a story added nothing And our trio of youngsters just magically were together because For the same reason the story was in Pittsburgh, because And yet this got nominated for awards And oh so slow Just plain no.

    23. I wish I could give it 3.5 stars Fascinating story, of a teenager in 1980s Pittsburgh reading the adventurers of a spirit wanderer in the late 1800s I love the characters, and the way their stories intertwine across time and space, but issues with pacing and the writing flow made it hard for me to really sink into the book and get invested.

    24. Will Do Magic for Small Change may have suffered a bit by the fact that I had finished Brown Girl in the Ring the day before I m gonna let my response simmer before I post additional thoughts.3 stars

    25. It has some beautiful moments, some beautiful imagery I believe, though, that the story line gets muddled by the magic It feels as if sometimes Ms Hairston is working too hard at giving the book a mystical feel instead of letting the characters hold some of that Makes sense

    26. This has gotten lots of praise it was even on the Locus recommended reading list but despite the ambitious nature of the book and the intriguing premise something about the style is giving me a lot of trouble.

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