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Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story By Paul Monette Kathryn Harrison,

  • Title: Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story
  • Author: Paul Monette Kathryn Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780060595647
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • A child of the 1950s from a small New England town, perfect Paul earns straight A s and shines in social and literary pursuits, all the while keeping a secret from himself and the rest of the world Struggling to be, or at least to imitate, a straight man, through Ivy League halls of privilege and bohemian travels abroad, loveless intimacy and unrequited passion, PaulA child of the 1950s from a small New England town, perfect Paul earns straight A s and shines in social and literary pursuits, all the while keeping a secret from himself and the rest of the world Struggling to be, or at least to imitate, a straight man, through Ivy League halls of privilege and bohemian travels abroad, loveless intimacy and unrequited passion, Paul Monette was haunted, and finally saved, by a dream of the thing I d never even seen two men in love and laughing Searingly honest, witty, and humane, Becoming a Man is the definitive coming out story in the classic coming of age genre.
    Becoming a Man Half a Life Story A child of the s from a small New England town perfect Paul earns straight A s and shines in social and literary pursuits all the while keeping a secret from himself and the rest of the world St

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    1. I came out at 17 I came out when I fell for a man 11 years my senior I fell for a man who, in relation to me, was in a position of authority It was one of the luckiest things to have ever happened to me in my entire life There are many who will read this and self righteously pronounce it to have been damaging How very wrong they would be Damaging is what my life would have been like if I had not met this man That life is the life that Paul Monette has written about in this book A life of self lo [...]

    2. To say that I love this book would be a pathetic understatement.I do not rank myself among lovers of memoirs, and here I am, having finished my next non fiction book by Paul Monette, and desperately trying to find the right words that could do justice to Monette s life and his amazing personality.In Becoming a man Paul Monette told a life story of growing up, coming out, finding himself It s a long painful process, full of fears, angst, shame, suffering from low self esteem, self hatred,doubts a [...]

    3. There are not enough stars for this book.I don t even know if I can ever review this meaningfully and fully capture my reading experience This book won the National Book Award for 1992 and I am not surprised because it is simply amazing but also deeply haunting and painful This is one story, a true story that will stay with me for the rest of my life.This is than a coming out story, it is indeed a life story or half a life story as the author describes it and I am grateful that the author manag [...]

    4. Becoming a Man Half a Life Story was Paul Monette s response to readers of his first memoir, Borrowed Time, who wanted to know how he and his partner Roger got together and fell in love in the first place Here, Monette examines his childhood, his realization that he was gay, and his first furtive attempts to do something about it, eventually leading to his finding true love at the age of 26 Monette seems to feel that 26 is a really long time to wait for true love some of us would beg to differ , [...]

    5. This is one of those books that I went in wanting to like Resurrecting texts from former classes, hellbent on actually reading the books that I was introduced to during my 4 years at college, I picked this one off the shelf, remembering some of the discussions we had about it in my Gay and Lesbian Lit Class Monette s story started out a bit dry, but I figured that he had to set the stage before he could really get into it his feelings, his experiences Unfortunately that passionate jolt never cam [...]

    6. Thus in my own crippled way I had no choice but to keep on looking in the wrong places for the thing I d never even seen two men in love and laughing For that was the image in my head, though I d never read it in any book or seen it in any movie I d fashioned it out of bits of dreams and the hurt that went with pining after straight men Everything told me it couldn t exist, especially the media code of invisibility, where queers were spoken of only in the context of molesting Boy Scouts Yet the [...]

    7. My god, this one hit me where I live I picked it up completely at random, without realizing that it was a memoir about being deep in the closet and deeply depressed at Yale It feels wrong to describe a book this raw as beautiful, but it truly was I kept thinking, while reading this book, of a passage I read once but have not been able to find again Sedgwick Butler I know I ll paraphrase it badly, but it was something to the effect of the pain of coming out to ourselves, even so than to others i [...]

    8. This is the first work of non fiction I have read since I began writing my novel just over five months ago Since my novel is about a gay man in his late teens I have focused most of my recreational reading on other works of fiction where the protagonist is gay and or coming of age I chose to read Paul Monette s 1992 agonizing, painful yet beautiful memoir which won the National Book Award for non fiction because it is not only an important piece of 20th century literature but also one of the mos [...]

    9. First published in 1992 and yet, here in 2015, in a small town at the bottom of the world, I read the words of Paul Monette and am in shocked awe of how much I see my own life in his I think if I read this at an earlier age I would have thrown the book aside or dismissed it completely obviously still in doubt about my own guilt But now, at 33, I m glad to have come across it and read it The impact of his words are so real it actually hurt to read them But then, I guess, that is the reality of it [...]

    10. When you finally come out, there s a pain that stops, and you know it will never hurt like that again, no matter how much you lose or how bad you die.Paul Monette s Becoming a Man is the first memoir I ve read about being in the closet, and I have to say, it sets the bar pretty high Reading this, I felt such a resonant sense of kinship with Monette and his pain He s so intimate with the reader, sharing all of his most painful and revelatory moments from childhood up to coming out as gay and fall [...]

    11. A beautiful, classic, poetic nearly tragic journey to exit the closet This is the absolute best of all coming out stories, not necessarily for its particulars, although they are universal and heart wrenching, but for its sheer literary excellence and intelligence What came later in Monette s life was the real tragedy, similarly masterfully detailed in his book Borrowed Time, but that is indeed the other half of his life story.

    12. I m going to be to brief because anyway what I feel after reading this book can t really be tapped into and poured into a review without therapy of my own I thought Borrowed Time was the tragedy This part of Paul Monette s life, the years before love, are sadder in many ways But don t be fooled he recounts those years of self loathing, lying, self sabotage and longing with such lucidity and jaw dropping honesty that instead of shaking my head in disappointment with his less than impressive chara [...]

    13. Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Paul Monette strives to be what everyone expects him to be a straight A student, polite, kind, normal and straight But even as a child Paul knew he was different, but he did everything in his power to push that difference deep down where no one could see it or even suspect him of being queer He lied to himself, to his parents, to everyone around him so that he could fit in and not be singled out for the bullies and the haters.I can hardly imagine how hard it must h [...]

    14. This book was very hard to read, and still, it was worth every feeling it summoned.It s the autobiography of a man who had to hide his true self, it s a journey through the pain of hiding, through the pain of pretending.His closet and his fears are the same of each person who has to hide, no matter the reason behind it, and it s so very true.Together with the pain this book summoned in me an incredible amount of anger No one should go through all of this for his sexual orientation, it s horrible [...]

    15. I picked up this book about 5 years ago because one of my favorite authors, Kathryn Harrison The Kiss wrote an introduction to it It is the biography of a man growing up gay in the suburbs, prep schools, and universities of 60s and 70s era New England and it perfectly describes what it s like to live in the closet and try and fit in or pretend you re something you re not I m re reading it, out loud this time, to my boyfriend and every 10 pages or so I get choked up and can t go on because the wo [...]

    16. This is an incredibly well written memoir I picked it up on a whim based on the advice of the bookseller Just calling this a coming out story wouldn t do it justice It far complex than that I like it for its depiction of the New England upper crust in the 50s and 60s Philips Academy, Yale etc and his fine tuned description of the people in his lives It s the perspective of an outsider looking in.

    17. I m so glad Mr Monette found happiness I only wish he had gotten to live longer and write beautiful words Everyone should read his book Borrowed Time also It s truly stunning.

    18. It took a couple of attempts to start this book, as it is so dark to start with It was written as he was dying of AIDS and had lost so many to that scourge, so his mental attitude was understandable.Once I got past what was basically the preamble, it was an intriguing story of a boy and then a man coming to terms with his sexuality in the turbulent times of the 1950 s through the early 70 s He is gut wrenchingly honest.I highly recommend it.

    19. By far probably the hardest book I ve actually read Uses an extraordinary amount of academic language Not that it s a bad thing, but a majority of readers need to be reading with a slang vernacular that is understandable It s hard to focus on the plot or the point Monette tries to give the audience The very beginning starts off dry and with no hook Understandable, this is the beginning and perhaps he may be trying to start off with a slow buildup This is not the case, as much as I wanted to like [...]

    20. I finished this book tonight and I cried I cried because I had never before read such powerful, proud words on what it means to be gay.Monette contracted the HIV virus and with it a clarity I have never seen before He knew at that time that it would be the cause of his death and that combined with all the events of his life up until that point, it made all the pieces fit together in a way that staggers me Monette with his verse is able to still maintain the smarts from his earlier work, and yet [...]

    21. The only reason I gave this a four rating instead of a five is that the last quarter of the book is painful to read, he goes through contortions, decides he is bisexual and tries to have sexual relationships with women, and although he has strong emotional ties with women it is painful to witness to so much trying to be anything but the gay man he obviously is And by then it is the 1970s But through his life he was exhibiting a sensibility He was the only one at his prep school in Andover who wo [...]

    22. This book was painful to read, not because it was poorly written but because of its intensity The story of a young gay man trapped in the smothering closet imposed by the societal s of the 50 s and 60 s when he grew up The pain and loneliness of separation and of being different were so palpable they literally tore at my sense of stability Not least because I am so familiar with that condition from my own childhood and adolescence The performance this poor boy put himself through to hide the tru [...]

    23. A fascinating memoir of Monette s first twenty odd years of life, growing up a closeted homosexual in the 50 s 70 s in the USA I could identify with so much of Monette s feelings of invisibility at an all boy s school, trying to pass as straight, and then realising what psychological damage this does through therapy sessions I never went so far as to have relationships with women, and obviously I grew up in a supposedly enlightened UK in the 80 s 00 s, but I still empathised Monette writes so p [...]

    24. Coming of age in the fifties, Paul Monette lived a life that, in a sense, paralleled my own as I too am a child of the fifties And I also share with him the theme of discovery, the inward thoughtfulness that, if it does not lead every boy to write his own autobiography, it leads them to a life of the imagination and a love of literature and the arts Paul Monette shares than his coming of age in the fifties, for his is a story of the outsider, the gay man in the boy whose life leads to the age o [...]

    25. This is an autobiography, a writer s autobiography, which fascinated me because not only was the writer Paul Monette a gay man, but one I already admired from his amazing memoir of AIDS, Borrowed Time I remember looking for some hint in these pages of how I should live my own life, what experiences I should have as a gay man in Los Angeles, how I should think about them, how I should write about them As much as a kind of blueprint for an existence as a window into someone else s remarkable life, [...]

    26. I read this book when I first came out brought me to tears at the end Although the majority of the story is depressing and sad filled with self loathing, death, AIDS, etc The struggle Paul Monette vividly expresses is one almost anyone can relate to gay, straight, etc of accepting oneself and one s journey in life It is the final pages of the book, his body ravaged by AIDS when Paul is realizing he will soon die, that he expresses his profound realization that he is a normal human being capable [...]

    27. Love love love this book Beautifully written made me run out and buy Monette s other books I ve read it several times and get something new from it each time Heartbreaking, nostalgic, bittersweet, humorous, tragic, everything Much of what Monette describes will resonate with everyone who has ever struggled with coming out At the end, through the struggles and disappointment, doubt and pain, there is triumph which makes the long journey worth it.

    28. Paul Monette s exquisite writing style kept me enthralled throughout each chapter as he presents the first half of his years of life, years flooded with disorientation, disenchantment and depression Allowing oneself to be gay and happy during his formative and young adult years was rare but Paul finally ends his identity battle and discovers intimacy and meaning in a homophobic society with his partner, Roger Horowitz.

    29. This book was so interesting to read As a student of the same private school, I could relate in so many ways The language is brutal, yet beautiful It is written so thoughtfully and honestly that it is hard not to connect to the author It has been a while since I actually read this novel, several years, so I am not prepared to make specific comments Yet I remember clearly how moving it was to read this book.

    30. A gift from a friend Sometimes you ve tried to understand peoples but its just made you confused What they need is not an agree from you but a belief that human were created to be different with each other The conclusion is I don t know My favorite quote from Paul Monette What love gives you is the courage to face the secrets you ve kept from yourself, a reason to open the rest of the doors farizahrin 2013 0

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