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Born to Run By Bruce Springsteen,

  • Title: Born to Run
  • Author: Bruce Springsteen
  • ISBN: 9781508224235
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Audiobook
  • 2018 GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE for BEST SPOKEN WORD or NON MUSICAL ALBUM Writing about yourself is a funny business But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind In these pages, I ve tried to do this Bruce Springsteen, from the pages of Born to RunIn 2009, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at the Super Bowl s halfti2018 GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE for BEST SPOKEN WORD or NON MUSICAL ALBUM Writing about yourself is a funny business But in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind In these pages, I ve tried to do this Bruce Springsteen, from the pages of Born to RunIn 2009, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed at the Super Bowl s halftime show The experience was so exhilarating that Bruce decided to write about it That s how this extraordinary autobiography began.Over the past seven years, Bruce Springsteen has privately devoted himself to writing the story of his life, bringing to these pages the same honesty, humor, and originality found in his songs.He describes growing up Catholic in Freehold, New Jersey, amid the poetry, danger, and darkness that fueled his imagination, leading up to the moment he refers to as The Big Bang seeing Elvis Presley s debut on The Ed Sullivan Show He vividly recounts his relentless drive to become a musician, his early days as a bar band king in Asbury Park, and the rise of the E Street Band With disarming candor, he also tells for the first time the story of the personal struggles that inspired his best work, and shows us why the song Born to Run reveals than we previously realized.Born to Run will be revelatory for anyone who has ever enjoyed Bruce Springsteen, but this book is much than a legendary rock star s memoir This is a book for workers and dreamers, parents and children, lovers and loners, artists, freaks, or anyone who has ever wanted to be baptized in the holy river of rock and roll.Rarely has a performer told his own story with such force and sweep Like many of his songs Thunder Road, Badlands, Darkness on the Edge of Town, The River, Born in the U.S.A The Rising, and The Ghost of Tom Joad, to name just a few , Bruce Springsteen s autobiography is written with the lyricism of a singular songwriter and the wisdom of a man who has thought deeply about his experiences.
    Born to Run GRAMMY AWARD NOMINEE for BEST SPOKEN WORD or NON MUSICAL ALBUM Writing about yourself is a funny business But in a project like this the writer has made one promise to show the reader his mind

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    1. Bruce, I fucking love you That was amazing June 1, 1985, Slane Castle, Dublin, Ireland Slane is NOT in Dublin, Bruce , our first stadium show ever Slane joined a rising number of our other performances to attain legendary status and, despite my distraction, turned out to be a solid show On the streets of Dublin, it is often mentioned that if you were there, you were there I was certainly there I was there too.My first rock concert 31 years ago I have the tickets and the t shirt to prove it.So be [...]

    2. Bruce Springsteen The Boss One of the world s most iconic musicians whose career spanned four decades He brought us so many great songs Dancing In The Dark, The River, Radio Nowhere, Streets of Philadelphia, Darkness on the Edge of Town, Sad Eyes, Secret Garden, Death To My Hometown, Born In The USA, to name a few He won an Academy Award for the song Streets of Philadelphia He owns twenty grammys He s such a freaking overachiever.I ve been waiting to get my hands on this book for so long and it [...]

    3. Your mission today, if you choose to accept to accept it Self, is to head to my nearest Barnes and Noble and make this masterpiece mine MINE MINE MINE MINE

    4. I listened to this from Audible read by Bruce Springsteen Back in the 70s in very blue collared Cleveland, Ohio I first heard Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town was the first vinyl LP I owned I owned plenty of 8 tracks but albums were things you kept recorded to cassettes Springsteen, although a New Jersey native, was the patron saint of my hometown With the regularity of Big Ben ringing the hour, every Friday at 5 00 pm WMMS would blast Born to Run with every single one of the fifty [...]

    5. 4 My husband also a musician does not share my enthusiasm for Springsteen s music yes, this has caused a few tense moments in our marriage but admits that he is a great songwriter When celebrities who are not authors write a memoir they undoubtedly get help from ghost writers so I did some searching and learned that he worked on his book alone for seven years before seeking out a publisher I was pleased to discover that his songwriting chops crossed over intact to authoring and was engaged from [...]

    6. I m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, so it would be hard for this not to be fun for me to read I loved the stories of his childhood of near poverty, Catholicism, Freehold, NJ, his family, his awful father Bruce s ambition, from the get go, is fascinating As his desire for fame He is very honest and searching in this memoir with thirty years of therapy to grease the wheels and I found him to be quite articulate about his emotional landscape He also takes a poignant look at depression and getting old [...]

    7. 18 hours is a lot of Bruce To be fair, it s a lot of anyone, but there is no better way to experience this than on audio with Bruce Springsteen expressively telling his story in his perfectly gravelly voice The beginning chapters were especially touching as he nostalgically described in detail his day to day upbringing with his extended family, his deep love for them, and his sense of attachment and loyally to his family, his friends, and his neighborhood It s difficult not to admire his ability [...]

    8. A rock memoir like none other, a strange and extraordinary book that just might be counted as one of his greatest achievements No, really.

    9. I am not a Springsteen fan nor detractor Before listening to this, I could have named perhaps one of his songs, though I m sure I would have known if I were played them Yet when I heard his Desert Island Discs interview I was mesmerised by his personality, his voice, and his honesty bbc programmes b0855znp This man is not just a rock pop soul icon, he s interesting and has something to say On top of all that, he has an incredibly warm, inviting tone, with a huskiness that suggests the daredevil [...]

    10. 40 favorite, ranked racing in the streetthe riverthunder roadi m on fire something in the nightghost of tom joadwreck on the highwaybecause the nightdeath to my hometowndancing in the dark adam raised a caintenth avenue freeze outbadlandsborn to rundownbound trainjohnny 99point blanksherry darling nebraskapromised landthis american land human touchbrilliant disguiseatlantic city independence dayjungleland4th of july, asbury park sandy rosalitafurther on up the roadspirit in the nightfor youit s [...]

    11. Filled from start to end with at least as many Jersey Shore references, shout outs, legends and myths as his albums, both with and without the E Street Band, this 500 page tome, a Big Book for the Boss, is a joy to read for the hardcore fan to the casual hits listener Written in a prose that can be described as Ray Bradbury by way of rock n soul journeyman, Bruuuuuuuuuuce captures, recreates and spins the famous and infamous events and inner thoughts in the magic life of a man whose name is evok [...]

    12. The beauty of Born to Run isn t that it s a biography of Bruce Springsteen, the beauty is that it s written by Bruce himself His spirit, his style, his nuances and his voice the same things that draw us so tightly to his music, that make us cling so strongly to his words and sing them so loudly when no one s watching or in my case, listening and that serve as the links that allow us to see ourselves in verse after verse of his songs, are what ultimately make this book so great.A lot of us have r [...]

    13. 3.5 StarsI only had one opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen in concert It was at the Spectrum in Philadelphia during The River tour I had been a fan of The Boss thanks in large part due to Ed Sciaky at WMMR The concert remains one of my all time favorites The energy The chemistry between Bruce and the E Street Band This was especially evident between Bruce and Clarence The Big Man Clemmons And the chemistry between Bruce and his fans.When I saw Bruce had written his memoir it was instantly plac [...]

    14. I desperately need my hands on this book and learn everything from my idol Powerful voice and breath taking lyrics to unforgettable songs I need iconic musicians to write their autobiography and showcase the way on how they became famous and the journey it took for them to get where they are at now I want all the Bruce Springsteen I can get

    15. Now there s tears on the pillowdarlin where we sleptand you took my heart when you left.Without your sweet kissmy soul is lost, my friendtell me how do I begin again My city s in ruins.My city s in ruins.Bruce Springsteen was forever on the periphery of my awareness Until the night he wasn t.There are moments in this life All too infrequent instants that shatter the black ice covering the earth of this existence There are lightning quick seconds of deep needs met that part the veil and provide y [...]

    16. So, so beautifully written and incredibly honest I could hear Bruce s voice on every page He has honored us with sharing this gift, this 510 page song.

    17. Wow This is hands down one of the greatest memoirs I ve ever read The 500 pages breeze by in no time at all and I was sad when it came to a close Bruce opens up about his struggles in childhood and how those things came to effect his adult life in both his career and personal relationships He also, of course, goes into great detail about his rise from wannabe rockstar to full fledged Rock n Roll icon His chapter about his relationship with Clarence actually had me tearing up.Bruce s honesty alon [...]

    18. 4.5 stars.I m a fan of Bruce Springsteen so I knew I had to read this one This was wonderful and not just because I m a fan and not just because I read a lot of autobiographies This book was well done It took than a few years to write, and it shows He took his time with this project This felt honest and real He didn t just show the the bright and shiny moments of his life He opened up and let the reader in I loved that He was quite expressive and had an amazing way with words I hate that he was [...]

    19. Bruce Springsteen thoughtfully tells his story Along with his personal reflections there is a lot here for future biographers and chroniclers of this period in rock history He writes of his family most riveting for me , his bands and how he formed them, the genesis of his songs and albums and about performing.Most autobiographers tell you their experience as a child, very few attempt to interpret their parents experience of the family Springsteen does, particularly in the case of his mother whos [...]

    20. It may be impossible for me to review this book objectively, since Bruce has been my favorite rocker since 6th grade I remember getting most of his albums as Christmas gifts, so his rise and career parallel my own life What s I ve seen him almost a dozen times AND, being Irish Catholic from the Rust Belt, there is something in Bruce s Irish Catholic music with admixtures of Dutch and Italian that speaks to me Further, save a contrarian sister, the rest of my siblings 3 brothers, 2 sisters all f [...]

    21. Fascinating story gracefully told My first rock and roll autobiography I m pretty much an anti celebrity kind of guy All my life I ve loved music but have never been much for the personal details I remember when Bruce broke out with the dual cover stories in Time and Newsweek, that led me to the music and I was a faithful fan buying every album from Asbury Park to Nebraska and Born in the U.S.A I was a occasional fan after that, going through my jazz, classical and country period Then in 2000 m [...]

    22. Writing about yourself is a funny business but in a project like this, the writer has made one promise, to show the reader his mind In these pages, I ve tried to do this And The Boss certainly delivered Gah, I cannot compliment this book enough Springsteen writes his autobiography like he writes his music, with an honest voice and in the most beautifully stunning way He has a way with words They reach inside you and open you up, heart and soul.Reading about how Springsteen made it to the top is [...]

    23. Bottom Line Bruce is honest, barebones, raw It can t get any better than that We all feel like he s our brother, especially if you re from New Jersey, and close to his age But in this book, you ll discover, we didn t know everything, but we love him just the same Ah, the family snapshots, not professional pictures, are priceless Thanks Patti and Bruce.

    24. I wasn t even a Bruce Springsteen person but ended up reading this book anyway and I am now a convert I haven t stopped listening to Bruce Springsteen since the book ended Great story, well told, with great lines naturally and a fascinating lens into fame and loneliness Now I m a fan for life.

    25. wow honest straight forward point blank amazing On a good day this is how we live This is love This is what life is The possibility of finding root, safety and nurturing in a new season Bruce SpringsteenThis must read book is all about music, but it is also all about LIFE.It s about living a life of your choice and pursuing your dreams.It s about not giving up It s about believing and trusting in LOVE and in family.It s about overcoming obstacles.And, than anything else, it is about believing i [...]

    26. I was urged by GR friends to listen to the audiobook narrated by The Boss himself and am glad I did This man opens himself up, exposes his vulnerabilities, his flaws, and his demons My favorite part of the book was Part I where Springsteen describes growing up, and how he got into music His development as a musician took a great deal of work with many ups and downs Perhaps his parents move to California when he was just finishing high school, leaving him behind, was an important catalyst for his [...]

    27. Li este livro pelo enorme respeito e fasc nio que tenho por este homem, enquanto artista e enquanto ser humano Acompanhei sempre de muito longe a sua carreira mas fui sempre f da m sica e da forma genu na como lida com o seu p blico Pareceu me sempre o verdadeiro artista Gostei muito de ler este livro e fortaleci a minha convic o de que Bruce Springsteen ser sempre um cone global apesar das suas vulnerabilidades.

    28. writing about yourself is a funny business at the end of the day it s just another story, the story you ve chosen from the events of your life i haven t told you all about myself discretion and the feelings of others don t allow it but in a project like this, the writer has made one promise to show the reader his mind in these pages i ve tried to do thatd do that he did legions of devoted fans have spent decades teasing out the biographical details of bruce springsteen s life from songs, on stag [...]

    29. I ve always liked Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band but was never a die hard fan However, I do love a good memoir, which I heard this was, so I borrowed the audiobook I m very glad I did Springsteen is not only gifted in storytelling through music, but also through traditional pen to paper I m always humbled and somewhat fascinated by those who can let others into the darkest, challenging, and most difficult parts of their life, leaving them vulnerable I won t give anything away for those [...]

    30. Born to Run is a weird book.I don t mean weird in any salacious sense if Springsteen has ever indulged in much deviant behavior he doesn t disclose it here No, I mean that in a broader, meta sense The fact that Springsteen wrote this specific memoir just seems strange to me.A big part of that is because Springsteen himself is probably an odd person For example, his prose alternates between bombastic enthusiasm and matter of factness when he s trying to articulate an abstract idea like the impor [...]

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