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Doom of the Darksword By Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman,

  • Title: Doom of the Darksword
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780553271645
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Born without magic, Joram was one of the Dead, denied the throne of Merilon For years, he lived among outlaws, surviving by wit and sleight of hand Now, wielding the powerful, magic absorbing Darksword, Joram returns to the enchanted Kingdom that once was his home to win revenge and claim his birthright Here he will test Bishop Vanya and his fierce army of Duuk tsarithBorn without magic, Joram was one of the Dead, denied the throne of Merilon For years, he lived among outlaws, surviving by wit and sleight of hand Now, wielding the powerful, magic absorbing Darksword, Joram returns to the enchanted Kingdom that once was his home to win revenge and claim his birthright Here he will test Bishop Vanya and his fierce army of Duuk tsarith in a battle unlike any their world has known Joined by the scholarly catalyst Saryon, the young mage Mosiah, and the trickster Simkin, Jorma confronts the shattering secret of his past and discovers the ancient prophecy that puts the fate of the world in his hands the hands that forged the Darksword.
    Doom of the Darksword Born without magic Joram was one of the Dead denied the throne of Merilon For years he lived among outlaws surviving by wit and sleight of hand Now wielding the powerful magic absorbing Darkswor

    One thought on “Doom of the Darksword”

    1. I love the continuation The introduction of Merilon and Lord Samuels and Gwen brought a freshness to the story, and the authors have exceeded my expectations with where they ve taken the plot The descriptions are richer than in the first book, and the narrative clearly illustrates a society that s perfect on the outside, but rotting underneath The ending was exciting and I can t wait to read the final installment

    2. I read this trilogy in High school at a time when I had little interest in fantasy read either classic literature or horror I found the trilogy absoloutly enrapturing but was sadly forced to give it back to the friend that loaned it to me Years later when I started reading heavily again I started searching for this trilogy again but it was sadly out of print and unobtainable Recently I was able to find a complete set at a used book store along with a sequel book I never knew about I have never b [...]

    3. Well this was a good book, but sometimes the descriptions in chapters just went on too long At least there are 3 books in the trilogy though I found out a 4th book was written like 10 years after the 3rd book I do think book 2 did a really good job of making me want to find out what happens to the characters That is important in a series to me Too often series go on for 10 books now and I tend to not even care what happens any Hopefully the series ends with a bang

    4. A great fantasy epic amusing, absorbing, imaginative and well written what can you ask for So, onto the final book of the trilogy.

    5. Enjoyed it Loving Simkin Can t wait to see what new problems he can cause Already reading Triumph of the Darksword

    6. Apparently sequel can be better than first book More linear and less jumpy storyline makes it convenient to follow adventures and also error prone for author.

    7. The trilogy that got me into reading as a teenager My rating probably reflects this It s a great one for teenagers just getting into fantasy books etc

    8. A disappointing continuation of what started out as a fairly a strong series It may end as such too, but unfortunately this middle volume suffers as a work of filler, not really achieving much other than forming a few relationships and throwing our protagonists into a near death experience completely of their own making Sure, this is the volume where Joram falls in love a flat, lifeleless love affair if ever I read one and discovers his inheritance and learns of the possibility of War between Me [...]

    9. It was an improvement from the first book Hovering around a 3.5 The fact that i want to read the 3rd book makes it a solid 4.

    10. The ugly spectre of discrimination6 February 2012 I read these books prior to reading the Xanth series so when I did read the first Xanth book my initial though was gee, this is a lot like Darksword, only much light hearted Well, since Xanth was written first, it is likely than not that the idea was taken from the Xanth book, but whereas Xanth tends to be quite light hearted, these books have a much serious, and darker tone What I want to carry on with this book is the idea of discrimination, [...]

    11. And at this point, I realized that that this trilogy was not what I had expected it to be From the cover and the title and having read Death s Gate, I expected a sort of fantasy action adventure, and was really kind of perplexed by the treacle slow first installment, which was a lot of character and setup and not a lot of happening things.Somewhere in the middle of Doom, I realized that I was actually reading a sort of allegorical character study piece, and then it all started to make sense The [...]

    12. Our hero s story kicks into full gear here We find out of what it is about Joram that scares the leaders, especially the religious ones Not only is he someone who is Dead born without any magic , not only did he create the Darksword made of an ore that can absore magical energy , but he is the person that is mentioned in a very dark prophecy that marks the end of the world.Well since this is a Trilogy that turns into 4 books the real conclusion won t come in this book, but the cliff hanger is a [...]

    13. The second book of this great trilogy follows from the first book and ends in a cliffhanger to the third book The plot picks up its pace in this book and the motivations of the various main characters are starting to become clearer There s a lot of suspense and action as the plot builds on deceptions and twists It doesn t stand well enough on its own as it s obviously a bridge, but it s a good strong bridge.

    14. Our doom laden protagonist has to navigate his way through intrigue and plots while attempting to bring about the end of the world.Its funny It smacks of a Greek hero Everyone KNOWS what is going to happen Hell, even the hero does, because of the Greek belief in predestination But he soldiers on without pause It s what they do.Well written, just not breaking any new ground here.

    15. Apr s La naissance de l p e , La mal diction de l p e est le deuxi me pisode du cycle La l gende de l p e noire Dans ce volet, une ancienne proph tie concernant un enfant royal qui ignore son ascendance semble sur le point de se r aliser Original, non Pourtant, ce roman est meilleur que le r sum peut le laisser penser Il serait dommage de passer c t

    16. I enjoyed following the adventures of Joram, Mosiah, and Scary on, as well as the comical antics of Simkin This author does a good job of weaving details into the plot no flowery or long winded descriptions here By the end, I was so attached to the characters that I am really looking forward to the next book in the series.

    17. Ok I ve read betterThis book was ok The first book was better I found myself skimming through the vast descriptions to get back to the story I don t know if I will read the third I m not intrigued enough to care how it ends any My only lingering question is Who is Simkin If the next book would answer that I might be inclined to read it.

    18. More complicated than the first book of the series, but satisfying too as that the formerly powerless protagonist suddenly is a force to be reckoned with His relationship with his childhood friend, and his courtship of a young noblewoman, were both charming, but it s still a somewhat bitter story.

    19. This was the second complete trilogy we read by this author It s a downer almost Thomas Covenant depressing but I remember liking it quite a bit Like Tom the Leper, I never wanted to read it again, although I still have it around just in case.

    20. This is the second book in a three part series, a series I did not like The authors tried to make this series into a roleplaying game, and the writing suffered in the attempt to gear it towards a rules system Also, the rules of the roleplaying game were terrible.

    21. It was okay, we finished it, but unlike some other Weis and Hickman works that I ve read, this was overly emotional and over the top with some of the chest beating and despair.

    22. Good book If only the third part of the trilogy had been this good Some bits were a little melodramatic, but that s to be expected in a fantasy novel I suppose.

    23. Truly awful I m not a big fan of Weis and Hickman, but I have read many of their books This trilogy was really, really bad.

    24. More Margaret Weis that I could not get enough of as a teenager The Darksword trilogy was great filler in between the many Dragonlance novels These are the perfect young adult fantasy reads.

    25. Repetitions repetitions repetitions A badly written teenage romance Some silliness from Simkin At least the ending was interesting sorta and things moved forward slowly.

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