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The Colour of Poison By Toni Mount,

  • Title: The Colour of Poison
  • Author: Toni Mount
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can sometimes be a dark place Burglary, arson, kidnapping and murder are every day events The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the King Join Seb, a talented but crippled artist, as he is drawn into a web of lies to save his handsome brother from the hangman s rope.The narrow, stinking streets of medieval London can sometimes be a dark place Burglary, arson, kidnapping and murder are every day events The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of alchemy being used to make gold for the King Join Seb, a talented but crippled artist, as he is drawn into a web of lies to save his handsome brother from the hangman s rope Will he find an inner strength in these, the darkest of times, or will events outside his control overwhelm him Only one thing is certain if Seb can t save his brother, nobody can Interview with the Author What makes the Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Series special In my Sebastian Foxley Medieval Mystery Series, I ve used my personal research of the medieval period to recreate the dark and dangerous London of the 15th century These historical touches bring authenticity to my historical thrillers and mysteries, recreating the everyday life that my protagonist Sebastian Foxley would have experienced What order should the books be read in Each book is a stand alone story, but in my first medieval mystery, The Colour of Poison, we are introduced to all of the main characters, when Sebastian is in the greatest need of help and support The second in my mystery series, The Colour of Gold, is a short story which acts as a bridge between The Colour of Poison and the next full length book in the series, The Colour of Cold Blood Why should readers give your medieval mysteries a try I have established a considerable reputation as a historian and writer of several non fiction works, which look at both ordinary lives in medieval London, as well as the medicine of the period With my professional scientific background and a detailed knowledge of art, I have been able to create thrilling situations populated with believable characters who can use the science and knowledge of the period to solve their mysteries As you ll soon find out, you will be taken to a world from the past in my Sebastian Foxley Medieval Murder Mystery Series I hope you ll give the series a try
    The Colour of Poison The narrow stinking streets of medieval London can sometimes be a dark place Burglary arson kidnapping and murder are every day events The streets even echo with rumours of the mysterious art of al

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    1. I had to be careful about when I picked up this book because I knew that once I did there would be no going back The captivating characters and nonstop drama of London during the reign of Edward IV was expertly done, from the stink and slime in the streets to the riches of Edward s court Toni Mount is a noteworthy nonfiction writer, and her knowledge of the era is perfectly woven into the fictional story of the Foxley brothers.This book takes off running, but once I was accustomed to the quickly [...]

    2. As soon as I started it, I knew this was a great Renaissance murder mystery The story, set at the time of the raise of Richard Dickon, Duke of Gloucester at the court of his brother, Edward IV, includes the real nobility and fictional characters, a mix I adore in historical novels or romance A bit shocked, at first, because of the unusual structure of the narration The author chooses an alternation of chapters in first person narrative whenever the main character Sebastian is involved and third [...]

    3. You ll all already be aware that I usually shy away from historical fiction as much as is humanly possible For the most part, I ve had bad experiences with it badly researched and poorly written stories really don t make for good reading But every so often there s a diamond hidden in the rough That s what Toni Mount s The Colour Of Poison was from the moment I picked the book up I just couldn t put it down It s a story full of murder and intrigue set within Medieval London And Mount s descriptio [...]

    4. I was very happy to read this novel, as I have been admiring Toni Mount s writing on her many historical Pages on Facebook The storyline of the novel is compelling, as in any good mystery, and the main characters are well rounded and interesting I hope we see the further adventures of Sebastian, now that he can walk better

    5. Historical mystery its bestA fascinating peek at some well known figures from English history The portrayal of Richard of Gloucester is sympathetic and well researched The period of time is also well researched and the story is well written thoroughly enjoyable to read.

    6. Excellent readThis is a real gripping page turner, with an interesting plot and subplots that dance around each other Toni brings medieval London alive, from sights and smells to gossip and the complicated relationships of those living cheek by jowl

    7. You can see the streets and rooms of medieval London in the vivid descriptions and colourful synonyms in this fascinating, well researched murder mystery

    8. ExcellentNot only a well written mystery, but an accurate picture of medieval culture Awaiting with anticipation, the next book about Seb and Jude

    9. A wonderfully written atmospheric medieval mystery with well drawn characters and a plot that draws you in.

    10. Good storyReally enjoyed this tale, felt as if I was there and would love to read about Web Foxley and brother

    11. If you enjoy historical mysteries, then this novel may be one to try In The Colour of Poison, author Toni Mount has penned a Medieval mystery featuring a protagonist who is a handicapped hunchbacked person named Sebastian Foxley He is an artist he has a gift for drawing, illustration, and illumination Although virtually an outcast by most people, Sebastian is a very intelligent and sensitive young man This gives a unique slant to the characterization of novel and thus the plot, both of which I c [...]

    12. I read this series in completely the wrong order, having been given an ARC of the fifth book, the Colour of Murder, to review for the Review online Magazine Before the end of the story, I had totally fallen in love with the characters and Toni Mount s style of writing, and had furnished my Kindle with all the rest of the available books, a decision which was very wiseI really enjoyed getting to know Sebastian and his cohorts in the right order and discovering how cripple Seb became whole for the [...]

    13. In medieval London during the reign of Edward IV, crippled but immensely talented young artist Sebastian Foxley is pulled far out of his comfort zone trying to save his brother Jude, who has been accused of murder and is likely to be executed if no proof of his innocence can be found in time.I always enjoy a good historical mystery, and the author s broad and detailed knowledge of the era she writes about ensures that the settings are expertly rendered, creating a fitting atmosphere and bringing [...]

    14. Great read This is a most entertaining plot with several well described characters, especially Sebastian Foxley Sebastian is a crippled young man with a painful deformity of the spine who lives and works with his brother Jude in London in 1475 The writing is good and surrounded with the history of the era The plot is solid and suspense filled as the mystery unravels A whodunit that turns the lives of the brothers upsidedown I m impressed by this author s ability to incorporate so many characters [...]

    15. Bit of a disappointment Oddly designated a thriller ,Color of Poison is really a poorly written YA, which dithers around til the 70% mark where we have a boatload of teen angst, which carries us to the 80% mark where a miracle occurs, followed dithering, a last minute rescue the arrow thru the hang rope trick followed by a little help from friends in high places, ending with some well merited angst then and, finally, it s over I did skim bits where TSTL just overwhelmed plot, but over all this [...]

    16. If you love C J Sansom you will enjoy this medieval mystery set in the 1470 s in Edward IV s reign , likeable lead characters and well written and researched The first in a series of Sebastian Foxley mysteries I will definitely be reading the rest, highly recommended reading.

    17. Giving this one five stars, kept me entertained and fully engaged from start to finish Toni mount is a new author for me but I have already downloaded all her available books in this series Highly recommended for anyone who loves historical who dunnits.

    18. Great book What an interesting read So many things one does not know about happenings years ago Learned so much about paints

    19. Marvelous Medieval MysteryThis book is a great mix of history and a good story Good character descriptions and a very detailed and believable mystery

    20. Captivating readThe story s characters kept you involved and wondering The author did a nice job of using history to make this a gripping story.

    21. I loved this book Very well researched, not only historically, but also in the areas of art and medicine Great descriptions you can even smell the scenes, something missing from many historical novels but necessary to live in the moment The characters are likeable, the villians dastardly and scheming While one suspects everyone and no one throughout the story, the reader gets a good lesson on how difficult it was to prove guilt or innocence during the time I hope there will be fiction from this [...]

    22. Solid readThe Colour of Poison was an enjoyable medieval thriller Seb was a very interesting main character and I overall enjoyed the relationship between he and his brother The story was almost entirely dialogue driven and I wouldn t have minded some descriptive language regarding the setting.

    23. Smooth writing, clear characterization, excellent mystery plot Historical murder mystery with good twists.

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