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Hidden By Eve Kenin Eve Silver,

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Eve Kenin Eve Silver
  • ISBN: 9780505527615
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tatiana has honed her genetic gifts to perfection She can withstand the subzero temperatures of the Northern Waste, read somebody s mind with the briefest touch, and slice through bone with her bare hands Which makes her one badass chick, all right Nothing gets to her Until she meets Tristan Villain or ally, she can t be sure But one thing she does know he has giftsTatiana has honed her genetic gifts to perfection She can withstand the subzero temperatures of the Northern Waste, read somebody s mind with the briefest touch, and slice through bone with her bare hands Which makes her one badass chick, all right Nothing gets to her Until she meets Tristan Villain or ally, she can t be sure But one thing she does know he has gifts too including the ability to ramp up her heart rate to dangerous levels But before they can start some chemistry of their own, they have to survive being trapped in an underground lab, hunted by a madman, and exposed to a plague that could destroy mankind.
    Hidden Tatiana has honed her genetic gifts to perfection She can withstand the subzero temperatures of the Northern Waste read somebody s mind with the briefest touch and slice through bone with her bare h

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    1. I swing between 4 and 5 for this book but figure, what the hell, I ll give it a five in gratitude for the intense and enjoyable reading experience even though I have some issues Hidden is the sequel to Driven Unfortunately, it s the only sequel and that ain t right There s at least one story to be told and I want it In Driven we were introduced to Wizard A man who has learned basic human interactions, but not by upbringing He s a genetically engineered wonder in oh so many ways and watching him [...]

    2. Ok, so this is the second book I ve read by this author, and, as usual, the second took a HUGE leap forward in everything I really really enjoyed this book It s VERY much like Nalini Singh s Psy series, except set in Mad Max future world Yes, it has strong romance elements where ppl are instantly attracted to each other and horny for each other until they get it on despite the life threatening danger they face but whatever, this had a really interesting plot and I really enjoyed the two characte [...]

    3. My official review of books one and two, combined These books are from my personal shelf and boy am I pleased with my selections Eve Kenin a.k.a Eve Silver is a highly talented writer I ve read her paranormal series and now this sci fi series and I am all around impressed The only downer, there is no other book in the series and there really needs to be one because I want it With that said, each book is it s own story and each ends cleanly with no loose ends Of course, there s room for to be wr [...]

    4. Growing up in a lab in a small cell has left the heroine with no clue on how to deal with human interactions Though she s miles advanced in social situations than her brother she still has moments of awkwardness And she does possess a bleeding heart so when she intervenes a vigilante murder, she s pissed to realize that somehow his blood and her blood have mixed and that creates some worry as those around her can t help but look at her with horror and sympathy The hero, the leader of the little [...]

    5. 3.5 4 stars This wasn t as good as Driven IMO This story introduces us to the youngest sister of Wizard, Tatiana The weakest genetically engineered sibling, she was prisoner of Duncan Bane, the villain in the previous book, and tortured by Dr Gavin Ward, a Dr Mengele of sorts, who used her for medical experiments Now free, her abilities have been growing as she seeks vengeance against Dr Ward and his assistant, Tolliver In her quest, she meets Tristan, an enigmatic and potentially dangerous man [...]

    6. Another terrific science fiction romance from Kenin, the sequel to Driven would probably also stand well on its own but I swear you ll want to read the first one, too Tatiana was genetically altered at birth, one of three gifted siblings who are stronger, faster, and far resilient than the rest of humanity She lives on her own in the Northern Wastes, where most women are wives or whores, but Tatiana is equally able to withstand its freezing temperatures and its violent lawlessness However, an a [...]

    7. This is book 2 with the first one being Driven I don t know why it doesn t list this as a series but it is And it s a really good series There are 3 genetically altered children that survive with the help of a computer They are rescued but really they re given over for torture The first book is mostly about Wizard with a little about Yuriko The second book is about Tatiana, who is supposedly the weak sister Well she was then, but isn t any With the death of Bane she s surviving by obtaining stol [...]

    8. awesome 2nd book when s the third there HAS to be a third s easily a stand alone, but the first book does provide a little detail in terms of the overall story line and the first book is equally as good, so definitely recommend grabbing driven first again, a bad ass heroine, super flawed but with an innate sense of right that prevents her from being a total bitch but that s only because we can hear her thoughts almost everyone else in the book considers her a total bitch yes, you can think mad [...]

    9. I ve read both of Silver s Northern Waste stories and loved them They re post apocalyptic romance with giant trucks that are both RV and transport, ice pirates, and reavers worse than ice pirates There are evil overlords who chase our hero heroines, and love triumphing over them all The romance is sweet, the sex is hot, and the action is fast paced, nail biting and well written I only wish there were in the terrific series.

    10. A Great conclusion if it is an ending It was great reading the continued story of the Northern Waste This on was about the baby sister Tatiana who is all grown up now She meets a man on known as Tristan She has been searching for a scientist by the name of Tolliver Who may help her find and destroy Gavin Ward The man who kept her imprisoned and experimented on her an created a deadly virus from her blood and tissues This man Tristian says he knows about Tolliver So she follows him to his camp un [...]

    11. Loved it This is the third novel of the Northern Waste dystopia that Ms Silver has written I love her world building and the many fascinating characters she has peopled it with, even the REALLY bad guys I would not want to live in this world, but thankfully Ms Silver has created a character that I can live vicariously through and kick a while I we save the freaking world Besides incredible action scenes galore, there is a delicate love story that simmers, then smolders, and eventually matures in [...]

    12. I do love the world that Eve Silver has built here This was an excellent second novel in the series and kept me entertained I didn t love Tristan quite as much as Wizard but I did like him I loved Tatiana She was a fabulous lead character.I was a little disappointed that the epilogue wasn t longer I feel like I d been waiting for it since Book 1 and then it was over in a few paragraphs I would have loved for that to be expanded.I m also disappointed that there doesn t seem to be a book 3 I hope [...]

    13. Tatiana has fine tuned her genetic gifts to withstand cold, turn her hands into weapons, and read human minds with a touch, not necessarily because she wanted it that way Having been imprisoned for much of her life and with only 6 months of freedom and experience behind her, she is trying to locate the evil men who would use her genome to loose a new plague to cleanse the earth of undesirables When she meets Tristan both seeking the same cargo, she s not sure if he is friend or foe There are ple [...]

    14. Hidden returns to the Northern Waste, a harsh world in a frozen, barren country that makes survival for Bear Grillys look like a picnic in a state park.Tatiana, Wizard s baby sister, is our newest badass on scene She takes center page and commands the reader s attention An interesting plot drives the story at a relentless pace Steamy sexy time with a yowza alpha makes the nerve endings sing and the heart go pitter patter Hidden engages the reader s senses while delivering well written story.

    15. I downloaded Hidden as a free book from Not as fast paced as book 1, this second installment of the series was still a great read with plenty of surprises to keep me glued to the story line Some predictability in the plot, but I have to say, I like the story overall.

    16. originally posted on the happily ever after in 2008 Eve s first action romance novel, Driven, takes place in the frozen Tundra of the Northern Hemisphere, called the Northern Waste during a post apocalyptic future In Driven, we met trucker Raina Bowen and a mercenary named Wizard who worked together to take down their common enemy, the powerful and despicable businessman Duncan Bane Having been born and raised in a lab by computers, Wizard and his sister Yuriko barely escaped the evil clutches o [...]

    17. Like the first two books in this series this was well written action packed thrill ride, I m hoping the author will write books in this world.

    18. Good storyAbout a dismal future and the mil of human kindness Yes some still exists but you have to look hard for it

    19. Dark Future Herz aus Feuer stellt bereits den Abschluss der nur zwei B nde umfassenden Reihe dar und obwohl ich mich ansonsten bei Reihen freue, wenn sie endlich ihren passenden Abschluss finden, w re ich gerne l nger in dieser Welt geblieben Das Setting ist toll, ich mag die K lte, den Schnee und das ewige Eis und f hle mich dort sehr wohl Sibirien stellt einen interessanten Handlungsort dar, den man nicht so oft findet Zudem spielt das Buch in der Zukunft, die Welt wie wir sie kennen gibt es n [...]

    20. Sometimes you come across a book that s just impossible to accurately describe Like Eve Kenin s HIDDEN It s a book set in a post apocalyptic future, in Siberia about a woman who was raised in a lab and there s a deadly plague that turns people into cannibalistic zombies and ice pirates and oh yeah, a rogue scientist who studies philosophy while he tries to save the world Screams romance, no Think again, because this is not only a fabulous read, it s taut, sexy adventure at its finest.HIDDEN zoom [...]

    21. Two people with dark pasts and dangerous futures team up to stop a deadly plague and the man who created it.It s not often that I close a book and wish that it had chapters, but that s exactly what happened with Hidden, by Eve Kenin The characters and situations are so compelling that I want to know what happens next.Set in the not too distant future, in a frozen wasteland where no one can be trusted, Hidden centers on Tatiana, a human with genetic enhancements that make her a superwarrior She [...]

    22. If you enjoyed the first book, Driven, then you should not miss this sequel about a woman living on the edge Gritty and fierce are only a few words to explain this book and the master storytelling of Eve KeninHidden takes place in the year 209 in the frigid tundra called the Northern Waste There is a woman named Tatiana whose job is to retrieve stolen items Tatiana was once a victim of a crazed scientist who tried to make her and her siblings the perfect weapons to help take over the world Tatia [...]

    23. A surprisingly fast read I ve been in the worst reading stump for a long time and no matter what book I came across it just didn t hold my interest This one reads like an earlier work if that makes any sense, which is completely fine with me because it s something that isn t following the standard writing tropes that I see so often nowadays It did have its cliches but that didn t lessen the appeal of the premise of the story and that s what got me to the last page without a struggle A fast read [...]

    24. Ah what an amazing book this is In the suspenseful, action, paranormal, and addicting book Hidden, by Eve Kenin, our author digs into every detail there is For most of her life Tatiana, known as TTNO81, was imprisoned and tortured by scientist Gavin Ward and a man named Tristen They used her DNA used to create a plague that could wipe out the entire population in the Northern Waste After she escapes with the slightest bit of normal life she has left, she then becomes nobody s victim any she roam [...]

    25. Eve Kenin also writes under the name of Eve Silver and she is an author whose books I watch for She has a very smooth style of writing, her plots are well thought out, her characters realistic, even if they are in out of this world places, and her love scenes well let s just say what starts as a slow burn becomes a conflagration before the story is complete Hidden is no exception and the futuristic world Ms Kenin describes is just about as foreign as can be, yet you are immersed in her reality b [...]

    26. Tthis book continues in the same world as Driven post apocalyptic, perpetual winter, governed by corrupt people and populated by the dregs of society but focussing on new characters You can probably read Hidden without reading Driven, it is pretty easy to grasp what s going on In Hidden, it is never explained how, but somehow after the events that happened in Driven, Tatiana sister of Wizard has escaped her prison and is outside in the frozen Northern Waste She is a lot stronger than she used to [...]

    27. Year 2088After Suffering For Years At The Hands Of Dr Gavin Ward, Who Sliced Pieces Off Of Her In The Name Of Science, Tatantia Escaped From His Prison Far, Far Underground She And Her Siblings Had Been Forced To Endure The Torture That Ward Put Them Through Day After Day As He Sought To Create Perfect People With Genetically Enhanced Abilities But Ward Only Succeeded In Perfecting A Virus So Deadly That The Entire Planet Was Doomed.Tristan Tolliver Had Been Duped By His Government When He Volun [...]

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