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Predator By Michelle Heard (Horst),

  • Title: Predator
  • Author: Michelle Heard (Horst)
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: None
  • I ve let my traumatic past shape my future by becoming a protective agent I don t report to anyone I m the person you phone when you re all out of options I m the one you turn to when you re being devoured by desperation I m your last option and only hope of seeing your loved one alive again I m the man who will walk into a blazing inferno to find a kidnapped victim,I ve let my traumatic past shape my future by becoming a protective agent I don t report to anyone I m the person you phone when you re all out of options I m the one you turn to when you re being devoured by desperation I m your last option and only hope of seeing your loved one alive again I m the man who will walk into a blazing inferno to find a kidnapped victim, because I have nothing to lose but so much to atone for She s kept in a container, waiting for her death sentence to be carried out She s just another job, until I break my own rules and take her in I tell myself it s because she has no one It s only for a year I ll teach her how to become a ghost, so those who are after her won t find her again.It s all lies I ve lived a hard and unforgiving life But then she comes and she gives me a reason to do than just exist This fragile woman gives me purpose She s so beautifully broken and it makes me want to keep her Brought together by our scars, we have to fight to free Cara from the sins of her father that haunts her every step But the past won t let go easily, it will do whatever it takes to tear us apart This is the story of a woman s fight for survival, of unspeakable cruelty, unconditional love, and the only man who can save her A Stand Alone Full Length Suspense Romance Not for sensitive readers All books have HEA and NO cheating This is a protective alpha male who saves a strong heroine from abuse and kidnapping romance.
    Predator I ve let my traumatic past shape my future by becoming a protective agent I don t report to anyone I m the person you phone when you re all out of options I m the one you turn to when you re being dev

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    1. Predator was a 3 1 2 star read for me It was intense at times, but dragged along for long stretches as well As my first read by this author, it was good I will probably read from her in the future.That being said, the book wasn t exactly what I d expected after reading the blurb It still ended up being good, just not the type of story I had expected Predator, aka Damian, was nothing but nice to Cara right from the start I had kind of expected some sort of abuse captivity situation between Damia [...]

    2. I saw this book while browsing around Kindle Unlimited, and it seemed like the perfect read for my mood Michelle Horst is also a new author to me so it was the perfect time to discover a new writer, which I love to do I enjoyed the story and getting to know these characters, but I wish I knew them a little I didn t dislike them, I just never connected to their story so it was a little difficult to get through at times Especially when there were things that Cara or Damian did that I didn t fully [...]

    3. Predator is the powerful new standalone from Michelle Horst that penetrates the heart and soul leaving behind a painful yet blissful wake of intense feelings and emotions Predator comes with a warning, it contains dark, sensitive subject matter that some readers may find hard to read I ll admit, this book is hard to read It s dark, raw and it broke my heart Michelle writes dark and twisty incredibly well Her ability to suck readers into the dark while filling them with light and hope is second t [...]

    4. This book was truely something else Cried through most of it and at times I wanted to stop reading I really connected with the characters so the author did a great job I m so happy Cara and Sam got their happy ever after but I just wish the other characters in this book didn t have to go like that sobs This book will definitely stay with me forever WORDS FROM AUTHOR If you re in a dark place, I hope it will offer you some sense of comfort.Please, stay strong It will get better.You re priceless D [...]

    5. 3 StarsOverall Opinion This kept me intruiged, but it s not going down on my favorites shelf I got a little bored at the beginning and ended up skimming to try to find the good parts Luckily that did happen, and I became engaged For a book with a title predator I was kind of surprised that it wasn t that dark of a read tbh Don t get me wrong it did have some horrible events that makes it lean towards the dark side, but the H wasn t a dark guy He killed people, yes But he was of a vigilante typ [...]

    6. 5 stars I lean forward and bury my face in her neck I just want to hold her I want to keep this fragile woman, because she s the only fucking beauty left in this life Holy shit I absolutely LOVED this book The reason it has taken me so long to write a review on this book is simply because I have read and re read this book so many times that I keep forgetting to If you are a fan of super dark romances, I would HIGHLY suggest this book

    7. 3.5 4 Sort of Dark StarsI love having Kindle Unlimited because I pick up random authors I was really curious about this one because I love the cover and the reviews were positive And it s a dark book and I m all over that.The book has dark elements but I wouldn t call it a dark book I found the beginning a bit dark and the rest a normal new adult book Cara is orphaned and ever since then she has been on the run She knows her parents were killed and she has to hide to protective herself The book [...]

    8. 3.5 Predator Stars I always thought fear was cold I always described it as cold I was so wrong, so very wrong Fear turns people into monsters and every sound into a warning of what may come When I decided to read this book, I was so excited That name and that cover They are so stirring But after a few chapters it lost its fascination Of course I enjoy it but not as much as I liked Every thing was good except the darkness of it and the thing that bothered me was that in 80% of book the heroine so [...]

    9. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author Michelle Horst in exchange for an honest reviewThank you TITLE PredatorAUTHOR Michelle HorstGENRE Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE April 29th , 2016MY RATINGwhat do you do when 5 stars just isn t enough You shove it on your favorite bookshelf To say I loved this book is an understatement, I can t even pinpoint at what stage I fell in love with this book, I was just drawn into the story line as soon as I started it and it didn t let me out of it s grip un [...]

    10. Dark, disturbing and oh, so good Once in a while a book comes along and just messes with my head THIS is one of those books Warm and fuzzy moments just wouldn t fit in this story, yet it is a romance all the same Not hearts and flowers far from it, FAR from it yet the emotions are powerful for their rawness and discomfort I ve been stuck in a frozen wasteland for so many years, I ve forgotten what warmth feels like until Cara Cara is running but she seems to have reached the end And he is going [...]

    11. I read only a small part of the book to be honest and that s because I couldn t go further Yes the book does warn it contains dark themes , but damn it, my freaking house lost its electricity by all this darkness in it lol First chapter of the book and we re already reading about a girl that is held captive in some container room by people who not only beat the daylights out of her but one of them even rapes her The details are way too cruel and nasty, hence the whole dark themes warning When th [...]

    12. Authors note This is not a Dark Romance It s a Suspense Contemporary Romance There is a warning for sensitive readers.It s not PNR.It is a Stand Alone.It s a full novel of 75k words.Did you love Predator Predator Redemption coming soon book show 3Happy Reading 3

    13. 3.75 I live you starsSince i have read book 2 Protector, first and loved it, Predator now seems like a fading copy s like the same pattern of the storyline with changed details but even though i liked the characters in Predator Damian Sam Alex and Cara Karen Nina, they don t hold a match for the characters I LOVED in Protector, but that s only my humble opinion and affection pouring out.But since this is Cara and Damian s story, i need to be honest and give them enough attention as they rightful [...]

    14. I couldn t connect with the characters and I really couldn t understand their relationship all through the book It was just a dull romance novel with some steamy scenes and those scenes were nearly at the end of the book I couldnt belive my eyes when I read the Line H says I fuck hard and fast to our h who had kidnapped and raped and beaten just months ago Sorry this book didn t work for me.

    15. DNF at 75%.I really gave it the old try The beginning was gripping, if far fetched,but the further I got, the plot holes I fell in Most importantly, I ceased to believe in the characters.H is a professional cleaner He cleans up the messes other people make With his gun.He retrieves h from a bunch of mafia types who have subjected her to torture including rape He kills the nine men single handedly by walking into their house, with the traumatized h in tow, and with his one gun to their nine.Oooo [...]

    16. 3 I need action starsWith a book titled Predator A Stand Alone Novel and the warning of dark theme, I was anticipating action and suspense But apart from the beginning of the story arc, the remaining part of the story came underwhelmed for me Cara Ellison s life took a drastic turn when her family was killed in a boat accident and she was told to flee the country to USA to avoid being kill by the enemy After living alone and skipping town after town for seven years, her luck is running out and [...]

    17. Absolutely Loved this freaking story Dark, twisted, painful, and wonderfully a good bad book I was left tripping at certain points I don t have any complaints about this great story and plot I LOVED both main characters I can t review this now, I don t have time, but what a ride This heroine went from no hope, life on the run, and tragedy than one person should have to deal with When Predator came along, all hell broke loose for the Freak, Dick, Demented, pieces of crap, low life s who hurt thi [...]

    18. 3 It s me not you stars Possible spoilers This book started off really heavy and dark I kept hoping someone will swoop in and save the h before they d really abuse her in the most vile way I connected with her and my heart hurt for her I admired her for her strength and endurance But then at one point I didn t like her so much The HI had a problem with Especially his actions regarding OW You don t hug, comfort, laugh or touch a woman who used to be your sex buddy, all in front of the h and then [...]

    19. 5 cranky stars Two wayward souls who ve been beaten down by life, but together they find the strength to keep on fighting for love and inner freedom Life is cruel sometimes, and Damien aka Predator and Cara s story shows us it s all about survival, and fighting for your future.Cara was taken from her home as a young girl, thrown into an unknown world, and the pain she s been living with has nearly consumed her We feel her heartbreak every step of the way Just when the darkness seems to take over [...]

    20. So it seems like Horst writes some pretty dark stuff I think one of her other books deal with sexual slavery trafficking, and this one definitely had some brutal, sexually violent scenes that are definitely intended for mature readers So, please be warned some readers may find the content extremely disturbing and offensive Unlike me Because for me, it had the opposite effect I wasn t offended at all, and if anything, I was disappointed that this book wasn t as dark as it claimed to be Especially [...]

    21. This was a quick read I couldn t connect with the storyline or characters unfortunately it wasn t a top read of mine for 2016.

    22. for 18 year old Cara Ellison life had been good to her Spending time with her parents on their boat, talking about silly things, listening to the sound of silence with intermittent background noises That day Cara thought about how she only had a few precious weeks left with them and how much she was going to miss spending time with them once she left for college or so she thought.Cara survived the explosion that took the lives of her parents and also created a new one for her Forced to leave Sou [...]

    23. I love this book Minus one star because somewhere in the middle it was a bit out of place, heroine jealous of Hero when most of the time she doesn t give a damn f and Damien somehow didn t appear as deadly as I thought he would be still good tho.The beginning of the story gripped my heart like no other as whatever happened to heroine was too graphic Then again, it gives me depth of how messed up in the head she is and reason why she s in her own world most of the time.Damien, by far, the most in [...]

    24. I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookFor some reason my review just got lost in translation, I suppose Anyway, why wouldn t I read this book, a fellow South African I Enjoyed this book so much, I don t normally go for books that is so dark, but this author writes Dark so good with so much twists and turns that you can t help but fall in love with her books.I was hooked from the first page and it just got better and better as the book went on Twists and turns and suspense and shocking parts [...]

    25. 5 Rescue StarsSo I sat down to read Predator at about 6 00 Friday evening No hubby No kids No getting up until I was done I could NOT stop reading The dark is killing me slowly.Cara has had her share of dark Her parents were killed She was given a one way ticket out of her home country to make a new life By herself With no support When she was 18 Knowing that the people who killed her parents are after her too Yepe is living in the dark But it is about to get darker Much darker.My mind is quiet [...]

    26. 05 29 2016 1 StarI actually liked this book until about 25% It started out pretty original and the writing was good But then it got into the realm of predictable, insta love development, confusing and illogical ongoing plot development, etc A shame because it did start good I really was interested in the characters until it all just fell apart A good concept and probably a great deal of time thinking about the beginning, but then once in, didn t know where to take it or better, didn t know how t [...]

    27. He saved me in so many ways I didn t see it at first He saved me from certain death He s the scariest person I ve ever met, but for some reason I felt safe with him Now I m just a fading star amongst all the bright onesAll I want is love and all I get is people trying to kill me and take away what peace I manage to find in between You know what I love about books like these How magically surprised I am loving a book I had NO idea about I read the blurb but skipped reading any reviews I liked the [...]

    28. Before I carry on let me say, this book is not for the lighthearted Most chapters, I would consider, are trigger chapters Some of the situations that occur could be hard for readers to digest With that being said, if you go into this thinking rainbows and unicorns shitting gold, you will be sadly mistaken READERS BEWARE.Also, on the bold italic note this review may contain some spoilers So many feels It s been a hot minute since I read a book that caused my knuckles to turn white due to the deat [...]

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